Sex with Mature HoT and Sexy Aunty


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Sex with Mature HoT and Sexy Aunty

Playboy Calicut


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Dear Keralaerotica Readers Thank you for you’re your appreciation and response on my previous experience story, I am happy to hear lots of people like this experience and I thank Keralaerotica for giving this opportunity to express my personal feelings and experiences. As I mentioned in previous stories I also have enough and more experiences, since I am attracted to the mature ladies, most of my experiences are mature ladies. I wish to give you all an exciting experience with HOT mature lady, who I met accidentally. As I explained about me in my last story, I am now 27 years old, sporty athletic look since I do work out a lot in the GYM, with 6”1’ Height and 85 Kg weight. Fait complexion, especially thick cock with 8 inch length (every one get exited when I open my zipper to fuck) This story happened 2 year back when I went Coimbatore for a business event. I was the person to promote the company product and I we got a stall in a well known exhibition in centre in Coimbatore. As we where gone through lots of customers, the day was going bored. In the evening the heroine of the story lets call her RAJI (Not a real Name). When I saw her got exited and my dick started to move in my briefs. She is 5’11’ height moderate weight with nice buts and awesome tits, she was 45 years of age with two children her main beauty was her structure. Well maintained body with a nice shaped hips, we can describe her shape as 36-32-38 with a nice DD Boobs. She came with her friends and started asking details of our product, since I am the manager in charge I was monitoring the activities, she started asking question in details, so my boys ( Executives ) got trouble to answer, they called me to give explanation in detail. In that moment I saw her very close, dressed well and her perfume was mind blowing. As we discussed about the company I started asking personal question like, how do you know more technical details of this product and. What is her background, experience? Finally we finished with her residence and I managed to take here Contact Number. She is a Malayali lady married to a Tamilian. After this we had long gap of two months since I was on an all India tour for the same purpose, when I came back to the office in cochin, I heard there is some problem in our Coimbatore office, company need a senior person to go on deputation for 2 months to streamline the function of the office. This brought a Glimpse in my mind and I informed my company to post me on deputation at Coimbatore. As and when I reached Coimbatore, I tried to call her number. First day it was switched off and on the second day I got connected. I am happy that she remembers me and she said she is not feeling good since she fell sick since 3 days (that strike a bright light in my mind) is said her to feel free to call me for any help. Her husband was a government employee. She was staying alone at home when her husband goes for duty. In the next day I called her and enquired about the health, she said fine and I said I wish to come and meet you as I am a caring friend. She said to come at 12 in the noon; I took this opportunity and went to see her with some fruits. She was wearing a Night wear, she was looking pretty since the cloth was little transparent and I can see her under wear and her nice black bra. As we started to talk the time went on till 5 in the evening. She said to leave now, because it is the time for her husband to come back, then I left to my apartment. In the same day evening she called on my mobile and we had a tack for 4 hours it went on and we came very close to discuss about the family matters and all. Next day she called me an asked me to com home that she was feeling bored, I finished my works very fast and came out of the office, since I am the person to monitor the activities of the marketing executives, my job will get done within 1 hour in the morning. I went to her house, as we had light dinner together and sitting watching TV, I asked her “how you maintain your nice structure even after 2 child” she smiled and looked in my eves and said “I am always conscious bout my health and my structure”. In the same time she said “ You Naughty why are you looking my shape and structure” I never waited any single moment, I said RAJI I don’t know weather you like it or not, I like your structure and your looks, I always love to have experience from a mature mom, She got stunned on my question and she said, what rubbish are you telling, “Think about your age and my age”, I said “so your concerned about the age only right??” she said yes this is wrong, I said “if I am of 45 years same as you, will you allow me to have you”. For a moment she got stuck and she said “I don’t mean that!!!!” hmmmm haaaaa, I don’t know where I got the courage to grab her hands and made her to stand up, I went face to face and before any the she say I kissed her juicy lips, my hands where wrapped her and she was totally in my arms, she tried to push me back. This lasted for 2 minutes slowly she started to cooperate to my action, I felt her hands are also pulling me in to her and she started to suck my tounges in to her mouth, Then I released her and looked her face and asked, “ so you don’t care about the age now” she said “ I am also a women with passion when I get a strong grab and kiss like your no on e will refuse”. She had a naughty smile in her face and she came close to me suddenly she started to kiss me and hug me tight. Now I can feel her strength, she is extremely strong and I felt how desperate she is for nice sex. Slowly I started creasing her back and slid down my hands to her buts, oh god her buts was so beautiful and she started moaning , hmmmmm haaaaaa since her toungues where in my mouth and, I started to kiss her face and neck passionately. Slowly I took one of my hands and squeezed her soft boobs. She I got stunned on the stiffness of the boobs. She said “I am getting mad please take me to the heaven” I gave naughty smile and took her to the bed room there I took her nighty off, MY GOD what a shape really god made her so beautiful with good structure. I slowly touched and started squeezing her boobs. She started moaning hmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaa hmmmmmmm I spent around 5 minutes on feeling her boobs with removing the bra and kissing her. Then she asked “do you want to see my boobs” I said yes. She stood up and removed her bra hooks as I was sitting in the bed and she was standing in front of me. My god it was awesome nice boobs of 36 DD, I got shocked when I saw her nipples. It so big and erect with 2 cm length and good thickness. When I was staring at that she asked what are you look at like this. I said what a nice nipples. She said “this is the gift of god to have a good and thick shaped nipples” I said, as like your body your nipple also looks good, then she said don’t waist time dear please suck my boobs. I took her left boobs in my mouth and started sucking it in the mean time is was squeezing the right boobs. I know she was enjoying it a lot. I can feel her shivering and she was pressing had with her hands, in the mean time she was searching my dick, it started grow slowly when she touched it. I kept sucking her boobs for a long time and also kept my hands on her pussy; it was so vet and ready to fuck. I put my middle finger in of my right arms inside and shook; even I never stopped sucking her nipple because I like the boobs very much. After some time I made her stand up and as in the same position where I was witting on the bed. I removed her underwear slowly. My god the shape and the pussy where nice with little bushes started to grow after the shave may be 1 weeks back. I said her to turn back to see her buts, she turned and bent down to show her boobs. It was a fantastic posture. To see her pussy in the gap. Then she came back to the normal position and kept one leg o the Bed now I can see her pussy very clear, I was wet and juicy, she looked at me and asked do you want to taste it, I said to only to taste I want to eat it. Telling this I grabbed her thigh and kneeled down to suck her pussy, I started to play with my tongue in her pussy. She was making sounds like, ohhhhhh dear make me hurt, “ KADICHU VALIKKADA KUTTA” I sucked all the juice and took the clitoris out of its covering flesh, her clitoris was little big so I was playing with it, she slows came down on the bed. She pulled my head towards her pussy to lick hard. After some tome she bent like a bow and she started to say “IM COMING, IM COMING” suddenly her pussy flooded with juice, I licked and had all her cum. She said you are really naughty and she hugged me tight for a long time, and said she never experienced such a nice climax. She started rubbing my dick slowly and made it big. Then she removed my pants, as I was exited my dick was so big, and pumped out of my briefs. She got stunned after looking at the 8 inch dick. She said it’s too big and thick. It may tare my pussy. Telling this she started to suck my penis. As the size is too big she managed to suck the front portion till little inside. As she started suck hard I felt like to eject, I pulled out and said “ I going to CUM” she said ‘so what I love to have in my mouth” telling this she again sucked with more force then before, I cum with an extreme force and her mouth was full with my CUM, she had the entire CUM and started to suck again, to maintain the stiffness, slowly she took my dick and placed on her pussy, even it is so wet we had hard time to put it inside , she stated screaming, “ OHHHHH NOOOOOOO, ITS SOOOOOO PAINFULLLLLL,, PUSH , PUSHHHH PUSHHHHH, finally the whole dick went inside to till it couched the wall of the pussy. I pumped hard and hard, I was in a heavenly feeling and she closed her eyes and enjoying it, I hold both boobs in my hands and pumped hard, after strong pumping I felt her pussy getting wet and she felt her climax, still I in process. Slowly I changed the position to doggy style. To fuck she was enjoying it and making loud sounds like ‘AAAAAAAAA, AAAAA ,AAAAA,AAAA, HMMMMM ,MMMMMM, FUCK MY PUSSY, FUCK MY DEAR , TARE MY PUSSY, FUCK ME HARD like that, I kept pumping on and on then she made me to Women On TOP, position , she is a fantastic rider and she rode like a horse. As her boobs where stiff and it is hardly bouncing according to pace of her pump. At last I lost my control and I said I am coming “still she continued and said , “don’t worry, you can eject inside, don’t worry about the pregnancy , I stopped the it after my second child.” After some time she again felt a climax and in the same time I ejected inside her pussy, we both where in a heavenly condition. She hugged me and I felt her nails in my back, she was enjoying the climax at the most. After that we had 2 times in the same day, till 5 in the evening. That relationship went on for 2 months without interruption till I finish my Deputation. Still we enjoy even I am in Calicut and she is In Coimbatore, once or twice in a Month I take leave and go Coimbatore to have it with her, she is damn HOT. That relationship went on for 2 months without interruption till I finish my Deputation. Still we enjoy even I am in Calicut and she is In Coimbatore, once or twice in a Month I take leave and go Coimbatore to have it with her, she is damn HOT. I have pending stories of my own, My first sex with my AUNT in my 16, sex with my colleague. Sex with my IN LAW, I look forward to have your comments and thoughts on this story. Now I am In DUBAI for a Project I will be in DUBAI till the first month of 2009, any ladies need friendship or discrete relationship in and around the UAE (especially DUBAI) please Mail Me at All ladies of any age are welcome to have a good friendship to share naughty thoughts with me. Mail me at:

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