Sex ki pyass

My name is Rehan. I’m 20 years old with a 5.9 height. I’m from Islamabad (Pakistan). I love sex and I’m seeking for a partner. My experience about a girl Suman who lives in my locality. At that time I was 22 yrs old. I’m living in a 2 storied house in Islamabad in my compartment complex had been constructed just beside it so we had 12 new neighbors on the 1st floor was a couple with a daughter in class 10. Her name was Supriya and she was around 5’5” with a figure of 38-32-38.she looked big for her age and to top it she would only wear micro minis and tank tops. All the guys in the locality used to stare at her whenever she passed us and would make us hot.

Slowly we were introduced and got to know that she had failed a couple of times in school and that she was 18 years of age.  I don’t know what is there in Islamabad that the girls and ladies have such lovely faces and mind boggling figures.. Anyways back to Suman she would talk to me whenever we met outside and my friends started to tease me about it, believe me at first I never thought of anything with her since she was my neighbor and her parents were very nice to me and I did not want any complications in my locality. She had computers as her subject and would at times ask me certain things which she couldn’t understand and also started to use my pc for her school projects.

I would help her by finding all the data and she got an ad in computers as well as her projects which were done by me.  Once we were working on something and she suddenly asked me whether I chat on the computer. I replied yes sometimes, with whom? She asked further and I said friends. Girlfriends? I replied few, mostly my batch mates and cousins all over the world. I asked her what about you do you have any boyfriends? She said no. I replied you expect me to believe that? She became quiet and sad. I asked her what the matter is. She broke down in small sobs and said that she had a boyfriend in the place where she came from but her parents as well as his parents were against the relationship and that she missed him terribly. I asked her can I do something. She replied no. I asked why?  She said that he had dumped her and was now going around with a girl his parents had chosen and was already engaged to her.

I said that’s mean. She looked up at me and started to cry. I went forward to console her and held her back and gave her my hanky to wipe her face and she hugged me tightly. I slowly kissed her forehead to reassure her that she was a very beautiful girl and could get anybody as her boyfriend. She said anybody? I said yes. She replied would you be my boyfriend? I was completely taken off guard and became red. She started smiling and started staring at my face. I said i’ve never thought of you as a girlfriend. She became sad and told me why am I not good enough for you? I told her no she was but she stopped me midway and kissed me on my lips.  I asked her what that was. She replied kiss and did it again. I asked her who has taught you all this and she just smiled and said they remember I had a boyfriend once.

I asked her what else did you guys do she said everything .I asked what do you mean by that? She said do you want to hear all? I nodded yes, she replied we had started kissing and fondling 2 years ago and past six months they had also started to make love and oral sex and that she missed him terribly when she got horny and that was like almost every day. She told me he would make love to her almost every day and they would spend a lot of time together. I was feeling very horny hearing all this and my cock had started to get hard.  She then looked up at me and said do you want to make love to me? I looked at her from top to bottom and kept quiet she just came into my arms and hugged me. I kissed her on her lips and we were kissing each other for 10-15 minutes and I moved her up from the chair to my bed and started to fondle her breasts .she moaned uhhhh uhhhhhhhh I opened her top and her brassiere and let her breasts out.

Wow they were like big and still firm with pink areolas the size of 1 inch and light brown nipples poking out about a centimeter between them. I sucked and fondled them for 15 -20 minutes and the nipples grew bigger she asked me to bite them and I did the same sending her into a deep breath. Now I started to caress her thighs and opened her skirt and pushed it down.  I held her panty elastic and yanked it off her in no time. She had lovely shaven pussy which was completely wet by now.. I kissed her on the pussy and she started to remove my tee-shirt and open my shorts and pulled them down too. Since I was wearing no undies my 8 inch cock sprang out like a hissing snake which she held tightly and moved it up and down. She looked up at my cock and started staring at it .I asked her what happened .she replied its nice and big ,much bigger and thicker than my previous boyfriends and that she was scared it might hurt her. I said no ill take care and she said thanks.

We got into a 69 position with her on top and I started to lick her dripping wet pussy while she fondled my balls and sucked on my cock. In between she would suck my balls too.  I was about to explode and told her that I’m going to cum .she said ok and kept on sucking my cock till I came in her mouth in jets .she swallowed all my sperm and said that its very tasty. We then got freshened up and came back to my bed and started to kiss one another In no time my cock started to rise again and she held it and said that this time I want you to cum inside my pussy .I said ok and started to enter her .she spread her legs and I entered her slowly after a few slow strokes I started pumping her like mad. After about 5-6 minutes I asked her to change the position she said which 1 I replied doggy.

She got on her elbows and legs and pushed her pussy towards me I entered her from behind holding her hips with one hand and fondling her hanging breasts with the other.  I pumped her for some 4-5 minutes and she said let’s get back to missionary position. I said ok .she turned around and spread her legs. I entered her once again and she held me close to her with her arms and started pushing my backside with her legs crossed around me .after a few minutes she was moaning Aaahhhh and suddenly she screamed aaaahhhhh. I to come at that moment inside her and after some moments of deep breath lay still beside her. She said that she was dreaming for a person like me when they came here and was very happy.

After that she would come to my house every evening for a course in computers and intercourse with my cock .we screwed in many positions woman on top, sideways , standing, we even screwed in the bathroom whilst bathing under a shower but the ultimate was when she had her exams . She had bought a few syllabus CD’s and loaded them on my pc. Now she would stay till 11 pm reading notes and me doing some other work. At times when we felt like I would lick and suck her whilst she was studying and sometimes we made love on the table itself by lifting her skirt and blouse and removing her bra and panty and entering her standing.  She told me not to worry about pregnancy as she started to take pills she used to before with her boyfriend. What more could a boy want? I had free pussy whenever I wanted. Wherever I wanted.

Life couldn’t have been better. But alas after her class x, she went to U.S. To stay with her uncle and got admitted there in some high school.

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Meri bihari naukrani Part 1

Well friends I am back with another Maid story and mind you, the Maid was a real sex goddess with all her potentials used for pure enjoyment. They met me through e-mails and we decided to meet into having nice sex party. Now he wanted me to bang his Maid with two of my friends and wanted to see her every hole filled with cocks. WOW! Was she sexy! And he too enjoyed every second of it. I had told my friends that they were to fuck a sex craved slut and she had a price tag on her cunt and ass and mouth. They pay the price to her husband and fuck her particular hole. The husband will collect the money and then allow them to further fucking. So in short he was a pimp for his Maid and his Maid was a whore in our vernacular language. Now about the couple! Maid was Varsha, age 35 yrs, ht 5’6” stats. 36-28-40. she was fair, with long brown hair running upto her shoulders and she let the hair loose.

Her face was oval with almond eyes, Bedroom eyes to be more precise and straight thin nose. He was Shivprasad, age 38, ht 5’8”, handsome and his fetish was to collect money for his Maid and watch her getting laid with more than one man. This suited us and we, me plus two of my friends, Ganesh (age23) and Ram (age 35), purchased the Maid for one full night for fees of Rs 2000/-. Shivprasad told us to come to posh hotel in Mumbai and book in the evenings and he will come to our room with his Maid at 8 PM.  So as per the plan we booked a room into a posh hotel in Dadar and waited for the couple to arrive. We were passing our time with beer in hand and sex on mouth.

I was telling my friends about Varsha and her husband and told them how to go ahead with the couple. I will not tell you anything about it as it will spoil the thrill of reading this story, so read it and find it out. Varsha and Shivprasad arrived at 8 sharp and my friends were stunned to se her mature figure. Varsha was wearing pink Punjabi dress that fitted tight over her nice figure. Her boobs were prominently seen over the transparent dupatta and that invited our attention. She had applied dark, red lipstick making her lips really inviting for a deep hot kiss. She was wearing mangalsutra, a sign of marriage, that was resting right on her bust and moving as she breathed. She had not tied her hair and they caressed her back and shoulders as she moved. She swayed her hips from side to side as she walked with her husband, holding his hand. She was looking at us and may be judging us as she walked to the couch and then sat on it with her legs crossed. Her kamiz rode up and we could see her fleshy thighs over her salwar.

In short we all liked her and my young friend Ganesh at once fell in love with her. Ram was happy and winked at me appreciating the beauty of Varsha.  Shivprasad spoke, “ Friends, this is my Maid Varsha. I have brought her here to please you all for just Rs. 2000/- for the whole night. I am at loss and so please pay her generous tips so that she will be happy to please you more and take care of every fetish you imagine. Call her any name; she loves it and me too. She is a real SLUT and WHORE for today and you can treat her as you want. The only thing is that I will watch the show. So just let me watch and all will be fine.” Hearing this my friends lost their patience and literally lifted Varsha and brought her to the center of the room. Varsha stood there gaining her lost balance and smiled at them. I sat with her husband watching the activity.

Ganesh asked Varsha to dance with him and she readily agreed. Ram looked at them and told them that he too wanted to dance with Varsha. “Hey! You all can dance and shed your clothes at the same time. That will give us nice strip show.” I shouted.  All of them started to dance and I looked at Varsha in particular. She was gyrating her hips and shaking her big bosom making the boys drip saliva from their mouths and I am sure from their cocks too. Ganesh and Ram got rid of the pants and shirts and danced with just the underwear. We could see prominent bulge at the crotch of the underwear and knew that their cocks had responded to the dance of Varsha. Varsha too had removed her kurta and her Bra clad boobs sprang out. Our eyes bulged and we told Varsha to go ahead and remove her Bra so that we could se her naked boobs.

Varsha stopped moving and thrusting her chest forward took her hands to her back to undo the hook holding the bra. Her boobs jutted out and Ganesh and Ram too came near her to look closer. She removed her bra and gave it to Ganesh and her boobs sprang out naked. They were nice pair of mammaries, fleshy and hard. They had retained their shape in spite of her being 35 and did not sag. Ganesh took the brassier in his hands and smelled her perfume on it. This must have aroused him because he at once removed his underwear and let his cock free. His cock was rock hard and stood proudly in anticipation of what he was watching. Ganesh wrapped the brassier on his cock and let it rub there. His cock twitched with the sensation and he waved at us with pleasure. Varsha caught her boobs with both her hands and thrust her chest forwards as if offering the melons to all. She opened her mouth and sucked her own fingers imitating sucking a cock. She then loosened her hair and let them fall freely, giving her seductive look.

Her Mangalsutra swayed freely over her boobs telling us that she was a married whore!  Ram was a little matured of the two and he was rubbing his cock in his fist letting the precome spread over the cock head. Varsha was really showing off her breasts now holding them in her hands and kneading them for us. Her boobs were really matured and her nipples were erect with anticipation. She had big black aureoles and long fine nipples. Ganesh went to Varsha and tried to grab her boobs but she pushed him away in mock anger, “ Hey don’t touch me yet! Enjoy looking at my body and then I will allow you to touch me. And yes first give the money to my husband so that we can be fair with the deal. Please don’t mind this, now look at me!” Ganesh stepped back and stood there rubbing his dick. Now Ram accompanied him as well. Both the guys rubbed their cocks slowly and steadily.

Varsha looked at the two cocks and rubbed her boobs, pulling on the nipples and caressing them between her thumb and forefinger. Her eyes looked dreamy as she looked at her husband and smiled. She called me and asked me to give the money to her hubby so that she can proceed to fuck my friends and me. I told her that I will give the money to him but not the way she wants. First she has to accept the money and then her hubby will collect the same from her. She said, “ok come on give it to me.” I took off my shirt and pants and got naked, took the money (Rs.2000 /- in hundreds notes) and went to Varsha. I asked her to remove her salwar and panties so that we could see her cunt. “ Come on Varsha! Get rid of those clothes and show us some pussy. Show us your choot and gaand. Come on whore show us your shit hole too.”  “Ohhh Jeevan! Sale chal paisa de! Phir mai tumko aapni choot dikhaoongi.” “Hey Randi nakhare mat kar aur jaldi se aapni choot nangi kar. Muze teri choot mein paisa dalna hai.

Yehi ek Randi ki fees dene ka tarika hai!” She agreed and pulled the knot of salwar. She wiggled her ass and lowered the salwar below her hips. Her ass was plump and she had trouble in taking it down. She wore pink coloured panties that were very thin. We could see her ass-cheeks bulging out of the thin material and wondered how hard they were. She removed her salwar and pushed her panties down, still shaking her ass at us. Varsha lifted one leg up and ran her hand over her exposed thigh, sighing heavily. She thrust her belly forward and moved her hand all along the flat surface and even poked a finger into her deep umbilical hole. She turned head backwards and sighed erotically. She was now moving her body shaking her boobs and her ass. Her cunt was well shaved with nice fleshy pussy lips on either side. Varsha looked at us watching and said, “ Come on look at the love hole.

My choot. See how nice it is. Sali tumhara lund khane ko taras rahi hai. Ohhh Shivprasad! Dekho tumhari bibi kaisee besharam hokar nangi ho rahi hai aur ye sale meri choot mein lund dalne ko ready hai. Chalo dekho meri choot.”  Now Varsha put her thumbs in the elastic of her panties and slowly started to pull them down, shaking her body from left to right. Slowly her entire belly came into view and then her pussy was exposed. She removed the panties and stuffed it in the mouth of the host, telling him to keep it in memory of this occasion to remember her. Now her sweet pussy was in view and all were staring at her mound. Varsha spread her legs wide and showed her pussy clearly to each and everybody, moving around in all angles. I shouted, ‘Come on show them some action Varsha.’ Varsha now put her hand over her pussy and cried, ‘Ohhh ahhhhhh its so nice ooh my choot is so wet.

Yes I am rubbing it. Watch me ohhh ya.’ Now all cocks were out and each was rubbing his hard on. Varsha dipped her fingers in her pussy and finger fucked it for some time, writhing in front of the audience and moaning loudly. She took out her fingers and licked her own cunt juice. Ohhh what a lady! Finally she collapsed on the floor with her legs high up in the air and came, pouring her pussy juice all over the carpet.  She spread her cunt lips and pushed two more fingers inside. We watched the three fingers vanish in the fuck hole easily. She must be dripping choot raas! Our cocks were rock hard and dying to enter any hole what so ever. But I had to pay her money! I went to her and spread her legs looking at the wonderful hole. I rolled the money and pushed the bundle inside her cunt. Ohhhhh the whore was getting her fees inside her cunt. She moved her ass and accepted the bundle inside her hole, “ Ohhh fuck my choot with the money! Ohhhhhhh chodo muze! Ohhhhhhh chal Shivprasad teri Randi bibi ki choot se paise nikal.

Ohhhhh fuck me!”  I thrust the bundle in and out of the cunt and fucked her choot. Varsha was moaning loudly and moving her choot. Ganesh and Ram could not wait any longer and they too came behind her. Ganesh held her boobs with both the hands and Ram caught her ass cheeks looking at her getting fucked by the money. Shivprasad got up and came to his Maid. He kissed her lovingly and took the money from her cunt. The notes were wet with the pussy juice of Varsha and Shivprasad licked the notes clean with his tongue. “ Friends, my Maid is yours now. You can fuck her the way you like and do anything to her. Fuck any of her hole, choot, gaand and mouth! She is yours!” I asked the boys to sit on the couch while this slut serves us. We all sat on the couch with our cocks jutting out to be caressed. “Come on Varsha rub your boobs on our cocks and make love to them.

Then rub your ass over our cocks and then I will ask for other things. Ganesh is virgin so take care he doesn’t come too fast OK?” “Yes Sir! What you say is order for me. I can see your lunds! They are so nice. I want each of you in me, filling my every hole. Come on lunds! Get the lifetime of rubbing with my boobs!”  Varsha came to us and knelt on the floor so that her breasts were near to our cocks. She bent down and danced sideways rubbing her swaying breasts over our lunds, all three lunds in one movement. Her boobs felt soft over our lunds and Ganesh jerked his body with the sensation of orgasm. His come splashed out of his cock in globs and fell on Varsha’s breasts. Varsha moaned loudly with the touch of the sticky come, “ Ohhhhh come! Give me your come Ganesh! Ohhh your spunk is so hot coming directly from your Lund.

Ohhhhh it’s so sticky! Come on rub it on my boobs Ganesh!” Ganesh was worried as he came so fast but he soon cooled down and rubbed his come over Varsha’s breasts, making them shiny with the lund honey, virgin honey to be more precise. After getting his come rubbed, Varsha continued to rub her wet breasts over our cocks, expecting more come to fall on her breasts. But we two were not ready to lose our loads so fast and told her to rub her ass over our cocks instead. Ganesh’s lund shrunk down, loosing its turgidity and Varsha was rubbing her ass over his cock too, in expectation to make it hard again for her pleasure. Her ass felt nice and soft on our cocks and our cocks swelled in anticipation. After making sure our cocks were hard Varsha turned to us and looked at the hard throbbing lunds with pride.  She sat on the lap of Ganesh crushing his lund with her firm ass. She moved over his lund and massaged it with the soft flesh of her ass and then she bent sideways and caught Ram’s lund in her soft hand.


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Meri bihari naukrani Part 2

After that she turned to me and held my dick in her other hand. Varsha exclaimed, ” Ohhhhh Shivprasad! See this! The dream come true! Watch your Maid servicing her clients for Rs 2000/- Ohhhhh isn’t it nice! Watch me sitting on one cock while i fondle two more hard cocks. Ohhh I am in heaven. I want all these lunds in my choot, gand and mouth. Ohhh Shivprasad just rub your cock for me. Let me watch your cock getting excited by watching me fucking these guys. Ohhh! I want all these cocks! Come on fuck me! YES Jeevan I am yours with the money you paid. Take me fuck me in any of my holes.”  Shivprasad took his cock out and showed the hard lund to his Maid. His lund was really hard and he was rubbing it while watching his slut Maid servicing us. He shook his lund at Varsha, ” see Varsha! My lund is hard watching you and it will grow more hard as you fuck these guys and I watch u getting laid. Ganesh could not wait to fuck this slut.

His cock was rock hard and Varsha had made it wet with all her choot raas. Ganesh said, ” come on Varsha take my virgin cock in your fucked choot! Sali ki choot raas nikal rahi hai! chal le mera lund aapni choot mein!” “Sale itni jaldi kyo kar raha hai? Mai to tere lund ko meri Gand dikhana chahti hu! I want you cock to lose virginity in my gaand! Chal meri gand geeli kar. thuk uspe!” With this Varsha moved her butt up so that Ganesh could see the puckered hole. Her asshole was darkish and really small and needed boring with mighty cock. He Rubbed Varsha’s puckered hole with his fingers and poked it a little. he spread her as cheeks and spat on the puckered hole making it wet with his saliva. He took his hand there and spread the spit all along the ass hole. He spat on his fingers and inserted the wet fingers in Varsha’s ass to lubricate the inside of her asshole.

We watched this game and asked Varsha to rub our cocks. Varsha pushed her hand again to our cocks and started to rub them. Ganesh then spat on his own cock and placed his cock head on the puckered asshole of Varsha. He lunged upwards while Varsha sat on his cock again. This made his cock enter the puckeded hole with force. Varsha was not ready for such a strong attack and cried in ppain, ” Ohhhhh~Sale meri gand phadega kya? jaara slowly dal na aapna lund. Ohhhhh Kitna mota lund hai sala. chal dal! chod muze! meri gaand maar. Sale ye dono bhi garam hio gaye hai. Ohhhhhh! chal jaldi se chod meri gaand.!”  Ganesh did not require any more encouragement and her pushed his cock in the tight ass hole of Varsha. We watched this 2/3 rd cock disappear into the ass and Varsha bucked her hips up and down over the lund to take it more and more.

Soon the struggle ended with Ganesh’s lund buried upto his balls in Varsha’s gand. Ganesh was sitting on the couch and Varsha was riding his lund buried in her gaand facing opposite to him. her boobs were bouncing as she moved over the impaled lund and her head moved from my cock to Ram’s cock watching the two more hard cocks. Varsha also looked at her husband to see him beating his meat.  We both now wanted some hole to bury our cocks in and so we lifted the two fuckers from the couch and made them lie on the floor with Ganesh on his back and Varsha riding him facing opposite. Her pelvic reign was pushed out to allow the movement of Ganesh’s lund in her gand and her choot was vulnerable for both of us. We both rushed to her choot with our lunds in our hands but there was only one choot in front of us so one of us had to wait. We compromised on fucking Varsha’s mouth with her choot too. So I positioned my cock at the choot of Varsha and pushed my cock in the gaping hole.

My cock entered, all 9 inches in one swift motion and Varsha stayed still for a moment to adjust the rhythm with the other lund buried in her gand. Ram pushed his cock to Varsha’s mouth, ” Come on slut take this cock in your mouth and suck it. sali randi teen teen lund dalke le rahi hai. sali ke saab ched lundo se bhare hai. mast randi hai sali.” and he savagely pushed his lund in Varsha’s mouth, making her gag and lose her breath. but Varsha was real slut and soon welcomed the attack of two more lunds I n her choot and Mouth.  I felt Ganesh’s lund fucking Varsha’s gaand. His lund was rubbing against my lund through the thin membrane separating Varsha’s choot and gaand. It was double fucking and double sensation with other Lund lodged in other hole. Ram was in a difficult position and had to struggle to fuck her mouth but Varsha adjusted his cock too. She bent sideways taking the entire cock inside her mouth and deep throating Ram. Varsha was real slut, taking the three cocks in all her orifices. Shivprasad got up and came near us to watch us from close distance. He held his cock in his hand and was rubbing it very slowly, avoiding spanking from his cock.

He encouraged his Maid to fuck us and even went ahead to knead her breasts. As a token of love he bit Varsha’s nipple with his teeth making her cry loudly.  We fucked Varsha for more than five minutes and wanted a change. I suggested to change places but Ganesh refused as he was close to coming. Ok we continued to fuck in the same position and Varsha orgasmed three times, her cunt clasping my cock firmly each time she came. Ganesh was now banging Varsha’s ass fast and soon came pushing tons of come in Varsha’s ass hole. i could feel his cock spurt the come as it jerked in spasms. Ganesh lay still and Varsha too came with him again spasming her choot around my cock and biting Ram’s cock the fucked her mouth. I jerked Varsha from Ganesh’s cock and his cock popped out of her gand. Varsha looked frustrated but knew that I was upto something. I made Varsha squat before us propped on two legs. I asked her to shit out the come Ganesh had spread in her choot. Varsha sat as if she was shitting and forced the come out of her shit-hole.

The come literally sprayed out with lot of farting and landed on the floor below her ass. I asked her to dip her boobs in the pool of sperm so that they were coated with the precious come. Varsha loved this and immediately lowered her chest on the spunk. She swayed her body so that the come was spread all over her breasts and even belly. Her boobs looked fresh and shiney and she cleaned all the come with them. Ram and me went to Varsha and rubbed her boobs on the floor removing all the come. Then we spread the come over the massive boobs and rubbed her nipples with it. Varsha came again with all the rubbing she was receiving. Varsha was hell of a comer and made lots of noise while she orgasmed. Shivprasad loved the show and his cock shoot sperm all over the back of his Maid. Again we rubbed Varsha’s back with the sperm of her husband and finally Varsha licked our hands clean of all the mixed come. She then pushed her fingers in her ass and licked out the remaining come from the shit hole.

Now I had another idea! i lay on my back and asked Ram to lie on his back so that his gand touched mine and our cocks were close to each other. I asked Shivprasad to come for help and asked him to hold our cocks together. I then asked Varsha to lower her cunt on the two cocks so joined. Varsha could not believe what was going on and exclaimed, ” Ohhh Jeevan! You want me to take the two cocks in my choot? Ohhh How weird! Ohhh the idea makes me cream! Ohhhh here I am taking two big hard lunds in my choot! Together! Two at a time! Ohhh here I go!” With that she squatted over the cocks and placed her choot hole over our cock heads. Her choot was not big enough to take the two cocks but she was determined to do it. as my cock was longer, her choot took my cock head in her hole and as she lowered her choot the crack of the cunt touched Ram’s upright cock. But she could not take his cock in. so I asked Shivprasad to hold Ram’s cock and push it alongside mine. He did it and Ram’s cock head rested near my cock touching the choot.

BUT Varsha could not take it in! Her choot was small. BUT still she did not lose any hope. She merrily took all of my cock in her choot and rode me asking me to fuck her choot so that it will become loose. I fucked her choot hard and fast. Her choot was juicing lot of choot raas and soon my cock slid in easily. NOW i felt that Ram might enter the nicely bored and lubricated choot of Varsha. i asked Ram to make efforts and told Varsha also to take his cock in her choot when my cock is fully buried in her hole. Varsha bent to me and Shivprasad pushed Ram’s cock near the upturned choot of Varsha and rested his cock head over the love hole. Ram’s cock head was now on the choot hole of Varsha and as he pushed his cock Varsha moved her ass and his cock head entered the choot of Varsha. Varsha was delirious with pleasure and moved her choot to take in more of his cock.

Shivprasad and Ganesh watched in awe as the Maid took both of us in her choot and their own cocks were getting hard watching this. Varsha slowly adjusted her cunt to accommodate the two cocks and at the same time fucked both the cocks by moving her choot. I felt Ram’s cock rub against mine and Varsha’s cunt felt so tight as never before. Varsha slid over the two cocks expertly as if she was used to this sort of fucking. The slut she was! Involuntarily we both began to move our cocks in and out of the tight choot of Varsha and Varsha went mad! She cried in pleasure and pain, “ Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Meri choot do do lund kha rahi hai! Ohh Sali itni tight hai phir bhi do lund chod rahi hai! Ohhh Ma! Ohhh Amma! Ahhhhhhhh! Shivprasad Dekho tumhari randi bibi kaise khulke chod rahi hai! Aaaahhhhhhhh Sale tera bhi lund khada ho raha hai! Ohhh Ganesh la tera lund mere muha mein dal Ohhhhhhh! Chal jaldi se! mai to lundo ka maar kha rahi hu, pyar se! Ohhhhhh Chodo! Phad dalo meri choot k0! Ahhhhhhhhh maro meri choot! Ohhhh Dal tera lund mere muha main!”  The slut took Ganesh’s lund in her mouth and all the time fucked our two cocks.

Shivprasad wemnt to her and thrust his cock on her boobs, rubbing his precome over the nipples. We all were enjoying Varsha’s fucking immensely and Varsha was in heaven. She thrashed her body over our cocks and chewed Ganesh’s cock in her mouth. HOW can we hold on for more time? We both came in Varsha’s choot shouting at her and abusing her, “ Randi! Whore! SLUT ma ki choot and many I can not write herre! Our come sprayed on the walls of Varsha’s choot and our cocks bathed in it. Varsha too came, wetting her cunt even more with another load of womanly come. We got up and allowed Varsha to stumble on the floor, her legs weak and unable to move but still sucking oin Ganesh’s cock.

We wiped our cocks on Varsha’s boobs and sat down on the floor besides the naked Maid’s body. Her mouth was avidly sucking the cock and now Shivprasad jumped on Varsha and rammed his cock in the slippery, come filled hole of his Maid. He jabbed her choot for 5 minutes and sprayed his come on her belly. Ganesh didn’t want to come for third time so fast and so he pulled his cock out of Varsha’s mouth and sat besides us. Varsha lay on the floor, fully exhausted and unable to open her eyes. We had come once or twice and wanted more action for our moneys worth and so waited for Varsha to regain her senses.  I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep, I don’t know when! When I opened my eyes I saw Varsha in the center of the room with her legs spread, choot exposed and her 3 fingers buried in her love tunnel. She was giving a nice show to the clients and her husband.

Ram was rubbing his semi hard cock and Ganesh was jacking off watching the slut masturbate in front of them. Varsha’s choot was red with all the fucking we gave her and her choot lips looked swollen. She pushed her 3 fingers in and out of her choot easily and with other hand she rubbed her breasts, concentrating on her nipples, pulling at them and making them hard and spongy. I went around the room to look for any object to stuff in the choot of the whore we had paid. I found a soft broom (Zaddo), which had long cylindrical plastic handle. It was thick all right, thicker than two cocks held together. I went to Varsha and offered her the broom to fuck.

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Nice journey

Hi This is Sahil again, now I am again with my another incident which happen in Train , As all of you  know that I am working as a project Manager in MNC. My job is touring job, So one day my Boss called me & said that tonight you make an urgent plan for Lucknow  because of some work, I asked him how I will get any reservation immediately, He said however, you please manage this  situation, anyway I reached immediately my home & packed my luggage, after that I rush to Satiation for  Train, but there were very long queue for Ticket counter, So I decided that I will catch the train and will manage ticket with TTE in train, Anyway train was right time and I entered  in first class compartment &  took a vacant seat, Train start moving – then a lady with a 8-9 month child entered  in my compartment (cabin where only 2 berth are there).

She was damn Sexy, beautiful lady around 32 year with  36,28,32 figure, she wore a blue color transparent designer Saari with designer back less blouse with Dori, She was  really sexiest lady .   She put her luggage & sits in front of my birth. She asked me, are you with me in this Cabin?  I said I don’t have reservation due to some urgency, so I will manage this seat with TTE, She said ok, then I asked her where are you going, she said I am going to Lucknow my parents house, Then I asked more about her, she told me that I stay in Vasant kunj, my Husband is a business man & he is out of India. & he visited other country very frequently and stay there min 15 days for business work.

So I always visited my parent house alone. In between her child started crying I said may I help you & took her baby, when I took her baby then I touched her soft boobs, she does not mind at all. I started to play with her child but he was crying very loudly, So I again gave her & said that he is asking for milk feed. She said yes you are right, then she start feeding in front of me but covered her boobs by Saari pallu, but her saari was transparent so I can easily able to see her boobs, she was feeling uncomfortable due to Dori wala blouse, anyway after some time its around 10.30 Pm she said I want to change my cloths becos my baby is not feeling comfortable in this saari, so could you please go outside for a minute & if possible please handle my baby also , so that I can easily change my clothes, I said its my pleasure & took her baby again & come out from cabin, again when I took her baby I touched her boobs & she felt my hands in her body.

With 2 minutes she called me please come inside, when I enter in Cabin I was surprised to she her beauty, now she is in night silky gown witch was open from front and have button. Her baby was continuously weeping so she want to feed once again, I asked her If you are feeling uncomfortable then I can go out & you can feed your child , she said no problem you can stay here , then she open her boobs and start feeding in front of me again but this time I can able to see her naked soft silky boobs, & my cock is moving in my trousers, I was not able to manage that but any how maine apne Cock ko manaya & said that don’t worry my lovely Cock , you will get soon, whatever you want. Becos I was damn sure about it that she is so trusty & will definitely give a nice fuck with me. After some time her baby slept.

same time TTE came in my cabin & asked her for ticket she shows her Ticket & said he is with me due to an urgency we cannot purchase another ticket, so you please make a ticket here & also asked for money, TTE told her some amount she gave that amount and confirmed my ticket, then TTE left for the cabin, I was surprise to see this & asked why did you do this?  she replied that if you can help me for handle  my child then why not me, I said thanks for support and asked for amount  for ticket then she said its Ok, Don’t give me money otherwise I will call TTE and tell all the story, I argue with her  but she didn’t take money . Then I asked her name, she told me Jyoti, I said it’s a really beautiful name and asked her.

If you want any type of help you can share with me. She said OK, her baby was sleeping on one birth and she tried to sleep their but she feel some uncomfortable, so she asked me can I sleep on your birth, I said its my pleasure and she gave some support to her child by pillow, and came on my birth, I was sitting on birth she said why are you not sleeping, I said there is no problem you please sleep, then she got  angry & said If you will not sleep then I will also not, I understand what she want now ? so I also laid on same birth with cross, like My head was in her legs & her heads was in my legs, her legs was just like milk, & I can not stop himself and put my hand on her legs, ohhhhhhhhhh my got its really a special touch, I was moving my finger on her legs but there was no response, while I know that Jyoti was not sleeping.

Then I kiss her legs, she open her legs, so that i can see her inside view, its clean shaven Milky Pussy, so I got encourage & start  moving  my hand as well as kissing on her legs, she start moaning & opened her legs more. Now she was ready to do whatever I want, So I started more kissing on her legs & insert my hand in her gown , then she put her lips on my lips, we locked our lips n sucked we both became very hot then I removed her gown n started sucking her breast until it became red she was out of control as she pulled down my underwear n put my hard big cock in her mouth n sucked like lollipop with a sexy voice like puccch pucch, my one hand was pressing her boobs n my finger was in her Pussy which was wet n hon. made her lie down sat between her legs n entered my tongue in her pussy n started licking she was screaming like anything I was holding her mouth as no one can hear us.

then I started sucking her pussy like a lolipop then I turned up on her she was sucking my cock and I was sucking her pussy deeply. Then I lied down straight n she came on me entered my cock in her pussy, she  started moving fast n moaning like yes yes seewt heart please do it like this ohhhh ohhhhhhhhh yeh yeh pls do it, please suck me suck me dear,  I was sucking her one breast n pressing other.  Her Boobs were so big that I was unable to put all in my mouth. then I changed position n made her sit like a Doggy  n entered my cock in her pussy from backside n started pushing softly then started hardly after some time she said yeh do it fart I m coming, yeh please do it do it fast pls sahil do it fast then she grip me hard n fall on me. But all of u know that now my turn then I again gave my cock in her mouth, she started sucking again after some  time I entered my long cock in her pussy n fuck her around 15 min, after that I got to cum, so I said please lick it n she did the same.

This happened 4 times in a night after that we both slept; when I woke up in morning I saw she was packing her luggage so I helped her in packing she gave me Rs 2000/- but I refused & asked her why are you doing like this, she said today you satisfied me such a long time, my husband are not able to satisfied me, So I am too happy today. But I refused again & said whenever you need satisfaction with me then please call me. After that incident I met her twice in her home then she went to  USA with her husband, SO now a days I am alone & my Lovely cock is waiting for someone, if any girl, lady, bhabhiji wanna satisfaction then can mail me on my ID I am eagerly waiting for good response from you girl/lady.

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My loving abajaan Part 2

I guess it was the way I was sort of…seducing him, y’know? He was getting so excited at the sight and feel of me that it was turning me on too. His hand started to close on my breast, and he cupped it with a light touch, sort of lifting an weighing it. My nipple was hard and felt hot and sensitive, and I licked my own lips as his thumb slipped over it, stroking it lightly. “Go ahead, Abbajaan,” I whispered. “I want you to.” He squeezed my breast, his breathing becoming more ragged as he became less and less restrained, and worked his fingers into the soft meat with more and more enthusiasm. “Oh, baby,” he gasped. I laid back against his arm as he stroked and squeezed and kneaded my breasts. Then watched in satisfaction as he bent and began to lick, then suckle at my nipple. I felt exultant that he was so happy, so excited, and sighed in pleasure as his tongue and lips moved on my nipples. There was even a kind of sexual excitement in me, mostly from having turned him on so high.

But also from the tingling in my breasts as he worked on them. Basheer had never spent that much time on my breasts. Mostly he just squeezed them real hard, in a way that was more painful than pleasurable, and bit on them a little. Abbajaan was stroking and caressing them in a way nobody ever had, his fingers pinching the nipples lightly, rolling them and squeezing them. His tongue lapped over the hard pink buds, and his lips suckled as he drew them, one at a time, into his mouth. They felt so…hot in his mouth, the way his mouth sucked, the way his tongue licked, and the odd little nibbling with his teeth. My breasts felt hot and swollen, and the nipples throbbed with excitement and electricity in a way they never had before. I was surprised that he was spending so long, but in no hurry for him to stop.

Nobody had ever spent so much effort on my titties before, and they were feeling so good as a result that I was amazed. I found my heart beating faster, my blood flowing more strongly. I also felt a kind of tingling heat between my legs, down in my lower belly, a moist, warm, heaviness that made me feel really nice. Abbajaan finally gripped the hem of my dress and slid it upwards, and I shifted so he could pull it out from under my behind. I raised my hands as he slid the dress up and off, and then sat back in just my little string bikini panties as he resumed stroking and squeezing my breasts. I felt just a bit embarrassed about him seeing me like this, but he was my Abbajaan, after all, so it didn’t matter. He’d seen me naked lots of times when I was little. His fingers slid into the string of my panties, gripped it, and tugged them slowly down.

I felt a quivering anxiety as my softly furred choot was exposed to his eyes for the first time. My face flushed a little in embarrassment as he pulled my panties down and off. Then I was utterly naked, and Abbajaan’s hands moved smoothly over my body. I raised my head and he slid a hand behind it, then kissed me on the lips. He pulled back, but I moved forward, pressing my lips against him again, this time opening my mouth. I slid my tongue back and forth along his lips, then dipped it into his mouth to meet his own. I felt his other hand sliding up and down over my breasts, then moving down my belly and in between my legs. He cupped my khasta choot and squeezed, and I gasped in pleasure, feeling heat flood into me. His fingers kneaded my khasta choot meat as our tongues slid together with growing passion. I was breathing harder and heavier, and my body was growing more excited.

I ground myself on his hand, gasping and moaning in heat as pleasure rolled over my mind. ” Abbajaan!” I gasped. “Oooh! Oohhhh! Unhhhhh!” I felt a finger pierce me, cleaving the folds of my tight, warm, slick khasta choot lips and sliding up into my fuck hole. I gasped again and humped against it, astonished at my own excitement, shocked at the pleasure boiling through me. I humped on his finger, then felt a second enter me. “Yess! Yess! Ohhh! Abbajaan! Abbajaan! Ooohh!” I panted. “You like that, baby?” he gasped. “Ooohh!” He thrust his fingers up to the knuckles inside me and I ground myself helplessly against them, then his thumb pressed down on my clit and he squeezed up with his fingers. He caught my clitty between them and rolled it rapidly back and forth. The heat fire roared up like a bonfire with gas thrown on it. I cried out in shocked pleasure, arching my back and jerking spastically. My ass ground against his thighs and I humped desperately as an orgasm, the first of my life, ripped through my body.

I thrashed and shook as Abbajaan held me down with one hand and jerked me off with the other. I gasped and panted and whined, slamming my head back into the arm of the sofa again and again as my nervous system crackled and burned in orgiastic pleasure. Then I went limp, panting for breath, chest heaving as I lay there in languorous aftermath, astonished and dazed. Abbajaan leaned over and kissed my left breast, then pulled his fingers out of me and stood up, hefting me in his arms. He walked upstairs to his bedroom, the master bedroom, what had been my parents’ bedroom as long as I could remember, a place I wasn’t permitted to enter. He carried me through the door and set me down on the bed, then calmly undid the buttons of his shirt and removed it. He undid his pants and pushed the zipper down.

I stared at it, at the zipper, laying there naked on his bed, and watched as his pants slid down. He stepped out of them, and my eyes focused on the bulging erection in his boxer shorts. Then he jerked them down and off, and was naked, naked like me. He was still powerfully built. I was a small woman, having taken after my mother, but Abbajaan was well over six feet tall, and very strong. His lund was thick and hard, bigger than Basheer’s had been, not so much longer as…thicker. It was hard and hairy and dark, and I couldn’t take my eyes off it as he crawled into bed. He lifted my legs up and apart, then set them down on the bed. I raised my knees, my feet flat on the bed as Abbajaan knelt there between them, stroking his hands over my breasts and belly. Then he slid forward over me, his body pressing against mine, sliding over my skin until were face to face, eye to eye, groin to groin. His weight was heavy on me, but familiar, from Basheer.

I could feel his entire body with mine, his flesh against me, his chest pressing down my breasts. He kissed me, and I slid my arms around him and kissed him back, filled with love and devotion. He stroked my breasts, and ran his hand up and down my body. I felt his lund, hard and thick, laying between our bellies. He raised his hips and gripped his lund, then pressed the head against my choot crack. I felt it catch at the small hole, then press forward. My choot spread around it and it slid down inside me. I groaned in pleasure as it spread my khasta choot tunnel wide. My choot strained but not painfully. There was just this wonderful..full…sensation. I felt packed with his lund, felt it filling my belly, and rejoiced in it. It twisted as he moved atop me, and I mewled in pleasure as it stirred my insides. His lips and mine sought each other again and our tongues slithered together.

Then he began to grind himself into me, a slow, grinding movement that made his lund rub over my clitty with hard, steady pressure. The pressure built up in my skull again and I drew my knees back and apart more, moaning and sighing in happiness. “Fuck me, Abbajaan!” I panted. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” He gripped my head in his hands and crushed my lips with his, then began to pump his lund in me, using a slow but hard stroke, his lund sliding back and forth through my steamy, burning khasta choot tube as his ass rose and fell. He let go of my head, and his hands slid down under me, cupping my ass, digging into the soft meat as he fucked harder. He jerked my ass upwards to meet his thrusts, and I grunted with the impact as his lund thrust hard into me, his hips struck my thighs bruisingly, and my choot burned hotter and harder and higher. “Oh, Jesus! Oh God!” he panted. “Oh baby! Baby!’ “Fuck me, Abbajaan! Fuck me, Abbajaan!” I cried, trying to hump back against him.


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My loving abajaan Part 3

His lund was driving harder inside me, sawing roughly over my clitoris as he fucked into me. I clutched him desperately, grunting and moaning and panting as my body was bathed in sexual lust and desire. The center of my universe became my choot, and that hard, pounding tube of flesh sliding back and forth inside it. Then I came again, gurgling in wondrous pleasure, snapping my head back and crying out in gladness as the orgasm rolled over me and swamped my mind with ecstasy. Abbajaan was pounding down into me, and every deep, hard thrust made sent a fresh burst of explosive heat into the orgasm, raising it higher. Then he came inside me, and I knew a new joy as his sperm shot up into my belly, pouring into me like liquid life. This was how I was born, I thought dazedly. His sperm had made me, and now it was inside me. We lay together afterwards, kissing lightly, stroking each others’ bodies.

I was still stunned by the pleasure he had given me, and felt closer to him than I ever had in my life, closer than I’d ever been to anyone. After a while he slid down my body, mouthing and suckling at my breasts, then sliding his tongue over my belly and down between my legs. My eyes widened, for I’d heard of guys licking girls there, but had never had it done to me. Basheer had no interest in it. He knelt between my spread legs, propped on his elbows and looking at my makkhan choot. I felt a bit embarrassed at him looking at me like that, but the embarrassment was nothing compared to the excitement and anticipation coursing through me. His hands stroked my thighs gently, then his thumbs pressed against the soft folds of my khasta choot lips, slowly easing between them, then peeling them apart, exposing the moist, pink flesh inside.

He looked at it, then eased his head down and his tongue licked along my khasta choot meat. I gasped, then bit down on my lip as I watched and felt him. His tongue felt like fire as it slid through my quivering pink flesh. I felt it screwing down into my choot hole, licking and lapping at my inner flesh. He sucked on my hole, then moved his lips upwards over my clit. An explosion seemed to take place inside me when his lips touched my clit. The fiery pleasure roared up and made my entire body shudder in response. I jerked my head back and stared up at the ceiling as his lips sucked on my clitty, then his tongue lapped against it. My clitty was a hard, super sensitive little bud of chudai ka dana, and the things he did to it were making my mind reel. He sucked hard, then blew. He licked and nibbled. He rubbed and stroked and teased and squeezed.

I came, with cries of shocked pleasure, then came again, then again. For long, long minutes Abbajaan sucked and licked at my choot, doing things I’d never imagined before, and tearing my body apart with pleasure. A fourth time I approached orgasm, my body sweating, my hair matted against my face, my chest aching. He pulled back, then straightened, kneeling between my quivering thighs. His lund was hard again, and I longed for it. He rubbed it up and down against my clit, taunting me, teasing me, and I moaned and whimpered, needing it inside me. “Daddddyyyyy!” I moaned. “Fuck meeee! Fuck meee!” He thrust into me and I cried out in pleasure. Then he gripped my legs behind the knees, lifting them and forcing them back against my chest. He jammed them back hard, the way Basheer used to, but now there was only pleasure, and a deep sexual need in me.

He rose up over me, his weight on my legs, crushing them downwards, then thrust in hard and fast. He began to fuck me then, and there was no other word for it. It was no making love but fucking. I was being fucked, and fucked hard. His lund was pounding down into me with savage force and speed, stabbing into the center of my belly with each hard thrust. His hips pounded against my upturned ass cheeks, slamming me downwards into the bed, and I cried out with each impact, a mixture of pleasure and pain. My guts churned and writhed around his pistoning lund, and my eyes closed as I shuddered in orgiastic pleasure. I came again, my insides exploding with pleasure, my mind burning and roiling under the waves of ecstasy as Abbajaan rammed his lund down into me with wild abandon. The bed creaked and groaned underneath us as the springs flung me up to meet each new thrust.

I gurgled in helpless sexual glory, unable to breath, unable to think, basking in the fires of my own inner juices as Abbajaan’s lund continued to drive down into my fuck tunnel with relentless speed and power. Then he came inside me, his juices spewing out into my sucking fuck chamber. I felt my spasming choot suck on his boner, milking it for every last drop as he cursed and moaned and then dropped over me again. Things didn’t precisely change between me and Abbajaan, at least, not in the way I felt about him or he felt about me. The only change was lust and pleasure. For the first week we fucked like bunnies. Abbajaan was so glad to be getting sex again, especially a hot young piece like me, and I was so overjoyed at discovering the joys of my own body, that we could hardly let each other alone. We took baths together, and I rode up and down on his lund in the tub.

He fucked me on the kitchen table, and bent over the sofa. He sucked my choot repeatedly, and I sucked his lund. We kissed and hugged more often, only now his hands would usually roam over my body, squeezing my ass or titties, or sliding up between my legs. I think the best position for me, the one I liked the most, was on all fours, with Abbajaan taking me from behind doggy style. To me, nothing spoke more of being his woman, and him being my man, than to kneel on all fours like a kutia in heat, and have him mount me and ride me to orgasm. I loved sex, and loved Abbajaan for showing me how wonderful it was. I became, at least in the next months, so…sexual…so…hot and filled with desire, that often he would jerk me off right out of the blue, just for his own amusement. He would pull me into his lap, or bend me over a table or chair, or just push me against a wall, then slide his hand down my pants or up under my skirt and jerk me off. It never took more than a couple of minutes for me to come like crazy.

I was a helpless captive of my newly awakened desires, but a willing one. I moved into Abbajaan’s room shortly after that. It seemed a waste of time and effort to keep everything in my room when I spent almost every night in his bed anyway. Both of us wanted to fuck before going to bed, and first thing in the morning. I didn’t bother searching out someone else, because Abbajaan was all I needed. When I think of all the women out there married to jerks and creeps, or guys who paid them little attention, I kind of felt smug. Abbajaan was the nicest, warmest, gentlest, most caring and loving man in the world. And he was great in bed. Why would I want anyone else? Abbajaan was a little annoyed when I told him I was pregnant. I had secretly stopped taking the pill, and not told him about being pregnant until I started to show, and it was too late to do anything.

I had a son for him, then a pair of twins, girls. After that Abbajaan made sure I took the pills every day, but I think he was glad to have kids around the house again. Years later, when Anita was old enough, and starting to become sexually active, I persuaded Abbajaan to show her how much enjoyment she could get from her own body. I didn’t want her getting stuck with a creep like Basheer, and thinking sex was boring. She was a little reluctant at first, but she quickly became an enthusiastic participant in our sex life. Abbajaan even showed me how to lick choot, so that she and I could pleasure ourselves when he wasn’t around.

Too many of them, like me, give themselves to ignorant, crude, fumble fingered guys who don’t care about their pleasure. It’s too bad more girls didn’t learn about sex from their fathers.

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My mother

I am from new delhi ,my name is karan, I am 21 years ,in our house me my mother and 2 sisters ,one is married and the other in always at home ,mother was 45 years at the time,I was 19 years,my sister was in the hospital for her 1st delivery,our earning is my fathers service pension mony my mother looks young little big butts and normal size breasts, when she walk in the streets every body looks her,I am the only male in the home,our uncles will help us. It happen when my sister was in the hospital ,me and my mother attending her ,in the night I will come to hospital to help my mum and sleep their toghter in next room, in the home also me and mum sleep togather in the mat. 7th day night nurse came and gave medisin to my sister and left.

we closed the door and start sleeping ,in night I have a pain in my loud I dont know what happned ,I sat and see my loud it feel little swelling , I called my mother and told I have pain in my loud she put light and told me to show her she saw the fore skine sweling ,she remove the fore sking down she saw a ant bite the skin it is sticking and she found some white powder tipe in side my loud ,she asked me are you cleaning your loud every day I said , no ,she called me come to toilet,we went their she washed mine,then we slept togather .

In the night I could not sleep ,I called my mum still paining, she told no problem sleep , she hug me and moved my pyjama down hold my loud gave message ,it got erect and stand straight. immidetly she stop message ,I hold her hand and told to do ,she told no enough pain will go ,I hold her hand sad little more time to message, she sat on the bed and start message up and down I CANT control the different plessure in my life, she did about 10 min suddnly semen jump out and wet her hand and sholder,she asked me now ok, I SAD OK. she went toilet and clean her hands.

IN the mid night again it erected , I HOLD my mums hand put put my loud ,she hug me fron my back hold my loud ,her boobs tuching myback ,she start mastrbuting with her right hand saying your father also like are u like thie,i sad yes . scound time she releese my semen I was s nice sleep. Next day morning I wake up late and ,and went to the kitchen she is making coffe, I went their and hug her ,and kissed from her back to her nesk ,she asked your pain gone I told little is their, then my sisters husband came .we went our home.

In the home she stared cooking ,ofter nune she take a bath and had food ,I asked her will go to moove she agreed.we sat in the corner ,back row in the move theature, the start I hold my mums hand and rubbing slooly ,she under stud my plan and told no now in the night only .  I asked can I drink milk ,see every body will watch ,I told , I sit down and suck, she told no once we reached home you can drink.I press my mums breast slooly ,she cover my hand with her sarry. In the intermission I asked her will go home ,she agreed Once we reached home ,she closed front door,she sat on the bed told me to lay on her lap I did,she lift her blouse and braw up ,I stared drink milk, again next breast, I kissed her she also kissed me ,she removed my shirt ,told me to remove pants.she remove her sarry, now she is on her undershirt , I removed her blouse and braw.

we hug togather on the bed she put her right leg on my left leg ,hold my loud and rub on her pussy,kissed me,told me lay on her top ,I put my leg boath sides she role up her undershirt ,hold my loud in to her pussy. told me to fuck I did for about 15 min , I pour my heat seman in to her pussy,she told ofter 1 years my fathers death this the time to enjoy. Hear ofter every that day we do fuck,last 6 years we are doing now days her pussy is not lubrecated she put hony on it tell me to fuck, I alaso suck her pussy every day.

one day she was in the kitchen doing cooking I went near hold her brest from behind pressed them and ,kissed her,I LIFT her sarry up and rub her pussy ,she made me sit on a small stool she remove my pyjama put little oil on my loud insert my loud her pussy start pump .ofter some time carry her to the bed I fuck nocely she enjoyed . still contnuing, good mother now she is happy,she is not feel my fathers absence,she is active also. but I have to do slooly other wise she will she is paining.

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Huma meri jaan

Hi friends mera naam ali hai.mein AISS ki stories bahut shauq se parhta hoon.mein ne socha aaj apna experience aap logon ke saath share introduction is i am 5’10” with a 7″ cock.I am a smart looking age is 20 years.yeh story jis larkee kay baray mein hai uska naam huma hai.Woh log pehlay hamaray neighbours thay.  Huma ka description kia bataaon.Uski age 24 years hai.Fair complexion,ideal figure,34 is the boob size,khoobsurat chehra aik aisi larki jis par har larka fida ho jaaye.Hum log kafee salon se neighbours rahay thay jis ki wajah se hamaray beech kafi frankness thee.Meray dost mujh se kehte thay ke yaar yeh larki tumharay saath itna free hai tum is se mazay kiyun nahin uthatay.

Mein ne us waqt un ki baaton ko taal diya magar ghar akar main ne is baat par ghaur kia tu mujhay yeh baat buri nahin lagee.Is se pehle mein ne huma ko kabhee aisee nazron se nahin dekha tha.Us din mein ne shaam ko huma ko ghaur se dekha:white colour ke kapron mein  woh bahut khoobsurat lag rahi thee.Phir main ne apni nazar uske boobs ki taraf dalee to bara ajeeb sa ehsaas hua.Huma ne is baat ko mehsoos kar liya tha aur woh ghabra ke ghar mein chalee gayee.Mein bara sharminda hua keh yeh mein ne kia kardiya.  Phir jab bhi huma hamaray ghar aati to meri nazar khud hi se uske jism par jaati aur huma kuch sharma kar wahan se chali jati.Us din mein ne uske jism ko bahut ghaur  se dekha tha.Mar mitne wala figure,gora gora jism,perfect gaand.jab woh uthke jaane lagee to  uskee qameez uski choot ki clear shape bata rahi thee aur achanak se uska dopatta phisal gaya aur uske boobs ki golai saaf pata chal rahi thee.

Aik mard ke liyay aisa nazara kafi hota hai.Mein usi waqt bathrom gaya aur apni pant utaar kar apne lund ko haath mein le liya.Meray pooray jism mein ajeeb sansani si daur rahee thee.mera lund pehle se hi half khara tha mein ne haath lagaya tu pura tan gaya.Phir mein ne huma ko khayalon mein soch kar muth lagalee.mein pehlee dafaa muth mar raha tha aur aap yaqeen nahin karaingay ke huma ko tasawur mein chodtay huay jab meri mani chutee to us ke fawwaray dur dur tak ja giray.  Ab jab meri huma se mulaqat hoti to mein uski khubsurti ki tareef karta jis se woh muskura detey.Mein samajh gaya tha ke meri line clear ho rahee hai.Aik din mein uske ghar kisi kaam se gaya tu woh ghar mein akailee thi.Us ne us din light blue colour ka suit pehna hua tha aur bahut khoobsurat aur sexy lag rahi thi.Darwaza kholne ke baad woh doosray kamray mein chali gayee thi.

Mein ne jis kaam se main aya tha woh kiya us ke baad mere dil mein bemaani aane lagee.main ne door lock kar diya aur uske kamray ki taraf chala gaya. mainay jaisay hi uske room ka door khola tu woh mujhe dekh kar poochne lagee ke kiya hua ?  Main ne jawab diya ke tum se aik baat karni ne kaha ke kaho.mein ne kaha ke huma kiya mein tumhein kiss kar sakta hoon?woh pehle to hairaan hui phir muskuratay huay bolee  kay nahin mujhay sharam aati hay.Mein ne us ke haath pakar kar use deewar ki taraf kar diya  aur us ke chehray ko apne haathon mein pakar kar apne hont agay bahanay laga to woh boli ke koi dekh lega.Mein ne kaha ke dekhne do aur uske pink honton ke saath apne hont touch kar diye.hum donon bahut garam ho rahay thay.uske hont itne naram thay ke mein unko suck karne laga.uske haath mere kandhon par thay.Woh bhi meray kiss ka responce de rahi thi.

hum donon aik doosre ke hont choom rahay thay aur yeh scene aisa tha kay meray haath us ke boobs ki taraf uth gaye.mein ne us kay nipples ko dabaaya to uski aik lambi si AAAAHHHHH  ki awaz nikli.Khud mera bura haal tha mera lund apni full erection mein tha.hum donon ke darmiyaan garmi barhti jaa rahi thi aur hamaray lips kissing mein masroof thay kay achanak door pe knock hua.aur hum donon chaunk ne dor khola to uski ammi aa chuki thein  mein ne foran tv khol liya aur waheen baith gaya,(hum neighbours apas mein bahut close thay is liyay mere us ke ghar mein akele baithne ka bura aanti ne nahin maana).  Phir kuch dinon mujhe us se milne ka time nahin mila,aik hafte baad mile to mujhe dekh kar kehne lagee ke hum log yeh ghar chor kar ja rahay hain aur apne new ghar ka pata de diya.  Hum sab ghar walay un se milne naye ghar gaye.

Wahan mere us se mulaqat hui to mein ne us se kaha ke tumhein us din kiss karne mein bahut maza aaya tha.Us ne jawaab diya ke mujhe bhi bahut mazaa aaya tha.Mein ne us se poocha ke phir kab kiss karein to us ne kaha ke  next saturday ko mere ghar wale kahin jaaengay.Mein us se time confirm kar ke ghar aa gaya.  Mujh se sabar nahin ho raha tha aur rozana huma ki khoobsuratii ka soch ke bathroom mein apni mani nikal raha tha, kiya karta huma thi hi aisi.  Mein ne dil mein soch liya tha ke jab woh mujhe itna space de rahi hai to kyun na mein  kiss se aage barh jaaon.Saturday ko wahan jaane se pehle mein ne condom khareed liya.Uske door pe knock kiya to HUMA ne darwaza khola woh us waqt naha ke aai thi aur bahut fresh ho rahee thi.Aaj huma ne pink colour ka fitting ka shalwar kameez pehna hua tha aur aaj woh pehle se bhi zyaada khubsoorat lag rahee thi.Drawing room mein hum donon baith gaye.Mein ne us poocha ke ghar wale kitnee dair ke liye gaye hain.Huma ne jawaab diya ke do se teen ghante ke liye.

Phir kehne lagee ke jis din se tum ne kiss kiya hai mein beqarar ho gayee hoon.  Mujhe dobara kiss karo.  Mein ne use banhon mein pakar liya aur kaha ke meri jaan mein bhi isi din ka intezaar kar raha tha.Hum ne waheen per kissing start kar dee.Mein be-ikhtiar us ke honton ko choom raha tha.Uske gulabi honton ka rus peene mein bahut maza aa raha tha.Kissing karte huay mein usay bedrom ki taraf le gaya.aur usay bed par lita diya.Woh mujh se kehne lagi ke hum kahin had se aage na barh jaain.Mein ne kaha ke huma mein tumharay upar bahut khwaar ho gaya hoon aur waise bhi phir yeh mauqa mile ya na mile.Phir mein ne baghair intezaar kiye us ke honton per apne hont rakh diye.woh bhi pyasee ho rahi thi isi wajah se mere kiss ke jawaab dene lagee.5 minute tak mein deewana war us ke honton ki kiss leta raha.Phir us ki neck pe kiss karte huay mein ne uske mammon per haath pherna start kar diya.Uske mammay gol gol thay aur bahut naram thay.uske mammay dabate huay us ki ajee awaazen nikal rahi theen.

Mein ne us ke mammon par apne hont rakh diyay.aur uske mammon per kiss karne laga.  Woh machal rahi thee aur mera lund akar chuka tha.Phir mein ne aik haath se uska mamma dabana start kiya aur doosre haath se uska doosra mamma pakar kar choosnay ne be-ikhtiar ho kar mera lund pakar liya aur us ko apne naram aur khubsurat haathon se ragarnay lagee.Mein us ke mammon ko is khaas style se dabaa aur choos raha tha ke uski seeee seeeeee ki siskiyan nikal rahi theen.Uski in awazon ne mujhe aur deewana bana diya.Mein ne uskee qameez utarna start ki.Is doraan mein us ke hont pe kiss kar raha tha aur us ka haath ab bhi mere lund par tha.Jab mein ne us kee kameez utari to mein dekhta hi reh gaya.Black colour ka brassiere us ke sadool mammon per bilkul fit tha aur bra ka black colour uske goray jism ke saath bahut match kar raha tha.Mein ab qaboo se bahar ho gaya tha.mein ne foran us ka bra utara aur us ke mammay choosnay laga.Huma kehne lagee ke aahista chooso merey dard ho raha hai magar mein sunnay wala kahan tha.

Uske mammon ko choomnay ke baad mein ne uske  belly per kiss karna start kiya us kee gori gori naaf pe kiss kiya aur us ke baad uski shalwar kholne laga .Huma us waqt tak bahut garam ho gayee thi magar phir bhi sharam ke maaray apne jazbaat ka khul kar izhaar nahin kar rahi thi.Mein ne uski shalwar utar di to us ne sharam se chehra doosri taraf kar liya.Mein ne us se kaha ke huma darling sharam kaisee ab tu hum waqti husband wife ban gaye hain.yeh kehte huay mein ne apni pant aur underwear bhi utar diya.Mera khara lund dekh kar huma ne poocha ke yeh itna bara kia hai.Mein ne jawaab diya ke darling aaj is se tumhein mazay karaon ga.Yeh kehte himein ne us ki underwear per haath rak diya to meri hairaani ki inteha na rahee.

Us ka underwear geela ho raha tha.Mein yah dekh kar uskitaraf dekhnay laga to us ne kaha ke aisay kya dekh rahay ho?Itnee buri tarah har jagah kiss karogay to mein geeli hi ho jaaongi.Mein ne uska underwear utara tu us ne apni tangein upar utha dein.Kiya nazara tha chiknee chiknee legs aur unke darmian mein us ki cute si pink colour ki phuddi.Mein ne apne haath se uski pussi ko ragarna start kar diya aur saath hi saath us ki chiknee legs ko choom raha tha.mere hath us ki choot per lage hi woh beqarar ho gayee.Aur machlee ki tarah tarapne lagee.PHir mein ne uski pussy per kiss kiya aur use chatne laga.Woh machal kar apne mammay dabaane lagee.mein ne aur deeply aur fast us ki pussy ko lick karne laga.Uski awaazein sunnay ke qabil theen.Mein uski phuddi chat raha tha aur uski awazon se kamra goonj raha tha.AAAAAHHH—–OUCH SI SI OHH .uski phuddi se juices beh rahay thay.

Ab mujh se aur bardaasht nahin ho raha tha so mein us ke upar aanay laga to us ne apni gori gori legs mere liyay khol den.Mujhe yaqeen hi nahin aa raha tha ke itni khubsurat larki ne mere liyay apni legs khol di hain mein ne us ki phuddi per apna lund rakha.Itna jazbati ho gaya tha ke condom pehnna bhool gaya Aur under dalne ki koshish karne laga magar koi rukawat thi.Hum donon ka yeh first time tha.Mein ne thora zor aur lagaya aur mera lund us ki khal phartay huay thora under ghus gaya.Huma ki dard ke maray awazein nikalnay lagein.MUJHE CHOR DO MUT DALO BAHUT DARD HO RAHA HAI.NIKALO BAHAR.Mein ne itne soft cheez aaj tak experience nahi ki thi jitnee us ki pussy thi.Mein ne lund thora sa bahar nikala aur phir zara aur zoor laga ke under kar diya.Ab ki baar lund poora under ghus gaya aur huma ki aankhon mein aansoo aa gaye.Woh buri tarah chilla rahi thi.APNA LUND BAHAR NIKALO AMMI MEIN MA JAAONGI.magar mein aahista aahista jhatke leta raha.Itna maza mujhe kabhi muth marne mein nahin aaya jitna abhi aa raha tha.

Us ne apni legs meray jism ke saath baandh leen aur apne mammay aahista aahista dabaa rahi thi.Mujhay pata tha ke yeh mera first time hai is liyay mein zyada dair ruk nahin paaonga.Is liye mein ne bharpoor jhatke lagane start kar diyay.huma ki choot bahut tight thi aur juices nikalne ki wajah se chiknee bhi ho gayee thi.Mein full mazay mein jhatkay de raha tha aur huma  bhi mazay mein apne mammon per haath pher rahi thi.Mein ne strokes lete huay hi uske mammon aur hont per kissing start kar di.Mera lund full extreme per tha aur mein bahut zor se lund under bahar kar raha tha.Itnee khubsurat larki aur woh bhi uski kanwari choot aaaaah mein mazay ke 7th heaven per pahuch gaya tha.Huma ki awazein AAAHHH AUR FAST RUKO MAT OUCHHHH UMMMMMM AAAAHH mere jhatkon ki intensity mein izafa kar rahi theen aur woh bhi apni body hila kar meray jhatkon ka saath de rahi thi.

2 minute ke baad us ne apne jism ko akrana shroo kar diya us ki body upar ki taraf uth rahi thi.Jhatke taizee se jari thay.Mein samajh gaya usay orgasm hone wala hai Mein ne bhi apne jhatkay taiz kar diye so that mein bhi uske saath faarigh ho jaaon.Huma ne mujhe mazbooti se pakar liya tha.Uska pura jism akra hua tha.Uskee aankhein mere aankhon mein jhaank rahi theen .Woh apni extreme limit per pahuch gaye.AAAH AMMI MEIN GAYEE YEH KEHTE HUAY US KI AANKHEN BAND HO GYEIN THI AUR US KA JISM DHEELA PAR GAYA.Mein bhi farigh hone wala tha mein ne aik aakhree zordar jhatka liya aur apne lund ko huma ki choot ki gehraai mein yeh kehta huay ghusa diya “HUMA MERI JAAN”AUR APNE LIPS USKE LIPS PER RAKH KAR MANI KA FAWWARA chor diya.Meri aaj tak itnee mani nahin niklee thi.Lund thori dair under rakh kar mein ne bahar nikal kar huma ki taraf dekha to woh muskura rahi thi.

Aage kiya hua yeh batanay ki zaroorat nahin.Mere condom use na karne ki wajah se aik museebat aa gayee. AKALMAND KE LIYE ISHARA KAFI HOTA HAI.  mera yeh story likhne ka first experience tha.Mujhse jo ghalti ho gayee ho maaf kar dejiaga.Jo khubsoorat woman ya girl mujh se rabta karna chahein ya story ke baray mein suggestion dena chahein woh is address per mail karain.

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Sweet aunty milk

Hello, I am Narayana from Andhra, Thanks to AISS readers and welcome to my experience. At first let me describe. I am 25 years old unmarried with high sex drive. My hobby is to catch good figured aunties above 25 years. This is real story of my life. There is a family beside my house. There is very beautiful aunty (Sujhata) and her husband is a bank officer. Their marriage is late marriage and her age is 27 years . Damn she has perfect figure from top to bottom. When ever I see her figure I used to exite and worked myself at bathroom .Usually she keeps a very closeness with me and when ever I need any thing I used to ask her as I am living lonely. I used to go there for a moment especially for phone, she offers me cool drink and asks me very much. But due to fear I unable to catch the real moment.

Daily she watches me and we both laugh each other and there is no real thing happened between us for a long time. Later I went to my native place Rajahmundry for my vacations and usually I used to telephone her but there is no significant moment came. One month after vacation I went again to Hyd and searched for my beauty and learned that she is pregnant and went to her home Vijayawada. So I felt disappointed for long time and returned to my studies. Six months later I got information that she conceived a lovely child and both are coming to Hyd .I was really exited to see her face and body shapes after a long time. I don’t know how many times I worked myself in bathroom imagining my aunty . The real day came! She returned to home . Oh what a shapes they are . She looks very attractive and the bodily shapes are perfectly shaped for a sexy women.

Immediately I entered to her house and greeted her . She smiled and I kissed baby and I felt excited with her closeness towards me. We both along with her husband chatted for a long time and in the mean time I closely observed her body ,especially her upper shape. Because she feeds her child she has no bra on and that shapes really mad me. Oh what a big boobs they are and unable to adjust in blouse.  In the side view, I have seen wetness of oozed due to milk from nipples. She served many things that day and the day long I was able to cover maximum time with them for full sight of her entire body. I was so excited after seeing her from back side .what lovey shapes they are! Due to wetness and cotton sarree I have seen her buttock cleavage and excited my self. My body completely filled with lust and my trousers tightened due to heavy pumping of blood in my rod. I left their home after 9 o clock and really I have no sleep that night. Every time I close my eyes she is coming to my mind and aroused a lot.

Two days later I went to her home after her hubby went to bank. I knocked the door and entered the room as no sound is coming. Then I went directly in side the bed room ,oh my Sujatha aunty is laughing at me. She sat on the middle of double cot and on her nap she is feeding her child. I said sorry but in excitement she asked me to come inside. There is a chair in front of the bed and I went there to sit. But she said no no you can sit on the bed as the bed is very big. I felt aroused and unable to keep my straight looks on her. Watching my hurry she laughed and said why are you feeling un comfortable to day Narayana? I said no thing to her but my blood pressure increasing like any thing.  She is closely observing my intention and eagerness and laughed at me. Her smile mad me further . She asked again why are you feeling so hurry ??? Then I replied nothing.

Instead I started moving to my house she hurriedly stopped… why Narayana ?? are you leaving??? I said yes. You are busy so I am going . Busy? oh no ! I am just feeding child….. Yes that is why you are busy.! No, I have been keeping this child and feeding since half an hour? Half an hour?? I think he has no appetite?? No ,he is taking his meal lately I mean daily??? No since lost to days . I think may be he fell ill?/ Oh no no I thought in the same way but I found another reason… What another reason??? She felt little shy and said ” from last today’s the milk is coming like any thing and I unable to control the oozing ” again I feel uncomfortable with heavy oozing” by saying this she kept her child aside and returned to me without hooking her blouse/??? Damn she has very big melons and the nipple is like one rupee coin. She laughed at me and said I need your help.

I am in completely in trans. She said last night I offered and requested my hubby to drink some milk to avoid this uneasiness but he is reluctant to breast feeding so can you help me??? With no time I hugged her and she said ‘wait a moment I will be back’ and she went to hall and closed the door and entered bed room . I was with out any words and kept my mouth shut, expecting the excitement and I removed my shirt. She kept her child in sofa as the kid is in deep sleep.  I was controlling my self as my ‘ under’ is keeping me in pressure. She is laughing and said if you help me I will help you later???? Oh god saying this she removed her sarree and slowly unbuttoning the blouse. Oh what a site it is?? Really the two loved ones are like big melons!!! In hurry I kept my hand on left boob and pressed ….oh the milk is coming and forcible felt on my face.

Don’t waste this sweet milk dear and don’t press another boob also. Please. In full madness a kept my mouth close to her nipple and closed . then she pressed her right boob slowly….sweet milk is coming … for one suck at least considerable amount of milk is coming .. doing this I opened my mouth and four inch away from her right boob… She is laughing and pressing her boob slowly, the milk is coming and forcibly filling my mouth. She is rhythamatically pressing her boob so that I can make good swallowing…..  Suddenly she kept another hand on left boob and pressed …. Both boobs are oozing sweet milk at a time….filling at a time my mouth…. Really she is right!!!! The milk is coming like any thing . How much I am swallowing, the oozing is not stopping…horridly she stopped pressing and kept one hand on my head pressed towards her right boob forcibly ..white sweet tasty milk entering my mouth without gap.

I was sucking like how much I can.. she whispered in my ear …suck oohh dear suck .. I need your help dear please empty my melons…oh …suuuu. Oh…..abba…..suuuuohhh Slowly I worked on my cloths and removed my trousers and underwear. After great suck I was able to empty right boob and took little sigh and again turned to left boob.. oh again same situation long as I suck the sweet tasty milk coming …in the mean while my sujatha aunty lost her control and passed her hand to my nap…there it is like red totted iron rod which resembles like iron rod from fire….she pressed her hand on the bulb by peeping the skin …red bulb with small opening on it keeping high as high..

she release her hand for a moment and again grabbed….. slowly I moved my tongue all over the nipple of left boob and still the milk is coming… then sujatha aunty whispered in my ear ” dear how is my milk?” very tasty?? Really ?? I nodded yes while sucking .. she whispered in the ear again the taste is only because you are sucking in mood..  Immediately I took some milk in my mouth half full and dragged my aunty and spitted on her mouth …oh she swallowed the milk mixed with my spit and said darling you are great …tasting my milk with your lustful spit oh super … again I went to boob and made this game four times . She enjoyed very much . oh I was not in a position to control my self and begged my aunty that I will finish the suck job while doing remaining work… she replied remaining work means… then in lust I shouted …”I will empty the melons while fucking” ..

she laughed and whispered in the ear fuck means?? I said chodna’ she again chodna means’ I said immersing my rod in your choot ..There she again shouted in low voice wah what a fire, common I won’t allow you to enter. surprisingly I replied why?/ First you have to make me mad then only I will allow you to chood..ok? I said o.k… Then she lifted her petty coat up to thighs and said I need your tongue help?? Oh it is interesting .. I need really….she came near to my mouth and kissed passionately .she asked me to show my tongue first . I opened my mouth and showed my tongue ..She kissed my tongue and sucked . She said she has deep intention to be tongue fucked but her husband not interested . Now she is planning to take all her desires from me. I am lucky fellow .. She felt on the bed and loosened her petticoat and there is no panty.

She opened her legs wide…oh what a beautiful site it is? Really my desire coming true… immediately with out any late I felt on the cunt and opened the real mouth . yes it is as great as I can not explain.. reddish with spot fully erected … from the other side aunty moaning ‘common darling enter your mouth to my deep underlips and lick….then started ohh oh..ohhha ssuuu .. oh ….  She is moaning like snake… fuck.. fuck with your mouth and tongue… yes darling move fast… oh yes deep … I am deeply penetrating my tongue all over the walls and smelling and cunt juices which making me mad… she is raising her mound high with excitement and she grabbed my hair with her hands and pressing my head towards the cunt . Real play begins .

I am not in apposition to control my self and breathing is also difficult to me….but my tongue fight continues…. Oh … immediately she asked come up move and immerse your rod… come up and she took my head towards her face and I kissed passionately some of her cunt juice spreads all over my mouth and she licked her own taste said. oh really I never enjoyed come put… then I took my 6 inch rod in my hands and I deeply entered in to her cunt forcibly. Sssssssssssoh chood… chood … Come move like animal yes I need your fastness and quick jump.. yes oh ohhhh ssssooooh fuck … she is moving like any thing .. I am moving my mound in jet speed. In the mean while she again said you have only emptied my right boob, yet there is lot of milk for you in the left one… saying this she pressed left boob… milk scattered on my face. Immediately I bended in the left boob and started sucking..

From one side my rod is penetrating deeply in the aunty cunt and at the same time she is feeding her sweet milk … really it’s a fantastic experience… she is shouting…. fuck darling fuck .. today you must tear my cunt to half yes …speed …..move …faster she encouraging like any thing. In excitement she is asking darling what are you doing ? in reply” I am fucking my aunty”….. laughed and she even used filthy language in reply to my words .‘ i was working on her like jet speed for 15 min.. I am coming to end immediately I told her that my fight is coming to end… then she said don’t pour your juice in cunt- I will be again pregnant .. I need some gap, come on to mouth .. yes I want to taste your testicle juice she is shouting … saying this quickly I took my tool out of vagina and moved up to her mouth and pressed with hand on bulb… my white lava entered on her wide opened mouth .. .

she said darling oh it tasted good come more. She took my tool in to her mouth and sucked like any thing. I am fish out of water. My eyes closed for while with real sensation. Oh . the game is over. We fell on the bed each other .After a while we laughed again and there is no shy on each others face. We kissed passionately . It is only day time and after noon., Her hubby never return before 6 o clock .  We looked at deep slept child and laughed.. Again we started licking each other. Like this we enjoyed up to 4 o clock that day. From next day onwards my routine job is to empty her melons and fucking as long as I can. We enjoyed anal fucking bathroom fucking . and many angles.

I enjoied with her milk for more than one year. Daily she feeds me her and some times she used to keep some milk for me . We continued like this for 3 years. Now my sujatha aunty is far away from me at Gujarat. Any aunties nearhydeabad , surrouning areas Hyderabad respond to my my special is tongue work , hour long fucking and total body licking . I can satisfy any women .

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Kunwari rasili choot Part 1

Yeh story mere ghar main aayee door ki didi ki hai.wo bahut sexy thi aur mere par wo mohit ho gayee thi,main bhi uske sath sex karna chahta tha.ek raat main bathroom gaya dekha ki didi ka room khoola tha. Uske kamare me ek night lamp jal raha tha aur manju sirf petticoat aur blouse pahane hue thee. Petticoat manju ke ghutne ke upar tak charha hua tha aur uski ek tang, jangh tak, nangee thee.wo jaag rahi thi maine poucha “didi, kya kar rahi ho”. “bahut garmi hai, nend nahi aa rahi haikya”.wo boli haan sam bhahiya mujhe neend nahin aa rahi aap yahan aa jao mere bed pe thoddi baat karte hain “mai tumhare bed par aa jaon”. “aa jao” mai turant didi ke bister per chala gaya aur didi ke baghal me jakar let gaya.

Us samay mai sirf short pahane hue tha aur upar kuch nahee tha. Mere dimag me ek bat ghum rahee ki maine sahi main apni didi ki sundar shareer se khelunga. Thori der ke bad didi mujhse boli, “tum mard log kitne lucky ho, jab tum log chaho apne kapare utar sakte ho.” maine phauran didi se bola, “kaun tumhe rok raha hai, darwaja band hai aur agar tum chaho to tum bhi apne kapare utar saktee ho.” didi meri baat sun kar mere taraf karwat badal kar apni nangee tang mere upar charaa di aur mere chatee par apna hath malane lagee. Mai bhi apna ek hath didi ki peeth par rakh kar unko lipta liya.

Thori der ke bad didi boli, “bahut garmee hai, lekin mujhko kapare utarne main sharam aa rahee hai. “isme sharmane ki kya bat hai? Darwaja band hai aur mai tumhara chota bhai jaisa hoon” maine didi se kaha. “mujhse kaise sharam mere khayal se agar tumko garmee lag rahee hai to tumko apne kapre utar dene chahiye.” main didi ko uksaya. Thori der tak didi kuch nahee boli. Mai apna hath didi ki nangee tang par rakh kar unki nangee jangh ko sahalane laga. Phir didi ne lete lete hi apna blose ka button khol kar blouse utar diya. Blose ke neeche didi white rang ka bra pahanee hue thee. Didi ko blouse utarte dekh kar main garam ho go gaya lekin main apne aap par kabu rakha.

Maine didi se kaha, “mere teachers kahate hai ki raat ko sote waqt sharer par koi tight kapara nahee hona chahiye.” didi bhi boli, “han bhai, class ki larkian bhi kahatee hai ki raat ko sote samay bra aur panty utar kar soni chahiye naheeto unka daag sharer par reh jata hai.” mai didi ki bat sun kar bola, “didi tab to tumo bhi bra aur panty pahan kar nahee sona chahiye.” udhar peeche mera hath didi ke peeth se hokar didi ke chutar tak pahunch chukka tha. Mai apne hathon se didi ke petticoat unke chutar ke upar tak kheench diya tha aur is samay mera hath unki jangh aur unki chutar ko sahala raha tha.

Didi mere sine me apna chehera chupate hue boli, “bhai, tum apni maa se to nahee kahoge ki mai tumhare samne apne kapare utara tha?” mai tab didi ki chutar ko pane hath se pakar kar bola, “mai promise karta hun ki mai kabhi bhi maa ya kisi se bhi nahee kahynga ki tumne garmee ke mare mere samne apne kapare utarDiya tha.” didi tab apne peeche hath le jakar apne bra ka hock khol diya aur apni bra utar dee. Ab didi bhi mere jaisa upar ke sharer se nangee ho gayee. Kamare ki halki roshni me didi ka gora badan hire ki tarah chamak raha tha. Didi ki chunchian bahut sexy thi aur khare the. Is samay jabki didi meri taraf karwat le kar letee thee, unki chunchian apne bajan se neeche ke tarah lurak gayee thee. Mai apne aap ko didi ki chunchee chune se rok nahee pa raha tha.

Mai apne hath didi ke chutar par se hata liya aur apne do ungleee ke beech didi ki ek nipple le liya. Didi ki chunchee to bari bari thee lekin unka nipple chote chote the aur unka aerola bhi bahut chita tha. Nipple ki size kareeb chota mungfali ke saman tha. Main didi ki nipple ko apne do unglee ke beach me lekar jor se daba diya. “ouch, bhai, dard karta hai, dhire dhire sahlao.” mai apni didi ki baat man kar unki nipple ko dhire dhire se sahalane laga aur phir unki puri chunchee apne hath me le kar dhire dhire dabane laga. Didi ki chunchee ko sahalate hue maine didi se pucha, “didi pahle kisine aise chunchee dabai hai? Maja aa raha hai na?” didi siskari bhartee hue boli, “bahut maza aa raha hai.

Pahle kuch ladko ne kapde ke upar se chunchee dabai thi, usme maza nahi aaya tha. Aaj bahut achha lag raha hai. Dabate raho.” phir main apne pet ke bal let gaya aur didi ki dono chuncheion ko apne hathon me le kar dhire dhire dabane laga aur sahalane laga. Didi apne chunchee dabwate hue mujhSe boli, “bhai, tum ne mujhe pagal kar diya hai, mere pure badan main aag jhal rahi hai. Garmi aur badh gai hai.” mai apne dono hathon ko didi ke kandhon ke neeche le jakar didi ko apne se lipta liya. Didi ne bhi apni badan mere se lipta liya. Ab didi ki dono chunchean mere chatee se daba rahe the aur mujhko unki garmee ka ehsas ho raha tha. Mai didi ko hothon ko apne hothon se laga kar khub kas kar chuma aur apna ek hath se didi ki ek chunchee ko pakar kar sahalate hue dusre hath didi ke sharir par pherne laga. Didi ka badan bahut chikna tha aur main ek jawan larkee ke badan ko sahala raha tha.

Mai apna hath didi ke sharir ke nechle hisse me le jane laga to mera hath didi ki petticoat par ja kar ruk gaya. Udhar main didi ke hithin ko chum raha tha. Mai didi le petticoat ke nare me pehale apna phera aur phir main dhire se petticoat ke narra ko khol diya. Petticoat ke narre ko khol kar maine usko didi ke janghon ke neeche sarka diya. Ab mera hath didi ki kori bina chudi garam choot ke upar tha. Didi ki choot par jhante thee lekin wo mere hathon ko rok nahee pa raha tha aur mera hatha didi ki choot ki hothon ko chute hue didi ki choot ke gate me ghus gaya. Jaise hi mera unglee didi ki choot ke andar gaya didi ki janghe apne aap khul gaya. Aur mera unglee theek tarike se didi ki choot me andar bahar hone laga.

Didi ne mere muh ko apne chunchee par kas kar daba liya aur apne janghon se mera hath ko daba liya aur chatpata kar bolne lagee, “bhai, usko mat chhuo, nahito mai sambhal nahi paungi. Meri jangho aur chuttar ko sahlao lekin apna hath wahan se hata lo.” phir bhi mai apna hath didi ki choot par rakh chora aur didi se pucha, “didi, isko tum kya bolti ho.” didi chup rahee. Mai phir bola, “bolo nahi to mai phir anguli andar daalDunga.” didi boli, “choot” aur mujh ko apne se lipta kar mujh ko jor jor se chumne lagee. Mai didi ke choot par se apna hath hata liya aur un ke jangh lo sahalate hue mai phir se unki chunchee par hath le gaya aur unki nipple se khelne laga. Ab didi bhi apni hath mere sharir par pherne lagee.

Didi ka hath mere pent tak pahunch gaya. Mere pent ke upar apni hath rakhte hue didi boli, “bhai, tumne mujhe bilkul nanga kar diya aur khud pent pahan ke bhaithe ho. Isko kholo.” didi ko tasalee nahee ho rahee thee, unhone apne hathon se mere pent ke button khol kar mera pent mere janghon se neeche kar diya. Ab hum bhai aur bahan dono ke dono nange the. Main didi ki chunche se khelte hue un se bola, “didi, tum bahut sundar ho, mai tumhe theek se light me dekhna chahta hun.” mai uth kar kamare ki light jala diya aur phir se bister par apne nangee didi ke pas aa gaya. Didi light me sharmate hue apne pet ke bal let gayee aur apne chehere ko apne hathelion me chupa liya. Kamare ki roshni me didi ka rang bilkul dhudhiya lag raha tha aur bahut hi sunder lag rahee thee. Mai ne apna hath didiKe kandhon par rakha aur unko sahalane laga. Phir mai apna hath didi ke patlee kamar se hote hue unke gol gol bhare hue chutar, chikni janghon se hote hue unke pair tak hath phiraya. Mai ne didi ki sundar sharer ke ek ek inch par apna hath phera aur chuma aur maza liya.

Mera nazar ghari par gaya to dekha ki rat ke 1.30 baj rahe hain, iska matlab tha ki mai kareeb pichle do ghanton se didi ki sharir se khel raha tha. Phir maine apni didi ko peeth ke bal leta diya aur kamare ki roshni me unko dekhne laga. Didi nangee ho kar mere nazron ke samne chit leti hue thee aur un ka nangee sharer duniya ki sab se aacchee lag rahee thee. Unki chunchee kareeb 36″ patlee kamar, sapat pet, thora ubhra hua unki peru, halke bhure rang ki jhanton se dhankee hue unki choot. Unki janghe na khub moti na bilkul patli bilkul thos aur bilkul chikni thee. Didi is samay apni ankh band karke dono pair ko ghutne se mor kar dono janghe dono taraf failaye hue thee aur apne chote bhai ko apni nangee roop ka darshanKarwa rahee thee.

Maine un ke pass let gaya aur apne lund ko dekhne laga. Is samay mera lund khara hokar 8″ lumba ho gaya tha. Main apna lund didi ke hathon me de diya. Didi mera lund apne hathon me kas kar pakar liya aur apni ankh khol diya. Didi mere taraf dekhti hue mujh se boli, “bhai , meri chunchee aur ghundi ko maslo” mai apne dono hathon me unki nipple ko ragarne laga. Didi apne hathon me mera lund ko pakar kar sahala rahee thee. Mera lund ko ragarte hue didi mujhse boli, “tera lund to bahut bada hai bhai, kisi ko kabhi tumne choda hai.” mai didi ki baton ko sun kar samajh gaya ki didi bhi ab garm ho agyaee hai aur khule labjon me lund, choot aur chudai ki baten kar rahee hai.


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