How I Fucked Shruti Mausi

Hello all guys and gals hope you are doing well. Today I am going to share an incident which happened to me when I was 19 in my full youthfulness I’m Rahul and I am from Hyderabad, This is a real story actually my first experience of having a sexual encounter with my Mothers Sister my aunt.

Now let me explain my aunt, she was then in her mid 30s but still she was looking very young. She was fair as milk and had a very cute face. She was a widow with no children. She had an attractive sexy figure. 38D-28-36, Shruthi is her name. I never had any bad intention towards her, so never looked at feminine part of her and but to me she was very beautiful.

I was 18 years I’d been to my aunt’s house for some reason that’s when I saw that she was coming from her bath. She just had a towel around her. I could see her breast trying to come out of her towel and shouting to be squeezed. From that day I’d been thinking of her bulging breast and her big ass and masturbate very often imaging her beautiful sexy body.

Her husband who died a year before who could able to give her a child because of severe weakness coming to the incident it all happened on a Sunday. We got 2 invitations of marriage on that day. So my parents asked her to visit one and we were going to one to the weddings. This was my day. I was then thinking of a sexy story, which I’d read the previous day then, I went to my sexy house.

She had just come from a marriage and changed. She was in a transparent nighty and I could see her white bra with same bulging breast but, that day, since I was tensed she took a note of that but I did not mind. My rod was quite thick and straight. She took me inside the house. I walked in and said that my mom had called her. I could not speak properly and was very red with temptation boiling inside me.

I wanted to make it with her that day so I was thinking of a plan. She sat before me in the opposite sofa. I was just looking around tensed, when she asked me all sorts of questions and I and aunt had been good friends until then and we both shared almost everything with each other and I said, “Aunty nowadays when I look at young girls I feel very tensed.

I am very attracted towards them my body hair becomes erect. What do you feel when you see me? God, I’d been waiting for this. I replied immediately, aunty don’t mistake me, to be frank I’ve been fantasizing about you since I was 18 that was the first time when I saw in the towel I was so aroused that day looking at your beauty.

Your breast is the most attractive part I’ve fantasized about apart from your lips and ass. She was startled and shocked her mouth was open wide and then she said with a smile on her face don’t imagine them anymore, today I’m going to show them once again poor baby you have been waiting to see me for the last 4 years and I was shocked. She then slowly unhooked and dropped her nighty on the floor.

I was just amazed and shocked for a movement for the first time in my life I was seeing women in front of me nude that too the one who I’ve been dreaming for years.She asked me to close the main door and come and asked me to keep this a secret. I just jumped over and closed the main door and came back to the master bedroom here she was lying on the bed in her black bra and panty.

She asked me to come beside her and I slowly crept beside her and kissed deeply on the lips, sucking her lower and upper lips mm it was such a beautiful experience. I kissed her on the forehead, lips, and cheeks, neck and slowly moved towards her breast. My hand was pressing her right boob soft and hard and she started to moan aaahhh meliga ra slowly baby. I started to explain each of her body part and the beauty in them.

She was impressed inch by inch and we slowly undressed each other she removed my pant along with my underwear and could see my 8inch dick Saluting her beauty. She was amazed and said, this big? My God you have grown up quick. I remember the days I used to give u bath and you had a small dick. I was smiling and said but now it’s not small at all aunties it has been longing to fuck you for 4 long years.

It’s hungry for you and today is my day and dream come true saying this I immediately starting sucking and licking her feet her toes um sucking them in my mouth. She was shouting uuuuuhhh and she was pulling my hair with her one hand and running her other hand on my bare back pulling me upwards and kept my face and my mouth on her breast and I was sucking her pinkish brown nipples ummmm that was a hot erotic feeling.

I then kissed her all over her face, on her lips and pressing my chest against her breast and taking maximum heat. I was giving her soft peaks of kisses on her ear lobes and sucking them softly by which she was laughing and was getting aroused at the same time. She was just moaning uhhhhhh” I was rolling my tongue around her nipples and then again biting them when the moan went high I kissed her and pressed her body hard against my body.

She was playing with my hardened rod. It became hard like never ever before I had never seen it so big suddenly she pushed me over and took over my big long dick to play. She first gave a soft kiss to my dick and she started licking it like a lollypop. Wow as it went into her mouth in between her lips I could feel her grip on my dick soft and wetting it was going in and out of her mouth and I was just enjoying every second of it.

She then rubbed it against her breast my rod became even harder. Just a touch to her sharp nipples and it became harder. She played with my balls. I was about to cum and I said her same. She kept it on her face and said Ippudu Cheyii now. My cream busted out like showers and fell on her nude body, face, breast etc. She cleaned my dick licking it, but my dick had gone down.

I started figure fucking, she now slept and asked me to lick her cunt. She asked me go in a 69 position and I kissed her thighs all over and kissed her cunt first. I inserted my tongue into her cunt and started to fuck her by tongue. I was enjoying her juices. She was saying yes, more do more fuck me now yes meanwhile my rod was regaining energy as she was licking my balls.

I asked my aunt to kiss it and give a slow and slight massage slowly it regained its energy like a hungry tiger. She asked me to fuck her and guided my penis into her Hole but I did not send it at once I wanted to tease her so I made my dick kiss her pussy lips and clit umm she was shouting and moaning and asking me to fuck her wild I slowly started sending it in her and moving back and forth slowly she was enjoying it her pussy walls had been quite tight, wet and hot.

I slowly started to increased my speed now it was able to feel the heat inside her cunt, she was arching her body towards me and God she started to scream louder uhhhhhhhhh fast faster yes ya haaa do that aha Dengauuu ra Nanu Dengu Gattigga fuck me baby fuck me harder after few strokes we rotated on the bed, now I was below her and she was above me.

She put my dick to her cunt and started going up and down, she was literally guiding her cunt in every jump ohhhhh aaahha noises were heard. We cum against each other and we lied nude next to each other for some time and we took bath in hot water. We had a final long lip to lip kiss and then left. My Grand Parents later forced her to remarry a person and she is married now and in the USA.

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Desi Couple Tries Wife Swapping

I am Rajan and I married to a very beautiful girl Keya, who is very cooperative and submissive in the bed and open for variations in our sex life. Our sex life is fantastic and we are loving and caring couple with very good understanding for each other.

Although I have few premarital and extramarital affairs and I feel myself very lucky to avail the opportunities arrived.

I am a peeping tomb and enjoyed my sex life by seeing nudity and live sex of others through secret places, which was most enjoyable. Besides this I also enjoy reading sex stories and I get aroused and excited which prompts me to masturbate with full passions. I dont mind if any one watches us doing sex secretly for that reason I enjoy sex with my wife with the lights on and curtains off.

Although she does not have any premarital and extramarital sex experience, but she is very hot and horny besides get excited easily and starts demanding with her legs raised for excessive orgasm.

Although I have a very good friend circle and one of them is of my choice and fulfills all the qualities of a hunk, but she is reluctant to lie down with known person. It took long time to bring her on line and come forward willingly for the extramarital affair with Surjit.

I started to please her with expensive gifts, taking her for outings,encouraging her to wear sexy dresses and reveal her nudity, Making her to drink, read porn stories and see blue films for women. All these things added fuel to fire and I succeeded to bring her hidden sex desires to surface one by one. One fine night when she was in very good mood, we started drinking and discussing sex.

I narrated my fantasy about her and succeed to arouse her passions, and then I proposed her for fulfilling my desire to see her enjoying sex with surjit in front of me. Initially she hesitated and tried to evade, but finally agreed when I convinced her and insisted for a change and variations.

She confessed that after seeing various male organs in the porno movies for women and reading sex stories on Internet, she was getting horny and her cunt started demanding big cocks. She agreed willingly and told me that let the opportunity arise and she will act freely accordingly to make it an event.

we started to find out suitable hunk for her on Internet. There were lots of options available and we could find a very interested and like-minded couple with good experience. We discussed every thing and exchanged our views frankly. We also purchase web cam to see each other and show nudity.

We were very much impressed, but finally we came to know that the couple is from Nepal and our union could not materialize. We were not discouraged and found many interested in our proposal and exchanged few mails with selected strong and sexy hunks.

My wife was impressed with one of the people who were having good personality of he-man and big cock of her choice& he probed most suitable stud to satisfy her. He was a local person and we fixed up meeting with him in a posh restaurant and bar. She was looking very happy and dressed in her best sexy out fit, exposing her nudity to maximum to seduce him at first sight.

Before that she went to beauty parlor for waxing, body massage and waxing legs and arms to look attractive and sexy. We met him on the designated place and time and were badly attracted to each other. Both of them were looking each other with passions in their eyes and sexy smiles.

Her eyes were gazing his big bulge at the crotch under the tight jeans and he was gazing at the bulging of boobs, which were exposed to the last limit. Besides her sexy navel on her flat and sexy navel. We exchanged warm hand shake and hug with soft kisses. The beginning was very good.

We occupied a corner seat and ordered chilled beer to start with and exchanged our views, desires and were fully impressed with the outcome. And Things went well in the right direction and all of us were feeling free and friendly in cozy atmosphere was glad that my wife Keya looking smart and taking active part with keens interest.

She wanted to avail this opportunity and make the event memorable. Then we decided to go to nearby picture hall to come further close and take advantage of darkness and closeness. We occupied back seat in the deserted corner. She gladly sat down in between us.

Soon the picture started and it became dark. I initiated and started hugging and kissing her to instigate and arouse her passions. He also became active and started playing his hand on her bare thigh to explore her pubic region. I advanced further to support him and held his other hand and placed on the boobs of my wife. And pushed her towards him.

He took full advantage of the opportunity and started hugging and kissing her passionately. The heat was on and the atmosphere became very hot when I lowered the shoulder straps of her dress and released her boobs out of her dress. She became topless. He was badly excited and played with her naked boobs for some time and then he bent down to suck her nipples.

She was cooperating fully and submitted herself to him. His other hand was exploring her bottom and she raised her one leg to give him full access for free fingering. Every thing went well and we all were very happy the way things were taking shape. There after we decided to move to our house to give final act practically for physical contacts in the bedroom.

We left the picture in the middle at half time and visited wine shop and fast food joint on the way back. Every one of us was fully excited and none of us was in hurry for the intercourse. It was very clear that he is going to give his company staying overnight. Ultimately we were supposed to enjoy sex whole night. I asked him to feel free and be comfortable, beside homely.

Meanwhile she started arranging drinks and food. While she was bending forward during dressing center table and serving drinks, her boobs were fully exposed and his eyes were fixed to have a glimpse. The changing color of his face due to passion could be made out. We started with the red wine, chatting and discussing our private life.

We opened up in no time, as we were good old friends. Both of them were behaving like true lovers freely and frankly, cutting sexy jokes and teasing each other. The atmosphere became very hot and sexy. When I disclosed that she is good dancer and swimmer, he expressed his desire to see her in swimming dress and do strip tease dance if possible.

She was in very good mood and her sense of humor prevailed. She gladly accepted his offer and went to bedroom to change her costume and refresh her. She was looking very sexy and attractive in the dress, which was almost suitable for the performance. She inserted the right type of CD into music system and started dancing to the tune of sexy music.

She was swaying her hip and boobs, besides shaking her body according to tune. After giving sexy performance for some time, she started stripping and dropping her top and bottom one by one keeping suspense. Now she was in a two-piece bikini on her body, which was just covering the vital portion of her boob and cunt, leaving her nudity almost exposed.

She was looking very attractive and extremely sexy in bikini. There after she approached him while dancing and asked him to pull the string of her top to release the knot. She dances for some time by holding bra in place with her hands and then turned her back towards us and suddenly dropped the top.

Now she was top less and turned her face towards us but cupping he boobs with her both the hands. Then she danced and removed her hand for a moment to give a glimpse of her fully developed and firm boobs. There after shoe cane near him and asked him if he is really interested to see her boobs. He was very much excited and pulled her towards him, holding her from waist.

She released her boobs and pressed them against her face. Then she gave him a passionate kiss on his lips and turned back. Now she was dancing topless shaking her boobs and hip creating sensation. There after she turned to me and got her panty unhooked and moved away without taking out of place.

Then she danced for some time and pulled away panty but covered he pubic region with her hand. Finally she danced freely showing her nudity at full. She then exhibited her cunt from back side by bending forward. The flesh of large lobes of flesh was clearly visible sticking out of her bald cunt.

Then she exposed her cunt fully wide open from the front by sitting down on the floor and raising her legs apart. Her flowering, pink cunt was looking very attractive. After finishing dance she came back and sat beside him and held him in her arms. While both of them were busy making love I left the alone to release pressure and giving them liberty enact freely.

When I came back, I found him sitting nude and they were sitting in compromising position, hugging and kissing like a lover and she was holding his cock in her hand. I also joined them and removed my clothes. There after we moved to bedroom with our glasses in hand. He had a good physique with muscular and attractive personality.

His cock was defiantly bigger and thicker than me, looking very attractive due to circumcised fore head. It must be approx. 8 long, whereas my cock is 6 long. He disclosed his strong desire to see live fucking and expressed to start us with oral sex in our favorite 69 and that he will also join in between.

I lied down on the bed and she positioned her cunt fully exploded on my face. We started sucking and licking each others genital, while he watched closely. Soon she was aroused and filled with passion. Her cunt started bulging to explode with pleasure, while I parted the lips of her pussy apart.

He could not resist further and started spanking with his hands on her butts until became red, to make her wild with passion, which was affective & worked well as she was enjoying well besides demanding more. Then he held his cock and positioned on the backside on her cunt. Then he held her at her waist with both the hands and pushed his cock fully deep inside.

She screamed with pleasure and adjusted her ass accordingly. I was very much afraid, if she would be able to take such a big and thick cock inside completely. To my surprise she was feeling very comfortable and started demanding fucking harder. I was watching each and every movement very closely from down below and enjoying her fucking.

Her boobs were shaking with the thrusts and the large lobes of the flesh of her labia were also moving in and out with movement his cock. It was worth seeing actions so closely. I was thrilled when he discharged and filled his cum inside her cunt and simultaneously her body jerked with waves of pleasure and she attained heavy orgasm with spasms.

After he removed his cock, I licked her cunt and she enjoyed aftermath spasms once again in her cunt, squeezing our sperms. She was lying cool and calm relaxing in his lap after the erotic and strong fucking. Her eyes were full of passion and showing ultimate satisfaction. We relaxed for some time and regained for another stormy session of intercourse.

This time he made her to lie down on the edge of the bed with a thick pillow to raise her ass. Thereafter she raised her legs and spreader apart and invited him to fuck her. He sat down in front of her and had a good close look of her flowering cunt, which was stuffed with large lobes of flesh of clitoris and attractive large clitoris above.

He licked her cunt allaround, up and down and then parted the lips aside to explode her cunt. Then he inserted his middle finger deep inside and worked on her G-Spot until it became active and she started moaning with pleasure. Her face flushed hot and filled with passion fore head sweating.

Then he started playing with the mouth filling labia and clitoris, nibbling, stretching and throbbing. By this time she was in full heat and moaning with pleasure and demanding his cock inside her wet and dripping pussy. She could not resist further and pleaded him fill her demanding pussy and make her cum.

He then got up and positioned his dick in the center of slit and guided with his hand until the portion of his cock entered inside, then he pushed the whole length deep inside, filling the hole up to hilt. She screamed with pleasure due to tight and forced entry, because she had never taken such a big cock before. I was having doubt but she succeeded to grab whole length.

He bent down over her and played with her boobs and kissed her passionately for some time. She placed her legs around his waist and asked him to fuck her hard. He started fucking her with strong thrusts and full stroke, which stirred her cunt with piston action. Her whole body was shaking and the boobs were moving in the rhythm of thrust,

while she was responding each thrust by raising her ass. Finally he held her by shoulders by putting his hands under her arm and clutching her. She enjoying fully and moaning with pleasure. She reached in ecstasy as her legs were flying in air, giving full and free access during fucking.

Finally both of them reached the heights of climax and while shuddering his discharge in her cunt she also experienced heavy orgasm and calmed down. They remained in tandem position until his cock became loose and slipped out. I was very happy to see my wife fucked hard and enjoy sex with him. He too seemed overjoyed by fucking my hot and sexy demanding slut.

He expressed his happiness by showering kissed on her face and all over body and conveyed his satisfaction through his eyes. The relaxed for long time in each other arms. Thereafter I fucked my wife in front him and finally once more he fucked her in doggy style once again before leaving.

There after she became extremely horny and developed uncontrolled, excessive sex desire, besides crazy demand for big cock. It was difficult to find out equally good person with all these qualities for further change.She started her fuck play with Surjit. She had also a very close intimate friend of kitty party with lot of sex experience and exposure.

They were keeping any secret among them and were always disclosing and discussing their private sex life freely. She married to an officer in merchant navy who remained away in the sea on the ship months together. She was feeling lonely and sexually starved in his absence.

Initially she accompanied him on foreign trip and was exposed to the glamorous nightlife of different countries and enjoyed strip tease, body massage and live sex for added fun and pleasure. She also enjoyed spouse-swapping experience with a British couple on board for a change and variation to add spices in her sex life.

When my wife disclosed her our recent sex experience and discussed about the desires and change in her sexual behavior,she proposed & convinced her most suitable and alternative solution to fulfill her burning sex desires.

Before intruding her to the club, her friend invited us for drinks and dinner to meet me and discuss every thing prior to registration. We were badly attracted to each other on first sight and I could sense a very good time lying ahead for me due to her warm welcome and decent behavior. She showed great interest in me and became free in no time.

My wife had given her very good impressions by disclosing my sexual life and behavior. Our discussion started with the drinks. I was badly attracted and seduced by her sexy figure and exposure of her vital parts through her sexy out fit.

The bulges of her ceramic flesh of her boobs were fully visible while she was bending forward to dress up table and serve drinks. Her boobs were fully developed and firm with nipple pointing up. Actually she had silicon boobs, which she confirmed later. Her left legs were fully exposed up to her thigh joint through the long chalk on one side of her European dress.

She was tastefully dressed as she had developed & influenced by European culture. She discussed regarding the activities of the club in full details, as she was the part time member and used to fulfill her sexual desires and requirements time to time with added fun and spices.

When I asked her, if she can give live demonstration of body massage, she gave a sexy smile and told that she does not mind, if my wife does have any objection.

My wife was in very good mood responded positively in favor to witness live sex in between us, as she was to do the same in near future with the guests of the club. She was leading a posh life with the extra income besides enjoying sex.

Thereafter we moved to bedroom and she went to bathroom to refresh. She came out after some time with a towel around just covering her boobs and bottoms up to thighs spreading sweet fragrance of perfume. She then stripped me nude and asked me to lie down on the bed with my face down, besides taking a good look of my muscular body and manhood.

I could see happiness and passion in her eyes. Then she started giving me soothing massage on my back with hands on, starting from the feet to shoulders and ending at arms and hands. My eyes were close and I was feeling the difference and heat of her hand all over my body. Then she gave the magic touch of her boobs creating waves of sensation all over my body.

Thereafter she asked me to change my position and lay down with my face up and asked me how do you feel. My face and eyes were telling the story of my satisfaction and enjoyment. Again she started from toe to tips and gave special attention to my chest and pubic region, which aroused my passions. Finally she rubbed my vital parts with her boobs and pussy.

I could feel the heat of her pubic hairs which she had never curt. She belonged to a Sikh family and married to a sardar ji and maintaining natural growth. She had groomed her soft and silky pubic hairs, the growth was limited only above the mound in a cluster like a plume which was further extended up to her attractive navel in a thin streak of hairline.

She disclosed that lot of person got attracted at first sight, when she wears her sari and jeans low on the hip. The fine line of soft hairs becomes the center of attraction. Then she offered me drink and we started kissing hugging and caressing each other passionately. She cooperated me fully and submitted herself completely.

Meanwhile she described that there are three packages and according to the cheapest package the guest is given hand job to blow the cock and in the second package he is give blow job through mouth and in the top package, one is entertaintained with hugging, kissing, oral sex and finally unlimited fucking in any position until he is fully drained and ultimately satisfied.

In my case I made her to ride above me in my favorite position 69, spreaded her pussy lips apart and started licking all they way around au and down and sucking the flesh of her labia and clitoris, by nibbling, stretching and throbbing by blowing to excite her. Thing started working well and in response her cunt started bulging out to burst with pleasure and tasted very good.

She started demanding sucking more and more to make her cumm and she started applying pressure from inside to come heavily. As a result her cunt started squirming &she leaked her urine dripping into my mouth.

This made me crazy and I drank her urine all the way. In this process her ass started rising higher and higher and finally, she reached the climax and her body jerked with heavy orgasm with shudders in abundance. Finally she calmed down after the storm.

When I touched my tongue once again on her cunt, she moaned and experienced aftermath spasms in her cunt once again. It was my best sex experience with exceptionally hot and passionately Sikh lady with nicely groomed soft and silky natural pubic hairs beyond the limit of pubic region, extending up to the navel in a fine streak.

After few days we met her in a shopping mall with her husband. She introduced him to us and we all were very happy and extended warm welcome. We joined them and shared coffee besides chatting and sharing happy moments.

I noticed that sardarji was very much attracted and impressed by my wife and extended invitation for a dinner next day at their house. When I discussed and asked the opinion of my wife, she smiled and expressed her feeling about sardarji in favor of him.

Next day it was a nice and memorable meeting. My wife was dressed to the taste and looking very attractive and sexy.

We were welcomed with warm and passionate hugs and kisses from both of them, which gave a positive signal. Then we started with drinks and after finishing first round of drink we were feeling free with each other and discussing every thing freely. We discussed sex life of seamen on the ship.

His disclosed every thing that on the foreign going ship he mostly works with foreigners who are open minded and believe in free sex. Mostly officers keep their wives and girlfriends on board with them, other wise their ladies cannot afford to stay without sex for long time and find out another boyfriend or alternative sex outlet.

They are fun loving people and spouse swapping among them is very common to have adding spices and variation. When I asked his view on swapping he smiled and told frankly that he does not mind if the couple is up to their standard and really interested in fun loving sex for a change.

I was prompted by his opinion and asked him what about us and how do u feel about us. He immediately accepted our proposal and agreed to avail the opportunity.

It was the right time and every one jumped with pleasure. He then introduced her to a high end posh club, famous for quality services with guarantee with full enjoyment of sex life with all the latest facilities for relaxing and soothing full body massage in nude along with hot girls, well trained to fully satisfy the guest by fulfilling his sex desires & draining his heat fully.

She was also the part time member of this club, which was run by an NRI woman on European pattern. There was a good source of extra income besides fulfilling ones desire and enjoying world-class sex.

Most of the guests were rich, from high society looking change and variation in their sex life for fun and pleasure. They were in the age of 20 to 45. She also registered her and opted for availability on call on weekends.

She was fortunate enough to find out alternative outlet, where she got the best opportunity to exercise vide selection of her choice to see different type of persons with varied size and shape of cocks including circumcised.

She was then interviewed &asked to step nude for physical check & examination by the lady owner and examined by the doctor separately.She was selected and given on hand practical training under the senior girls with the clients.

The clients were very happy to enjoy sex with two girls for payment of one. I am proud of my wife who changed our life style and we purchased new car with the extra money. Her contacts with reputed persons helped me to get good contracts and our business started flourishing.

Few days later she met her sardarni friend in the mall. She was with her husband and introduced him to us. He was attracted to my wife at first sight and we accompanied them to coffee house, where he mixed up with us friendly and next day invited for drinks and dinner.

Under the influence of drinks the atmosphere here became hot and sexy when he openly proposed for enjoying sex with each others spouse. Besides our We shed our inhibitions and our clothes. Changed over partners and enjoyed erotic sex with a change and variation. That night we spend with them and had a fun whole night.

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Life of a High Class Randi

Life as an escort took its own route and gave our dear Shanti a fresh lease in life. She became smart and more alert to the vagaries of life and also became extra diligent at skipping work and making use of the best assets on her body to her advantage. She would not flinch to make them appeal to the men folks and also to the women folk.

Her Manager at the Bank — Arangayanam had steadily ensured that the idea of quitting the job was out of her head and whenever she would appear in front of him whether in the cabin or outside, the man would have saliva in his mouth gulping to go down the throat — she was sex par excellence.

She had kept him tormented and excited and very hopeful that one day she willl allow him to get under her petticoat. She would always make sure he felt that way and and usually while in his room would give him ample time to devour her beauty especially the boobs covered in the nice bra and blouse. She would always make sure that the saree would slip at the right time for the middle aged man to ogle and would deliberately not cover her self. It was all well planned.

As this was going on — the branch had a new employee — Lakshmi who was a confused lady and always felt as if the World was loading her with the jobs of all others at the Branch. Most of the time she would not be keeping well and that itself was a big issue for her and on top of it at the Branch — overloading with work was making her get frustrated.

At this very moment of her frustration — she noticed the ease with which our temptress and escort Shanti was getting away by doing little of work most of the time.

Lakshmi one day could not contain her self and in a staff meeting with the AGM — complained about the same and Indusbank branch in Bangalore — got its first jolt.

The AGM took the complaint and later confronted the Branch Manager who gave some sheepish response only to make the matter lose its steam.

Shanti decided to get one up on the new babe in the Bank. She made her plans like a vulture would when swooping down its prey. Be patient but get even and devour the prey. Shanti knew the way out and she executed it meticulously. She cultivated friendship with Lakshmi starting with an apology that very evening and requesting for a drop home in Lakshmi’s car. Lakshmi’s husband was a Vice President in one of the FMCG companies and enjoyed these perks.

Slowly the relationship grew between the ladies and it stretched to the families and Shanti would spend considerable amount of her spare time at Lakshmi’s house. Lakshmi was bowled over by the gesture and started to believe that she made a mistake that day by complaining about Shanti and felt apologetic. Shanti consoled her and assured of all assurance and support.

It was a Tuesday one week when Shanti came to Lakshmi’s place and was startled to find Rajneesh — Lakshmi’s husband. He was a Punjabi married to a South Indian Lakshmi. They had two children but this was the first time in their 9 month friendship that the Escort Temptress whose dark side was not known to Laskhmi met her husband and she liked the sight of the hunk. Not very tall — at around 5’6″ inches Rajneesh was two inches shorter to Shanti who possessed good height and was pretty slim.

The two saw each other and the message was clear. Both gave the same signal to each other of course knowing very well that it was not possible. Shanti knew it had to be made possible — this was the chance to get even with the mistress of this house. She could clearly see that the couple were very close and looked like it was a perfect harmony in the family unlike her own — which was all turmoil.

Months passed and Shanti would meet Rajneesh at their place — and it was no secret that the man was secretly masturbating immensely thinking of the Tamil escort. Of course he was also not in knowledge of her true dark side. One day — Shanti decided to bite the fruit a bit and knowing that he was at home, came early and took the younger daughter Aruna in her arms and asked her, ” Hi Aruna uhmmmmmmaaa, you are so sweet, you are smelling, not taken a bath yet? No problem even I have not — I do not like to take a bath so early” and all this in the safe distance of Rajneesh to hear who got an instant hard on when he heard this conversation. In fact it was followed up by Lakshmi coming and laughing at the episode and asking our dear Shanti to have a bath in their house.

Shanti did have the bath but not before Rajneesh had shagged three times in that one hour before she took her bath and all this while she would delberatey pass by him while he was on the dining table taking his breakfast or standing near the door taking his coffeeonly to let her sweat odor make it extremely difficult for the stud to hold on, he wanted her badly but how — he knew she was taking him up the spike but was scared if it turned around him and made him look shafted. He finally left for work that day hoping one day he will hit the sack with her naked body in his arms. He already was fantasizing a lot of course all unknown to Lakshmi mostly during the bouts in the night.

In the darkness when he was squeezing his dick into her pussy, our man would dream he was fucking Shanti.

This hide and seek continued — and though they did not go beyond this titillation and tormenting game Shanti knew it was going to happen soon when she will have him around her pussy begging to fuck but wanted it to be the day of revenge, cultivated pay back.

As this was being planned, she had quickly take a short break for her regular kills as an escort as one day — she was asked to tame a guy in Calcutta by the name Subhashis Sengupta.

A very handsome guy who was not paying up the price this company wanted and it was now left to Shanti to fuck him and squeeze the balls to get the money. The secret was out that the upright Purchase officer had a weakness for women — pretty sexy women.

She flew down to Calcutta and visited his office posing as the Sr Sales Manager for the Seller’s company and of course did the right things in his cabin for him to ask — where she was staying and if her could treat her for a lunch that afternoon and the lunch went on well at the Peerless hotel’s Restaurant where he had ample time to appreciate the luscious cleavage and the smooth oily but sensuous skin of Shanti and also took liberty of brushing her backside couple of times while picking up food from the spread out in the Buffet.

She looked at him sternly to make him squeal a sorry. After lunch — she excused herself to the room asking him to wait for him in the lobby and deliberately left the purse next to him with the key card showing on the outside lapel of the purse. On her way to the room — she picked up another key card and asked the lobby assistant not to disable the other one because she will be needing two — the guy did not ask her questions because she had pushed her boobs tightly on the granite platform squeezing the cleavage into his face and leaving him with no chance but to give in to her request.

She went straight into the bathroom and took a long bath and came out after 25 minutes — all timed. And she found him as expected sitting on the bed waiting for her.

She was in the bath towel tied around her head with a bath coat around her sexy ody. “Ohshhhhhh sorry, was I late, sorry Subhashish it was just that I wanted to cool off- Calcutta is a very hot place ” saying so she let the head towel slip off releasing the hair and letting it down, she looked desirable and devourer. Subhashis was aching all over — he wanted the pussy and slowly moved to he middle of the bed.

” Why are you not listening to us and giving us the price we want” the slut chewed the lower lip and slowly started to untie the chord around the house coat. ” We need your support” and slowly went near him and stood in front of him and ran her sexy fingers down his forehead to his nose and left them lingering around his mouth and moaned, ” You should help us you know. We are here to help you” and quietly sauntered around his legs and sat plum on the two legs with her thighs parted and crotch pressing into his cock through his pants and took his face into her hands and planted a long luxurious kiss and tongued his mouth only to deposit a whole wad of her saliva on his tongue. Suddenly she released her body from him and fell on the nice foamy bed and let the housecoat loose to let him look at her nice naked dusky body.

The shower had left lot of drops on her excellent body and she had not wiped her self thoroughly and the glimmer only accentuated the sexiness of the temptress.

He rose and slowly reached her side and unzipped his trousers and let the boxers fall on the floor. The room was pungent with the aroma of his musky and slightly dirty cock — Shanti looked at him and took a deep breath and let her nostrils flare as if she was taking in the aroma like as if it was some incense stick fragrance and extended her arms near to the rod only to leave it there and not touch it, ” So — you will do the needful” she lusted at his cock and looked into his eyes.

Subhashis took out his hand held and typed,” Release the order to the Steel company at their quoted price.” and showed it to her after pressing the Send button. She took the mobile and rubbed it on her boobs and took it between her legs and let the edge rub on the clit and sink into the outer lips of her pussy and slowly withdrew it carrying a thread of her pussy juice and gave it back to him only to see him licking the juice slowly off his own mobile.

The game began. Subhashis put his hand on her knee, just below the hem of her house coat. She felt the warmth of him flow into her flesh. “Are you trying to build up my self-confidence?” she asked slowly. Her eyes moved up and down his body. She saw the shape of a hard cock at his crotch, protruding a good eight inches down his left leg. He guided her hand onto his cock.

“You’re serious,” she whispered.

He nodded.

“I hope you’re in good shape,” Shanti said, squeezing hard at his cock- bulge. “I may be more than you can handle.”

Subhashis took her mind off her problems quickly. As soon as her tits were bare, he started to suck them. He sucked voraciously, slobbering while he fed the big soft tits in and out of his mouth.

Shanti swayed while he mouthed her tits. She stroked his head, urging him to get nastier. She guided his hand down into her crotch and showed him what she meant.

His fingers slipped inside her skimpy panties inside the housecoar and she purred as he touched her pussy-crack. It was wet and slippery, her clit erect and yearning. His fingers were a little rough, but Shanti didn’t mind a bit. She squeezed her thighs together on his hand and rocked back and forth, masturbating herself on his eager, excited fingers.

“Yes,” she said. “Oh yes, yesssss!”

He speared a finger into her cunt and she gasped aloud. She’d almost forgotten what the touch of a strange hand felt like on her cunt. He added another finger to the stirring, and he worked them in and out of Shanti, making her cunt drool.

Subhashis pulled down her panties, and she wiggled her feet out of them. He leaned back, looking up at her with eyes full of lust and admiration.

“You’re fucking gorgeous,” he said. “A man would have to be crazy …”

He stood up, and she let her hands move up and down his body. She opened his shirt, leaning in to bury her lips in the hairs on his chest. She’d never really cared for a hairy chest before, but it was totally exciting now, nuzzling him, tasting the flavor of his flesh, the sweat that was oozing from his pores.

She licked his nipples the way he’d licked hers, and she felt them harden against her tongue. Her body kept brushing his, and she shivered at the sensation of his hard cock touching her. Easing down onto her knees, she opened his cock skin and yanked them up and down, his trousers and shorts which had come down together earlierlying in a puddle below.

His cock sprang out and slapped her lustfully, in the face. It was a really big prick. Shanti took it in both hands and began to stroke up and down the length of his cock, purring with anticipation.

He was obviously uncut, and she traumatized it and continued to play with the foreskin, sliding it back and forth over the purplish knob until his cock had grown so long and stiff and hard that the foreskin would no longer cover his bloated cock-head.

She kissed the tip of his cock suddenly, pressing her lips against the drooling piss-slit. She left smudges of lipstick on him, but they were hard to see with his knob so red and inflamed-looking. Shanti parted her lips slightly and rubbed him with the inner sides, humming as she began to mouth his cock.

He sank down onto the bed, his legs spread. She slid forward, still on her knees, her mouth glued to his prick. She was drooling a little now. Until Balu and later Sandi Mittal, she’d never enjoyed taking a man’s cock in her mouth, but they had got her addicted to the taste of prick, and now she thirsted for it whenever she went on her ‘escort prowls’.

Her mouth ovalled, then slid down over the end of Subhashis’s prick. She made a gasping sound as she took him inside her mouth, and her saliva flowed down the shaft while she sucked on his cock-knob.

“Mmmmmm!” she purred over and over, moving his cock in and out of her mouth in short, hungry gulps.

He sighed, letting her take control.

She pulled it from her mouth, licked him up and down. She moved down, lapping his balls as well especially spreading the saliva dripping on to them all over his scrotum. The smell of her dried saliva mixed with his pungent sweat odour on the balls only made the sex a lot more aggressive. Shanti the nice pious, religious woman was a true slut now.

A hair stuck to her tongue and she scraped it loose with her teeth, spitting it out and returning to his balls. Pushing them aside, she licked into the crack of his ass. Her hand was playing with his prick, and she felt it get even harder.

She tongued up the length of Subhash’s cock, up to the bulbous cock-knob.

Shanti tongued him knowingly, spending a lot of time on the sensitive spot just below his bloated cock-head. She stroked his prick up and down while she licked it, and a little bubble of cum oozed from his slitted tip. She caught it on her tongue and savored the milky taste.

“Your cum is delicious!” she whispered. “Are you going to fill my mouth up with it?”

“You bet your sweet ass I am,” he said, putting a hand atop her head and urging her down upon his cock.

Shanti smiled and sucked it back inside. She couldn’t throat-suck a cock, but she could do a damn good job, and she was determined to prove it. She gulped at his cock, pulling him deeper, massaging his hard meat with the wet warm muscles of her cheeks and jaws. Her tongue worked vigorously, and she moaned as she sucked. He was big, and hard, and his meat filled her mouth. She had never tasted anything so delicious in her life, and she had never needed to eat a cock as much as she needed it right now.

Shanti thirsted for his cum, and she sucked hard, urging it from his balls. Her hands were all over his body, and he was feeling her too, pinching at the stiff red points of her nipples, making her whine and squirm as she ate him.

“Oh, baby, you’re gonna get it! Gonna get yourself a mouthful!” he moaned as he tweaked her nipples and pushed his prick into her mouth.

She sucked faster, drawing her mouth in around him, and she took his prick as deep as she could manage.

“Now, bitch, here it comes!” he gasped, and grabbed her head with both hands, holding her steady while he pumped his prick into her. She opened wide and sucked it in, and the spurting gush of his orgasm began. His jizz squirted down her throat. She guzzled greedily, hot for the slimy juice.

“Aaaaahhhh!” Shanti groaned, eating his load. She jerked on the shaft of his cock, milking the scummy spunk out of him and into her mouth. She couldn’t taste it but it was thick and hot in her throat, and she gulped and moaned and sucked until he quit shooting.

Balu’s cock usually got soft in her mouth after it had emptied its hot load, but Subhashis’s prick remained hard and firm across her tongue. Her blue eyes lit up with arousal, and she sucked him hard, making sure he stayed stiff.

“Now you have to fuck me,” she said thinking wickedly of what effect this talk will have on Rajneesh, the day was not far and raising her face from his hard cock. “Now you have to fuck my ass off!”

He pulled her upward, his hands filling with her hot, sweat-damp tits. Shanti climbed atop him, grinding her excited body down upon his. Her mouth covered his. She sucked his tongue the way she’d sucked his cock, and beneath her body, she could feel his prick, as big, as hard, and as eager for her pussy as it had been for her mouth.

“You just passed one of the tests,” she whispered. “I won’t fuck a man who doesn’t want to kiss me after I’ve sucked him off!”

He kissed her again spearing his tongue into her once more. “This should guarantee me a piece of ass, then,” he said. His hands went down to cup the cheeks of her ass. She squirmed lewdly atop him, spreading her legs to enfold him. The swollen length of his prick rubbed through her dark-furred crotch, stimulating the already-dripping lips of her cunt.

“I wanna fuck you so bad I can taste it,” Subhash said. “So why the hell don’t you let me taste it, bitch?”

He pulled firmly on her ass cheeks, and Shanti squealed in glee, sliding forward. She rubbed her wet cunt across his chest, bringing it toward his waiting face. He opened her with his thumbs, thrust his mouth upward, and began to lick the splayed coral-pink trench of Shanti’s aroused pussy.

She rode high and eager above him, squirming and squealing as his licking made her clit throb and twitch in response. He sucked at the hot bud, gnawing it gently with his teeth, sending white-hot jolts of sexual frenzy through the woman’s body. The tips of his thumbs moved onto the super-sensitive slickness of her cunt-slit, and one of them entered her wet pussy. He thrust as he nibbled her clit, and she screamed in growing abandon.

“Oh, fuck me, you horny bastard! Eat me, and then fuck meeeeeee!”

He fucked his thumb in and out of her, still chewing and sucking and licking and kissing her clit. She came twice, drenching his face with her juices, and he kept on eating, lapping at her steaming pussy as if he were in a contest at some rural county fair.

Looking up at her, he said, “I guess you still feel like fucking, don’t you, Shanti? I mean, I can call you Shanti, can’t I?”

“You can call me a nasty fucking cunt, if you want to,” she said, “just as long as you get that cock inside me!”

“Okay, nasty fucking cunt,” said. “Get your ass off my face and I’ll give you what you seem to need.”

Shanti couldn’t remember ever being so excited about a sexual encounter.

She slid back down Subhash body.

“I’m fucking you, stud,” she said, lifting herself above his stiff cock. She rubbed the tip through her dripping pussy. “It does feel nice and horny! Let’s see how it feels inside!”

She eased the cock-knob into her hungry cunt and slid downward, swallowing him with her pussy even more ferociously than she’d gobbled with her mouth.

His body stiffened beneath her as she took his cock in her pussy. She strained downward, writhing above his groin. He put a hand on her tits, another on her ass, and he began to fuck hard, straight up into her cunt.

He stabbed hard, piercingly, filling Shanti’s pussy again and again with the swollen meat of his cock. It was hard to believe she’s sucked him to a blistering, gushing orgasm. He was stiff and eager, and she was easily as wet and eager to receive him. The knob of his cock fucked deep into her belly, stirring her cunt frantically.

Shanti swamped his cock with her steamy cunt, riding down to gulp him home time after time. She rocked as she fucked him, and she clutched at her tits, moaning and shuddering and coming down the shaft of his prick.

“Aaaaahhhh!” Subhash gasped beneath her.

She could feel the mounting excitement throbbing through his cock-shaft. It matched the fiery arousal that bubbled inside her cunt. She met him stroke for stroke, grinding her cunt down onto his prick, eating it to the balls repeatedly.

She came twice more while she rode him.

She leaned forward, moving her tits across his chest. He caught them, squeezing the plush mounds, bringing them to his lips for more bites and sucks and kisses. She moaned, her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her hard, hot nipples.

“Drink me!” she moaned. “Oh, drink me!”

His cock swelled inside her cunt. It felt so fucking big she thought her pussy might rip open. But he didn’t miss a stroke, and she didn’t miss a stroke, either.

The fucking wasn’t as fast, as jackhammer-like, as it had been at the start. They were down to the slow grinding phase now, but slow didn’t mean dull. The head of Subhash’s prick stabbed repeatedly into the lusting maw of Shanti Sridhar’s pussy, and she chirped and moaned and whimpered, feeling yet another climax building inside her.

She ground her hungry pussy against him, accentuating the pressure on her ready-to-bust clit.

“You son of a bitch!” she shrieked, rotating her pussy around his prick. “Oh, you’re making me come!”

“Me too, cunt!” he cried, and his sudden thrust almost sent Shanti into orbit. He pushed his cock to the very bottom of her cunt, held it there for what seemed an eternity, and then she felt him explode.

His jizz blasted into her. He fucked her until his cock went dry. She collapsed on him, her body soaked with sweat, his hands sliding up and down her body until they settled on her quivering ass cheeks.

His chest hair was matted with sweat beneath her tingling nipples. She sighed, making her tits move through his moist fur, increasing the amount of stimulation that her rigid nipples already felt.

Subhash’s jizz was oozing out of her pussy, and his cock, going soft, had just begun to slide out of her sticky-wet hole.

She sighed again, squeezing with her cunt muscles, but it was too late to trap him. His prick eased out, and after it bubbled the driblets of spunk he had squirted up Shanti. She knew the day was going to be long with him- and started looking forward to the evening. She would enjoy this bastard.

Shanti returned from Calcutta and did not go anywhere near Lakshmi’s house deliberately. Finally she had her revenge and got her chance to make it even stevens. Rajneesh was now her sex slave.

The rest of the story is in the words of Rajneesh — first person. Please read on.

My wife was away for almost fifteen days.

She had taken our kids for their annual visit to her parents home.. As was usual for me when she was out, I stayed up late watching T.V. and having a few beers.

I then slept in and got up around 06:00, made some tea and left for my office. On Saturdays and Sundays I lounged around the house and do some yard work or repairs. On this particular morning, I had had an unusual dream about having sex with Shanti who had made my life miserable with her tittilation and as a result I had a raging hardon when I woke up every day..

It was a Saturday. I sat down in my housecoat with the uncomfortable feeling that I was going to have to relieve my sexual tension with a quick hand job. I decided that I might a well watch a porno movie that I had downloaded a couple of months earlier while I was doing myself.

It was still early in the morning and I didn’t think there would be anyone out to interrupt me so I dug the movie out of the dresser and plugged it into the VCD player. I was absently stroking my own cock and just starting to get warmed up when there was a knock at our front door. I jumped up and made my way to the front door, meanwhile trying to regain my composure.

I peered out the side window and was surprised to see my Shanti standing there looking a little tattered. I opened the door and said “What brings you here so early in the day?”

She said that her husband was out of town for three days and she had a power failure due to a fuse blowing up and she was wondering if I could go over to fix it. I had no choice but to agree to see what I could do. I invited her in for a cup of tea while I got changed.

When she was seated at the table with a steaming cup in front of her she asked what I had been up to this morning. I told I was watching an old move but that it wasn’t too interesting and I was just killing time. She asked which one I had been watching, as she needed to do something tonight while her hubby was away and she might want to borrow it.

She continued to grill me on the movie and then she asked if she could see it. I finally broke down and told her it was a porno and she probably wouldn’t like it.

She kept pestering me about the movie and finally she admitted to me that she had never seen a porno movie and she was very curious to see what they were about. I noticed through her thin blouse and bra that her nipples had hardened up a bit as we were talking and I began to get the idea that she really wanted to see the movie and maybe was getting a little turned on by the idea.

As you all know and I do not have to specifically state, Shanti is a rather attractive woman with real large breasts and narrow hips. She had silky black hair and a pretty face although you wouldn’t call her beautiful. I must admit I had kind of lusted over her for several months but she was rather devoted to her husband, as I was to my wife, and I know it was pointless to hope that anything would happen. I relented and against my better judgment went into the living room and again sat in my chair.

Shanti followed me and sat on the couch that was across the room but still afforded a good view of the T.V. I notice the curtains were open and I got up and closed them so nobody could see in. The movie started from where I suddenly stopped it with the image of the panting woman fucked by the huge cock immediately springing into view.

I heard a small gasp from the couch so I peeked over and saw Shanti sitting forward intently staring at the screen. I looked back at the T.V. where the woman was now squeezing her large breasts.

My cock began to harden and I became aware of another problem in that I was still in my bathrobe and it wanted to fall off my lap. I had taken off my underwear earlier and my stiff cock now threatened to spring into view. I pulled the two sides together and surreptitiously gave my cock a rub while I was doing it.

I glanced over at Shanti and she was leaning back on the couch and she had undone a button on her blouse so her hand would have easier access to her bra-covered tits. One of the bra cups was pulled down and she was rubbing the nipple of her breast with one hand and she glanced at me, smiled shyly and said that if I was enjoying the movie then I should keep doing what I was doing as long as I didn’t mind if she did the same.

I peeked over at Shanti and she had opened another button of her blouse and was now toying with an exposed breast. The sight of her huge soft breast with her large turgid nipple twisting in her fingers made it very difficult for me not to blow my load right then and there. She was looking at me and smiled. “I love seeing your cock” she said to me “Its really huge…at first I thought that what Lakshmi told me was a joke…but you really do have a huge cock”.

“I like seeing your breasts. I would really like to see both of them if you wanted to make yourself more comfortable” I replied. “Do you really want to see them?” she asked coyly. “Of course” I said “I’ve wanted to see them for years. I’ve dreamt about them”. “Really?” she said. “I can’t imagine why”. “Actually, I’ve dreamt about seeing all of you” I replied “But I never thought I see any part of you.”

At this she leaned forward and undid the last two buttons of her blouse and I could now the entire fullness of her bra clad breasts. She reached up and undid the clasp in between and her full round breasts swayed free.

They were everything I had dreamt of and more. The full round nipples were puckered and hard and they protruded high and firm even though she’d had a couple of grown up kids, the elder being nine in age. I continued to stroke my raging hard on and she played with her nipples with one hand and dropped her other hand to her skirt covered pussy.

By now she had slid her panty aside and was finger fucking her swollen hairy cunt with two fingers. I was fascinated. It was the first time I was seeing a lady masturbate.

“If you keep that up I’m going to make a huge mess,” I said. She shivered and began to finger fuck harder which brought me even closer to cumming. “Would you” she asked.

She stood up and undid the button on skirt and pulled the zipper down.

I slowed the stroking of my cock because I wanted to see what she would do. She shrugged her skirt down to her ankles and sat back down on the couch. She still had her panties on but they didn’t leave much to the imagination.

There were even a couple of black silky hairs sticking out and I could see she had a big wet spot where she was gushing wetness.

She slid her hand under her panties and I could see her fingers playing with her clit. She closed her eyes and began to moan softly. By now I could see both her labial lips.

Her fingers had parted her labial lips and she was finger fucking herself while she stroked her clitoris with her thumb. With her other hand she was squeezing her nipples. I stood up with my rock hard cock sticking out and walked over to where she was as I continued to stroke.

By now she was squeezing her swollen labial lips. She opened her eyes and the sight of me standing close to her seemed to excite her even more.

But by now I was convinced what I was going to do. I knelt in front of her and with my hands pulled her panty down her legs and spread her legs apart and moved my head in between her thighs. All of the sudden, there was nothing separating her cunt from my mouth except air!

I was staring straight at her hairy cunt. She thrust her hips towards my face, forcing me to accept her cunt into my mouth. Without any hesitation, I kissed her offered cunt and with my open mouth I was sucking on her inner labial lips. Soon, my tongue found that little bump of flesh located right at the front of her cunt.

I started to stroke it with my tongue. “That … AAAAAhhhhhhhh Suck it harder … harder!”, she cried, as she spread her legs wider to let me get a better angle. As I sucked her clit, I could feel that she was wet all over her legs. I stopped briefly to taste this fluid, and fought that it tasted very sweet. I licked it from her thighs, and followed it upward until again my tongue was centered on her clit.

This movement elicited a more audible groan from her. “Take your finger, finger fuck me..suck my clit”, she exclaimed in a voice nearly choking with desire. I found her love hole. Sticking my finger into it, but, before I could commence finger fucking her, Shanti started to hump her crotch against my face.

Her stomach muscles started to contract, then expand, as she seemed to try and swallow my finger with her cunt. Her hips swayed back and forth, pushing her cunt against my finger and her clit against my tongue. “Move your finger in and out slowly”, she told me.

As I did so, I realized that her body movements became synchronized to my finger movements. The faster I moved my finger, the faster her body responded. By now, her breathing had become very audible. In fact, she was panting as if she had just completed a long run.

I tried to stop and pull my face away from her love mound, but she pushed it right back, so I continued to finger her love hole and lick her clit, doing it harder and faster all the time. Her breathing now was a rasping intake of air. Her body was jerking around so much that I wondered how she could remain standing.

“III MMMMMMMM CCCC UUU MMM III NNN GGG!”, she yelled, as her body jerked violently up and down in front of my face. I suddenly felt my hand becoming drenched in her love juices, as they nearly squirted from her hole. I tried to suck it all up, but she moved too wildly for me to follow with my mouth. Her inner thighs became drenched with that great tasting wetness. I licked that sweetness from her thighs and her cunt as best I could once she slowed down.

My ministrations to her thighs seemed to work. She thrust her cunt to my mouth , but this time I put my mouth into her cunt and started lapping her cunt juices with my tongue, thrusting my tongue deep into her vagina. After a few moments, she calmed down. I could feel a keen sweat on her body, especially the small of her back. With that, she lay down on the couch and motioned me to join her. As a hint of what she wanted me to do, she took her breasts, one in each hand, and squeezed them gently.

I could see her nipples start to harden, and her tits form into little points. I took one of the pro-offered boobs in both my hands.

I started to squeeze them, gently at first, causing her nipples to stick out even further. I extended my tongue, and lightly touched one nipple. She responded by breathing deeper. I continued to massage her boob with both my hands and my tongue.

Acting on impulse, I inserted her whole nipple in my mouth and sucked on it, causing its tit to expand in my mouth.

She took a quick, deep breath, almost a gasp. I nibbled on her tit, first with my lips, then, as I got bolder, lightly with my teeth. For this action I received a light moan from Shanti. It appeared that she was enjoying this as much as I was enjoying . Shanti pushed my face back slightly and offered me her other boob. I repeated all my actions on that one.

While I worked on her boobs, she lightly kissed my exposed ear. Seconds later, her tongue was darting in and out of my ear. I didn’t realize how erotic that could feel! I moved one of my hands done to her crotch. Finding her cunt hairs, my fingers weaved their way around her crotch un! til they located her slit.

It was easy to know that they had found the core of her love machine – the hair and the slit were already wet from her love juices.

My fingers slid around the top of her slit, moving from her clit to her love hole. I inserted one finger into her hole at the same time that I bit harder on her tit, which was still in my mouth.. She responded with a deeper gasp, followed by a low moaning sound.

“Deeper, push your finger in deeper!” she groaned. Her legs tightened around my hand, forcing my fingers deeper into her cunt, while her hips started to rotate on the couch. “Oh, does that feel good! Keep it up!”

I thought that, if one finger was causing all this emotion, what would two do?

I slowly inserted a second finger into her cunt, and started moving them in and out. She spread her legs now, giving me a much better access to her love hole. She arced her back, and her stomach muscles seemed to suck my fingers deeper and deeper into her each time I pumped her. Her deep breathing was replaced with a continuous groan of pleasure, as she reached higher and higher heights of pleasure.

Taking a risk, I moved my tongue from her tits to her clit. Making room with my hands, I buried my mouth into her cunt, licking and sucking everything that felt warm and wet. “My clit – suck my clit!” Shanti yelled.

“Oh, YES! Suck it hard – very hard! Don’t stop!” I found it and complied. Her movements became uncontrollable, just like ten minutes ago. With my teeth I started biting her clit gently…sort of chewing it gently.

Her breathing turned into one continuous loud groan, as she gasped “Harder, harder, HARDER! Come on! Coordinate your fingers with your tongue! I’m going to CUM! Come on. MAKE ME CUM NOW!!!”

She reached climax, thrashing about on the couch and soaking my mouth, my hand and the couch with her love juices. I continued sucking her clit and pumping her love hole until she begged me to stop. “Please, please stop! I beg you, stop and give me a chance to recover”, she cried.

“I can’t stand it anymore. Pleeeease stop!” I slowly removed my fingers from her cunt. She had clenched her thighs together so closely that it was difficult for me to remove my hand.

When I finally did, she laid down on the couch and pulled me on top of her. “Oh that was great! Come here, hold me tight. Let me regain my breath. Let me feel all of you!”

Her legs encircled my back. Her hands had grabbed the back of my head and forced my lips down onto hers. I kissed her, and quickly found her tongue darting back and forth inside my mouth. My cock, caught between our two bodies, buried its head into her cunt hair.

It felt great having my big cock nosing around in hair surrounding her cunt!

Shanti wiggled her hips, massaging my cock with a combination of her cunt and tummy. I could feel its head swelling, getting even harder, as my balls threatened to explode. Sensing this, she stopped, and pushed me away from her.

“I’m ready to let you cum “, she said huskily. “I want you to hold yourself until we get into my favorite position. You’ll not have to worry about cumming in my cunt…as I always take the pills. This way, we can both try many different things for the next 2 days before my husband arrives” She laid down on the couch, and pulled me over her.

Taking my cock in her hand, she guided in into her cunt, but left it just touching her cunt lips. I lowered my body until I was lying on her, my chest pressed to her soft breast and my penis lying on her stomach, our lips locked together again.

I decided that I liked kissing her. Her lips were soft and warm and the connection felt incredibly intimate. The sensuous way she sucked on my tongue and used her own tongue to circle around mine sent chills down my spine.

As we continued to kiss, Shanti reached down and grasped my penis. I lifted up slightly and allowed her to pull it down until it was touching her still swollen cunt lips. Gently she began to move the swollen head up and down, grazing her lips and mixing our juices.

“Oh God,” I gasped. I had to think about something else… something that would take my mind off of the immediate need for release. I conjured up a picture in my mind: I was cleaning my dirty garage It worked and the crisis passed. Our lips parted as Shanti pushed me onto my side. There were beads of sweat on her face, her hair was wet and her eyes were now wild with lust again. She pulled one leg up and threw it over my waist and quickly pulled my penis back to her swollen sex.

I moaned as she again began to rub my swollen head on her outer lips again. Then, as she rubbed it across her hole, I felt the tip slip inside just a little. As the fat lips begin to caress the head, I humped my hips, hoping to push it in deeper. However, she pulled away, moving her hips backward, allowing only the tip to penetrate her. I bucked my hips again and gasped as the head of my penis slipped further into her. I reached down and grasped her waist. Enough was enough. This was going on for too long.

I thrust my hips in powerfully and my penis hard into her cunt and my swollen cock head speared her vagina all the way inside to the ridge.

“Nooooo..aaaaaaaaaa aaggghhhhhhhhhhh nnnnnnnoooooooo!!!” Shanti gasped.

With a gradual increase in pressure, almost too slight to feel, I began to pump into her cunt. Ever so slowly the shaft started pistoning into the moaning woman’s vagina. Shanti threw her head back and forth and continued to moan. However, her body was saying, “Yes.”

It took great will power not to lift her hips to me as she felt the head sliding against the walls of her vagina.

Shanti was gasping for breath now.

The swollen head was stretching her vagina walls like nothing she had ever experienced. Her hips began to move in little twitching motions and the walls of her vagina began to flutter on the shaft.

Her hole was now pulsing from top to bottom, squeezing the shaft like a velvet glove. “No… no… no,” she moaned. I waited for a second, loving the warm wetness of her clenching hole.

Shanti groans loudly, panting and gasping with lust. “God … no … don’t stop … don’t stop now, Rajneesh, for heaven’s sake!” she gasps.

Rajneesh laughs softly, “C’mon, bitch … into the bedroom. I want to fuck you in bed.”

He steps back and saunters into their bedroom, a large, airy room with a high, soft bed at one end. On the other side of the bed, twin louvered door open onto a small balcony. There are sheer curtains over the doors and they billow in the gentle breeze. The room is softly lit by bedside lamps.

Shanti follows him, shedding her remaining clothes as she goes. By the bed, he turns and pushes her to her knees and makes her suck his cock again. Gasping, Shanti obeys, taking his cock deep in her mouth and sucking him eagerly, her hands working her breasts and cunt. Rajneesh grunts thickly and fucks her mouth with immense pleasure, rocking her head back and forth in both hands. Shanti whimpers and groans deep in her cock-filled throat. Several minutes later, he pushes her head away.

He fucks her on her back on the high, soft bed. Shanti spreads her legs wide, masturbating wantonly as he bends over and pushes his cock between her thighs. She reaches down with one hand to guide him to her slit. He bends over her on his knees and outstretched arms and slowly flexes his buttocks. His cock-head pops into her cunt, his shaft slipping between her fingers. She gasps and arches steeply, the breath shooting from her throat in a rattling gasp. His cock is big and thick and it fills her cunt, distending it fully, mashing her cunt-flesh and swollen clitoris.

“Yes!” she gasps. “Oh god yes! Do it, Rajneesh! Fuck me!”

The handsome husband of her best friend groans and arches his head, his eyes fluttering shut. Her cunt is hot and wet and tight and it squeezes his penis feverishly. The fires burn in his groin and his balls ache for release. He gasps, fighting for control, and slowly swings his hips in tight, snapping arcs, flexing his buttocks taut as he swings them, unflinching, flexing again. His cock mashes her cunt-flesh and clitoris, and slowly spirals into her slit. Shanti gasps and cries out, her cunt grinding up to meet his hips in descent. Deeper and deeper he goes, tunneling and burrowing into her hot furrow till he is embedded in her cunt to the hilt. She spreads her legs wide apart and arches under him, her face suffused with lust, panting and moaning obscenely, her fingers digging into the thick muscles of his forearms.

“Come on … do it … fuck me … fuck me hard, Rajneesh … fuck me! Take me, Rajneesh! Fuck me like a whore!” she pants, a bitch in rut.

Abruptly, Rajneesh swings his hips up, jerking his cock outward and then slams his hips down, ramming his cock deep into her cunt.

“C’mon bitch! Take it! Take my dick!” he cries.

The breath whooshes from her throat and she arches, gasping and crying out under him.

“OHHHHHHH yes! Ohhh god yes! Yes!”

His cock is magnificent, hot and hard and thick and long, filling her cunt, stretching it wide, grinding down deep into her flesh. Again he rocks out, slams in, rocks out, slams in, and yet again. Shanti lurches and rocks under him, her body jerking with his mad thrusts.

Rajneesh thrusts faster and harder and deeper into her and then hits a smooth, swinging rhythm, stroking powerfully and rapidly and deeply in and out of her flesh. His hips swing up and down with steady, snapping motions, his buttocks flexing and unflagging rhythmically, his cock plunging in and out of her cunt, grinding and squelching and ramming and reaming in deep. Shanti whimpers her pleasure, her hands on her breasts, squeezing them eagerly, her hips rocking up and down under his. He bends his head and kisses her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She groans and arches under him, winding her arm about his head. Moving smoothly and seamlessly, he begins to swing his hips again in circles, mashing her flesh ruthlessly. Shanti hisses in pleasure, her hands squeezing her breasts, scraping her mangalsutra over her hard nipples.

“Yes … ohhh yes … that’s it … ohhhh uhhh yes … ohhh uhhh ahhhh uhhh yes … there … oh god yes … oh ma uhhh hanh uhh ahhh uhhh ahhhh uhhh yes!” she goes.

“Take it … c’mon, whore … take my dick … take it, you fucking bitch … c’mon … take it all … oh yeh … that’s it … oh fuck yes … take it, you randy bitch … take my prick!”

Shanti begins to sweat. Perspiration trickles between her breasts, beads her brow and upper lip. Strands of hair cling damply to the nape of her neck. She gasps and whimpers, clenching his arms. Bending his head, he sucks her breasts and nipples, moving relentlessly in and out of her cunt. Her orgasm grows and looms. He thrusts deep into her and flips his hands up to her breasts, crushing them under his weight, pinning her beneath him. Shanti moans and thrashes hotly under him, begging for more, whimpering and crying out.

Shanti begins to orgasm and there is nothing Rajneesh can do to stop her. He groans as her hot cunt convulses frenetically on his penis and, flinging his head back, his hands crushing her breasts, drives his cock into her with deep, ramming thrusts, pausing and twitching with his penis buried in her slit. On and on he goes, ramming his cock into her till her orgasm wanes and her body sinks. She moans thickly, her chest heaving. Gently, Rajneesh slides out of her cunt.

“Now,” he murmurs. “Turn over bitch. I want to fuck you from behind.”

Shanti groans, but is unable to resist. The temptation is too great. She turns around obediently and, on her forearms and knees before the husband of her best friend, spreads her legs and presents her rear to her husband of her best friend. She knows that she likes to fuck her ass; she doesn’t mind it herself. Indeed, she rather enjoys the curious sensation of having a thick, hard, long cock tunneling into her ass.

“Want my ass?” she murmurs, turning her face over her shoulder.

For a second, the husband of her best friend is tempted. He caresses her smooth, creamy buttocks, spreading them open and fingering her taut anus. He knows just how good it feels on his cock, hot and tight as a vise. She looks lovely, wanton and eager, her face soft and radiant with pleasure. He knows she will not mind. But he decides against it, at least for now.

“Later,” he says. “After I’ve fucked your slit some more.”

He pushes his cock between her buttocks and to her cunt-lips. They are open and wet and he squeezes his cock into her cunt-flesh in a single penetrating thrust that forces the breath from her throat in a rattling moan.

“OHHHHH uhh yes! Ohhhh god yes!” Shanti gasps as the huge penis surges into flesh.

Rajneesh starts fucking her rapidly from behind. He grips her hips and jerks her body back and forth, hammering his hips to and fro. His thighs slap audibly against her buttocks. His long, thick penis plunges and pistons and rams in and out of her cunt. Shanti moans and cries out, her face lifted, her eyes closed, her mouth open. Her hot, swollen, pendulous breasts jiggle and wobble and her mangalsutra swings and flaps madly as the man ram-fucks her cunt.

“Oh ma oh ma oh ma ohhh uhh hanh uhh oh uhh oh uh oh uh oh uh ahh uh ah uh ah uh hanh uhhh oh ma hanh uhhh ohhh!” she gasps loudly.

“Oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh c’mon … c’mon you fucking whore! Take my cock! Take it, you whoring bitch! Take it!”

He slows and swings his hips in tight snapping circles, entering her cunt from all angles, spiraling into her deeply with a crushing plunger. Groaning, Shanti runs her tongue sexily over her slim upper lip, hissing in pleasure. Her hips and buttocks sway and writhe erotically and turns her face over her shoulder to her husband of her best friend-lover.

“Yes … ohhh yes … c’mon … do it … ohhh yes … that’s it … mmm … yeh … c’mon … fuck me, baby … fuck me hard … fuck me like a whore, baby … yes … fuck me! Fuck me like a whore, baby! Fuck me hard!”

The man chuckles and leans forward to kiss her hungrily, shoving his tongue into her mouth, his hands under her breasts, squeezing them hard in his excitement. Shanti kisses him fiercely, her buttocks and hips grinding eagerly against his groin.

“C’mon … fuck me … fuck me hard!” she says in a husky, lust-laden voice.

The husband of her best friend grins, squeezes her breasts, nuzzles the nape of her neck and straightens. Holding her slender waist, he snaps his hips forward, flexing his buttocks taut, ramming his cock into her cunt hard and deep. Shanti cries out, her head jerking up, her face twisting in lust, her eyes screwed shut, her lips drawn back, her mouth a wide O. He pauses, buried deep in her hot cunt, his cock throbbing, his hips twitching at her waist and then, pulling out, rams in again. She gasps loudly.

“OHH! Oh ma uhh OHHH! OH! OHHHH uhh oh ma uhhh hanh!”

“C’mon! Take it! Take it, slut! Take it all! Ohh! Uhh ahh! UH! OH! UH OH! UH OH! UH OH! UH OH!”

“Oh ma … oh ma … oh ma … oh … ohh … ohh … Oh uh oh uh oh uh OHHHHH!”

Gasping, grunting, his head flung back, his fingers digging into her soft flesh, the man ram-fucks the lovely lustful Shanti remorselessly. His ramming, jerking thrusts smoothen to a rapid back and forth rhythm. He rocks his hips to and fro, his fingertips in the small of her back, moving her body under his, jerking her cunt up and down and back and forth the length of his swollen shaft. His chest heaves. His cock appears and disappears between the smooth curves of her buttocks, grinding and squelching and rasping in and out of her cunt. His thighs slap at her buttocks, his balls press to her cunt-lips.

“C’mon whore take it! Take it, bitch, yes! Oh fuck yes … c’mon, bitch … take my cock! Oh fuck yes! That’s it, whore, oh fuck that’s good!”

“Yes uhhh oh yes oh yes oh yes oh ma uh oh ma uh oh ma uh oh ma uhh OH ma Oh Rajneesh! OHHHH uhhh OHHHHHH uh hanh … fuck me! Fuck me, Rajneesh! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Ohh uhhh Oh ma uhh oh ma oh ma oh ma!” Shanti sobs in delight.

Faster and faster he goes, now gripping her waist hard again, thrusting furiously in and out of her cunt, his hips pounding back and forth. Shanti gasps and cries out, lurching and rocking and jerking under him, her head raised, her cries sharp and staccato. There is a full-length mirror in front of the bed and Rajneesh watches her reflection, transfixed, staring at the lust on her pretty face, watching her heavy breasts jiggle and wobble, the mangalsutra tossing and swinging frantically. The husband of her best friend’s buttocks flex and unflappable rapidly, his hips driving back and forth, slapping at hers, piston and plunging rhythmically in and out of her sexy sweet cuntal passage in its ceaseless quest for release. She begins to orgasm, panting and mewing ecstatically and he squeezes her pendulous breasts, crushing the heavy, swollen mounds in his hands, pinching the rigid nipples.

Shanti’s head swims with joy. His penis is incredible, hot and heavy and hard, moving relentlessly in and out of her convulsing cunt-channel, plunging in deep, pulling steeply outward, then spiraling down into her again. Her cunt contracts and spasms frenetically on the penis and she coasts from one orgasm to another and then on to a third. He continues fucking her furiously, banging his hips at her buttocks, making her body lurch and rock and jerk with his thrusts. His thighs whack her flesh with loud slaps that coincide with her choking gasps and shuddering moans.

Finally he relents as her third orgasm wanes, and slows his motions. Shanti groans and, as he eases his cock out of her cunt, sinks on her front on the bed, gasping and panting heavily. She is still on her knees and her buttocks are thrust up high. Her shoulders are on the bed, and her face is turned to one side on the pillow.

The husband of her best friend is beyond caring whether she wants more or not. He wants more, and that is all that matters. He rises and straddles her fleshy hips in a deep squat. Holding his cock in his hand, he pushes it back into her cunt and enters her again with a long, slow, skewering thrust. Shanti moans thickly, her fingers scrabbling at the sheets as the enormous cock bursts into her wet flesh. Rajneesh chortles softly, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt.

“Really love my dick in your slit, don’t you, whore?” he says.

“Ohh uhhhh ohhh yes,” Shanti moans deliriously, beyond caring.

“I want your ass now,” he announces.

Shanti cannot refuse him, nor does she want to any longer. Rajneesh slips his cock out of her cunt and, spreading her creamy buttocks wide open, presses the swollen cock-head to her taut anus. Shanti tenses. The husband of her best friend pauses, grins in anticipation and then, flexing his buttocks, slides his hips forward and pushes his cock-head into her asshole.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhh Ohma uhhh OHHHHHHHHH! Wait — let us do a deal I will give you my ass only and only if you make sure that Lakshmi is not fucked by you for one whole month, once you achieve that — on the 31st day, I will give you my ass Rajneesh and I promise — it will be a bonanza surprise package and not only my ass. We will do it in my home and extremely homely fuck it will be Are you Ok with the deal?” Shanti — the devilish adulteress spoke the truth finally. This was her way of getting back on the female who dared complain against her.

The breath rushes from Shanti’s throat and her face contorts in a sadism of lust as waited for the handsome head of her lover go back and groan, ” How will that be possible, she will be back in 7 days and will need me to fuck her. Anyhow what will be your way of finding out that I have not drilled her?’” he was testing the seriousness.

” My lover — do not worry. Your wife is my bosom friend at least that is how it is for her — she does not know what a bastard betrayer in the form of a husband you are and how scheming and unfaithful I am. She will tell me all about you and the torment will come to my knowledge. Think of it — either you abstain and don’t screw her for 30 days or forget me?” she chewed her lips and gave him a flick of her tongue with her hands going down her lovely tresses to her boobs which she pressed lightly only to lift a sweat drop off the nipple and lick it off her finger.

She was demure sexy suave and extremely simple methodical and soft spoken at the same time. She knew men very well — she had evaded numerous since ages who were wanting a peek at what she had below her petticoat but well that is history now.

Shanti looked at him straight and covered her boobs with the blouse and dressed quickly — got up and straightened to take a small crack at the muscles. She excused her self to the rest room and returned only to pick her purse and started to leave. Rajneesh was aghast — it was all so matter of fact.

He started to yelp like a dog wanting to get some continuity confirmed, she looked back from the door, ” Well — there is one more thing after this 30 day abstinence trial period is over for yo u and Lakshmi, we will meet alright and have already committed to you my plan but if you desire to have something ongoing with me — you will have to also consider admonishing your wife in front of me and maybe my husband or child — simple make her feel inferior make her feel little in front of me. For example — she is putting on weight — make statements openly in front of me to instigate her to feel let down. This is a must and for that if it hits the bull’s eye I promise a package deal for you with me as yours completely for 3 nights at a place of your choice with one more woman along with me. Think of it. Bye. ” she was vicious and determined.

She was clear on her plan to ruin Lakshmi’s future and married life of course.

I am Rajneesh and as you all can understand it was next to impossible for me not to fuck my wife.

After 25 days of abstinence we all went to a party at a friends house and got pretty loaded.

I lost track of Shanti just after midnight, who also was there with her husband. I began looking around the bedrooms & bathrooms to see if my wife was alright. When I got to the master bedroom, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Lakshmi, my wife was lying on the bed stark naked — I quickly muttered something like “I’m sorry” and went to close the door when she yelled “Come on in Rajneesh, at least now tell me why are you avoiding me — this is the only way I thought you will take me, you want me to behave like a slut, come on then”.

As I approached the bed I first noticed her glazed eyes and then her gooey pussy. She stared me right in the eyes and said “I want to get fucked by you a lot and more”. She leaned forward to grab at my pants, as she did I noticed the big her lips around my now stiff cock. She bobbed up and down on it for a moment and then looked up at me and said “stick it in me and leave me a New Years present”, with that she turned onto her hands and knees.

She my wife spread her cunt lips open with one hand and told me to give it to her. I watched as a tiny dribble of come ran from her open hole, onto her clit and then dripped onto the bed – needless to say, I slid right in. I grabbed onto her hips and started pounding away. After a few minutes she started to rub her clit and tickle my balls. I could feel them tightening up ready to explode. As I yelled to her that I was going to come I heard the door open – it was too late as I blasted a load of hot juice into her.

No sooner had I started coming when I heard a scream – I looked at the doorway and saw Shanti back as she stormed away.

I pulled out of Lakshmi and pulled my pants up over my soaked cock and got my wife dressed, children were waiting outside and it was past 1am in the morning. We got into our car and left for our house when I saw Shanti putting her coat on as she headed towards the exit door and going towards her husband and their vehicle. He also had grabbed his coat and followed her.

We reached home and I slept painfully while Lakshmi slept peacefully. I could understand — biologically she needed the copulation but I knew the moment of truth is going to face me and it did when I caught up to Shanti the next day in their front yard and turned her around. She slapped my face and said “you’re going to pay for this” and with that she turned and kept walking. I tried to talk to her but she wouldn’t listen. We got to her house and didn’t say a word until we got inside. I tried to explain what happened but she wouldn’t listen. Finally she looked at me and said “when I decide on how I’m going to make you pay, I’ll talk to you”.

It was the next evening when Shanti called me into her house where she was watching TV. She looked at me and said “I’ve decided how you’re going to pay”. I asked her how.

She said that she’d be home since Sridhar and Amulya were off to her inlaws place and I was to follow her and that I was to be waiting in the living room. I asked her what was going to happen. She looked at me and said “I’m going to have your manager Dhruv from your office come home with me”.

“Yeah, so”, I replied as if that was normal. I knew and was aware that Dhruv had been trying to get into her panties for long — and Lakshmi had told me that Shanti is so pretty but extremely pious because of which she had been keeping this fellow at a distance.Incidentally — Dhruv used to bank at their branch and was a frequent visitor to the Bank.

My mouth dropped open when she looked me straight in the eyes and said “You’re going to watch him fuck me, and you’re not going to do a thing about it, do you understand?”. She looked so serious, all I could say was “I guess so, if that’s what you want”.

“Well I got to watch you and Lakshmi even after our deal and it certainly didn’t thrill me – I want you to see how it feels”. shanti’s voice quivered with rage.

I tried to talk her out of it but she said that I didn’t have a choice.

I got to her home around 7pm the next night, sure enough Shanti wasn’t home. I kept thinking that maybe she’d changed her mind. When I saw her pull in at 8:15 followed by another car I knew she was serious. I sat in my designated chair in the living room as they came in. From the looks of them, they had already had a few drinks. Shanti just smiled as she walked by and headed towards the kitchen. Dhruv came in and sat down.

As I heard Shanti in the kitchen Dhruv said “Sorry about this Rajneesh, Shanti explained what happened and I have to agree with her, fair is fair.”.

I didn’t have time to answer as Shanti came back into the living room with 3 beers. She threw one my way, handed one to Dhruv and sat down on the love seat opposite Dhruv and I. She took a sip of her beer and, as she looked at me, said “Lets get things rolling”. I watched in awe as she slid up her lehenga(long indian Skirt) and pulled down her under wear stockings.

As she pulled them off one leg, both Dhruv and I could see her lacy panties. There was a wet spot right in the crotch. She slid her slip off and then brought her knees up. I could see the outline of her pussy lips thru the wet cotton panties. Her pubes were sticking out around the lacy edges. I noticed Dhruv squirming in his seat. Shanti was sucking down the beer in record time. Finishing her mouthful she put the beer down and stood up. She slowly unbuttoned her Kurta (Indian blouse ) and took it off. She wore a sheer bra and her nipples were plainly visible. They stiffened up as she slid the blouse off her arms.

She neatly folded it and put it on the couch. Another swig of beer and she reached behind her and undid her skirt. As it dropped to the floor we both stared at my wife’s nearly naked friend. She sat down to finish her beer.

When the last sip was gone she got up and sat down next to Dhruv. “You have to take the rest of my clothes off” she said to him softly. I had a massive hard on as I watched Dhruv remove her bra. She turned and gave him her nipples to suck on.

A few minutes later she stood and I watched Dhruv slide her panties down. Her back was facing me but I could see what was happening as she spread her legs open. I could see his fingers spreading her pussy open. I watched his other hand begin to rub her clit. Moments later she sat back down on the couch next to him. With both hands, she spread herself open and gave him it all.

“Lick it” she said to him. I watched as Dhruv got on his hands and knees on the floor and buried his tongue in her juicy cunt. Her legs wrapped around his head pulling him in deeper and deeper. I heard her moan loudly as he brought her off for the first time. When he stood up to take his pants off I could see just how wet my heartthrob and cock throb Shanti was. Her pussy was wide open, her clit stiff and throbbing. His saliva and her come made the insides of her thighs glisten. As Dhruv slid off his pants and underwear I got a little uneasy.

He was a big guy – his prick was both longer and fatter than mine – he was really going to open her up tonight. As I watched him stroke it a couple of times I realized that I was kind of excited about watching my wife’s friend and my near to heartbreaking cock throb fuck this guy. He made her suck on his cock for a minute or so. It was even bigger when it popped out of her mouth. Dripping with saliva he got on his knees and put the head in between her swollen cunt lips. Shanti held her knees wide open and back and just said “Fuck me Dhruv, fuck me good”.

I just about came in my pants when I watched him slide his cock into her.

She was moaning and screaming as he inched his way into her. He pulled back a bit and then slammed it all the way in. I heard his balls slap against her ass as her body convulsed violently. As he slid out of her to begin fucking her in earnest, I noticed they were both soaked, pubic hair matted down. Shanti had let loose a geyser. He began with slow little thrusts and Shanti was keeping herself wet by rubbing her clit. Dhruv thrusts were getting faster and faster and deeper and deeper. He’d almost come all the way out (I got glimpses of the purple head of his dick slipping in and out) and then plunge back in.

Each thrust was met with a moan from Shanti. It wasn’t long before they both began to moan from the intense pleasure. Shantis pussy lips were being stretched under this monstrous prick.

Their moans became louder and louder as their bodies bucked violently.

Shanti reached her climax first and pulled Dhruv into her. A few thrusts later and I watched Dhruv inject his jism into Shantis hot cunt. He moaned and moaned as his body spasmed. I could see his come oozing out of Shanti’s swollen pussy as Dhruv pulled out of her.

As his cock slid from her hole it was followed by a steady stream of white cream. My stiff cock was just about bursting and I thought I’d just jump on top of her and fuck her, when, to my surprise, Dhruv pulled her onto the floor on her knees. With Shanti on her knees and leaning forward on the couch. Dhruv spread her ass and cunt open and stuck himself back inside her.

I couldn’t believe it, he was stiff as a board again and doing another number on Shanti gaping pussy. Shanti leaned her chest on the couch and pulled her ass and pussy open to let Dhruv in deeper. A light foam appeared around her cunt as Dhruv gave it to her again. I watched in awe as Dhruv got a finger really wet and slid it up Shanti ass hole. Her eyes opened widely as he slid his finger into her.

She was getting the fucking of a lifetime and was screaming as she came and came under his onslaught. He pulled his finger from her tight ass and promptly squirted another load of jism into Shanti’s well worn pussy.

When their bodies stopped throbbing, Shanti could do nothing other than to lean foward onto the couch. Dhruv now softening prick slipped out of Shanti. He leaned over her and gave her a light kiss on the back of the neck and said “You were great, I hope you’re happy now – see you tomorrow at the office – thanks again”.

As he slid his pants up and buttoned them he turned to me and said “No hard feelings, huh?”. I didn’t respond, just watched him walk out the front door. When my eyes turned back towards Shanti, I realized that she looked just like she had on that afternoon when we fucked back at my house. Her pussy was still wide open and inflamed. Thick jism ran down both her thighs as she breathed deeply. My dick was still rock hard.

Almost silently, I slid my pants down and rubbed it against her cunt. I dreamt of getting my cock’s tip wet with Dhruv come and slide inside her. I could tell she had been fucked good, she was wide open – no resistance, just gooey and slippery. I wantec to gave her two or three good thrusts before I also add a third load, this time mine to her cunt. I slouched down to the floor as the last of my drop came in my hands — I had done a good hand job on my cock.

Shanti also slid onto the floor, her legs closed now. I asked her if she enjoyed herself. She looked at me squarely and said, “I hope you won’t be upset if I tell you that it was great, because it was and I must tell you that he will be fucking me too often now — we have it all official which he will explain to you. You will get to see me like this only and that too if I permit. You will never get to fuck me again of course — you have a chance- get Lakshmi humiliated or a better one — get her fucked by Dhruv in front of me!!.”

I was silent for a moment and then told her that I will try to humiliate lakshmi but getting her to fuck another man will not be possible.

Once she regained her energies, struggled towards the bathroom to tidy up.

Shanti slumped onto the closed toilet while we waited for the water to get hot. Her legs opened and the 3 loads of cum began to flow from her swollen pussy.

I just stared as it oozed out of her. She noticed me staring and pulled her legs up and open, she also seemed to be bearing down trying to force the goo out. It worked, she smiled as thick globs of jism worked their way out of her hot pussy.

She got a fingerful and licked it off and smiled, ” Maybe you can payback a bit by sucking and cleaning this muck in my cunt mixed with the semen of your boss.”

As she reached for the wash cloth I surprised her by sticking my tongue into her vagina. This was surely a first, licking someone else’s come from your wife’s best friend’s pussy, but as I swallowed and tasted the first few drops I knew I wanted the rest – it got me incredibly horny and excited.

Shanti must have enjoyed the feeling because she really opened herself up and let me go. I licked all around her still swollen hole.

I cleaned off her pussy lips and finished off with her stiff clit.

“Do you like how it tastes?” she asked me.

“Kind of salty but at the same time it gets me excited”.

As she held the warm compress against it she said “I guess that makes us even”. I hoped this would help repair the damage. I am badly in need of sex with her.

Shanti has become a obsession for me which just does not go away. I fantasize only Shanti when it comes to sex.

This is Rajneesh and it is the last in the series of the Adulteress and me, for a change from the next in the series there will be no me in any of the serials with Shanti the obnoxious adulteress at least. Oh — how simple and shy and coy she looks but the ice maiden is nothing or any of that but a stealthily inching to kill viper.

The story with me for her ends with this last episode which is exactly speaking a lot of parts in the same episode but still all in one.

Well what about my personal life with my wife? It is in a mess and you will realize by the end of the this episode. The Chapter 1 is in first person and the rest are all in 3rd person.


Chapter 1

Well this interlude with the scheming adulteress Shanti took place a few days ago and she was as usual determined to end my marriage and I was not up and ready (in more ways than one) for her final onslaught.

It was around 8 am on a Saturday morning. I had just got up yawning and I was not awaiting Shanti’s arrival. I was surprised when I answered the door to see two women standing there.

Lakshmi by the way had to go to her place of work early that day.

“Hi,” Shanti said, “this is my best friend, Mala.”

I looked at the almost identical images in front of me and mouthed, “friend?”

Both women giggled at that. Shanti pulled a fast one in her unusual dirty style “Yes, she’s all of about 20 minutes younger. This is like my twin though not born to the same mother. Not that I don’t have my urges.”

I had no doubt as to Shanti’s urges.

I studied the two women, comparing their common facial features and pert, not so young bodies. I noticed their differences as well.

Shanti, seemed so cool and confident. I could not meet her penetrating gaze, and averted my eyes.

Obviously, Mala was not dressed for fucking, but she was carrying a small suitcase. Perhaps her work clothes were in there. Her soft red shoulder-length hair framed her perfectly made-up face. She had such a sweet, innocent smile that I… well, I just melted.

A pretty powder blue lace bra was clearly visible through her long-sleeved blouse. From the strapless blouse on down, the translucent white chiffon material left little to my imagination. Yet, in a way, she seemed so pure and childlike. Until I studied those gorgeous hips. Nothing childlike about her there… And the pleated blue lehenga( Indian skirt) that came below her thigh said “school woman” but her long legs were encased in nothing and that said something else.

I guessed the heels of her blue sandals to be about 1″ high. The pink nail polish showing through her feet matched the color of her perfectly manicured long fingernails. As my mind was contemplating how to get into her panties, my penis betrayed me. She laughed softly as she noticed the growing bulge in my shorts.

Shanti broke my reverie. “I brought Mala along today because I have an idea. ”

It made sense to me. “But what about Mala. Does she …”

“Of course she does,” Shanti added, knowing exactly what I was talking about. “Mala and I go way back with men. Usually, she hooks them, and I fry them. This time it’s my turn to make th introductions. Right Mala?”

“Uh-huh,” Mala replied. “You know, Mr. Rajneesh,” she said softly, “even as a 18 year old young woman I had a way with boys. I could get them to talk to us and want to play with us. Once we’d make friends, Shanti would take over. She showed me what to do with them. She just had this knack for getting them to drop their pants for us.”

Her eyes were fixed on my developing hard-on. “We’ve been sharing boyfriends for the last ten years.”

“Now,” Shanti interrupted, “are we ready to go to work?”

I nodded my assent though I know all this was shit, they knew each other for just 2 years or so and all this story was humbug.

“Listen up, Raj!” Shanti commanded, “Let me tell you how it’s going to be. I’m the foreman on this job. I’ll tell you exactly what to do. That even includes when to take a shit.”

I looked at her, but she overrode my objection before I raised it, “That’s right, my penis-pumping puppy. You are the new apprentice on this job, and everything you do has to be supervised. That includes bathroom breaks. You have to ask permission from Mala or myself to be excused from work. One of us will have to take you.”

I decided I’d put her to the test, “May I go to the bathroom, please?”

“Yes, you may. Since we haven’t started work yet, we’ll both take you.” The three of us walked to the bathroom where I unzipped my pants, took out my penis and relieved myself of my morning’s coffee. Both women seemed content just to watch, but the requirement to ask permission and to be supervised made me feel like a little boy again.

I zipped up and flushed the toilet.

“Mala, here’s where he was masturbating yesterday with his nose buried in my sneaker!”

Mala was all eyes. “How did you get him to do it?” she asked.

“I didn’t. When are you going to learn, Mala. Boys and men don’t have a choice when it comes to sex. They have to have it or go mad. There’s some sort of direct connection between their penises and their brains. If we control the sex we control them. Raj boy likes the smell of woman and me in particular, so I indulge him. He’ll do anything for me.”

Mala looked thoughtful. But I couldn’t tell what she was thinking, whether she felt excitement, contempt, or what.

Shanti turned to me. “OK. You have at least some experience in fucking women other than your wife, right?” she asked.

“Well, not exactly,” I replied and decided to get curt with her. “That’s why I made a mistake with you and was not professional. But if you’ll give me directions, I’m sure…”

“Oh, shit,” she said. “Look, I don’t have time for this. It’s going to rain Raj. I want to try to get the outside work finished today. You train him, Mala. I’m going to get to work.” And with that, she turned and left us. Mala stood there with an amused look. She licked her lips and smiled at me.

“Well, Mr. Rajneesh,” Mala said. She moved next to me and lightly, teasingly ran her long pink fingernails down my arm. She seemed like such a demure, sweet young thing. But my cock didn’t think so; it was growing again. And in a very soft voice she said, “I see you have my friend’s panties and bra hanging there. Panties and bras are very feminine, aren’t they? Your wife agrees to them hanging”

“Well, my wife is the one who has hung them there, both are friends” I croaked. I could not take my eyes off her breasts, displayed in her own lacy bra beneath the transparency of the chiffon blouse. They looked so enticing. I felt myself so strangely submissive. She saw where I was staring. I don’t know what made me blurt out, “That one’s not as feminine as the nylon and lace bra you’re wearing.” I felt so embarrassed.

She smiled at me. Her hand was still on my arm. “Why, Mr. Rajneesh,” she said sweetly, “I think you have excellent taste!” She bent over to open her small suitcase. I couldn’t see, or didn’t want to see, what she had in there. My eyes were fixed on the curve of her hips, her long legs in those sheer next to nothing. I stared, thinking…

She held a bra and a pair of panties in her hand. She unfolded the bra and said, “Vanity Fair. Soft nylon and lace, the same style as I’m wearing. Doesn’t it look pretty? Pink is such a feminine color, don’t you think?” I had to agree. I think my heart skipped a beat. Where was this leading?

“And panties are so pretty too,” she whispered as she held them up to my face, “A proper match for the bra, Vanity Fair also, size 7. Such soft nylon. And look, these briefs have such darling lace at the front of the leg openings. Intimate feminine wear is so attractive, don’t you think?”

“Oh, yes.” Part of me was still plotting to get her out of her panties, and if I had to play her game, so be it. Another part of me found this very exciting. “Breathtaking,” I said.

“Well, then. We need to get started with your training, Mr. Rajneesh.” She continued to speak, very slowly and deliberately, “I want you to take off all your clothes so I can get a better look at you.”

“Call me Raj, please.”

I hesitated. She placed her hand on the swelling in my crotch and began to play with me.

“You’re not going to be difficult, are you Raj? We need to get started with your training and I’m so hoping you will be a good boy for Mala.”

I was lost in her femininity. I took off my shirt and unbuckled my belt. As my shorts fell to the floor my freed cock popped to attention. It was so embarrassing. But Mala seemed so understanding, as her hands ran appreciatively over my body. Then she ran her fingernails back and forth lightly over my penis. It grew harder in response.

“Raj, I want you properly dressed for your lesson. Put on your pretty panties.”

I couldn’t refuse her. As I slid the pink nylon briefs up my legs and over my raging hard-on she stood there with her arms crossed and smiled knowingly at me. Then she said, “Hold out your arms, darling.” She slipped the silky bra straps over my shoulders, put her arms around me and hooked the delicate garment in place. Her perfume assaulted my senses, and she leaned against me pressing her soft breasts to my chest. My penis, in its nylon prison, was cuddled in the folds of her skirt. Yes, definitely, this was exciting me.

“Such a good boy,” she cooed. “You know, your briefs are made of nylon. They’re quite easy to see through. And you really do look so pretty and feminine in your panties.” She took a small step to the side to look at my hardness as she began to stroke the tent in my new panties.

“Ummm…” I was speechless. And rock hard.

She thought for a moment as she continued to pet me. “That’s it! I’m going to be your Auntie Mala and you will do every single thing I tell you. That will be so much fun, won’t it sweetness? Let’s go to the bedroom where we’ll be more comfortable.”

Mala picked up her suitcase and beckoned with her finger for me to follow her. She led me down the hall. As I followed her I felt a little silly dressed as I was, and I was hoping Shanti didn’t walk back in the house at that point. But mostly what occupied my attention was the curve of Mala’s hips and the wiggle of her body as she walked in front of me. I wondered if that was the way she walked all the time or if she was just doing it to tease me.

Mala walked into my bedroom, put down her case and sat down in my armchair. She stared at the pulsing penis that strained against the silky fabric and she began to unbutton her blouse. There was no question as to who was in command. I stood before her staring at the curve of her firm thighs as she crossed her legs. And I began to play with myself.

“TAKE YOUR HANDS AWAY!” she snapped.



I was stunned and confused. I hesitated, then somehow managed to move my hands to my sides. “A boy jerking off in front of his own Auntie. Really, you should be ashamed of yourself! And just look at the precum stain on your pretty panties.” As I looked down she quickly she got up, pulled a leather strap out of her suitcase, firmly pulled my wrists behind me and fastened them securely. I felt so helpless. I could see her triumphant smile.

Partly out of fear, and partly out of desire, I slipped right into character. “But please, Auntie, I couldn’t help myself! It just happened! I tried to fight it as long as I could, but it wasn’t any use!”

She turned me to face her, smiled and spoke gently to me. “What you’re trying to say is that you couldn’t control yourself. That’s what you’re trying to say, isn’t it?”

Was she trying to increase my humiliation by just pretending to be caring and nurturing? “Yes, Auntie.” Tears of agony began to run down my cheeks. My cock desperately needed relief and now I didn’t know how or if she would take care of my need. She finished unbuttoning her blouse, which she carefully folded and placed on a table next to the chair. In frustration my hardness began to wilt.

She sat me down in my chair and leaned over me, stroking my pretty pink panties just a little. With her other hand she pulled my head closer to rest in her soft, tender breasts in their sleek lacy bra cups.

“My poor little boy, I know why you were so bad. It’s because you haven’t had Auntie here to guide you, to control you, to take you in her arms and make you behave. Isn’t that right?”

I twisted in panic as the tears spilled down my cheeks and splashed on her breasts. My cock was quivering with life once more. Auntie’s words were sweet and soothing but they couldn’t erase my mounting fear and humiliation. Yes, I was definitely getting hard again! There was no denying the thickness and throbbing heat in my stiffening cock.

Mala said, “Auntie is going to control you and guide you and protect you. That’s what you really want, isn’t it, darling? Tell the truth to Auntie, now.”

I just couldn’t speak, My voice was lost in fear and embarrassment at my state of arousal. The only noise I could make was a groan of humiliation.

“That’s all right, darling. Your penis is telling me just what I needed to find out.” She thought for a moment. “I know,” she brightened. “You’re probably just embarrassed because of your love of pretty feminine underthings and because of your overpowering need to serve a woman and because Auntie knows all about your little secret. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Auntie.”

“Well, then. Obviously, what you need is a long course in feminine appreciation. And, when you understand that, in the natural order of things the only legitimate purpose in life for any male is to serve the female, and when you become accustomed to wearing intimate feminine apparel all the time, then you’ll become comfortable with it. You won’t have all this frustration. Doesn’t that sound just wonderful?” She continued to pet my penis lightly.

I still had a powerful urge to make love with her, but also I was aroused because she had taken complete control of me. Also, she had really turned me on by putting me her feminine frills. “Oh, yes, Auntie. Thank you Auntie.”

“That’s a good little boy. I’m going to untie your hands now. But you will obey my instructions without question. And you will never play with your penis unless I give you specific permission. Auntie will decide. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Auntie. You are so good to me Auntie,” I said with an honesty that surprised even me.

“Of course I am, darling. Another thing. I think it will help in your feminine appreciation lessons if we give you a new name. I think Tina has a nice sound to it. And I don’t know that you should call me Auntie anymore. I think Mistress would be more appropriate, Mistress Mala if you like.”

“Yes, Auntie, I mean Mistress. But… but what about my painting lessons?” She finished freeing my wrists.

“Yes, I promised Shanti I would instruct you how to fuck properly. But before we get to that we need to continue today’s feminine appreciation workshop. You may take off my skirt.”

I undid the buttons at the back of her tiny waist and carefully slid her lehenga down her long legs to her ankles. She stepped out and sat back down in my armchair. She was breathtaking. A vision of loveliness. Those pretty breasts framed in her delicate bra, matching light blue briefs (they too were the same style as my pink ones) and garter belt, taught sheer nylons and those arousing 3″ heels.

“Kneel down and take off my sandals, Tina.”

I dropped to my knees obediently as I thrilled to the sound of my new name. “Yes, Mistress. Mistress, you are so beautiful!”

“Of course, I am darling. I am female,” she said in the most level, matter-of-fact tone.

“Mm… may I please lick your pretty pussy, Mistress?”

She gave a little cry of delight. “Of course, darling. Did you know that pussy worship and the training of your tongue may be the most important part of what I’m going to teach you? And certainly you will be spending a lot of time at it. But from now on, first you will ask permission to kiss Mistress’ pretty panties, then you will ask for permission to remove them and then you must fold them neatly. You must always treat Mistress’ delicate things with great care.”

“Yes. Mistress.” It was an uncontrollable urge as powerful as creation itself that drew me to her. Before, I would have kissed her pussy as a way to get her excited so she’d make love to me now I wanted to kiss her pussy simply because I wanted to! Slowly I kissed the warm nylon where it disappeared between her soft thighs and then, as she raised her hips slightly, I removed the filmy panties from Mala’s beautiful body, carefully folded them and placed them on the carpet. On impulse I gave each of her feet a light massage. Then, through her feet I kissed and suckled on each of her toes.

“Very nice, Tina. You seem to have quite a talented mouth for a beginner. Let’s see where else you can use it.”

I took her cue and began to kiss and lick my way up her legs, worshiping the feel of the smooth nylon and her warm flesh beneath my tongue. As I neared the tops of her stockings she spread her legs wider to reveal herself. I moved quickly to her inviting pussy, kissing, lapping and sucking eagerly, and savoring her juices.

Wonder and joy, agony and frustration; I was feeling everything at once. My raging cock swelled and ached with desire. And yet somehow I knew, instinctively, that this was the way it was meant to be, that I belonged on my knees in front of my beautiful Mistress, dressed in my pretty pink panties and bra, with my tongue buried in Mistress’ wonderful pussy.

As she writhed and moaned, Mistress’ warm thighs tightly clenched my ears. I was enveloped in femininity. Mistress grabbed my hair and pulled my head forward, my tongue thrust deeper into her. “Don’t stop, sweetness, don’t stop.” Was she yelling or was she gasping? I couldn’t tell; all I knew was that as I lunged forward into her pussy I was spinning into a whirlpool of pleasure. My head spun and my cock throbbed and ached as I pictured myself in my feminine underthings, with my head buried between her luscious legs. Shaking uncontrollably and screaming — yes, now I heard it — she came again and again, almost crushing me with her soft but insistent thighs.

And then she pushed me back. I lay on the floor, confused and dazed. My pulsing cock threatened to burst from my silky panties. I just had to relieve myself. But no… I didn’t dare. She was looking at me. Perhaps she was just waiting for the chance to punish me.

I felt in anguish. Was I having a nightmare? She was so lovely, so beautiful. I knew it was my place to serve her always. If only she would allow me relief. Somehow I doubted she would. I was confused and bewildered. She knew what was best for me. That is why she had me on her training program. Wasn’t it?

Gradually, our heavy breathing subsided and Mistress Mala stood up. My stiff rod began to wither a little — so painfully — and as I got to my knees she was slipping into her sandals.

“Come on darling, let’s get something cool and sweet to drink,” she said. And I followed her, she put back dress, her bra, her panty — Oh gosh — the heels tore at the panty but she still wore it over her legs, and with her high heels and her entire gorgeous body we went into the kitchen.


Chapter 2

Rajneesh and Mala are now in the Bedroom. They return after a small break in the Kitchen.

Mala had driven him nuts in the kitchen finally allowing him to move back to his bedroom and assuring him of some good sex. She was slowly starting to take sympathy on the poor guy and decided to make him feel better in her own style. She was surprised to hear from him that he and his wife still fucked missionary and practically no foreplay, his entire thrills are from the porn stuff stacked up in his house and some experience with Shanti, Mala decided to give him some thrill like as if he was a virgin getting to feel a woman for the first time.

She started to seduce him and the first thing Raj wanted was to see was her boobs completely. Raj couldn’t stop now even if he wanted to stop, which he didn’t. The sight of her almost naked tits, and the blouse top with the bra already loosened inside having only inches to go before unveiling the luscious mounds to his eyes and hands, drove him bananas.

“Well, all right then. You can see,” Mala moved her hands and let his fingers pull off her halter top, exposing the twin jugs jutting from her rib cage. His fingers plunged into the soft firmness of her quivering tits, squeezing and kneading them, making them shiver as the weight of them moved under her soft skin. His finger tips tracing the blue veins in the milky softness, touching her pink nipples causing the skin to crinkle and rise. The smoothness of her nipples changing to hard nubbins of standing flesh under his caressing fingers.

Mala pulled gently on his cock, forcing him higher on the bed until his cock was over her breasts, then holding his balls in one hand, put pressure on his foreskin, rolling it down over the heat to gather in a lump around the neck of his prick. His cock head was bright purple, and a jewel of honey sparkled at the tip.

Mala gently squeezed his cock from belly to tip, milking out more crystal honey. The cream dribbled down his glans, sticky and hot, until Mala touched the tip of his cock to her nipple. The clear honey moved from his cock to the nipple on her tit, clung at the very tip then slid slowly down to rest at the base of her nipple.

She took one finger, making sure Raj was watching her, and carefully rubbed it into the nipple. It left a smear of cream, sparkling on her nude breast as she rubbed it farther to leave a trail of honey four or five inches long down her breast.

“Oh… That feels so nice. Do you have any more of that nice cream in there for me or you still want to save it for Shanti, she will not let you fuck her?” Mala asked the sex starved for Shanti – Rajneesh. Her fingers milking his cock harder, swelling the purple head of his prick, making the honey ooze in a long string from his hole.

“Doesn’t that look pretty. You have such nice cream in you, and it feels so good on my bare tits and nipples. Your cock is so pretty I could just kiss it. But you will have to call me Madam” Mala was teasing him to death now.

“Please Ma’am. Kiss it,” his voice plaintive and suggestive at the same time, urging her to take his cock and hold it in her mouth. His hips moved upward on the bed microscopically aiming his tool to her soft mouth.

“I believe I will kiss it, Raj. You have excellent ideas. If I do kiss it, would you like a deep kiss where I put my tongue on it?” this was getting tough for the guy.

The idea was so overwhelming to him that he could only nod his head as he offered her his cock, now dribbling freely. He pushed his cock through her hand a little harder, closer to the sweet lips where her pink tongue slipped out to wiggle barely inches from his cock.

“But Raj, if I kiss it for you, and make it a deep kiss by using my tongue on your hard cock, then what if I like it and want to put it inside my mouth and suck some of the sweet cream out of it?” she further tormented him.

“What if you didn’t like it in my mouth, then where would I be?” Mala’s hand sliding up his cock, milking the dribbling cream from his balls, tickling the soft skin on his hard leaking prick. She toyed with Raj, watching how his breath caught while she talked about sucking his prick cream.

“I’d like it, I promise I’d like it. Please suck the cum from my cock,” his eager voice almost broke as he visualized her lips sucking him. “All right then. I’ll do it this time, just because you’re a sweet boy. But if I do it, will you do something for me sometime if I ask nice. Would you kiss my pussy sometime if I ever wanted it kissed?”

The lovely woman wheedled him. Just the sound of her voice started tightening his testicles, and they drew up closer to the root of his cock. The vision of what it would look like with his cock between her lips started more honey running from his cock, and the thought of him kissing her pussy started his cock swelling just a little more.

“Yes, oh yes. I’ll do anything you ever want if you’ll put my dick in your mouth and suck it.”

“Will you tell me how much cream you have in there for me?”

“Lots!” Raj’s voice almost cracked.

“How do you know, do you jerk it off and find out how much is there?”

“Well, sometimes I do. When I get hot, I do, and there’s really a lot of juice!” he said proudly.

Mala knew the man was so close. His cream a steady stream from the hole in the end of his purple headed young prick, and she shot out her tongue and licked his purple head.

He jerked at the contact of her hot wet tongue on his super sensitive prick. His body shuddering as she realized how close he was. “Let me suck you off,” Mala said gulping down his cock, knowing he was about to shoot his boyish like load of cum. She milked the shaft of his cock twice rapidly, sucking the purple head and rolling her tongue around the heavy foreskin. He bucked upwards, his ass muscles tightened, his balls drew up to tight knots next to his shaft, and he came in her wet sucking mouth.

His salty sweet cum squirted in a thin stream from the hole in the purple head to the back of her throat, then the next spurt followed, faster and thicker, the oily cream clinging to the pink inside of her mouth as she made her pursed lips into an oval and started sucking the cream from the squirting hole. His cum, boyish and heavy, flashed from his tight testicle groin through his cocks shaft to spray into the suction created by her lips and mouth. Some cream escaped to run down her chin and drip to her full tits, but she swallowed some and stored the rest in her billowing cheeks, until his spasms stopped and only clear cream dripped a drop at a time into her eager mouth, then none.

She stuck her pink tongue out of her wet sperm filled lips, licking the last of the cream from his glans, then swallowed the stored cream of his sperm, feeling it cling to the sides of her throat as she swallowed his cum.

“Now see what you made me do! You made me suck all the cream from your sweet prick and then you came in my mouth and your not hot any more!”

Mala accused Raj to make him feel guilty, however her hand continued to milk his cock as he lay down beside her touching her breasts. She knew that he was extremely virile at 30 years, he was younger than both Mala and Shanti who were touching 34 years of age and at that as he was, it was only a matter of minutes until he would be hard again.

“I’m sorry Mala. I didn’t mean to come in your mouth, but it felt so good with you sucking me. It was like the first time I came when I just started to masturbate.”

“It’s all right sweet lover, just remember, a girl likes to have fun and feel good too,” she hugged him to her breasts, holding him so the softness of her full tits was against this face. He kissed her nipples and starting tonguing them into increasing hardness.

“Will you show me your pussy, Mala? I am thirsting for Shanti and somehow she has been making me terribly weak by her actions- she has something against me, I love her a lot and that is a mistake, I should be practical, now with you can I behave practical,can I see yours?”

“Of course you can, silly. You just have to take down my lehanga, and the torn panty on the side right there. then you can look at my pussy all you want, and you can touch it and if you really are a good lover, I’ll let you kiss it and suck it.” Mala was being nice to him, she knew the trouble Shanti was creating for the couple.

Raj’s busy fingers pulled and tugged at the tight rope running it down the curved hip, then pulled at her lehenga. Mala’s ass raised to help him. Quickly he had her dress at her ankles and then on the floor. Her hips covered with only a flimsy pair of brief white torn panties, that he rolled, slid and pulled down to her lower thighs. Mala raised both legs straight up in the air in a jack knife position, and he pulled her panties off her toes.

“There’s my pretty pussy. It’s all naked just for you. You can do anything that you want with it,” Mala, thighs closed, undulated her lower body.

Raj touched the curly soft black hair, feeling the springy curls move under his fingers, running his hand over the smooth skin of her belly and back to the red hair of her cunt. The ringlets of hair stopped in a straight line across her belly, leaving the red bush looking like a filled in vee between her warm thighs.

His fingers continued caressing the warm curly hair, touching and testing, like an explorer, looking for her hidden cunt. Mala moved the thigh of one leg slightly, opening just enough thigh to let Raj see the pinkness of the top of her pussy through the hair. His finger went immediately to the warm pussy, probing the smooth flesh, his other hand rested hot on her thigh, pulling the weight of her leg to open the crack further.

Mala obliged the tormented Raj by letting him move her thigh and open her legs wider, she didn’t help, she wanted him to work at exposing her cunt. His vision fell on the swelling of the lips disappearing between her rounded white thighs, and his forefinger followed, tracing the soft crevasse, feeling the moist heat coming from the clamped lips. He discovered that each time he moved her thigh, more pussy was exposed to his intent gaze.

He took his hand from her pussy, and placing one hand on each of her inner thighs, moved them, spreading her legs until he had them wide apart, then Raj moved to kneel in the area between her out spread thighs. His head bend forward. both hands to her cunt, spreading the lips to look deeply into the pink moist cave, marveling at the ragged look of the swelling of her cunt opening.

Mala’s finger moved lazily down between her legs to burrow into her cunt, pointing to and pressing gently on her clit.

“This is my clit. In Latin it’s called a clitoris, but usually it’s called a clit, or love bump, or sometimes it’s called the ‘man in the boat’. This is just like the head of your cock, this is where it feels best to touch or kiss, but you must be gentle. It get so sensitive sometimes that it almost hurts if it’s touched too roughly.”

His fingers played in the wet opening, touching and kneading the erect bump of her clit. Her hips were jerking and undulating as his untrained fingers played in the wet gluey opening, the finger of one hand stiffly fucking into her opening, the other finger tenderly rubbing her love bump. Her breathing quickened as his fingers sawed in and out of her cunt, her ass rising to help him finger fuck her juicy pussy.

“Kiss me on the cunt, stick your hot tongue inside me and suck on me,” Mala’s voice implored the youngster, her hands pulling him down to her wet box.

Raj didn’t really need any urging. He bent forward, diving face first into her red haired muff like he had been eating pussy all of his life. His tongue sticking stiffly out, lips open, he speared his agile tongue deep into her wet open cunt as he began to taste and suck the juicy wetness. His tongue flickered and explored the rising love bump, moving it’s fleshy mound up and down and around, his hands moving to clasp her voluptuous ass, pulling her tighter to his seeking lips.

Mala’s hands clasped behind his head pulling him deeper into her wet heated pussy, his nose firmly against her protruding clit, as she began to cum with his tongue fucking and sucking her pink hairy opening.

Her belly writhing against his face, her thighs tightly clapped against the sides of his head, her hands pulling him face first deep into her mushy gluey cunt, Mala was spending her orgasm in waves of pleasure. She could feel his powerful suction pulling her feminine oily lubricating juices from her pussy, into his mouth, and the movement of his Adam’s apple against her asshole as he eagerly swallowed each squirted offering. Cumming in one continuous orgasm, Mala knew she could keep this up for hours as long as he kept sucking. She remembered having three men once, suck her pussy one after the other, each replacing a tired tongue quickly, and looking at the clock later to decide that she had cum for more than three continuous hours.

“Would you like to fuck me, Raj. Would you like to put your cock in my hot wet pussy and fuck me?” Mala’s voice snapped his head from her slippery pussy, head nodded, his cock trembling from eagerness. The thought of putting his aching cock in that wet pool of her cunt and fucking a lady as beautiful as Mala was, made his head spin. He really wanted him to fuck her for him strangely, she looked more alluring than Shanti.

“Then come here. Hold my titties and stick your prick into this nice wet cunt, and fuck me Raj. I want to feel your boy cock in my lady pussy. I need you to fill my belly with your sweet young man’s cream.”

The young man of 30 years moved between her spread thighs, his slim hips maneuvered until his prick was touching her belly, half kneeling between her legs. Her hand touched the root of his cock, held it between two of her fingers as she guided it into the slippery channel, rubbing the purple head in her slick pussy fluid.

Coated in honey and the slippery juice from her cunt, his cock pressed into the pink and dark opening. He could feel the slitted entrance widen to his pressure, then the slit narrowing and changing from a crevice to a hole. His purple headed cock felt the joy of slipping into a hot cunt after so many days. It was nearly forty days after the last time he had fucked his wife at the party and after that for some reason or the other Lakshmi was not ready for it, most of the time she was at her parent’s place and he was alone using his hands with the help of the porn. Shanti was just now relenting to him and had virtually made him a dead meat after having led him up the promised path of sexual bliss.

With easy motion, his prick slipped deep into Mala’s belly until his pubic bone rested against hers, his curly cock hair nestled against her wet red haired pussy. He felt the overwhelming need to plunge and buck his cock rapidly in and out and started the quick action which would culminate in the release of his cum in her belly, however Mala’s hands held his ass tightly to her, stopping his movements.

“Hold still dear, don’t move, just feel. Feel the heat inside my belly, and the touch of my cunt hair against your belly. Feel the softness of my titties and taste my nipples.” she was teaching him like a young boy learning to cycle for the first time.

His head, pillowed between her breasts, turned as he sought the aureole of her left nipple, savoring the dimpled opening at the tip and the difference between the skin on her breast and the feeling of the crinkled nipple against his tongue.

“Can you feel my nipples swell against your tongue, and the seeping moisture from the walls of my pussy bathing the skin of your cock. Feel the skin of your balls against my asshole. Feel this now, I’m going to make my cunt milk the cum out of your cock!”

Her pussy writhed around his shaft, pulling him deeper into her belly tightly, then relaxing to allow his cock to settle before tightening again, sucking his cock with her cunt. His tongue feverishly flickering over her hard pink nipple, his ass feeling her hands caressing and teasing the crevice and touching his crinkly brown hole.

Mala’s legs lifted, sliding around his back as her ankles locked around him, her cunt climbing his pole, milking his cock for the cum stored in his testicles. His head felt light, it was great when her soft lips had sucked the cream out of his prick, and he’d loved the taste of her slippery pussy, but actually fucking a grown 30+ lady in the cunt with his cock was fantastic.

Raj exploded, his hips a frenzy, his movements so rapid that his lower body appeared to blur, as he drove his still boyish like prong with feverish intensity into her hot moist pussy. Her arms held his teenage body tight against her full breasts as her ass lifted to his lunging, her belly writhing as she came around his sweet prick. The sensation of fresh fluid hotly against his cock, tightened his testicles, swelled the head of his cock, and liquid fire sprayed from his cock to her cunt. Spurting and squirting, Raj’s cum spattered inside her wet over heated pussy as she realized the fantasy of fucking a sexually starved man whose first outside fuck besides his wife was her best friend Shanti who teased and tormented him more than give any real bliss, so for Mala this session seemed like she was taking his virginity once again with her hot milking pussy.

Raj’s heart pounded as his cum shot deep into Mala’s belly. His breathing a sobbing sucking try for air to reach his lungs, his testicles clenched as their full load emptied out the hole in the head of his purple glans. Spraying, spurt after spurt of thin cream shot to run into, then leak out of her black hairy cunt.

His body collapsed, held by her arms around his shoulders and her thighs and legs locked around the small of his youthful back, feeling her pussy still spasming around his cock and feeling the fluid still seeping from his hole.

They lay motionless, her pussy absorbing his cream, his breath slowed and he sighed a deep deep sigh of contentment. They lay motionless for minutes…

“What are you two doing?” Shanti’s voice boomed out in the bedroom, causing Raj to thrash like a hooked fish, his head held tightly between Mala’s clamped thighs and pulling hands, attempting to get loose from her slippery pussy.

As his head pulled from Mala’s thighs, he saw her in the bedroom standing over the bed, and he knew he was in big trouble. …

Raj first looked at the two women standing by the bed, then looked down at Mala lying with her legs spread and her matted red haired pussy drenched with saliva and pussy juice.

“What are you doing to my friend, young man?” Shanti’s voice carried stern warnings, visions of thumb screws and torture chambers, long prison sentences and slow death by burning.

Raj looked at his own naked body, his hard cock now wilting, streaming a webbed drip of cream leaking from his cock to the bed.

“Nothing Shanti. We weren’t doing anything,” his voice lacked conviction, however he was remembering his promise to Mala never to tell. His gentleman’s code of ethics was being severely strained by Shanti standing over him, quizzing him.

“What do you mean, nothing. I come back from the office and find both of you naked on the bed, Mala has her legs apart and we find you with your cock between her thighs making all kinds of fucking and sucking sounds, and you call that nothing.” Shanti was seething with rage.

“Did you hear that, Mala? He says ‘ nothing to me.’ Do you think he was about to rape you? I think we had better call the police and have them pick up this rapist.”

Shanti walked to the phone and picked it up. Raj’s expression turned from fear to panic, his eyes wide, his body starting to shiver. Mala was being silent, no help to him at all. It was time to throw himself on the mercy of the court. He looked imploringly into Mala’s eyes.

Mala spoke and she spoke for the young man.

“Shanti, leave him alone, you have troubled the family enough. I do not like this any more. You are a good woman with ethics all this while — and suddenly you have turned a different person altogether, this is not correct. We know each other for quite some time for me to tell you that the revenge story is not appropriate — do not pick up on soft targets like Raj and Lakshmi. If you have the guts and energy — go and get those who really made use of you including Balu, Manohar Udit etc. These people are nice guys, you took him up the garden path — allowed him to get seduced and it is not right to trouble them anymore. I will not agree to it. There is a limit to everything and anything in life. Enough. His poor wife still adores you as a friend. Go back to your normal ways Shanti. I am a slut but believe in doing it to please and be pleased. Not to hurt.”

Mala was agitated and after she spoke, got up and went to the Rest Room. Raj quietly left the room and went to the other part of the house — picked up a soft drink from the fridge and slowly got into the cane chair in the Verandah.

Nobody knows how Shanti took all that after that– she left the place quietly. There was no more contact between Raj and her after this.


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Tit for Tat Fun with Hema’s Hubby

Hot from the sun and from the scene she’d just witnessed, Hema headed for the shower. Maybe cold water would dampen her maddening lust as she showered, she wondered what to do about her secret.

She’d just watched her best friend’s lover commit adultery. Should she tell Shanti?

It was hard to answer. She felt she ought to rat on Ratan and yet she didn’t want to hurt Shanti’s feelings. By the time she stepped out of the shower she still hadn’t made up her mind. She wandered naked to the bedroom and started hunting up some clothes. She wanted something very seductive, something that would be sure to arouse Sri. She paused and looked longingly at the king-size bed where they’d had such terrific sex. It seemed so long ago. Sri was always tired now, always preoccupied with his job. He’d come home, eat dinner, and fall asleep in front of the TV, leaving Hema aching with frustration. Well, not tonight!

She picked out a little red jumpsuit, one that hugged her petite curvy body. She stepped into it and walked to the mirror. She was still in her late twenties, and her body was good. She knew any man would find her attractive.

Any man but her lover Sri just didn’t seem to be interested in sex any more. Hema knew she was going to have to work extra hard to get him turned on tonight.

She paraded back and forth in front of the mirror, sticking out her tits and wiggling her ass. The little slut wished she could be as tall and busty and seductive as Vijayalakshmi, but she also knew she was no dog. Well, the outfit would just have to do, because Sri was going to get home at any minute. Hema hurried to the kitchen and mixed a pitcher of beverages. She dropped olives in two glasses and set them to chill. Then she heard her lover’s car in the driveway. “Okay, Hema, this is it,” she said determinedly.

He came dragging in the door, pooped out as usual. He didn’t even took at her as he hung up his jacket and flopped into his recliner. He sure didn’t look ready for a roll in the hay, but Hema vowed to change that.

“Hi, honey,” she purred. “I’m so glad to see you. Would you like a beverage?”

“Oh, yeah, that’d be great,” Sri sighed.

Hema brought the coffees and pulled her chair close to his. “Rough day?” she asked.

“They’re all rough days,” Sri sighed after taking a gulp of his beverage. “But it means a lot more money.”

“Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth the money,” Hema said as she leaned over to kiss him.

She planted her mouth on his and kissed him hungrily, wriggling her tongue between his lips. No response. She probed his mouth with her hot little tongue and sensuously caressed the back of his neck still no response.

She drew back and looked at him. “Honey, I really worry about you. You’re so tired all the time. Maybe you should think about getting another job.”

“What’s for dinner?” he asked.

Hema sighed. “Upma with Sambhar I’ll go fix it.”

Maybe he’d feel more refreshed after he’d had something to eat. She watched him closely through dinner. He hardly glanced at her and didn’t notice the sexy outfit she was wearing. She might as well have been a piece of furniture.

Later, as she was washing the dishes, Sri passed through the kitchen yawning. “Gosh, I’m bushed,” he announced. “I think I’ll just go right to bed.”

“Good idea, honey.” Hema smiled. “I think I’ll join you.”

She left the rest of the dirty dishes in the sink. There were more important things to take care of. She followed Sri into the bedroom and quickly slipped out of her clothes. Usually she wore a nightgown, but she jumped into bed naked. Sri didn’t even seem to notice that.

“It’s so hot tonight,” she cooed. “You Don’t need your pajamas.”

“No, I guess not,” Sri sighed.

He dropped his shorts and Hema ogled his big hairy body.

Even after seven years of relationship, she loved his body, and she felt her hungry pussy swelling, heating and creaming.

Sri got into bed, and she snuggled up to him.

“I’ve been thinking about you all day, honey,” she purred.

“That’s nice,” Sri muttered, reaching for the light.

“Wait, leave it on awhile,” Hema said, running her hands over his hair-matted chest.

“Oh, you want a read?” he yawned.

Hema sighed with exasperation. “No, darling, I want to make love!”

Sri just blinked at her, as if he wasn’t familiar with that activity. She ran her hands down over his hips and onto his cock. She wrapped her fingers around his meat and started pumping it. No response.

“Hema, I’m kinda tired,” he said.

She pumped his cock harder, faster. “But Sri,” she said, “we haven’t made love in weeks. I’m horny, baby I’m so horny I could scream!”

“Okay, we’ll do it on Saturday night,” he said.

“No, Sri,” Hema said firmly, “I want it now!”

She slid down beside his cock, stuck out her tongue, and started lashing it all over his prick. Now she was finally getting his attention. He gave a little snort of surprise then shivered. Maybe he was responding at last.

Hema took her time, whipping her hot juicy tongue all over his big blue-veined cock. She hadn’t Srie that in a long time, and she’d missed it. Sri was always telling her to wait, that they’d do it on the weekend. Well, she couldn’t wait any longer.

“Mmmmmm, mmmmmm,” she moaned.

She lathered every inch of his prick with her hot spit. She caught the fat purple head of his cock between her lips and teasingly nibbled and sucked at it. Sri shivered again. He seemed to be breathing harder.

She knew what he liked best, what excited him more than anything else. Opening her lips wide, she started sucking his prick into the steamy heat of her mouth. As she encased his cock in hot juicy flesh, he groaned.

“Mmmmm, that feels nice,” he said.

Well, at least she was making some progress. She sucked in nearly all of his cock, all she could take without choking on it. She firmed her hot lips around the thick shaft and started sucking loudly and hungrily.

“Oh, yeah,” Sri groaned, “that feels great!”

Hema gave a muffled moan of lust as she felt his cock finally reacting to her hot greedy sucking. His cock throbbed, swelled and stiffened. She almost came just thinking about it. She sucked harder and drooled all over his mushrooming prick.

Sri was panting now, and he kept giving hoarse groans of pleasure as she sucked his throbbing stiff cock. Hema was shaking with need. Tonight she was going to get laid! It almost seemed too good to be true.

She sucked till his cock was cramming her mouth and almost butting down her throat. Then she drew back and admired her work. Sri’s prick was massive, spit-soaked, and drooling. It was ready for action-and so was Hema.

“Mmmmm, honey,” she gurgled, climbing on top of him.

Usually they did it with Sri on top, but she couldn’t wait.

She simply couldn’t wait another second to feel her lover’s massive hard prick inside her. She straddled him and jerked her hips downward, taking the hugely swollen head of his prick into her juicy little cunt-mouth.

“Oh, God,” she sobbed, “I need it so bad.”

Sri’s handsome face was flushed with lust, his nostrils flared. She’d gotten his attention, all right. He grabbed her tiny waist and started easing his thick hard cock up her smoldering pussy-hole. Hema threw back her head and sobbed with relief as the thick column of cock filled her starved cunt.

“Ahhhhh, baby, ahhhhh,” she wailed.

Snorting with lust, Sri plowed his prick to her womb, stuffing her completely with the hot cock-meat. She soaked his cock with helpless floods of molten cream. She’d waited two long horny weeks for this sensation, and she was going out of her mind with excitement.

“Fuck it to me, honey,” she moaned, “fuck my brains out, lover!”

“God,” Sri growled, “You really are horny!”

“No shit?” she whimpered. “Don’t talk, baby, just fuck!”

Sri leered at her and pumped his cock hard and deep in her juice-flooded cunt. He always liked it when she was naughty in bed, when she begged for his cock. Well, she was begging tonight begging with her whole body.

“Ooooooh, shit, oooooh,” she moaned.

He was fucking her good and hard, just the way she craved it and it was a heavenly relief for the sex-starved young girlfriend. She creamed steadily and uncontrollably, the molten cream overflowing her cunt and soaking his balls. Her cute orange-sized tits wobbled before his lusty eyes.

“Fuck it to me, fuck me forever!” she wailed.

Sri got more excited as she wickedly urged him on, and he fucked her harder and harder till she was riding his cock like a bucking bronco. Hema let her head loll back, and she closed her eyes tight, shutting out everything but the intense pleasure she was feeling. She was already rocketing helplessly toward orgasm.

“Ohhhhhh, Sri, honey, I love it!” she howled. “You’re fucking me so damned good!”

That spurred him to even harder fucking, and Hema floated to the brink of climax. She could have come right then, and come like a bomb, but she greedily held back, gorging herself on the hot sweet sensations his cock was giving her.

She ached to come, yet she didn’t want the pleasure to end. She hovered there, half coming, whimpering in ecstasy, while her lover’s massive prick pounded deep and hard in her starved little cunt. Nothing in the world felt better than this, she was sure of it.

But she couldn’t hold off her orgasm forever, and at last it overpowered her, exploding from deep in her cunt and flaming out to shake her whole body. She shuddered violently and began to scream with relief.

“Ohhhhhh, Sri, yesssss, I’m coming-waaaahhhhhh!” she howled.

“Unnnnhhh, God-aaaaggghhhh!” he bellowed.

Hema always loved to feel his thick hot load filling her cunt. He had a lot stored up this time. It flooded her pussy and overflowed, running down her legs. The searing flood made her orgasm even longer and more intense.

Even as she started coming down from that delicious orgasm, she was hungry for another one. It had been so long since she and Sri had fucked, just one climax wasn’t going to satisfy her. It might take two or three to do the job.

“Honey,” she gurgled, massaging his prick with her greedy cunt.

But Sri gently rolled her off him and gave her a peck on the cheek. “That was great, honey,” he yawned. “Good night.” Good night? When her whole body was seething and aching with lust? Hema couldn’t believe it. But Sri rolled on his side, turned off the light, and in less than a minute he was snoring.

“Shit,” she moaned.

She’d gotten all the loving she was going to get and that would probably be it for the next two weeks. She could have sobbed with frustration. That one wonderful orgasm had just whetted her appetite for more. She could have fucked for hours and still not have been satisfied.

Well, she had to face reality. Sri was through for the night, maybe through for the month, and if she wanted more sex, she’d have to find another way to get it. And there was only one way she could think of.

Hema rolled over to the far side of the bed, lay on her back and opened her thighs. She slipped a hand between her legs and touched the hot and swollen flesh of her pussy. She rubbed the engorged folds and whimpered with need. She didn’t believe in cheating, so masturbation was the only way out for her. She hadn’t played with herself in years, not since she was a lusty 18 year old virgin. She’d almost forgotten how. But as she ran her fingers over her needy pussy, the technique quickly came back to her. Slowly and deliciously she discovered what felt best to her.

“Mmmmm, mmmmmm,” she sighed.

No danger of waking Sri up. He was out for the count. She allowed herself to sigh and gurgle as she caressed the steaming wet flesh of her pussy. Soon she zeroed in one the most sensitive and tender spot of all.

She found the little hooded lump of her clit at the very top of her pussy, and she pressed a fingertip to it and rubbed it in a slow sensuous circular motion. Sizzling cream spurted from her cunt and ran down the crack of her ass to puddle on the sheet beneath her. No, she hadn’t forgotten how to play with herself thank heaven.

Masturbation was going to be her only source of sex for quite a while, so she might as well go for it. She ran her fingertip faster and faster around her swollen clit, giving herself hot stabs of pleasure. She’d soon soaked her twirling finger with her heavily seeping cunt-juice.

It felt damned good, but it wasn’t what she wanted most. She ached to feel Sri’s big hard cock pounding mercilessly in her cunt. Her fingers could never give her that kind of satisfaction. But she didn’t have a choice.

Her fingers would have to do the job of a cock, somehow. Hema slid one stiff finger into her molten seething pussy, and it felt pretty good. It wasn’t as big as a cock, through and a cock was what she really craved.

She tried inserting a second finger, and that was better, but it still wasn’t quite what she needed. She somehow managed to wedge a third finger into her slick little pussy, and that was just right. It was almost as thick as a cock.

Yeah, mmmmmmm,” she gurgled.

With three fingers bunched together, she finger-fucked herself and she started slowly, then speeded up, finding that faster she did it, the better it felt. Her fingers made an obscene sucking sound as they reamed her famished cunt.

“Ohhhhh, shit, good!” she moaned.

Soon she was finger-fucking herself as hard and fast as she could ache to come. The bed quivered a little, but she didn’t worry about waking Sri. Hell, she could have been fucking another guy in that bed and Sri wouldn’t have woken up.

She put that forbidden thought out of her mind and just slammed her fingers harder and harder in her squirting little fuck-hole. She shoved her fingers as deep as they’d go, plumbing her molten depths. Then suddenly a gigantic orgasm ripped through her body.

“Ohhhhh, God, yesss, unnngghhhh!” she sobbed.

She moaned and writhed and rocked as she masturbated her way through that desperately needed orgasm. That would hold her for tonight but what about tomorrow and all the days after that? What about all those horny nights when Sri was too tired to fuck?

“Shit,” Hema sighed, “what am I gonna do?

She couldn’t go on dying of sexual frustration, yet she didn’t believe in cheating on her lover. She couldn’t accept playing with herself for the rest of her life, either. But as she fell asleep, she couldn’t think of an answer to her problem.

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स्टूडेंट सलोनी को देसी घी लगाकर सिल तोड़ी

हैल्लो फ्रेंड्स..  Hindi Desi sex story,  Hindi sex stories, Hindi sex story, Kamukta, Antarvasna, Hindi sex kahaniya,  मेरा नाम राहुल है. में कोलकाता का रहने वाला हूँ और में पिछले तीन सालो से इस सेक्स वेबसाइट का पाठक हूँ और मैंने सोचा कि में मेरे साथ घटी हुई एक सच्ची घटना आप सभी से शेयर करूं.. अब आपका ज़्यादा टाईम ना लेते हुए में सीधा अपनी स्टोरी पर आता हूँ.. यह कहानी थोड़ी लंबी है.. लेकिन में उम्मीद करता हूँ कि यह आप सभी लोगों को बहुत पसंद आएगी. में कोलकाता के एक प्राईवेट डिग्री कॉलेज में लेक्चरार हूँ और मुझे इस नौकरी पर 2 साल हुए.. मेरी उम्र 27 साल है और में दिखने में बहुत अच्छा लगता हूँ जो कि मेरे दोस्त मुझसे कहते है. मुझे जिम जाने का बहुत शौक है क्योंकि मेरा शरीर बहुत अच्छा है और में फिज़िक्स पढ़ाता हूँ. में जिस क्लास में पढ़ाता हूँ उस क्लास में करीब 35 लड़के और 22 लड़कियाँ है और कॉलेज के बाद में अपने घर में प्राईवेट क्लास लेता हूँ.

सलोनी नाम की एक लड़की मेरी क्लास में थी और वो दिखने में बहुत ही खूबसूरत थी. उसकी उम्र 21 या 22 होगी.. फिगर 36-30-34 है.. वो दिखने में एकदम सेक्सी, गोरी थी. में पहले उसे कभी बुरी नज़र से नहीं देखता था.. लेकिन हमारे कॉलेज के पहले साल के इंटरनल टेस्ट के बाद मुझे पता चला कि कॉलेज के कई बच्चे फिज़िक्स में फैल हो गए है.. लेकिन मेरी क्लास के बस 4 या 5 बच्चे ही फैल हुए थे और उनमें से सलोनी भी थी और सब को पता है कि में बहुत अच्छा फिज़िक्स पढ़ाता हूँ. तो सलोनी एक दिन आई और बोली कि सर मुझे कुछ भी करके इस सब में पास करा दो और इसके लिए में कुछ भी करने के लिए तैयार हूँ. उस दिन वो सफेद कलर की एक टाईट शर्ट और एक जिन्स पेंट पहन कर आई थी.. जिसमें उसकी मस्त कमर दिख रही थी और शर्ट टाईट होने के कारण बूब्स भी ऊपर उठ गए थे.

फिर जब वो बातें करते हुए मेरे सामने झुकी तो उसके बड़े बड़े बूब्स को देखकर मेरी नियत खराब होने लगी और मेरा लंड पेंट के अंदर छटपटाने लगा. फिर मैंने तब सोचा कि इसे घर बुलाता हूँ और फिर इसका फायदा उठता हूँ और मैंने उससे कहा कि तुम एक काम करो.. मेरी कोचिंग में तो बहुत ज्यादा बच्चो का कोर्स चल रहा है तो में तुम पर ज्यादा ध्यान नहीं दे सकता तो तुम रात को मेरी क्लास खत्म होने के बाद 9 से 11 बजे तक मेरे घर पर आया करो और मैंने उस दिन उसके घर जाकर उसके पिताजी से भी बात कर ली. मैंने उस दिन उसकी कमर और बूब्स को सोचकर 3 बार मुठ मारी और अब वो रोज मेरे घर आया करती थी और में उसे पढ़ाया करता था. में उस पर चान्स मारना चाहता था.. लेकिन इधर उधर हाथ लगाने के सिवाए और कुछ आगे हो नहीं पा रहा था. एक दिन जब सलोनी मेरे घर आने वाली थी तो मैंने जानबूझ कर अपने रूम का दरवाजा खुला छोड़ दिया और अपने कंप्यूटर पर ब्लू फिल्म लगाकर थोड़ी ज़्यादा आवाज खोलकर फिल्म देखन लगा और में अपनी पेंट उतार कर लंड को हिला रहा था. तभी सलोनी अंदर आई और मुझे ढूंडते हुए मेरे कमरे तक आ गई और उसे कुछ अजीब सी आवाज़े सुनाई दी तो उसने थोड़ा दरवाजे को खोला और देखने लगी. में उसे सामने दीवार पर लगे शीशे से देख रह था और वो मेरे 7 इंच के लंड को ही घूर रही थी.. उसका पूरा शरीर अजीब सा होने लगा और वो अपनी चूत सिकोड़ने लगी.. मुझे लगा कि अब उसकी चूत गीली हो गई है और में इसे प्यासा, तड़पता हुआ इस हाल में कुछ ना करूँ तो वो अपने आप मुझसे चुदवाने आएगी और फिर मैंने अपने कंप्यूटर बंद कर दिया और वो झट से दरवाजे से भाग गयी. तो में 5 मिनट बाद स्टडी रूम में आया और उसे बोला कि मुझे माफ़ करना में सो गया था और मुझे नींद की वजह से थोड़ी देर हो गई. तो उसने कहा कि कोई बात नहीं सर और उसके बाद से उसकी मेरे साथ बातचीत बदलने लगी.. वो दिन ब दिन अपने बदन को मेरे सामने नये नये तरीकों से दिखाने लगी और किसी ना किसी बहाने से मेरे बदन को छूने की कोशिश करने लगी. फिर एक दिन उसने मुझसे पूछा कि सर क्या आपकी कोई गर्लफ्रेंड नहीं है? तो मैंने कहा कि नहीं.. मेरी कोई गर्लफ्रेंड नहीं है. तो उसने मेरी बात पर बिल्कुल भी विश्वास नहीं किया और कहा कि ऐसा हो ही नहीं सकता.. आप दिखने में इतने अच्छे हो तो आपकी कोई गर्लफ्रेंड कैसे नहीं हो सकती? तो मैंने कहा कि मुझे आज तक तुम्हारी तरह कोई खूबसूरत लड़की मिली ही नहीं तो मैंने गर्लफ्रेंड नहीं बनाई. तो वो शरमा गयी और फिर मैंने अब अपना एक हाथ उसकी पीठ पर और दूसरा हाथ जाँघ पर हाथ रख दिया और वो कुछ नहीं बोल रही थी.

फिर उसके जाने के बाद मैंने ठान लिया कि कल शनिवार है और में उसे मौका देखकर चोदकर ही रहूँगा. फिर जब वो आई तो मैंने उसे कहा कि मेरा बदन बहुत दर्द कर रहा है क्या तुम मेरी थोड़ी मालिश कर दोगी? तो वो तुरंत मान गयी.. लेकिन बोलने लगी कि मैंने आज सफेद ड्रेस पहनी है और वो मालिश करने से खराब हो ज़ायगी. तो मैंने उसे बोला कि कोई बात नहीं तुम एक टावल पहन लो और मेरी मालिश कर दो और फिर थोड़ी देर सोचने के बाद वो मान गयी और में अंदर गया और अंडरवियर पहन कर आ गया. फिर वो मेरे पैरों को मालिश कर रही थी और उसके गोरे गोरे जिस्म पर उसकी काली ब्रा की डोरी मुझे साफ साफ दिख रही थी और उसकी गोरी दूध जैसी सफेद जाँघ देखकर मेरा लंड अंडरवियर फाड़कर बाहर आने को बैताब था. वो मालिश करते वक़्त बस मेरे लंड को ही देख रही थी और बार बार अपना एक हाथ उस पर घुमा रही थी. फिर उसने कहा कि सर आपका यह इतना बड़ा क्यों हो रहा है? अभी तो छोटा था. तो मैंने अंजान बनकर पूछा कि क्या? तो वो थोड़ा सा शरमाई.. मैंने बोला कि शरमाओ मत बोलो तुम अभी क्या कह रही थी?

तो वो इशारा करके बोली कि आपका लंड अभी बहुत छोटा था और अब बड़ा ऐसा क्यों? तो मैंने सोचा कि लड़की फंसने लगी है और इसे हाथ से जाने नहीं देना चाहिए और मैंने कहा कि मुझे भी पता नहीं.. ना जाने क्यों तुम्हे देखने के बाद इसमें दर्द भी होने लगा और फिर उसने कहा कि क्या में इसकी भी मालिश कर दूँ? तो मैंने कहा कि ठीक है जैसा तुम्हे अच्छा लगे कर दो. फिर उसने जल्दी से अपने हाथों से मेरी अंडरवियर उतार दी और 5 मिनट तक उसे घूर घूरकर देखने लगी. तो मैंने पूछा कि क्या हुआ क्या इससे पहले कभी नहीं देखा? तो वो शरमा गई और बोली कि मैंने इससे पहले ब्लू फिल्म में देखा था.. लेकिन इतना बड़ा असली में मैंने कभी नहीं देखा था. फिर में बोलने लगा कि ठीक है देखो और जो करना है करो.. लेकिन इसका दर्द थोड़ा कम करो. तभी वो बोलने लगी कि क्या में इसे मुहं में ले लूँ? तो मैंने बोला कि तुम इसे अपना ही समझो. तो उसने झट से उसे मुहं में ले लिया और ज़ोर ज़ोर से चूसने लगी और में तो जैसे आसमान में उड़ रहा था और इतने में उसका टावल निकल गया.. लेकिन वो लंड चूसने में व्यस्त थी.

फिर कुछ देर बाद मैंने उससे कहा कि तुमने मेरा लंड बहुत चूस लिया.. अब में भी तुम्हारी चूत चूसना चाहता हूँ. तो उसने झट से अपनी ब्रा और पेंटी को उतार कर फेंक दिया और उसके बूब्स ब्रा से बाहर आते ही हवा में झूलने लगे एकदम रसीले आम की तरह और फिर मैंने झट से सीधे बूब्स को मुहं में भर लिया और चूसने लगा.. उसके मुँह से आवाज़ें आने लगी आहह खा जाओ इसे दबाओ और जोर से प्लीज़. फिर में उसकी चूत को भी सहलाने लगा तो वो तड़पने लगी.. मैंने जब उसकी चूत को देखा तो क्या चूत थी.. उसकी चूत पर एक भी बाल नहीं था और हम तुरंत 69 पोज़िशन में आ गए और हम दोनों एक दूसरे को चूमने, चूसने लगे और उसकी चूत दो बार पानी छोड़ चुकी थी और वो बोलने लगी कि सर प्लीज अब मुझे चोद दो और आज चोद चोदकर मेरी चूत फाड़ दो. तभी मैंने उसके दोनों पैरों को मेरे कंधे पर रखा और मेरा लंड उसकी चूत में सेट किया और धक्का जोर का धक्का मारा.. लेकिन लंड बार बार फिसलता रहा और फिर में किचन में गया और थोड़ा देसी घी लेकर आया.

तो मैंने थोड़ा घी उसकी चूत पर और थोड़ा मेरे लंड पर लगा लिया और पूरी ताक़त लगाकर एक जोर का धक्का मारा तो इस बार लंड तीन इंच तक चूत के अंदर चला गया और उसकी एक जोरदार चीख निकल गई आअहह मर गई और उसकी आँखों से आंसू निकलने लगे और वो बार बार मुझसे लंड को बाहर निकालने को कह रही थी.. लेकिन मैंने उसकी एक ना सुनी और तेज रफ़्तार से उसे चोदने लगा. उसकी चूत से अब खून निकल रहा था.. 10 मिनट बाद वो भी शांत होकर चुदाई के मज़े लेकर अपनी गांड हिलाकर चुदने लगी और चिल्लाने लगी और ज़ोर से चोदो मुझे फाड़ दो मेरी चूत.. आज मुझे पूरी औरत बना दो आह्ह्ह्ह और जोर से आअहह और आधे घंटे की चुदाई के बाद में उसकी चूत के अंदर ही झड़ गया और में उसके ऊपर ही थककर लेटा रहा. आधे घंटे बाद हम दोनों को होश आया और मैंने घड़ी देखी तो 12 बज चुके थे. फिर मैंने उसके पापा को फोन करके बोल दिया कि आज परीक्षा की तैयारी के लिए पूरी रात पढ़ाई होगी और कल सुबह में खुद ही उसे घर पर छोड़ दूँगा और वो राज़ी हो गये.

फिर जब मैंने बिस्तर की और देखा तो सोनल अभी भी नंगी सोई हुई थी और मेरा लंड फिर से खड़ा हो गया. में फिर से उसके ऊपर चड़ गया और इस बार की चुदाई एक घंटे चली फिर वो मुझसे आग्रह करने लगी कि सर अब और नहीं सहा जा रहा.. में मार जाऊंगी. मेरी चूत जलने लगी है. तो मैंने उसे अपनी गोद में उठा लिया और बाथरूम में ले गया. उसकी चूत साफ करने के बाद मैंने उसे एक नींद की गोली और दर्द की गोली दी और सुला दिया ..

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चुदाईसे बढ़ गई मेरी कमाई की कमाई
चुदाई की रात चुतिली नर्स के साथ

Vijayalakshmi Bhabhi Seduces Neighbour Ratan

As the hot April sun soaked into the neighborhood, Hema Balaji felt like tearing off her Ghaghra. She wanted to be totally naked, tan all over. But of course that would have shocked the neighbors. “Darn,” Hema sighed softly. “I sure am getting some crazy ideas lately.”

It wasn’t just the idea of wanting to lie around stark naked in the back yard. Yesterday Hema had gotten the hots for the mailman. He was new on her route, a blond hunk, and he’d looked terrific in his uniform. Hema felt ashamed of herself. She was a knotted woman, and she really did love her lover, Sri. But they’d been knotted for seven years now, and their sex life wasn’t as exciting as it used to be. In fact, Hema thought sadly, it was about as exciting as watching paint dry.

She glanced around to see if anybody was watching, then pressed a hand to her pouting cunt-mound. She had an insane desire to slip her hand down inside her Ghaghra and play with herself. Why, she hadn’t masturbated since she was a 18 year old! She didn’t have to wonder what was giving her all these crazy ideas. She knew. She and Sri just weren’t making love often enough. He’d just been promoted, and he always seemed to be exhausted when he got home from work. He was just too tired for sex.

Hema pressed her cunt-mound harder and felt a boiling heat in her pussy. She would have given anything just then to have a man. She imagined a huge stiff cock sliding into her cream-soaked cunt, and she moaned softly.

“Okay, Hema, get a hold of yourself,” she muttered.

Beating off in front of the neighbors wasn’t the answer to her problem. But what was? She needed a lot more loving than she was getting, but Sri couldn’t give it to her. There didn’t seem to be any way out of her dilemma.

Then Hema was distracted from her problems when she heard voices from the next yard. That was the home of her best friend Shanti and her lover Ratan. Hema recognized Ratan’s voice now, but there was a female voice, too, and it wasn’t Shanti’s. A six-foot fence separated the two yards, but Hema knew where a knothole was. Bored, with nothing else to do, she naughtily decided to spy and see who Ratan’s female guest was. She knelt before the knothole and peered into her neighbors’ yard. Ratan was in shorts and a T-shirt, lounging in a chair. His visitor was Vijayalakshmi, a stunning black-haired divorcee who lived in the next house over. Vijayalakshmi was wearing what had to be the world’s smallest Ghaghra.

Ratan was ogling Vijayalakshmi’s tall big-tit body, and the expression in his eyes wasn’t brotherly.

“Shame on you, Ratan,” Hema whispered.

Of course he didn’t hear her, and she didn’t want him to she’d have been terribly embarrassed to be caught spying on him but she decided she’d better keep spying, just in case Ratan was up to something. Shanti would want to know.

“I’m really sorry, Vijayalakshmi,” Ratan was saying, “but I already lent my garden scissors.”

“Oh, damn,” Vijayalakshmi drawled in her naturally sexy, husky voice.

“But stay and have a coffee if you’ve got time,” Ratan added.

“Why, Ratan, I’d love to!” Vijayalakshmi smiled.

Now Hema was riveted by the scene. Vijayalakshmi was new on the block, and her arrival had made lots of the neighborhood wives nervous. Surely this dazzling young woman wouldn’t go long without a man. But would she get a man of her own, or would she seduce someone’s lover?

While Ratan went to get coffee, Vijayalakshmi settled himself in the chair next to his, smiling. She tugged at the top of her Ghaghra, loosening it a little so it looked like her big firm tits were about to pop out.

Bitch,” Hema muttered.

Ratan quickly returned with the coffee, and he and Vijayalakshmi began to chat. She kept brushing his arm with her hand and her long red finger-nails. She really was gorgeous, Hema had to admit, but she also seemed to be coming on to Shanti’s lover. “It’s so nice of you to let me stay, Ratan,” Vijayalakshmi sighed. “I’m so lonely since my divorce. I really miss having a man in my life.”

Ratan looked like he was going to choke on the ginger from his beverage. He blushed a little, swallowed hard, and said, “Aw, come on, Vijayalakshmi. A beautiful woman like you, lonely? I find that pretty hard to believe.”

“It’s true, Ratan,” Vijayalakshmi purred. “At night I think I’ll go crazy you can’t imagine how horny I get.”

Ratan turned even redder, and Hema scowled. Vijayalakshmi was coming on to him all right. And now the bitch had the colossal nerve to remove her Ghaghra blouse and bra! She unfastened it and tossed it aside, and Ratan’s eyes almost popped as he ogled her melon-sized tits and big cone-shaped nipples.

“Mmmmm, that feels better.” Vijayalakshmi smiled. “I hope you don’t mind, Ratan. Nobody can see us.

“Oh, no, no, I Don’t mind,” Ratan practically yelped.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her fantastic tits and Hema really couldn’t blame him. Vijayalakshmi was built like a movie star all legs and tits and ass, and now she were wantonly displaying her naked tits to Ratan.

Would Ratan be able to resist her come-on? Judging from the talks Hema had had with Shanti lately, she didn’t think so. Shanti and Ratan’s relationship was a lot like hers and Sri’s-seven years old and getting stale. Ratan was probably ripe for the plucking.

“You know what I miss most of all, Ratan?” Vijayalakshmi cooed. “A man’s touch. Like this.”

She took his hands and set them on her huge naked tits. Ratan made a horny croaking noise. He didn’t put up any resistance. He started molding and squeezing her tits and Vijayalakshmi gurgled with excitement.

Terrific, Hema thought. Now what do I do?

She wished she hadn’t spied, but it was too late to stop. She felt she had to see everything Ratan did, so she could report it to Shanti. Or should she just open the gate and walk over there and put a stop to this hanky-panky?

She thought about it and decided that Ratan and Vijayalakshmi would probably just tell her to take a hike. She’d stay where she was, gathering information to report to Shanti.

Vijayalakshmi’s huge silky-skinned tits seemed to be swelling as Ratan molded them. Her long eyelashes were at half mast, and she was smiling seductively. Hema wasn’t surprised when Ratan started getting a hard-on.

Still she thought, bastard.

The fly of his shorts was obscenely tented. Vijayalakshmi noticed too, but she just grinned. After all, that was what she’d been aiming for and she had her neighbor’s lover so hot for her that he couldn’t control himself.

“You’re getting me awfully excited, Vijayalakshmi,” Ratan reported hoarsely.

“Mmmmm, honey, you’re getting me excited, too,” she purred.

Hema was really pissed off. Her best friend’s lover was about to fall into bed with the neighborhood seductress. But at the same time, Hema had to admit she was getting turned on by the scene. She wasn’t proud of it, but her pussy was on fire. No wonder. It was two weeks since she’d gotten laid. She had so much lust stored up she was getting turned on just from watching other people make out. She was definitely going to have to have a talk with Sri.

Meanwhile wild horses couldn’t have dragged her away from that knothole. She was angry, but she was fascinated. She’d never spied on anybody before, and she’d never watched others getting it on. She just couldn’t resist peeping.

“Ratan,” Vijayalakshmi gurgled, “we’d be more comfortable on the grass, Don’t you think?”

“Uh, sure, whatever you say,” Ratan croaked.

They slid out of their chairs and onto the soft freshly mowed lawn. Vijayalakshmi snaked her arms around Ratan’s neck and kissed him. Hema could tell she was shoving her tongue in his mouth. She expected to see steam come out of his ears.

As she gave him a long steamy tongue-kiss, Vijayalakshmi rubbed her naked tits against his chest. She pulled up his T-shirt and wriggled her stiff nipples into the thick hair mat. Ratan gave a muffled groan.

At last they came up for air, and Vijayalakshmi said in her husky voice, “Help a lady out, Ratan? Honey, I’m so horny I could die.”

“Uh, gosh, Vijayalakshmi, I dunno,” Ratan said hoarsely. “I mean, I’m knotted, and I love my girlfriend. I’m not sure I could do that to Shanti.”

“Darling,” Vijayalakshmi purred, “Shanti will never know. And I really need you. Here, just feel this.”

She quickly removed her Ghaghra, and Ratan gawked at her cute copper-colored bush. She grabbed his hand and stuck it between her legs. Ratan shivered, and Hema knew he was touching wet, searing-hot flesh.

“See?” Vijayalakshmi whimpered. “Feel how hot my pussy is, Ratan? Come on, help me out.”

She didn’t wait for an answer. She pulled off his T-shirt and tugged down his shorts. The crotch of his jockey shorts was bulging with an enormous hard-on. Vijayalakshmi grasped the waist-band of his shorts and tugged the garment off, leaving him naked.

“Mmmmmm, Ratan, you have a fantastic body,” she gurgled.

Poor Ratan didn’t stand a chance. His cock was so engorged by now, it looked ready to explode. Vijayalakshmi wrapped her fingers around the thick blue-veined column of meat and began pumping it and Ratan groaned with excitement.

There go his relationship vows, Hema thought.

She was furious with him, yet at the same time she couldn’t blame him a bit for responding to Vijayalakshmi’s come-on. After all, Vijayalakshmi was a fantastically beautiful woman, and she was doing everything in her power to turn him on. Hema found herself staring at Ratan’s cock. He was pretty well hung. She felt hot cream oozing from her hungry little cunt and she wished she had a hard cock of her own to play with. It had been so long since she and Sri made love, so long that she was almost whimpering with need.

She rubbed her thighs together, trying in vain to ease the hot ache between her legs. This spying was making her too damned hot. She really ought to stop, yet she didn’t want to miss a second of this exciting scene.

Vijayalakshmi pumped Ratan’s iron-hard cock till he was shivering and moaning steadily. Then she flopped onto her back and pulled him on top of her. He sank down between her satiny thighs, and she cupped his ass and dug her long red nails into the taut flesh.

“Please, Ratan, honey, fuck me,” she whimpered.

“Oh, shit,” he groaned, “I’m only human.”

His ass jerked sharply, and Vijayalakshmi’s head lolled back in bliss. She gave a hoarse sustained moan as he shoved his long stiff cock into her burning needy cunt. Watching it happen, Hema creamed right through her Ghaghra.

“Oh, my God,” she moaned softly.

She had to admit it-she ached to get just what Vijayalakshmi was getting. She’d almost kill for it. She wanted to feel a huge hard prick cramming her starved little cunt, reaming her out.She’d never felt so frantically horny in her life.

“Unnnhhhh, honey, yesss,” Vijayalakshmi sobbed, “get into meeeee!”

Ratan hit bottom, only his balls showing, and he groaned in delight. But Vijayalakshmi didn’t let him pause to savor the moment. She started jerking her hips, too horny to wait even a second for the hot action she craved. Ratan snorted with lust and started fucking her hard.

“Unnnnhhhh, yesssss,” Vijayalakshmi moaned, “fuck it to me, baby fuck me good and hard!”

On the other side of the fence Hema was whimpering with lust and envy. Sure, she was furious with Ratan for cheating on Shanti and she could have scratched Vijayalakshmi’s eyes out, but she was also going crazy with horniness.

She watched Ratan’s thick cream-soaked cock hammering up and down in Vijayalakshmi’s juice-squirting cunt and listened to him groaning with pleasure. She couldn’t remember the last time Sri had fucked her with that much enthusiasm.

Hema longed for the great early days of her relationship when she and Sri had fucked like bunnies. She realized now that their sex life had been getting dull and routine for a long time. Sri just didn’t have the hots for her like he used to and did she still have the hots for him? Right now, she had to admit, she wanted to be fucking Ratan. She wanted to feel that wrist-thick cock piston in her starved cunt rocketing her to the orgasm she so urgently needed.

“Oooooh, shit, honey,” Vijayalakshmi whimpered, “You’re fucking me so damned good!”

Tell me about it, Hema thought enviously.

Vijayalakshmi wasn’t faking her excitement. Her lovely face was contorted with pleasure, and she was jerking her hips furiously to Ratan’s hard rhythm. Thick pearly cream was gushing from her reamed cunt.

Hema was almost panting with lust as she watched. Again she felt an insane desire to stick her hand inside her Ghaghra and beat off. But even more, she wanted the real thing. She wanted a man so bad, she could have screamed.

She’d get Sri to make love to her tonight. She had to, or she’d go crazy. No matter how tired he was, she’d perk him up and then she’d fuck his socks off. The horny young girlfriend made herself that firm promise.

“Harder, baby, make me come!” Vijayalakshmi moaned.

Ratan snorted with lust and fucked into her so hard that Hema could hear their bodies slamming together. She could hear the lewd sucking noise his cock was making as it reamed the hot cream from Vijayalakshmi’s squeezing pussy. The noises drove her to a fever pitch of lusty longing.

“Unnnnhhhh, shit, yesss, you’re doing it to me, I’m comingggggg! Vijayalakshmi wailed. “Ohhhh, God-whaaahhhhhh!” Her body rocked and writhed, and her huge swollen tits wobbled hard against Ratan’s chest.

Her spasming cunt brought him off a second later, and he groaned and hammered his load into her. “Awwwww, fuckin’ Christ, awwwwwww!” he roared.

Hema shivered and whimpered as she watched them coming. She ached to be coming herself, but there was nothing she could do about it, not for hours. Her relief wouldn’t come till Sri got home, and even then she was going to have to fight for it.

“Oh, God,” Ratan moaned as he finally rolled off Vijayalakshmi.

Vijayalakshmi grinned wickedly and gave a final lusty wriggle.

“Honey, that was fantastic,” she gurgled. “Just what I needed and remember, nobody will ever know.”

That’s what you think, bitch, Hema thought angrily. She drew back from her spy hole and stalked into the house.

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चुदाईसे बढ़ गई मेरी कमाई की कमाई

कैसे हो दोस्तों लंड पकड़कर पढ़िए आप का माल अब गिरने वाला हैं  Hindi sex story, Hindi sex stories

मैं अपने कॉलेज में होने वाले टेस्ट की तैयारी कर रही थी। तभी अब्दुल का फोन आया,”नफीसा, क्या कर रही है ?

जल्दी से ऊपर आजा… एक काम है !”

“अभी आती हूँ… ” मैंने मोबाईल पजामें में रखा और कमरे से बाहर निकली।

“मां की लौड़ी, कहा जा रही है? पढ़ना नहीं है क्या… ” पापा ने हांक लगाई।

“पापा, अब्दुल भैया ने बुलाया है… अभी आई !” कह कर मैं सीढ़ियों की तरफ़ भाग चली।

“चुदवाने जा रही है भेन की लौड़ी … ।” रास्ते में अल्ताफ चाचा ने टोका।

मादरचोद, टोक दिया ना… साला रोज़ तो चोदता है और फिर भी लार टपकाता है… ”

“अरे, बुला रिया है तो मर… भोसड़ी की मेरा ही लौड़ा चाटती है और मुझे ही गाली देती है !”

“मां के लौड़े, आगे और नहीं चोदना है क्या ? चल रास्ता ले… गांडू साला !” मैंने उसे प्यार से दुलारा और छलांगे भरती हुई छत पर आ गई।

अब्दुल अपनी छत पर खड़ा था। उसने ऊपर आने का इशारा किया। मैं दीवार फ़ांद कर उसकी ऊपर की छत पर आ गई।

सामने वही कमरा था जहा अब्दुल या युसुफ़  मेरी सामूहिक चुदाई करते थे।

“रात को मस्ती करनी है क्या… ?”

“नहीं रे ! मेरे तो कल टेस्ट है… वैसे एक ही टोपिक है… चल बता प्रोग्राम…? ”

“देख तुझे पैसे भी मिलेंगे और चुदना भी नहीं है… बोल मस्ती करना है?”

“भेनचोद कोई जादू है जो बिना चोदे पैसे दे जायेगा?”

“देख एक खेल है, उसमें तुझे दो हज़ार रुपया मिलेगा, पांच सौ मेरे… !”

“यानी डेढ़ हजार मेरे… बोल बोल जल्दी बोल … मजा आ जायेगा !”

उसने मुझे खेल के बारे में बता दिया, मैं खुश हो गई पर शंकित मन से पूछा,”मुझे चूतिया तो नहीं बना रहा है ना,

मालूम पड़ा कि भोसड़ी का मजे भी कर गया और माल भी नहीं मिला?”

“बस तू आजा… रात को वही ग्यारह बजे… ”

मैंने सर हिलाया और वापस लौट आई। रात को दस बजे मैंने खाना खाया फिर अपने बिस्तर पर आराम करने लगी।

साले अब्दुल के दिमाग में क्या है?

उन लड़कों के नाम भी नहीं बता रहा है… और कहता भी है कि तू जानती है… मुझे वो अच्छे भी लगते हैं… पर कौन ?

मोबाईल की घण्टी बजी, अब्दुल का मिस कॉल था। मैंने चुप से लाईट बन्द की और चुपके से छत पर चली गई।

उपर घना अंधेरा था, शायद, अमावस की रात थी। कुछ ही देर में मेरी आंखें अंधेरे की अभ्यस्त हो गई।

मैं दीवार फ़ांद कर ऊपर पहुंच गई। मुझे पता था चुदना तो है ही सो कम से कम कपड़े पहन रखे थे।

कमरे के दरवाजे पर ही अब्दुल ने कहा,”ये पांच सौ रुपये… !

अंधेरे कमरे में घुस जा और दो लड़कों में से किसी एक का लण्ड पकड़ कर मुठ मारना है…

ज्यादा समय, ज्यादा रुपया… ये पांच मिनट का पांच सौ है !”

“क्या बात है… अब्दुल, तेरे लण्ड को तो मैं प्यार से पियूँगी।”

मैंने रुपये लिये और अंधेरे कमरे में घुस गई, अब्दुल ने बाहर से दरवाजा बन्द कर दिया।

अन्दर जमीन पर ही एक मोटा बिस्तर डाल रखा था।

पहले तो घुप अंधेरे में मुझे कुछ नहीं दिखा फिर धीरे धीरे दो साये नजर आये। मैं उनकी ओर बढ़ी और एक का हाथ थाम लिया।

मेरा हाथ नीचे फ़िसला तो लगा वो तो पहले से नंगे थे। मुझे पांच मिनट से अधिक लगाने थे ताकि मुझे ज्यादा पैसा मिल सके।

मैंने उसका लौड़ा थाम लिया और उसे मसलने लगी।

उसकी आह निकल पड़ी। मेरे सतर्क कान उनकी आवाज पहचानने में लगे थे।

मैंने नीचे बैठ कर उसका तना हुआ लण्ड अपने मुख में ले लिया और चूसने लगी। सब कुछ धीरे धीरे कर रही थी।

पता नहीं कैसे मेरा प्यार उस पर उमड़ पड़ा और उसका लण्ड के छल्ले को कस कर रगड़ दिया

और उसने बाल पकड़ कस कर पकड़ लिये और वीर्य छोड़ दिया।

मेरा मुख उसके वीर्यपान से भर गया। जिसे मैंने प्यार से पी लिया। तभी अब्दुल ने पांच मिनट का सिग्नल दिया।

मैंने बाहर आ कर अब्दुल को बता दिया अब दूसरा लड़का और था। मैंने उसे थाम कर उसका मुठ मारना शुरू कर दिया।

वो साला तगड़ा निकला, मैं मुठ मारती रही, साला दस मिनट से ज्यादा हो गये झड़ने का नाम ही नहीं ले रहा था।

पर अगले पाँच मिनट में वो झड़ गया।

मुझे पन्द्रह सौ और पांच सौ यानी दो हजार मिल चुके थे।

“मजा आया नफीसा… देख तूने तो एक ही बार में दो हज़ार कमा लिये… और अभी तो आधा ही कार्यक्रम हुआ है।

चल अब बस गाण्ड चुदाई करानी है। तेल लगाया है ना गाण्ड पर?”

“अरे मेरी गाण्ड तो गुफ़ा के बराबर है… कितनी ही बार घुसो… पता ही नहीं चलता है… पर हां,  सामूहिक चुदाई में मस्ती खूब ही आती है।”

“तो चल… जा अन्दर… और मरा ले अपनी गाण्ड !”

मैंने अपने कपड़े उतारे और फिर से अंधेरे कमरे में घुस पड़ी। पहले वाले ने प्यार से मुझे पीठ से चिपका लिया और मेरे बोबे पकड़ लिये।

मैं घोडी बन गई और नीचे घुटने टेक दिये और बिस्तर पर हाथ रख दिये, मैंने अपनी दोनों टांगें फ़ैला कर अपने चूतड़ खोल दिये।

उसका ठण्डा और क्रीम से पुता लण्ड मेरे गाण्ड की छेद से छू गया।

देखते ही देखते लौड़ा मेरी गाण्ड में उतर गया। मुझे अब मीठी सी गाण्ड में गुदगुदी सी हुई और मैं सी सी करने लगी।

वो मेरी चूंचियां मसलने लगा और लण्ड की मार तेज करने लगा। मुझे भी मस्ती आने लगी।

मैं अपनी गाण्ड के छेद को कभी कसना और ढीला करने लगी, कभी अपनी गाण्ड को हिला कर और मस्ती करती …

पर साला का लण्ड कमजोर निकला… उसने मेरे बोबे दबा कर अपना वीर्य छोड़ दिया…

मेरी गाण्ड में उसका वीर्य भर गया। फिर उसने अपना लण्ड बाहर निकाल लिया।

अब दूसरे की बारी थी… मेरी गाण्ड में वीर्य का फ़ायदा यह हुआ कि उसका मोटा लण्ड मेरी गाण्ड में वीर्य की वजह से सीधा ही गाण्ड में घुस गया।

उसका लण्ड मोटा और लम्बा भी था। थोड़ी ही देर में वो मेरे बोबे दबा दबा कर सटासट चोदने लगा।

पर ये मेरा दाना भी सहला देता था। इससे मुझे भी तेज उत्तेजना होती जा रही थी।

कुछ देर बाद वो भी झड़ गया। उसका वीर्य भी मेरी गाण्ड में सुरक्षित था, पर सीधे खड़े होते ही वो तो मेरी टांगो से लग कर बह निकला।

“अब्दुल भोसड़ी के, अब तो लाईट जला… ” मेरी आवाज उनमें से एक पह्चान गया।

“अरे नफीसा… तुम…? !!”

मेरी आवाज सुनते ही उसमें एक बोल पड़ा। मैं चौंक गई। इतने में अब्दुल ने लाईट जला दी। मैं नंगी ही मुड़ कर उससे लिपट गई।

ये मेरा आशिक रफ़ीक था। सुन्दर था, सेक्सी था, पर शर्मा-शर्मी में हम बस एक दूसरे को देखते ही थे।

सामूहिक चुदाई तो दूर की बात है.

बात नहीं हो पाती थी, उसने मुझे लिपटा लिया।

“नफीसा, मेरी नफीसा… देखा भोसड़ी की, तू मुझे मिल ही गई, ये मेरा दोस्त खलील है !” रफ़ीक भावावेश में बह गया।

इतने में अब्दुल हिसाब करता हुआ बोला,”खेल खत्म हुआ… देखो… आपने मुझे पांच हज़ार दिये थे…

इसमें से तीन हज़ार नफीसा की सामूहिक चुदाई के हुए… और ये दो हज़ार आपके वापस !”

रफ़ीक ने पैसे लेकर मुझे दे दिये… “नहीं ये नफीसा के हैं… इसका दीदार हुआ… मेरा भाग्य जागा… !”

मैंने पांच हज़ार लिये और पजामे की जेब में डाले। रफ़ीक को चूम कर मैं अब्दुल से लिपट गई।

“अब्दुल, इस गाण्डू रफ़ीक ने मेरी चूत में खलबली मचा दी है… मुझे चोद दे यार अब… ”

अब्दुल से रफ़ीक की शिकयत करने लगी।

मैं उसके बिस्तर पर चित लेट गई। अब्दुल मेरे ऊपर चढ़ गया और मुझे कस लिया और एक झटके से मुझे अपने ऊपर ले लिया।

“ले नफीसा… चोद दे मुझे आज तू… रफ़ीक… एक बार और इसकी गाण्ड फ़ोड डाल !”

मैंने अपनी चूत निशाने में रख कर लण्ड पर दबा दिया और हाय रे … मेरी चूत में  सामूहिक चुदाई का रंगीन तड़पन होने लगी।

लगा सारी मिठास चूत में भर गई हो, इतने में गाण्ड में रफ़ीक का मोटा लण्ड घुसता हुआ प्रतीत हुआ।

मैं सुख से सरोबार हो उठी। तभी खलील ने आना लण्ड मेरे मुख में दे डाला…

“हाय रे मादरचोदो…! आज तो फ़ाड दो मेरी गाण्ड… इधर डाल दे रे मुँह में तेरा लौड़ा… ”

“नफीसा, सह लेगी ये भारी चुदाई… ।” मेरे मुँह में तो लण्ड फ़ंसा हुआ था, क्या कहती, बस सर हिला दिया।

इतना कहना था कि भोसड़ी के अब्दुल ने लण्ड दबा कर चूत में घुसा डाला।

उधर रफ़ीक ने भी गाण्ड में अपना मोटा लण्ड घुसेड़ मारा।

लगा कि अन्दर ही अन्दर दोनों के लण्ड टकरा गये हों।

मेरे जिस्म में दोनों लण्ड शिरकत कर रहे थे और दोनों ही मुझे उनके मोटेपन का सुहाना अहसास दिला रहे थे। मैं दोनों के बीच दब चुकी थी।

दोनों लण्डों  से सामूहिक चुदाई का मजा मेरे नसीब में था।

पर साला मरदूद… हांफ़ते हांफ़ते उसने मेरी तो मां ही चोद दी… उसके लण्ड ने वीर्य उगल दिया और सीधे मेरी हलक में उतर गया।

लण्ड को मेरे मुख में दबाये हुये वीर्य उगलता रहा और मुझे अचानक खांसी आ गई।

उसने अपना स्खलित हुआ लण्ड बाहर निकाल लिया। अब मेरी चूत और गाण्ड चुद रही थी।

मेरा जिस्म भी आग उगल रहा था। सारा जिस्म जैसे सारे लण्डों को निगलना चाह रहा था।

अन्दर पूरी गहराई तक चुद रही थी… और अन्त में सारी आग चूत के रास्ते बाहर निकलने लगी।

लावा चूत के द्वार से फ़ूट पडा। मैं बल खाती हुई अपने आप को खल्लास करने लगी।

इतने में अब्दुल भी तड़पा और वो भी खल्लास होने लगा…

उसने अपना लण्ड बाहर निकाल लिया और मुझे चिपटा लिया… उसका लावा भी निकल पड़ा…

अब सिर्फ़ रफ़ीक मेरी गाण्ड के मजे ले रहा था… कुछ ही देर में उसका माल भी छूट पड़ा और मेरी गाण्ड में भरने लगा।

मैं अब्दुल के ऊपर सोई थी और रफ़ीक मेरी पीठ से चिपका हुआ था।

“मेरी नफीसा… आज तू मुझे मिल गई… बस रोज मिला कर !”

“तू तो है चूतिया एक नम्बर का… भोसड़ी के, मेरे तो पचास आशिक है…

सभी से सामूहिक चुदाई कराती हूँ मैं.

तू भी बस मेरा एक प्यारा आशिक है…

बस चोद लिया कर… ज्यादा लार मत टपका…! ” मैंने कपड़े पहनते हुये कहा।

अब्दुल और खलील दोनों ही हंस दिये… उसके चेहरे पर भी मुस्कान तैर गई… उसने मेरी चूत पर चुम्मा लिया और चाट कर बोला…

“नफीसा, यार तू है मस्त… मेरी जरूरत हो तो बस अब्दुल को बोल देना… ” मेरा पाजामा थूक से गीला हो गया।

“अरे जा… तेरे जैसे गाण्ड मारने वाले तो बहुत है, पर हां… तू तो मुझे भी प्यार करता है ना… !”

“हट जाओ सब… अब बस मैं अकेला ही नफीसा को अभी चोदूंगा… ” वो जोश में आ गया।

मैं उछल कर बाहर की ओर दौड़ पड़ी…

“अरे रुक जा… छिनाल… रण्डी… मेरी नफीसा… !”

पर मैंने एक ना सुनी… मैं फ़ुर्ती से जीना उतर कर दीवार लांघ कर अपने घर में चली आई…

अब मैं पाच हज़ार कैसे खर्च करूँ, जो मेरी सामूहिक चुदाई की पहली कमाई थी.

स्टूडेंट सलोनी को देसी घी लगाकर सिल तोड़ी

The Crazy Erotic Weekend

The last Saturday of this June was the most amazing and wicked weekend getaway I have ever experienced in my life. I was in a dilemma for most of the time should I write about this or not. But then I thought what the heck.

A group getaway was long due for all of us. When I say us what I mean is a group of five couples namely: Anjila Siddique and Nimish Jain, Vaishali Kapur (Me) and Shoeib Alam, Pratibha Saxena and Sumit Bharadwaj, Pritha Ghoshal and Hemant Shah, Sneha Tandon and Vikram Shetty.

We had hired two cars and made an overnight drive to reach our destination. The name of the place is not important. Anyway, all through Saturday we fooled around together, went for sight seeing, teased each other, played some outdoor games, clicked some breathtaking photographs and just before returning to the hotel all the couples gave each other space as we went our separate ways to spend time with our hooked ones.

At night we were back for dinner in the small but stylish restaurant of the hotel. Most importantly the food was nice and they were able to arrange for the drinks we had asked them to before hand.

Since Pritha and Hemant’s room was comparatively bigger so post-dinner all of us assembled in their room in order to check out the sweet-sexy-crazy photographs we shot all through the night and day.

We carried over our boozing ordeal from the restaurant to the room with the guys drinking Whiskey while the girls sipped Vodka. All of us were in our night dress with the girls wearing shorts of different colors and lengths along with tees and tank tops while the guys were in shorts and gym-vests.

Once we were done perusing the photographs we thought of playing Truth and Dare. We gave each other all kinds of mischievous and funny acts on Dare and asked some seriously dirty questions during the Truth part. But an hour and half later all of it became a big bad bore. People had started yawning. It was then Nimish said, “The world is going to end next year. December 2012.”

“Bullshit!” Shoeib retorted.

“That’s what they are saying.”

“Who are they?” I asked, piqued.

“The calendars of Maya civilization.”

“Do you believe in such stuff?” Anjila asked Nimish.

Anjila and Nimish were hooked since three years now. Anjila clearly had the biggest assets among the girls in our group which made her act snobbish at times while Nimish was more of a guy next door. I didn’t quite like Anjila much. May be because she had a ‘fuller’ figure than me or what I don’t know. The dislike was of course not to an extent that was beyond my tolerance.

“I don’t know.” Nimish said.

“Like always. You are never sure of anything you say.” Anjila finished her drink. She had contempt in her voice which by now we knew was a routine whenever she talked to Nimish. Especially in our presence. She never let go of a chance to boss or some times even patronize him.


“But I believe in it.” Hemant said.

At 37, he was the oldest of all the guys and gals present by a decade. He was married and yet in a relationship with Pritha who was of our age. He always told her he would eventually divorce his wife and marry her but then he had been saying so from the last two years. Anyway, as friends we did alert Pritha about him but in the end we all quietly resigned since it really was ‘her’ life.

“Really?” I asked again. Smirnoff was making my head spin slightly. Still, I was in control. Or so I thought.

“Yes. So its better to enjoy as much as one can before it all ends.” Hemant shot a lecherous smile at Pritha who avoided eye contact.

“Doomsday or no doomsday I enjoy anyway.” It was Shoeib again.

My lover. I have already told you about him and me in my first story in this portal. We were still going steady. Or should I say we were fucking steady.

“The thought is scary none the less.” Sneha raised her voice.

She was the ‘good girl’ of our group or so she behaved and made us believe. She had a flawless fair skin and innocent facial features.

“Everything is scary for you. From doomsday to getting laid before marriage.” Sneha’s boy friend Vikram taunted. The sharpness in his voice told us someone was speaking from experience.

“That’s my choice.” Sneha suddenly sounded serious.

“Yeah, I know.” Vikram made a face.

“Someone sounds frustrated.” I joked. People laughed except Sneha.

Honestly, Vikram was a stud and I had a crush on him which only Shoeib and Pratibha knew about. He was tall, dark and muscular.

“Come on sweetheart its okay.” Pratibha comforted Sneha.

Pratibha was the super bitch of our group. A highly manipulative girl. I had an on and off relation with her. That night it was off. I must agree she had this killer model kind of a figure. But that’s about the good things about her. Some guys say that’s enough. Well, that’s debatable. She was dating her college boy friend Sumit who I felt wasn’t quite made for her. I can’t explain why. You look at some couple and know they aren’t made for the other. Again, none of my business.

There was silence. The first silence of the night. The only silence of the trip. I broke it by saying, “What about a bucket list or a bucket wish?” And looked at everyone’s face. “What if we tell each other that one thing that we want to do before this doomsday happens.” The faces only read boredom.

“What about a sexual bucket wish?” Shoeib asked. This time the faces had interest in them. Somewhere I felt proud to be associated with Shoeib. It was ingenious things like a ‘sexual bucket wish’ that had kept me hooked to him even though I knew how bitchy it was of me to do so.


“What is that?” Sneha queried. Nobody was surprised. I sometimes felt Sneha asked things like this intentionally just to prove to everyone how innocent she is.

“That one sexual act that we would like to do if the doomsday is a surety.” Shoeib clarified it for her.

“I am in.” The three words echoed nine times and then I exclaimed, “So let’s begin.”

“First you.” Shoeib said immediately.


As I started pondering over what that one act would be I saw everyone staring at my face eagerly awaiting an answer. As if suddenly all their sleep had been taken care of by a rush of blood at the right place.

“Hmm, okay.” I said, “Since you all know about how I made my boy friend and (now fiancee) Aashish watch me make love to Shoeib over Skype I think I shall go ahead this time and would like to make my entire family watch Shoeib and me fuck properly. I want them to know how dirty their girl is and they better accept Shoeib.”

A pause later there was a loud applause as if I had achieved something. Shoeib came over and kissed me once on my cheek. There were harder claps and some whistles too.

“You are next.” I told Shoeib.

As he took his place he said, “Mine is simple. I want to fuck the brains out of three Bollywood Actresses in one night. They would be Rani Mukherjee, Minisha Lamba and Kareena Kapoor. Man, I want to cum on Rani’s face, pee on Minisha’s butt hole and impregnate Kareena before her boy friend does.”

We all laughed out loud. Fantasizing about Bollywood actresses was such a common thing for guys in India. Shoeib’s desperation only restated it.


Next, every one turned towards Anjila since she was sitting next to Shoeib. It would go about in a circle was the unstated understanding.

Anjila cleared her throat as if she had already thought of what to say.

“I’ll like to go naked on street and then whatever happens, happens.” She smiled naughtily.

“There will be a traffic jam for sure.” Nimish commented trying to be funny.

“Or some traffic fuck.” Pratibha’s comment somehow caught Nimish off guard as if he had almost imagined Anjila being involved in a traffic fuck session. He didn’t laugh or even smile.

Next was Nimish himself. “I would fuck one of my aunts. She is like 32 or something. I have had a crush on her ever since my uncle married her three years back.” Anjila gave him a surprised stare as if she never knew about it and we cheered his declaration.

The whole process of announcing the ‘sexual bucket wish’ was slowly taking dirtier turn but the good thing was we all were sporty enough for it. I winked at Shoeib since I was enjoying it a lot as were others. Thanks to him.

“I can’t answer it.” We all booed Sneha.

“No, I can’t.”

“Yes, you can.” Vikram sounded vengeful.

“C’mon Sneha. No one’s serious here.” Anjila butted in.

“Alright. Alright. I don’t know. Perhaps a…gang bang.” She said aloud. There was a stunned silence. This was the last thing we thought we would hear from her. Vikram looked like he had seen a ghost. Nobody said a word while Sneha was too embarrassed to speak further. It was Vikram’s chance now.

“I would go by what Shoeib said. Even I want to fuck Bollywood actresses. Priyanka Chopra and Priety Zinta. Its like I want to fuck Priyanka and cum on Priety’s face and then fuck Priety and cum inside Priyanka’s pussy.” Nobody cared much. Only one or two clap were heard.

“I would like to do a friend of my younger brother.” It was Pratibha. “He is like 19 and super cute and the thought of being naked in front of a teenager gives me the kick.” I felt pity for Sumit for the kind of silent reaction he gave.

“I would like to fuck my maid once. She is hot.” I don’t know about others but I definitely booed Sumit. But then it was his choice.

“Don’t stick it inside me after you do her.” It was Pratibha’s sense of humor. Everyone laughed, I ignored her.

Finally it was only Pritha and Hemant left.

“I want to do it in the open once. Doesn’t matter with whom.” It was as simple as she was. I liked Pritha a lot. God bless her.

At last we the kids turned to the uncle in our group. Hemant Shah. Though nobody said it in Pritha’s presence but no one actually liked him. Not because he was bad or ill mannered but he simply was a misfit among us.

“I want to do a girl who is present in this room. I won’t give out her name though.” He laughed while the guys gave him a cold stare. Somehow Pritha found it very funny may be because she thought he was talking about her. If so, then why wouldn’t he take the name? He must have been fantasizing about his girl friend’s friends. That’s us!

Anyway, the game was over. People had started to stretch and yawn once again getting ready to leave. But I was very much agile. For some reason Hemant’s wish kept ricocheting in my mind till it took the garb of a solid thought. What if we have a dirty weekend here. Not with our partner but with each other’s.

I instantly SMSed my thought to Shoeib. I am not sure but I think Shoeib and I are the most sexually open couple in the lot. But what I didn’t expect was Shoeib would come out with my thought so shamelessly among all. He simply said it aloud a minute after I SMSed him.

“Attention please. Let me read the SMS that Vaishali sent me just now.” Before I could reach him, the thought was out.

“What rubbish!” Only Nimish spoke. The rest were all quiet. Not a single word. As if we all had mentally decided if we were with it or against but wanted not to lead but follow only if one does. Who would that leader be.

“I am ready.” Shoeib said. I wanted to say ‘me too’ but didn’t. There was no response from the rest either. People were avoiding eye contacts as well.

“Can’t we do a secret ballot?” For the first time I mentally thanked Pratibha for her suggestion. Sumit was too spineless to counter what his girl friend stated. Perhaps his girl friend was interested in fucking someone else was a humongous fact in itself which quietened him down.

Now people started looking at each other but from the corner of their eyes. Nobody was sure if their actions were going to be judged by their partner but inside they knew the door to their darkest fantasy had been knocked. Now all there was left to decide was to answer it or not.

“Anyone has a problem with what Pratibha said?”

Again nobody said anything. Guess, it was better this way. Blame it on the alcohol. No, blame it on the night.

Shoeib quickly rang the hotel staff and asked for a sheet of blank paper. Hemant had a pen. As the paper was provided Shoeib divided it into ten equal parts and gave it to each one of us.

“I don’t think its right.” Nimish sounded grim.

“Then write a no on your slip. simple!” Shoeib suggested and turned his attention to all, “All we have to do is write yes or no. The majority wins. Nobody can challenge the majority. Agreed?”

The silence was interpreted as positive by Shoeib. We all sat down with our piece of paper, wrote our decision and folded it before giving it back to Shoeib.

I had written a yes. I was deliberately not trying to think much. A numb mind is needed to green light such things. I think the same was true for the others too.

One by one Shoeib started reading aloud the one word decisions.


So there it was 8 yes-es and 2 no-s.

“C’mon you devils. Cheer up now. Am I the only man here?” Shoeib tried to charge up the quietness.

“How do we do it?” Hemant asked. I so wanted to know whom did he want to fuck among us girls as per his bucket wish.

Shoeib looked at me for a clue. I suddenly found my mind racing for a solution.

“What about the pairing of mobile phones?” I blurted out and I don’t know why I said so. All I knew was each one of us had a different model.

“Superb!” Shoeib said excitedly.

He immediately called the hotel staff for a plastic packet. It was promptly provided. Shoeib was the first one to drop his mobile phone into the opaque plastic packet. So did all the other guys; one at a time. The thing was: the guys would drop their mobile phones in the packet, the girls would pick up blind.

As Shoeib tried to shuffle the mobile phones by shaking the packet he said, “Once a girl holds a phone, she has to pick it up even if she realizes whom it belongs to by her touch.” Again a silent approval. What was with these guys? They all wanted to be a part of a dirty act but they didn’t want to talk about it. Mankind, thy name is Hypocrisy!

Anyway, the fact that the girl had to choose the mobile phone turned me on instantly. The girl will choose which guy will fuck her tonight. Will she pray to get her boy friend or pray hard to get someone else. Someone specific?

My prayers were already done.

“Vaishali, baby you first please.”

I followed Shoeib’s request and put my hand inside and in a flash took out a mobile phone. It was Sumit’s. I saw a hint of a mocking smile on Pratibha’s face. As if she was happy I was going to sleep with her boy friend.

Next, was Pritha. Then Sneha. Followed by Pratibha. Lastly, Anjila.

So, we finally knew with whom we were going to sleep with for the night. It was not the kind of weekend we had in mind. Perhaps it was better. Spicy it definitely was. There happened an umpteenth silence of the night. After which people got up and emptied the room following their partners.

The final list of the fuck-couples were:

Anjila and Hemant.

Pratibha and Vikram.

Shoeib and Sneha.

Pritha and Nimish.

Vaishali and Sumit.


One thing was sure: it was going to be a lusty night for the ones who had said yes but the two morons who said no…well, they would have to suit themselves.

Only Anjila stayed back in the room with Hemant; her twelve year older fuck partner for the night. As I left the room following Sumit I wondered if Anjila would be bossy on bed with Hemant as she is otherwise with Nimish.

I got to know only after the night was over as the girls confided in me what all happened in the respective rooms.

Nimish was the last one to leave the room. He didn’t know what to tell Anjila; his girl friend. This wasn’t an airport or a railway station where he would hug her and say some sentimental parting lines. He wasn’t sure if she really wanted to go through this either. May be she was the one who said no in the vote. But looking at her it didn’t seem so. She wasn’t making any attempt to reach him either. In fact she remained still. He glanced at her once hoping she would glance too. She didn’t. He finally went away.

Hemant was instantly on his feet as if he was waiting for the moment when the room would be empty except for the two; Anjila and him. He locked the door from inside and turned towards her. She looked at him. He smiled. She reciprocated nervously.

“Are you and Nimish a happy couple?” He was standing by the door.


“Just like that.”

“I would like to think so.”

“Your parents don’t have any problem because of the religion thing?”

“They don’t know yet.”

“Hmm.” Hemant ambled to the other end of the bed. “What did you vote?”

“A yes. You?” Anjila was suddenly soft. The fierceness that she often showcased in front of Nimish seemed a thing of the past.

“Yes, of course.” He said. She threw an appreciative smile at him.

“You always wanted another man?”

His questions were probing her dark side.

“No. Its all in the fun spirit right?”

“You really think so? We are literally swapping partners only for fun? Yeah, it could be a part of it but its not the whole of it.”

“What’s the whole of it?”

“That we all were looking for an excuse.” He laughed in an eerie manner. Few silent minutes passed by.

“Did you have anyone in mind while picking up a mobile phone?” Hemant asked.

“Not really.” Anjila said turning towards him to have an easy conversation. While doing so she lifted her legs on the bed and folded it to be comfortable. Hemant ogled at her legs. She noticed but didn’t react. The shorts and sleeveless tee now seemed like less clothing.

“You said in your wish that there was someone you wanted to do among the girls here. Who is it?”

“It’s you.” Hemant was prompt.

Anjila suffered a compulsive laughter. “Its me because I happened to choose you, right? Had it been someone else it would have been her.”

“No, I am serious. I have liked you from the day Pritha introduced us.”

Anjila checked her laughter. There was indeed a genuineness in his voice which kind of aroused her.


“Yes. Of all the girls you are the most womanly.”

She knew what he meant by that. It was something she was proud of; her body: 34d-28-36.

“Thanks.” She said.

“So, how do you like it?”

Anjila liked the straight-to-the-point attitude of Hemant but didn’t tell him about it.

“As in?”

“Rough, sensual or whatever?”

“Sensual I guess.”

“Hmm, if you don’t mind may I know how is your sex life like? Do Nimish and you do it often?”

Anjila swallowed a lump since she was confused if she should tell him the truth which was they had done it only twice. The first time was quick and the second was uninteresting for her. Not that Nimish wasn’t well endowed but he could do with a lesson with how to use Nimish junior to please her.

“Twice.” She said.


“How many times have you done Pritha?”

“I don’t even remember.” He smiled.

An image of Hemant fucking Pritha conjured in her mind and Anjila for a trice thought Pritha was lucky.

“I think if I strip first you’ll be comfortable. What say?”

“Yeah, okay.”

Hemant stood up and doffed his vest looking at her. Anjila noticed his hairy chest which wasn’t worked out but looked strong. His shoulders were broad as well. His belly was slightly protruding but his overall girth made up for it. Next he tugged down his knickers. His legs looked flabby but there was a manliness in his overall structure which Nimish didn’t have. Anjila couldn’t believe she was already comparing.

“You want me to go full monty or it’s okay for the time being?”

Anjila could see the buldge in his underwear. An urge to see it in all its nakedness knocked her. “Full.” She said.


Hemant spent no time to tug down his underwear. He stood naked in front of Anjila. For few seconds she kept looking down at his groin. It was a decent size with a slight curve in the end.

“You like what you see?”

Anjila nodded. She could now sense her arousal.

“I’m glad.” He said. “Now if you don’t mind, its your turn.”

Anjila kept sitting on her place.

“I would love it if you could also stand like me and strip.”

Anjila moistened her lips and climbed down the bed. She stood few steps away from Hemant whose dick, she noticed, had grown an inch more. There was silence as if she was waiting for more commands from her one night lover. For a moment she wondered about Nimish. He had been paired with Pritha. Had they already started fucking each other?

“Don’t you have any problem with Pritha fucking Nimish?” She asked.

“Not right now. This is a sinful night. I’ll be happy if she is happy.”

The statement also reminded Anjila this was her night to experience someone other than Nimish as well and see where it took her. That was the point of the entire switch: to experience another lover which under normal circumstances wouldn’t have been a possibility for this was a group act and when something is done at a mass level its becomes a shared guilt and hence less sharp.

Anjila held her tee and pulled it over raising her hands. Hemant saw her shaved armpits and grasped his dick. As he slowly massaged it, he saw her close her eyes.

“Could you please keep your hands in the raised position? I would like to see your armpits.”

Anjila did as he wanted and stood with closed eyes and hands raised. Hemant slowly flicked his dick ogling at her slightly sweaty armpits. His fetish for it was obvious. A minute later he said, “Please go ahead now.

She didn’t open her eyes while unhooking her bra. Her breasts were one of the most delicious, particularly the chocolate brown erect nipples, looking pair he had ever seen. And at 37 Hemant had seen quite a lot of them. As she placed her clothes on the bed her breasts juggled a bit which further aroused Hemant. She looked at him and managed an awkward smile. He was now shamelessly massaging his dick up and down. Anjila noticed it but didn’t say a word. She unbuttoned her shorts and came out of it. Then rolled down her panty and stepped out of it as well. Her pussy was trimmed.

“So?” She had to clear her voice to talk properly. Hemant didn’t say anything. He walked towards her. When he reached her, he pushed her on the bed. And opened her legs to position himself between her legs. Only the base of his shaft touched her semi-wet pussy. His chest crushed her breasts as he kissed her forehead, then her nose and lastly her lips. In the next second she found Hemant was sucking her tongue and intentionally spitting inside her mouth. As a reflex she held onto to his body tightly. It was stronger than Nimish was all she could think at that moment. Hemant broke the smooch and asked, “How many guys have been with till now?”

The statement also reminded Anjila this was her night to experience someone other than Nimish as well and see where it took her. That was the point of the entire switch: to experience another lover which under normal circumstances wouldn’t have been a possibility for this was a group act and when something is done at a mass level its becomes a shared guilt and hence less sharp.

Anjila held her tee and pulled it over raising her hands. Hemant saw her shaved armpits and grasped his dick. As he slowly massaged it, he saw her close her eyes.

“Could you please keep your hands in the raised position? I would like to see your armpits.”

Anjila did as he wanted and stood with closed eyes and hands raised. Hemant slowly flicked his dick ogling at her slightly sweaty armpits. His fetish for it was obvious. A minute later he said, “Please go ahead now.

She didn’t open her eyes while unhooking her bra. Her breasts were one of the most delicious, particularly the chocolate brown erect nipples, looking pair he had ever seen. And at 37 Hemant had seen quite a lot of them. As she placed her clothes on the bed her breasts juggled a bit which further aroused Hemant. She looked at him and managed an awkward smile. He was now shamelessly massaging his dick up and down. Anjila noticed it but didn’t say a word. She unbuttoned her shorts and came out of it. Then rolled down her panty and stepped out of it as well. Her pussy was trimmed.

“So?” She had to clear her voice to talk properly. Hemant didn’t say anything. He walked towards her. When he reached her, he pushed her on the bed. And opened her legs to position himself between her legs. Only the base of his shaft touched her semi-wet pussy. His chest crushed her breasts as he kissed her forehead, then her nose and lastly her lips. In the next second she found Hemant was sucking her tongue and intentionally spitting inside her mouth. As a reflex she held onto to his body tightly. It was stronger than Nimish was all she could think at that moment. Hemant broke the smooch and asked, “How many guys have been with till now?”

“First Nimish and now you.”

“You kidding me? Didn’t anyone wooed you in school or college?”

“Lots. But I was too cocky.”

“It seems Nimish left a lot for me but I won’t leave much for him or the third one after tonight.” He smiled at her. She liked his sexual humor. It made her feel desirable. She saw Hemant club her breasts together in his large hands and then suck her nipples hard. Too hard for her comfort.


Hemant only sucked harder circling the nipples with his tongue, flicking them roughly and then biting them at times. Getting licked by someone other than Nimish opened up dirty vistas in her mind. she realized she wanted it from a long time now. To be touched the way Hemant’s tongue touched her. After he had enough of her breasts, he moved down to her navel where he planted several kisses around her belly button. It aroused her further. Finally Hemant made himself comfortable between her slightly fleshy thighs. He kissed and nibbled on her inner thighs tickling her in the process. She held his head and pulled his hair to stop him from going further which only meant she couldn’t wait for the cunnilingus now. As Hemant dived his mouth inside, she reflexively, closed her thighs on him. He parted them once but again the same thing happened. In the end he forced parted her thighs apart. Her nicely trimmed pussy in all its wetness was eyeing him. He knew exactly where to lick and where to suck. It let out the sexual kitten inside Anjila who now started moaning subtly still pulling on his hair at times.

“I assume this is your first time like this?” Hemant said glancing at her once and then again licking her wet clit.

“Very much.” She said in a raspy voice.

“I love the smell of your secretions. The fact that your pussy is trimmed makes your pussy lucky and my tongue luckier.”

She also liked the way Hemant verbalized the details of his act. Nimish was always silent.

“What’s your favourite position?” She heard Hemant quip in-between his licks.

“I don’t know of much.” She was being honest. She had seen few but didn’t know the names.

“Let me teach you few poses tonight.” Hemant shot a naughty smile at her before digging into her pussy again. She squirmed a bit feeling his tongue go further inside her. She raised her hips as a reflex. Hemant placed his hand on her butt as he stuck his mouth doggedly covering her pussy and jutting in his tongue ferociously exploring Anjila’s inner flesh.

“Hemant please stop it!”

He relaxed for a trice and said, “Stop what? Tell me exactly.”

“Stop whatever you are doing. I can’t handle it anymore.”

“You have to be precise or I’m not stopping.”


“Eating what?”

“My pussy.”


“Stop eating my pussy Hemant.”

“Wow. I never knew I would hear it one day from you Anjila.” Hemant let go of her. Anjila felt like her stomach muscles underwent a momentary spasm.

She slowly straightened her legs as Hemant lay beside her wiping her juices from around his mouth. Half a minute passed as he admired her naked body. She finally noticed him do so.

“Did you enjoy it?” He inquired.

Anjila nodded positive.

“Has Nimish ever done this?”

Anjila nodded negative. She was trying not to think about her boy friend but Hemant was bringing it up every now and then.

“Why do you keep asking me about Nimish?”

“It gives me a real kick to know I’m spoiling his girl friend in my own way.” He sported a satanic smirk. The sound of the statement made Anjila realize it gave her a kick too. To get done by someone else other than her boy friend.

Hemant touched her forehead with his finger tips and brought it down, via her face, throat, tummy, to her pussy and inserted his middle finger in it. Pleasure made Anjila’s lips part instantly. Immediately he kissed her and in no time it turned into a passionate smooch. He sucked her tongue dry while she tasted his saliva and swallowed a bit too this time. When the smooch broke he looked into her eyes and said, “What’s the one thing you really want me to do tonight?” He was slowly finger-fucking her.

“Fuck me.”

“That I’ll anyway.”

Anjila saw an animal in him which she wanted to experience soon.

“Something else.” He said.

She thought for a moment and then said, “I don’t know. You tell me.”

“If I request will you agree?”

“Yeah okay.”


“Yeah okay.”

“I want to cum inside you Anjila.”

She swallowed a lump and said, “Nimish would kill you.”

“That’s okay. What would you do?”

She answered almost a minute later as if she lived the answer in her mind.

“Allow you.”

She felt his fingers fuck her intensely now. He once again locked his lips with hers and sucked hard on her lips. She soon felt like something was building up inside. She wanted to inform Hemant about it but he wasn’t letting her break the smooch. She hit his back few times and he responded by inserting another finger in her pussy. She closed her legs. And the next moment she squirted. In a flash Hemant left her mouth, took out his finger from her pussy and moved down. He placed his mouth right on her pussy and licked the liquid. He also licked up from the thighs to her pussy.

“What are you doing?”

“All your juices are mine tonight.”

She was happy he was doing what he was. Once done he sat on his knees on the bed. His dick was aiming towards her.

“Do you mind sucking my dick Anjila?”

She was still for a moment. After he had licked her juices she had curled up at one corner. Slowly she crawled towards him and faced his erect dick.

“Bend properly please. I want to see your anus while you suck my dick.”

She turned to see her reflection on the opposite mirror. She saw her butt-naked self. It aroused her. Hemant would see her anus as she sucked his dick? This night wasn’t real anymore. She turned and started licking his shaft from the base up and he admired her tiny brown anus between her attractive butt cheeks.

“Has Nimish tasted your anus ever?”

Not again! Anjila thought and looked up at him.

“No. But will you-” She didn’t complete. She knew he would do so in few minutes.

“Who is bigger? Nimish or me?”

She was trying hard not to compare but the question didn’t help.

“Nimish is slender. You are thicker.”

“It will stretch your pussy more.” He said. Few silent minutes went by whereby Hemant had his eyes closed consuming all the pleasure Anjila’s mouth was exciting within him by sucking his hard dick.

“Alright.” He pulled out his dick and grabbed her butt to turn her. He caressed her entire back once and then kissed her butt. Then licked her anus.

“Wow, tell Nimish your anus tastes like mango pickle.”

The analogy made Anjila laugh instantly. She felt numerous rapid licks on it.

“Yeah sure I’m saying this to him.” She mocked.

“Oh, then I have to make sure you do.” Hemant took a portion of her ass cheek between his lips and sucked hard till there was a blotch. Anjila cried out in pain.

“What are you doing?”

“A love bite on your ass. He should know how far his girl friend allowed me to go.” He smiled and rimmed her anus once more, spat on it next and touched his tongue tip on its surface probing it. Next, he helped her sit near the edge of the bed, asked her to arch her spine leaning forward so that her butt jutted out. She was sitting on her knees now.

“Are you going to …?”

The next instant her pussy walls felt his dick. He was right. It stretched her. He started with slow thrusts. She could feel his dick go in and out.

“I won’t mind if you talk.”

“What to talk about?” Anjila was squinting her eyes with each thrust of his. She felt his hands groping her breasts from behind now as he started licking her nape. Her entire body moved funnily, adjusting to the sensations his action generated.

“Do you hear that sound?” He asked.

“Which sound?”

“This one…” He fucked her harder.


“What is the sound.”

“You fucking me.”

“Details please Anjila.”

She took time to frame her reply, “You are fucking my pussy.”

“You mean Hemant is fucking Anjila’s pussy?”

“Yes, Hemant is fucking Anjila’s pussy.”

“Awesome! Do you think Nimish will mind watching us?”

“Shut up!”

“Do you think Nimish will mind me fucking you like this?”

“Yes!” She knew she better answer else he would frame a more detailed statement.

“I think he’ll feel great to watch his girl friend get her pussy drilled by another man.”

“Shut up please.”

“I’m serious. Just imagine if Nimish was here.” Hemant stopped his thrusts. While imagining Nimish in the room she was moving her hips back and front on his dick thereby fucking Hemant.

“Can you see Nimish here?”


“What is he doing?”

“Watching us fuck.”

“Does it excite you?”

“Very much.”

“Oh Anjila you are so much fun!” He started the thrusts again. This time with with force. When he was done mauling her breasts she noticed subtle red marks of his grab. A naughty smile escaped her. After few minutes he turned her and was now on top again pumping her harder and harder. He took both her legs and placed them on his shoulder for a deeper penetration. Anjila could feel her anus open up in the pose with each forceful thrust of his. She put her arms around his neck for support. The ordeal went for an era, it seemed, till he was about to cum.

“I am going to cum Anjila.”

“Yes. Please. I won’t mind.”

“Lift your arms.” Before she could understand Hemant raised her arms for her and sniffed her arm pits.

“I love that dirty smell of yours.” As he sniffed hard he came inside her with a groan and collapsed on her. Confused she ended up embracing him as their breaths tried to be normal again.

Half an hour later they were lying side by side. The lights were off. They were not touching each other though they were still naked.

“Did you enjoy it?” Hemant asked.

“Pritha is lucky.” Anjila remarked.

“Do you mean you too want to be as lucky as her?”

“What do you mean?”

“You are a smart girl Anjila.”

“Just because of this one night I can’t forget Nimish.” She was surprised she even said it. They should have slept and not discussed anything.

“Who is asking you to do that? All I’m saying if you ever miss this night I’m there.”

There was no response from her side.

“But tell me honestly did you really imagine Nimish watching us?”

“Yes, why?”

“Just like that. Watching Pritha with someone would arouse me.”

“Really? Do men like watching their girl friends with other men?”

“Not all. But the ones who do, really do. Why don’t you ask him?”

“Oh! I would never do that.”

“You can find out yourself.”


“If he keeps asking you the details about this night then he wants to watch else not.”

“Hmmm. That only the morning will tell. Good night.”

She felt a soft kiss on her shoulder.

“You are an awesome fuck Anjila. Thanks and good night.”

Hemant slept instantly while Anjila kept thinking if he meant it when he said he would be there for her if she missed the night. Was she already considering another night with him?

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My Sleeping Wife

An incident happened the other night, quite by accident, that awakened something in me I didn’t know I had. Last Thursday night a friend of mine, Lalith, came over to talk, and watch the daynight cricket match in TV. He works at the same place I do, and since we had a three day week-end, we were in no hurry to end the night. After a long time I had time to watch my favourite sport and had time for it too . My wife, Saritha, had to work the next day, and since she was not a night person she went to bed about 10:30. She is also one of the soundest sleepers I know. I have actually

shaken her pretty good trying to wake her up before, and still she would sleep.

After Saritha went to bed, Lalith and I sat up and watched an old porno flick of his that he had brought over, since Saritha wasn’t into much of that scene. We usually take such chances when she is away to her parents home or temple. But this time we went ahead and decided to watch porno flick once the match got boring as India loose many wickets.

After the first couple of cum shots, Lalith exclaimed, “Man, it sure would be nice to have a real piece of ass! It’s been much too long since I’ve had any!”

I was a little surprised at his comment. Lalith was not a bad looking guy, being almost six foot and weighing in at about 175lbs, I would have thought he would have had plenty of girl-friends.

“Don’t you have any girl friend now, Lalith?” I asked.

“No, since Brinda broke it off with me two years ago, I’ve been pretty shy about asking anyone out,” he replied.

We chatted a little more about Brinda, and how she had been running around on him while he was at work before finally dumping him. A few beers and a few cum shots later, Lalith got up to use the bathroom.

I sat there watching the movie for a while before realizing Lalith had been gone for an awful long time. I got up to go see if he was all right, and as I approached the bathroom door, I saw it was open. I walked on in and saw Lalith standing there looking through the doorway that adjoins our bedroom. He jumped

when he saw me.

“Oh, man. I’m sorry,” he stammered. “It’s just that when I came in here, the door was open. When I was about to leave, I just saw her laying there like that!”

I stepped around Lalith and looked into the bedroom. Saritha was lying on her side facing away from us, with her legs kind of tucked under her slightly. She had gone to bed wearing a nightgown, but it had ridden up over her hips, showing her smooth, bare, pantiless ass. Her shoulders were turned slightly more our way allowing us to view the side of her nicely shaped breast and nipple through the semi-sheer nightgown.

She looked very sexy lying there in the reflected light from the bathroom, her lips slightly pouting and her long dark hair thrown across the pillow. It was almost like she was posing for a Malayalam porn movie poster. “God, she’s beautiful,” Lalith said breathlessly. “I’d give anything to have a woman like her, Sri.”

At first, I was a little pissed off at Lalith. But at the same time, the thought of Lalith seeing my wife like that without her knowing it was turning me on.

“Sri, I’m sorry. I guess I better go on home,” Lalith said, turning to go back out.

“No, wait a minute Lalith,” I heard myself saying. “Come on in here a minute. Just walk real quietly, OK.”

“Wha…., you *want* me to come in there?”

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt anything for you to just look. But we can’t wake her up, OK?”

I couldn’t believe what I was saying. I was about to bring another man into my bedroom so that he could look at my almost naked wife. I wasn’t quite sure just what I was going to do yet, or how far I would go.

As we tiptoed into the bedroom, I motioned for Lalith to come on over to the side of the bed. He looked a little unsure of himself, his eyes darting from me to Saritha. But the closer he got, the longer his gaze locked on Saritha. She was lying on the side of the bed closest to us, and as we approached her both of her firm breasts

came into full view. Her nipples could just be seen through the thin fabric of her gown, but her legs being bent prevented us from seeing her pussy. Her gown was just about the level of her belly-button though, and the smooth curve of her belly could be seen until it disappeared between her legs. I just stood there grinning from ear to ear, looking back and forth from Lalith to Saritha. He was just standing there, staring at her in utter amazement and disbelief.

“Oh, Sri. She’s so sexy! I can’t believe you’re letting me see her like this!”

Carefully, I reached down and eased the strap of her gown off of her left shoulder, exposing more of her

breast, and stopping just as the material reached her nipple.

“Want to see more?” I whispered.

“Y-Yeah!” he whispered back.

Ever so slowly, I eased the strap down further, but her nipple kept the fabric from going any further. Carefully, I slid my finger under the fabric, gently lifting it up and over her nipple. Lalith gasped quietly.

Now her left breast was fully exposed. Her smooth dark nipples were standing erect from the stimulation of the moving fabric. I then reached over and eased the right strap down over her shoulder, gently pulling the fabric over her right nipple exposing it. I left the straps on her arms for the moment, as I didn’t want to risk waking her up. Lalith was still standing there, gawking at Saritha’s firm body, touching the bulge in his pants occasionally while trying not to let me see. My own dick was about to burst the seams of my jeans too, not only because of seeing my wife, but of what I was doing.

“Well, what’ya think?” I whispered.

“Oh, god! I can’t believe it! She’s so gorgeous, I just wish…..,” he replied, rubbing his cock

again before catching himself.

I thought for a moment, if she woke up……, but I was going to try it anyway. I motioned for Lalith to come closer, then pointed at her tits.

“Go ahead, touch ’em. But be real gentle. I don’t want to take any chances.”

Lalith’s eyes were wide open as he eased closer, bending over slightly and reaching out to cup her breasts. His hand was shaking slightly, and he had his other hand between his legs as if to support himself, but it was obvious what he was doing. His hand kept edging closer, closer, until finally – his fingertips were touching the top of her left breast just below the aureole. Carefully, his thumb rested on the underside of her breast, before sliding slowly up towards the nipple. She didn’t move. Just as his thumb reached her

aureole, he brought his forefinger down to close around the nipple ever so gently.

I had known Saritha since before college, and we went steady together all during the college before getting married, and as far as I knew, not another man had ever seen this much of her, much less touched her before.

Lalith then started caressing her breasts, going from first one, then the other, very lightly. Saritha was still quite asleep, although it seemed that her breathing was slightly faster. Lalith began getting bolder, using slightly more pressure and gently squeezing each breast. He was now not trying to hide his own crotch rubbing, and it appeared that he was going to attempt to cum off in his pants. I was having too much fun to let this end right now, though, so I motioned him back as I eased the straps of her gown the rest of the way off of her arms. I pulled the gown down as far as it would go without pulling it down between her and the bed, leaving her entire top exposed down to about the bottom of her rib cage on the left side. Then I made my way down to her hips. I carefully moved the sheet away from the bottom of her ass, and untangled it from around her feet. This left all of her ass exposed, and part of her pussy.

Lalith couldn’t see this yet from his vantage point. I heard him doing something behind me, so I turned and saw him pulling his jeans down to just below his balls so that he could jack off. I turned back around, and slowly straightened Saritha’s left leg. This exposed her upper pubic hair almost down to the slit of her pussy, and when Lalith saw me doing this, he leaned over beside me to get a good look while slowly jacking off. Gently, I pulled her left leg closer to me easing her over to fully lie on her back, exposing her entire


“Ohhhh my god,” Lalith breathed as he began to jack himself faster.

“Don’t get too far ahead of yourself, now,” I cautioned him. “You want to touch her pussy before you cum, don’t you?”

He stopped jacking off and looked at me like a child in front of icecream shop.

Ohhh, yeah! he whispered. You’re gonna let me…ohhh, yeah!”

He replaced his right hand with his left on his cock, but still not jacking off. Then he reached out with the same hand he had been rubbing his dick with, and slowly reached out to touch the top of her pubic mound. He gently started rubbing his fingers through her dark brown pubic hair, not quite going as far as her slit yet. Saritha was still fast asleep, but her breathing became more rapid as he stroked her. Then he ran his first two fingers down the outside of her pussy lips and back up before running his middle finger down the

outside of her slit. As he brought his finger back up, it opened her pussy lips slightly, and the sweet odor of her pussy began to fill the air.

“Ohhhhhh, godddd!!!” Lalith sighed while pulling his finger back up slightly inside her slit.

Just as he reached her clit, she jumped a little then let out a slight, almost inaudible moan. Lalith quickly pulled his hand back.

I saw that Saritha was still sound asleep, but I wasn’t sure if this type of activity would wake her up or not. He looked at me and I nodded for him to proceed. He then took his left hand and rubbed it up and down on his dick, getting his precum all over his fingers. Then taking that same hand, started rubbing her entire pussy, occasionally opening her lips slightly with his middle finger. Saritha’s hips occasionally began to move back and forth slightly, and a moan would quietly coo out of her every now and then. Lalith had begun to jack off again, and just then an idea hit me. Carefully I pulled Saritha’s left leg over until it hung off of the bed. Her pussy was now just inches from the edge, although not quite close enough for Lalith to fuck her. His dick wasn’t that long and anyway, I wasn’t sure if fucking her would wake her up. Besides, I wasn’t sure I wanted her fucked yet since this was so new to me.

“Lalith, come on down here,” I motioned to him. “You can rub her pussy from between her legs, and jack off at the same time. But don’t fuck her, you hear?”

Lalith nodded and quickly moved between her legs. He began rubbing her pussy with his left hand, and jacking himself off with his right. His dick was about level with her pussy, and about six inches away as he pumped his cock back and forth. He was now using his thumb to rub her slit, so that he could get his dick even closer, until finally, his dick was less than an inch away from her slit.

Saritha’s hips were still bucking slightly, and on one downward tilt, Lalith’s cock came in contact with her slit, running up its length. This set Lalith off, and he began cumming all over her pussy and in-between her legs. With each spurt he grunted, and occasionally, he would “accidentally” rub his cockhead into the top portion of her slit. It must have been a while since he had cum, for his jism was all over her pussy lips, hair, and in her slit. As he finished, he milked the very last drop out, letting it drop into her partially open cunt hole. It seemed to disappear, as it ran down into her cunt.

Looking up at me, he whispered,”Ohhh, man! I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate what you’ve done!”

I smiled at him, motioning him to back up now that he was through. Now it was my turn. I stepped be- tween her legs, pulling my pants down, and began stroking my dick.

“Lalith, go over by the door for a moment. I’m going to try and ease her down closer to the edge of the bed so I can fuck her,” I whispered hoarsely. Lalith obeyed, and went over by the door in case she woke up. Gently, I slid her down until her left ass cheek was hanging off the bed. She never even woke up, but she was still breathing heavily, and her juices were now flowing out of her cunt and mixing with Lalith’s.

I motioned for Lalith to come over and hold her leg and ass cheek, so that I could have my hand free. He took her leg with his left hand, and reached under her with his right to support her ass. I saw him squeeze it as he held her, and I began to rub my dick up and down her drenched slit.

The wetness was incredible! Her juices mixed with Lalith’s cum had made her twat sooooo slippery. I was already about to pop my load, so I gently eased the head of my dick down to the entrance of her hot hole.

Even though her cunt was so wet, her hole was still very tight since Lalith hadn’t fucked her, but my dick slid in easily. I immediately began pumping, and after about the tenth stroke, Saritha started cumming in her sleep!!! This was all I could stand. I began shooting off deep inside her pussy, with each spurt feeling like it was coming straight from my balls. Saritha was letting out little moans with each breath, and I was countering them with grunts of my own.

Lalith let out a typical “Ohhhhh, mannn!!!!”, only this time he didn’t whisper. It didn’t matter, for Saritha never did wake up the whole time. As I withdrew, Lalith eased her butt and leg back up on the bed, and then bent over and kissed her left nipple, sucking it as he pulled away to stand up. I was too exhausted to say much to him as I led him to the door. He kept thanking me as he walked out, and I waved and shut the door. I went back into the bedroom and fell on the bed next to Saritha and fell asleep almost immediately.

The next morning, Saritha woke me up kissing on my ear.

“You wouldn’t believe what I dreamed about last night!” she started. “I dreamed that there were these hands all over me, rubbing me. By the way, did we do anything last night?”

I remembered that I didn’t get a chance to clean the cum off of her pussy or the bed before falling asleep.

“Uhhh…, yeah, sure we did. Don’t you remember?

“Well…, I don’t know. It seems almost like a dream. I must have been half asleep. It sure was nice though. Tell me, are you up to doing it again, now that I am more awake?”

My thoughts drifted back to the night before…”Hmmmmmm, what do you think?” I smiled. The next week in office, all I could think about was that night Lalith had almost fucked my wife. He and I never spoke about it, but occasionally we would exchange smiles, him flashing that grateful smile of his.

I had to admit, I had become obsessed with the thought of seeing another man fuck Saritha, but there were still those nagging feelings of uncertainty. Seeing Lalith molest Saritha as he did that night really didn’t bother me, but would I be able to handle seeing another man actually fucking her?

As the weekend drew closer, I could see the look of anticipation grow in Lalith’s face. I knew he was thinking, ‘I wonder if he’s going to ask me over again?’,’Am I gonna get another chance at that gorgeous wife of his?’.

Friday finally came, and it wasn’t until just before quitting time that I invited Lalith over again.

He was beside himself joy!

“Oohhhh, yeah…GREAT!!!! I’ll bring the beer , and a new fuck flick I got in my usual dvd shop nearby!”, he said excitedly.

“Ok. Be over 10 pm,” I replied.

I knew that Saritha would be getting sleepy about then, and that Lalith’s presence would probably initiate her going on to bed since she really didn’t enjoy his company all that much. I laughed to myself at that thought. If she really knew what Lalith was there for, not really caring for him that much, she’d probably stay up all night, at least till he left.

Then I did something that surprised even myself.

“Hey, Jeeva! What are you doing later tonight?”, I heard myself asking.

Jeeva was a fairly large guy and have a ypical south indian look. He is so dark but still looks handsome. He stood around six feet and weighed in at about 100 Kg. He definitely wasn’t a fat man, and had a large, muscular frame.

“Ohhh… nothing much. What do ya have in mind?” he asked.

“Well, Lalith and I are gonna get together over at my house tonight about 10 o’clock to have a couple of beers… and whatever. I think he said something about bringing over a fuck flick. Whatd’ya say?”

“all right man… but I might be a little bit later than 10. I’ve got to run an errand for my Dad, but it shouldn’t take too long,” he replied.

That’s fine, see ya later on, then,” I said, thinking that it might be best if he DID come in after Saritha went to bed, her being brought up in a fairly conservative southern home.

I turned to see the shock on Lalith’s face. But it was a look of pleasant shock.

I smiled and winked as I walked past him to leave, “See ya later, Lalith!”

That night at dinner, I was preoccupied with the thoughts of what was in store. I bought fried rice from a chinese restaurant as my Wife like fried rice, in hopes that Saritha would be well on her way to a sound, good night’s sleep before long. I also bought wine and on some occasions I will ask her to have some. Certainly i didnt miss this time to make her drink some. As I expected, it wasn’t long before Saritha was giggling with the effects of the wine. An unexpected benefit, however was the wine had a stimulating effect on her.

She began running her foot along my upper thigh under the table playfuly. Later on the couch, and a couple of glasses later, she sat facing me with one foot on the floor and the other foot under her knee while we watched TV. This caused her short skirt to ride up her thighs, exposing the smooth shiny legs. She opened her legs slightly further, showing me the top of her panty clad crotch, just as the doorbell rang.

“Awwww!” she protested as I got up to answer it.

“I wonder who that could be?”, I said, acting as if I didn’t know it was really Lalith.

As I opened the door, Lalith came in with a paper bag under his arm, and stood next to the door as I shut it, looking at Saritha and issuing the usual small talk greetings. As I turned to go back to the couch, I noticed that Saritha had not yet moved from her former position, as she sat facing us and playing with a strand of her hair. She obviously was unaware that she was showing so much to Lalith as she sat there with a slight look of disappointment. Lalith stood there momentarily, as they gazed at one another, her in deep thought, and him in disbelief. Suddenly, she became aware of herself and quickly turned around on the couch, adjusting her skirt.

“Have a seat, Lalith. Here… let me take this an put it in the fridge,” I said, taking the bag and walking into the kitchen.

As I was putting the beer away, I overheard Lalith saying to Saritha that he ‘hoped that he wasn’t interrupting anything’.

“No… that’s OK,” I overheard her say, knowing full well that she was lying through her teeth to be polite. “We were just sitting here watching some TV…and thinking about hitting the sack.”

I know she was trying to hint to Lalith that now was not a good time for him to be here. Little did she know that there was more in store than she ever dreamed of.

“What are you up to tonight, Lalith”, I said as I walked back into the room, handing him a beer.

“Oh… not much. Just thought I’d drop by to see if you two were interested in a few hands of cards.”

“Sounds good to me, what about you, hon?”, I said looking at Saritha.

The look on her face told me that she had resigned herself to the fact that Lalith was going to be here for a while.

“Well, if you guys don’t mind… I think I’m gonna call it an evening,” she said, getting up off the couch.

‘Perfect!’, I thought, everything was falling into place.

“OK, dear. I’ll be along in a little,” I said, smiling at Lalith. He quietly mouthed the words ‘I will too!’ after she had passed him, heading towards the bedroom.

After Saritha had gone to bed, Lalith and I sat there staring blankly at the TV, neither of us saying a word. The air was filled with expectation. About 10 o’clock, I heard Jeeva drive up into the driveway. I got up to let him in before he rang the doorbell. I really didn’t think it would wake up Saritha… but I wasn’t taking any chances.

At first all we did was make small talk as Lalith popped his new flick into the VCR. Jeeva still hadn’t been let in on our little secret. I wasn’t yet sure just how I was gonna go about it. After about 15-20 minutes, I noticed that Lalith was getting a bit antsy. He kept shifting around in his seat and glancing at me as if expecting the signal to go anytime now.

“I’ll be right back”, I said, signaling Lalith to stay put for awhile.

I wanted to make sure everything was set for what was about to happen. Quietly, I slipped down the hall and into the bedroom. Saritha was laying on the bed on her back in one of her sheerest nighties, the cover bunched up around her waist. I guess the wine had really taken it’s toll on her, as she was really sprawled out on the bed, her arms above her head on the pillow and one leg tossed over the side of the bed under the covers.

Saritha looked beautiful lying there with that typical little pout she has when sleeping, her long balck hair spread out under her head on the pillow, just touching her shoulders. Her breasts were readily visible through the transparent material covering them as they stuck almost straight up like two conical, dark tipped mountains. It didn’t look like I was going to have to do much at all to get things ready.

Quietly, I slipped over to the bathroom door and eased it open, letting the soft light shine into the bedroom onto Saritha. Then I slipped back down the hall to where Lalith and Jeeva were still watching the movie.

“Jeeva, you want another beer?” I asked, hoping that soon he would be ready to take a leak.

“Sure…., thanks!” he replied.

Lalith followed me into the kitchen, and quickly cornered me, “How are you gonna do this?”

“Well, I thought we’d let Jeeva go back first when he has to take a leak. Then, you and I will slip back and wait in the bedroom doorway to see what he does.”

Lalith grinned, and hurried back out into the living room. We watched the movie for a while longer, as we remarked about some of the scenes taking place.

It wasn’t long before Jeeva had to go, “Hey, man, where’s your bathroom at?”

“Second door on your right,” I said, trying to keep the excitement in my voice from showing.

Jeeva walked down the hall, and as soon as I heard the bathroom door shut, Lalith and I were off for the bedroom. Standing in the bedroom, Lalith’s gaze was fixed on Saritha. Jeeva had neglected to shut the door leading to the bedroom, probably because he didn’t know anyone would be in there. As I heard him finish up, I could hear him fumbling with his zipper as he turned to head back out. Suddenly, I heard him stop dead in his tracks. He obviously had seen Saritha.

It seemed that he stood there for hours, as he watched her laying there, her pert breasts rising up from her chest, plainly visible through the thin fabric.

“oh gaawd!” I heard him exclaim in a whisper.

I could barely contain my laughter as I let out a snicker. Jeeva heard this and poked his head around the door-frame, looking straight at us. I quickly help my finger up to my lips, shushing quietly, and motioned him to come on in.

“Is that your wife?” he whispered quietly.

I nodded, taking him by the arm and leading him over to the side of the bed. Lalith followed me and stood on my left as we looked at Saritha, now just inches away.

“What do u think?” I whispered, smiling at Jeeva.

He gazed at Saritha for a few seconds then turned to me, staring at me as he appraised my motives.

“She looks beautiful, man,” he whispered back, half smiling.

Gently, I reached down and grasped the edge of the covers. I slowly began pulling them down, exposing more of Saritha’s firm, flat belly covered only by her sheer nightie. I pulled the sheet down to a point between her navel and the beginning of her pubic mound, exposing the lacy hem of her nightie. Then I took the hem and very carefully eased it up her creamy white torso, and over her pert white breasts. Her dark, shiny nipples began to harden with the contact from a wisp of air created by my hands moving her top over them. I scooted over to my left a little to let Jeeva stand more directly in front of Saritha’s firm young breasts, to which Lalith slipped around to Jeeva’s right, standing

right at Saritha’s head. He wasted no time in unzipping his pants and stroking his dick, as I motioned for Jeeva to gently feel Saritha’s tits.

The contrast of his huge black hands against the firm white skin of Saritha’s tits as he gently fondled them was extremely exciting! His huge hands almost completely covered her medium-sized tits when he cupped them. He gently took a nipple between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed it slightly, evoking a quiet whimper from Saritha.

Meanwhile, Lalith had rid himself of his pants, and was steadily stroking himself directly over Saritha’s face, just inches from her pouting lips. He looked at me as he squeezed out some precum, letting it ooze out of the head of his dick and drip slowly down, coming to rest directly on her lips. At first, she didn’t move as the precum lay glistening on her lower lip, but the sensation of it against her lip caused her to lick it off with her tongue.

Seeing this, Jeeva stood up and unzipped his pants. As he pulled his pants and underwear down, one of the largest, darkest dicks I have ever seen on a man sprang free from its moorings. It must have been at least 9 inches long, about two to three inches in diameter at the thickest point right behind the head. The tip of his uncircumcised dick was peeking out from the foreskin, and the shaft was slightly curved upward from its dark, hairy base. The thought of this massive dark instrument plunging into Saritha’s sopping wet pussy thrilled something inside of me, but at the same time scared me. I knew if he ever got it inside her, it would stretch her to her limit if not tear her in half. And there was no doubt in my mind, THAT thing inside her would wake her up regardless of how sound asleep she was now.

He looked at me before bending down, bracing himself with his hand on the other side of Saritha, and sucking her right nipple into his mouth. He then hunched his hips forward and began to rub the head of his huge dark dick all over her left breast. As he stroked himself, precum began to ooze out of its black head coating Saritha’s milky breast and dark nipple as it poked, prodded, and rubbed her tit.

Motioning for Lalith to come down where I was, I gently pulled the covers down further, momentarily stopping just below the top of Saritha’s sheer black panties before pulling the covers completely free of her all together. Her thin dark pubic patch was clearly visible beneath the thin, lacy material. Lalith reached down and began to stroke her smooth wheatish legs, working his way upwards toward her crotch while all the time stroking himself.

This got Jeeva’s attention, as he stood up to watch but continuing to rub his black dick and pre-spunk on her firm white tits.

Lalith’s caresses finally reached the top of Saritha’s thigh, and gently he rubbed his fingers across her panty covered pussy. As he began to move his fingers up and down along her slit, her hips barely began to move back and forth, the first move she had made since we began other than licking her lips.


I already wanted more! Gently, I rolled Saritha over slightly so that I could pull her panties down first on her left side, then on her right. After getting them down to about mid-thigh, I quickly slipped them off of her.

Saritha was now completely naked in front of these two horny men. The sight of this sleeping beauty lying naked and open before Lalith and Jeeva as they caressed, prodded and explored her body already had me close to the edge.

Lalith had replaced Saritha’s left leg to dangle off of the bed, and had eagerly slipped between her thighs to begin exploring her tight, thin haired cunt with his fingers. Cautiously at first, he began to run his thumb lightly up an down her slit, his face just inches away. Then he took her clit between his thumb and index finger and lightly rolled it between them. This caused Saritha to moan, drawing her legs up until they met Lalith’s shoulders.

Jeeva was now rubbing the entire length of his dick all over both of Saritha’s firm tits, fondling them with his hand, and looking at Lalith working between her legs.

When I looked back at Lalith, he had boldly replaced his fingers with his tongue! Gently he placed one of his fingers at the entrance to her hole, pausing briefly to let her juices drain onto his fingers before slowly plunging his finger inside her cunt. Saritha gasped, her legs closing tightly around Lalith’s head. Undeterred, Lalith continued his assault with his tongue and fingers on my wife’s sweet pussy. Never before had another man other than myself done this to her.

Quickly, I released my own cock from my pants and began stroking myself, standing between Jeeva and Lalith as they worked on Saritha.

Suddenly, Jeeva stepped around and gently pulled Lalith back by his right shoulder. Lalith looked up at him momentarily, then down at his huge black dick, which was pointing directly at Saritha’s pussy. Lalith backed off as Jeeva stepped between her legs and began rubbing the head of that monstrous bloated dick up and down her tight slit. I could see the precum glistening on the light covering of dark pubic hair that lined her moist slit.


I froze, not knowing just what to do. I knew that Jeeva was planning on fucking Saritha with his humongous dick, that really didn’t bother me. In fact, deep down that is what I wanted and had planned for. But I knew that Saritha would definitely wake up once that thing was inside her.

The thought of this dark stud shooting his cum deep into my wife’s unprotected pussy triggered something inside of me, however. I WANTED to see him dump his load deep in her cunt! I could no longer control my urges to see this happen. I had already lost control of this situation anyway.

After coating the head of his black dick with her juices, Jeeva placed it right at the entrance of Saritha’s tight little cunt… and pushed.

Slowly, the huge black head began to disappear between her pussy lips, her tightness resisting its probing. Saritha’s mouth opened as she gasped in slight pain. If this hurts now with just the head sticking inside her, I thought, what’s she gonna do when he tries to stick all of it in her?

But Jeeva was fairly gentle in his initial violation of her tight, hot cunt. As gentle as he could be in his excited state. He moved back and forth in short quick strokes, stretching her twat little by little and plunging slightly deeper with each thrust. Lalith had moved back up to Saritha’s head, playing with her tits with one hand and jacking himself off with

the other over her face. All at once he bent over and softly kissed her on her open mouth, slipping his tongue just inside, while at the same time continuing his manipulation on her tits and his dick. Saritha instinctively pursed her lips slightly as his lips touched hers enveloping his tongue. Quickly, Lalith stood up and placed the head of his dick against her lips, probing it just inside Saritha’s pursed lips. Seemingly playing out some erotic dream, Saritha began sucking on just the head of Lalith’s dick. I heard him moan, as slurping sounds escaped between his dick and my wife’s lips.

I returned my gaze to Jeeva’s ministrations on Saritha’s tight cunt. He now had about three good inches inside her pussy, the thickest part of his dick now almost inside her.

Suddenly, as if a barrier had been broken, the thick bulge of his dick slipped past the tight entrance of her hot hole and he began pumping away inside her with earnest. He only had about two-thirds of his dick inside her when all of a sudden… SHE WOKE UP!

At first, her eyes popped open then she gasped,releasing Lalith’s dick from her lips as her pussy was filled to it’s limit. Everyone froze as her initial disorientation dwindled and was replaced by her complete awareness of what was going on. Her gaze shifted from Lalith’s dick hovering just above her lips, to Jeeva whose dick was still deep inside her tight pussy.

Jeeva was beyond stopping now, no matter what my wife or I might think and he started to hump her as if his life depended on it, he held her to the bed and banged away at her. Suddenly, to my surprise, Saritha wrapped her legs around Jeeva, digging her legs into his ass and pulling him deeper inside of her as she hunched up against him, grunting as his dick thrust deeper and deeper all at once. He now had at least 8 inches inside her previously unadulterated pussy, and with each thrust he took more of her.

I began stroking myself even harder as I saw Jeeva shove his dick completely inside of Saritha, her pussy lips completely disappearing as his huge dick carried them along with it. Each time he withdrew his dick, her juices glistened heavily on his shaft as her pussy seemed to be pulled inside out, clinging to the sides of his dick slightly like the fingers of a glove as it’s being pulled off inverted.

Quite suddenly Saritha began to cum – HARD! Her whole body tensed up as each subsequent wave of her orgasm swept over her, each time yelling louder than the first as her climax continued to grow stronger.

This brought about Jeeva’s orgasm, as her pussy clamped tightly around his huge dick. A low animal growl was heard deep from within him as he thrust forward violently and began to cum deep inside Saritha’s unprotected pussy. Their moans and grunts mixed with each other as their climax built up then subsided.

Huge gobs of cum dripped down the crack of Saritha’s ass as Jeeva began to withdraw his huge cock from her now sloppy pussy. With Saritha still lying on her back, Lalith immediately jumped between her legs, rubbing his dick up and down her sloppy wet pussy lips, and then slipping easily into her over-stretched twat. After just a couple of strokes, he withdrew, and placed his dickhead at the entrance to her virgin ass. Not even I had been able to fuck her in the ass yet, and I wondered if she would stop Lalith.

She offered no resistance, however, as Lalith’s dick disappeared between the soft folds of flesh sur-rounding her asshole. She winced as his dick plunged in almost halfway on the first stroke, but then as her sphincter muscle relaxed, she began hunching against Lalith, lifting her legs high so he could get a better rhythm going, taking him all the way inside her ass.

Lalith’s grunts began to get louder, as I straddled Saritha’s chest, squeezing her firm tits around my throbbing dick as I began to fuck them. Saritha began to lick the head of my dick each time it got close enough.

I was just about to dump my own load all over Saritha’s face when I heard Lalith’s grunts change to loud moans as he emptied himself deep within my wife’s virgin ass. This was all it took for me as I too began to shoot the first hot thick streams of cum between her tightly squeezed tits. I thrust myself forward, plunging my dick into Saritha’s waiting mouth, where she began to swallow the rest of my pent up seed. Saritha continued to suck on my softening dick, as I collapsed against the headboard. I turned my head a-

round to see Lalith withdraw his dick from her ass with a wet sounding “thhhupp!”

Lalith spoke the first words, “Ohhhhh… man! That was great!”

All I could do was sigh as I rolled off of Saritha with a grin. Saritha smirked at me with a cute impish grin as she laid there, cum dripping out of all three of her holes.

All we three laid there quite thinking on whats next!

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The Old Man’s Horny Wife

*beepbeep* *beepbeep* *beepbeep*

My wife’s cellphone buzzed and rang multiple times to announce the arrival of several text messages as soon as she turned the phone on after the pilot announced it was okay to do so.

“So Shipra.” I said icily, “I guess those are all text messages from Manish?”

Shipra ignored me and her fingers worked the keyboard furiously as she replied to the text messages.

“Only two of them.” Shipra said once she got done. “The third was from my sister saying Chintu is doing fine.”

“And what did Manish want? Some recipe perhaps?”

Manish was our neighbor and “friend” back in New Jersey. He was divorced and lived next door, and lived with his son who was the same age as Chintu – 6. I had started off liking Manish when we moved into his neighborhood a year back. He was friendly, his son and Chintu got along very well, and he seemed genuinely helpful. Which he still was.

What had started bugging me was that he and Shipra seemed to have become a little too friendly. Shipra was a stay-at-home mom, having quit her job in banking as soon as we had Chintu. And Manish had a catering business which he managed from his house, and even when he had to be away, it was usually for dinner services at nights or on weekends. So when I was at work and Shipra was home, usually, so was Manish. And Shipra often told me that he came over or invited her over to talk about recipes and food, a topic Shipra had gotten really interested in of late.

“No, Pavan. He just texted the address of a restaurant he recommends. And wished us both safe travel and a great vacation.” Shipra replied.

“You know what’ll make my vacation great? No texts from Manish.” I said as I pulled our handbag from the overhead compartment.

“Pavan please. Don’t start.” Shipra shook her head and slid out from her seat.

After this mini-tiff of sorts, both Shipra and I were silent as we made our way off the plane, got our luggage from baggage claim and took a taxi to the Venetian – a posh casino-resort. I waited for her to break the ice, convinced that I was right in being suspicious of Manish. I was convinced that he had the hots for my wife, and was working slowly but surely to get her into bed. If, that is, he hadn’t already.

Over the past few months, I had noticed a change in Shipra’s appearance and demeanor. Usually her attire was pretty standard – jeans or trousers, with modest t-shirts or blouses, and frumpy sweaters. After Chintu’s birth, Shipra had gone from a very fashion-savvy and spiffily dressed young woman to the archetypal suburban mom. But recently, I noticed she was wearing skirts more often, with tank tops or blouses with a low neckline. She was back to dressing the way she used to 7 years ago when we met and started dating in Bombay. And I wondered if this sudden change had anything to do with her friendship with Manish. Although I was glad of the occasional throwback to our initial days together.

Ah, our initial days together. I had been smitten with Shipra the day she walked into the conference room on her first day of work in our bank. She was one of the new trainees, fresh out of business school. I was there in my capacity as my division’s Vice President, to address the newbies about our operations. She was dressed in a figure-hugging knee-length black skirt, a formal blouse with one button open, and a matching black blazer. She was tall and not just by Indian standards – 5 ft 10. Her skirt showed that she had an awesome butt and shapely legs. And even the formal blouse and the blazer could not hide the fact that she was exceedingly buxom – 34DD as I later found out.

I found myself staring at her a little longer than appropriate. She obviously noticed, looked right into my eyes, and flashed me a dazzling smile. And that was all it took to get me hooked.

I waited a few weeks before doing anything though. After all. Shipra, a fresh MBA 24 years of age, was 15 years my junior. I was touching 40, and although I worked out regularly to keep my body in shape, the gray was beginning to show at the edges of my hairline. I was still unmarried, thanks to a long long relationship that ended abruptly 5 years ago. I still dated casually, and got plenty of action – a good looking, tall, well-built successful banking executives in his late 30s does not find dating difficult in a city like Bombay. But most of the women I had dated had been my contemporaries. I had never even thought about going after someone in her mid-20s.

Until Shipra walked in that door.

Although she got assigned to my division, I kept things strictly professional. I could see that she was getting a lot of attention from guys her own age, something she seemed glad and adept about handling. But i did get some fairly strong signals from her of her interest in me. She would compliment me on my looks, ask me about my taste in music, movies, and books. And try to spend a lot of time talking about things other than work. And she kept talking about how she wanted to “settle down” but all the guys she met were too “immature”.

After a few weeks, I convinced myself that I wasn’t just some deluded old horndog reading signals where there were none. Shipra was definitely indicating her interest in me. So I asked her out. She readily agreed. And from there, things moved rather rapidly. We had sex for the first time after our second date, and I was glad to see that Shipra knew how to use her body well. In a couple of weeks, she had all but moved in with me, spending about 5 nights a week at my apartment. In a month, we informed HR about our relationship, and Shipra was moved to another division as per company rules.

In six months, I was convinced she was the love of my life, and proposed. She accepted readily. Her parents were a little displeased that she was marrying someone so much older than her. But I charmed their pants off, and all was well. We were married, and soon Shipra was pregnant. After Chintu was born, Shipra told me she had no interest in going back to work. She had never really been too career-minded, she said, and was simply living out the dreams of her modern and demanding father who believed her intelligence was too rare to waste.

Soon, we settled into a happily married lifestyle, raising our son together. Shipra had a lot of close friends in Bombay, many of them male. And her close friendship with them did rankle me a little bit. In other words, it made me insecure. Initially I stayed mum. But after I turned forty, my body began catching up with me. My stamina for sex was diminishing by the year. When we started dating, we had sex at least twice every night. Around the time Chintu turned two, it was down to twice a week. And of late, it was down to barely once a week.

The decline of my prowess did play a role in my insecurities growing. There were a couple of her male friends, young, good-looking, handsome, that I particularly felt insecure about. They were married too, but it still bothered me that they were so friendly with Shipra. We started having arguments about it. Shipra always dismissed my concerns saying I was being paranoid. But I knew my wife was hot enough to make anyone sin. I also knew she had had a fairly colorful past, sexually speaking (the details of which are another story). So I knew that she knew she had options. And that drove my insecurity and caused more arguments. These arguments became the norm for the next few years.

One day, a head-hunter called me up out of the blue, saying I would be perfect for a position that a Wall Street bank was looking to fill. It had always been my dream to work on Wall Street, and I had no hesitation applying. I got the job quite easily, and soon, we moved to New York.

The move was a source of some tension between Shipra and me. She was not so sure she wanted to move to a new place, leaving her friends and family behind. She wanted to “discuss” it. But i was in no mood to listen. Surely she should understand what a rare opportunity this was for me. I wasn’t getting any younger, and who knew when…rather if, such a chance would come by again. Eventually Shipra agreed, and we moved to America.

We got a big house in suburban New Jersey, in a good school district. Shipra’s initial apprehensions gave way to enthusiasm about living in the greater New York area. Chintu certainly loved it, especially the tradition of Halloween trick–or-treating which he could not believe existed. And soon we were a happy family again. Shipra did complain occasionally about feeling lonely. To be honest, I was relieved that all her male “friends” were thousands of mile away.

But then Manish had slid into the picture.

Manish was roughly the same age as Shipra. Very handsome. I worked out to keep my body in shape. He clearly worked out to give his body shape. He had well toned abs, arms and a chest, which he loved displaying in the summer months. His striking good looks, coupled with his charming personality, convinced me that he was a threat to be mindful of. But when I raised the concern, Shipra again accused me of being too controlling and insecure and jealous.

One summer day when I came home from work, I saw a scene that made me lose my cool. Nothing scandalous, mind you. The two boys were playing in the backyard. A few feet away from them, sat Shipra and Manish on lawn chair, drinking beer. Manish was only wearing a pair of cut-off denim shorts, the sweat glistening on his chest. Shipra was wearing a short skirt and a tank top. And they were laughing and talking.

Like I said, nothing scandalous. But watching Manish, all muscled and toned and sweaty, joking with my relatively scantily clad wife pissed me off. Shipra had put on a few pounds since Chintu was born, but the extra weight had been distributed evenly. She still had a fantastic figure which had gone from tall-and-curvy-but-slender to simply tall-and-voluptuous – 36DD-28-38. She looked like a million bucks sitting in the lawn chair. But I was more pissed off at Manish’s overtly hunky appearance than I was attracted to Shipra’s knock-out looks at that moment. I yelled at Chintu, asking him to come inside. The tone of my voice was enough for Manish to take a hint, and he took his son and went home. And Shipra walked in, looking confused.

That night after Chintu went to bed, we had one of the most acrimonious fights we’d had. I accused Shipra of leading Manish on. She told me my paranoia was reaching historic levels. We argued back and forth, until she said,

“Pavan, don’t take this the wrong way, but don’t you see your insecurity is stemming from your…..troubles in bed? I keep telling you to see the doctor. There are drugs…”

“So you’re saying I should take Viagra or you’ll fuck him? Is that it?” I exploded. I had been having troubles down there, but I knew it was more because of stress than anything. I certainly had no desire to walk into a doctor’s office and tell him I was having trouble getting it up.

“What?” Shipra said, confused.

“Or have you fucked him already?”

Shipra slapped me in anger. I pushed her to the bed and stormed out of the room. I went to a nearby bar and had a couple of drinks. When I came back, Shipra was already asleep.

Over the next few days, we both calmed down. I apologized to Shipra saying I had been out of line. Shipra said she understood my concerns and would tone down her rapport with Manish, if it bothered me so much. And a few days later, i surprised her with my plans for us to spend a long weekend in Las Vegas. Just the two of us. Shipra’s sister who lived in Philadelphia had agreed to take care of Chintu while we were away.

Now back to Vegas.

After we reached the Venetian, I finally broke my silence and mentioned how pretty the casino looked. Shipra also looked impressed and pointed out a few beautiful decorations in the lobby. We checked and went to our room.

This was my first time in Vegas and I was really looking forward to hitting the blackjack tables. So as Shipra went to the bathroom for a quick shower, I changed into some smart casual wear to hit the casino floor. I got dressed, turned the TV on and waited for Shipra. She walked out, her hair wet, clad in a bathrobe.

“Get dressed quickly.” I said. “Let’s go to the casino floor.”

Shipra slowly walked towards me and sat down on the bed. She put her head on my shoulder and ran her hand over my cheek. I could feel heat radiating from her just-showered body. I turned and kissed her, slipping my hand into her robe, fondling her massive breasts. I felt her wet hair touch my ear. Shipra slowly pulled me down to the bed, and I was on top of her. I opened her robe and started kissing her boobs and fingering her clit. She started moaning and squirming as I continued playing with her. A minute or so later, she started unbuttoning my shirt.

That’s when I got up off the bed. Shipra looked at me, with a quizzical look on her face.

“We should…” I said, buttoning up my shirt, “we should go check out the casino.”

And I ran to the bathroom. In there, I unzipped and tried to coax life into my dick. The only reason I had interrupted that very hot session was that despite my best mental efforts, an erection refused to form. I sat on the edge of the bathtub and started jacking off my dick. But to no avail. A few minutes later, I gave up, flushed the toilet to make it seem like I had gone to pee and walked out of the bathroom. She was right. I did need to see a doctor. I decided to make an appointment as soon as I got back.

Shipra had gotten dressed when I was in there. She was wearing an elegant knee-length wrap-around skirt and blouse with sequins. She flashed me a bright smile, but I could see the disappointment in her eyes. I thought of saying something about the performance issue, but instead she said,

“So you’ll have to explain to me exactly how blackjack works.”

“Oh, it’s easy. It’s all about getting as close to 21 as possible…” I was glad for the change in topic and spent time explaining the game’s rules to her.

On the casino floor, we had a lot of fun. We first spent some time at the blackjack tables. I made 4 grad while Shipra lost roughly the same amount, leaving us even. We then watched the action on some of the poker tables, a game I liked but was not confident enough to gamble in. We then hit the slots. By dinner time, we had made a small profit. We had dinner at a swanky Italian place on the strip. Our spirits were high. This really was turning into the vacation we wanted. We called up Shipra’s sister and spoke to Chintu before deciding to take a walk on the strip.

As the evening wore on, I could not help but notice how smashingly sexy my wife looked. Tall, voluptuous, and with a beautiful face, she drew second and third glances from most men on the street. By the time we got back to the Venetian, I was feeling a stirring in my loins. We got into the elevator, and as soon as the door closed, I pulled Shipra into my embrace and kissed her. She kissed me back hungrily as I pawed her spectacular butt. An erection began forming and she could obviously feel it on her thigh.

“Ooooh Pavan! In the elevator? Naughty!” she said between our kisses.

“I can’t help it. You’re just so….” I breathlessly started but was interrupted.


Shipra froze for a second, but continued kissing me.

“Check who it’s from.” I said.

“It can wait.” she said and tried to pull me back into a kiss. That’s when the elevator reached our floor and the doors opened.

“I said, check who it is from.” I was feeling rage build up again.

Shipra took her cellphone out of her purse and looked at it.

“Is it Manish?” I asked.

“Yes, but Pavan, he’s just…” Shipra started saying. But I stormed out of the elevator.

I opened our room, turned the TV on and sat on the bed, looking very pissed off.

“He’s doing it just to ruin our vacation.” I said in an angry voice.

“No Pavan.”

“Shipra, I want you to text back in caps – NEVER TEXT OR CALL ME AGAIN”

“Come on Pavan. Don’t be silly.”

“Shipra, DO IT!!!” I yelled.

She looked at me with tears in her eyes and a confused look on her face.

“Are you going to do it or not?”

“Pavan, please. It’s so unnecessary. And rude.”

“Fine. I am going to sleep.” I said, and started changing.

The next morning, neither of us made any reference to the fight last night. It hadn’t been much of a fight. I changed into my night shorts, took a couple of Night Tylenol pills and was soon asleep. Shipra had been sobbing most of the time that I was awake. We had breakfast at a small diner and then decided to ride the tiny gondola in the hotel. We then went back to the strip, and checked out the other casinos – Bellagio, Caesar’s, MGM Grand etc. Our conversations were mostly pleasant and cordial. Both of us were waiting for the other person to apologize.

We decided to have lunch at the Venetian’s poolside restaurant. Shipra said she’d like to go upstairs and change. I asked what she wanted to change into, and her response was, a swimsuit. Despite the coolness between us, I smiled. I had not seen Shipra in a swimwear in several years. It would be a visual treat for sure. The swimsuit actually turned out to be a yellow bikini that went fantastically with Shipra’s white complexion. It wasn’t too skimpy or anything. But any bikini would have trouble containing her massive boobs. And her voluptuous perfectly shaped round butt looked great in the yellow bikini bottoms. She looked positively fuckable and if I had not been carrying the grudge from the previous night, I’d have jumped her right away. But for now, I just changed into swimming trunks, and wore a t-shirt.

Shipra tied a matching yellow sarong around her waist and we went to the poolside restaurant. We got a table right by the pool, and I could see that Shipra was getting a lot of admiring glances again, from men and women alike. I was particularly amused by an old bald white man who was swimming laps gradually, and whenever he was close to us, would slow down and check Shipra out blatantly. I don’t think she noticed though.

I was only halfway into my main course when Shipra announced she was full, and wanted to get in the pool. I simply nodded and continued eating. Since she had just eaten, she couldn’t really swim too much, so she just did a couple of different strokes at the end of the pool close to me. As she did the backstroke, I could not help but feel a surge in my pants at the way her huge tits struggled to break free from the bikini.

As I looked away from her, I noticed that the old bald white man was splayed on a pool chair on the other side, again blatantly staring at my wife. I also noted with a chuckle that he was wearing a speedo – not something suited for his old paunchy body. He noticed me looking at him and smiled at me. I looked away and back towards Shipra who had now waded to the other side of the pool.

The old man got up from his chair and walked towards the edge of the pool. Standing up, he looked even more ridiculous in his speedo, with his paunch flabbing over it. I did however notice momentarily, before looking away, that the crotch of his speedo was massive, as if hiding a football. Must be an enlarged prostate, I thought myself. The old man dove into the water with a clumsy splash and started swimming. I watched curiously as he swam towards Shipra. And he said something to her. She responded with a polite smile and said something.

They were about 30 feet away from me so I couldn’t hear what was being said. But the expressions on his face were very lecherous. I found the idea hilarious that such an ugly old man was actually even thinking of chatting up someone as gorgeous as my wife. She was used to the attention of hunks like Manish, after all. I was sure she’d slip away from him politely very soon.

“Sir, would you like to take a look at our dessert cart?” I heard the waiter say and I looked away from the pool. The dessert cart looked interesting. It had a chocolate souffle which I knew Shipra liked. So I ordered it for her and a cheesecake for myself. The waiter made some small talk with me and put the dessert on the table and left.

I looked back and was surprised to see that the old man was still chatting up Shipra. She seemed to have an amused expression on her face and was saying short sentences herself. The conversation seemed to go on and on. Now she would occasionally giggle! I decided to put an end to the pathetic old man’s desperate flirting attempts, so got up and walked towards the side of the pool they were at.

“Shipra!” I called out over the din of kids playing nearby. She was about 10 feet away from the edge. She looked at me. “The dessert is here. I ordered you souffle.”

Shipra nodded and glided through the water towards me. I noted with annoyance that the old man swam after her.

“What did you say?” Shipra put her elbows on the edge and asked me.

“The dessert. I ordered you…”

“And who might you be? Her father?” the old man came to a stop in the water right next to Shipra and interrupted me.

“Hehe..I told you he’s my husband!” Shipra giggled. “Pavan, meet Avinash.”

“Pleased to meet you.” Avinash reached out his wrinkly hand towards me and I bent down in the waist to shake it.

Avinash grabbed my hand firmly, and without letting go, said,

“So you’re the lucky son of a bitch who gets to take this gorgeous little pixie home every night huh?”

Gorgeous little pixie? This old geezer was at least a couple of inches shorter than her. I snorted a little and tried to free my hand. But Avinash’s grip was surprisingly strong, and I found myself standing there crouching at his mercy.

“Why did a spicy bombshell like you settle for an old fart like him, huh?” Avinash said and started cackling. Still grabbing my hand. My ears went red with rage and embarrassment. I looked at Shipra who actually had an amused expression on her face.

“Hehe…I don’t remember actually.” she said and started giggling.

Finally Avinash released the vice-like grip on my hand. It relieved me, but only temporarily, because he put that arm around Shipra’s shoulder and pressed it gently, and started cackling loudly.

I noticed him put his arm around her but Shipra either didn’t notice or ignored it on purpose. She was still giggling. I was on the verge of jumping in the water and kicking this old man’s ass. How dare he touch her in front of me? They had just met! But I resisted my instinct.

“Shipra, the dessert.” I said in an annoyed voice.

She nodded and Avinash finally took his arm off her shoulder. Shipra put her palms on the side of the pool and pooled herself out of the water. As she got out, I saw Avinash staring at her butt rather shamelessly and with a smile on his face. I walked back with Shipra to our table. She took her seat and so did I. And, a few second later, much to my consternation, so did Avinash!

“Yeah, their souffle is the best.” he said, moving his chair right next to Shipra’s. “I have eaten at the most expensive restaurants in this country. And the souffle here is the best.”

“Is that so?” I sarcastically asked. I found it hard to believe that this uncouth old geezer was an expert in fine dining.

“Oh yeah, I’m loaded. Got a dozen real estate companies all over the country.”

“Really?” Shipra asked in what sounded like an awe-struck voice. And that annoyed me even more. The old man was clearly trying to impress her with talk of his wealth and she was buying into it!

“Yup! Ole Avinash’s got a lot of cash in case you ever wanna leave this old fart.” Avinash said and winked at Shipra who started giggling again.

This was the second time he had called me an old fart and it was beginning to piss me off. I might have been close to 50, but this geezer was close to 70, if not older. Where did he get off calling me an old fart? And why the fuck was my wife laughing at his boorish comments?

“Yeah, ole Avinash knows all about livin’ it up in Vegas. In fact, why don’t I take you to dinner to a real fancy place tonight? And then some fine cocktails?” Avinash said looking at Shipra, and then without looking at me said, “Ponaav, you can come too.”

I was sure he had mispronounced my name on purpose. But before Shipra could say anything, I said,

“Sorry, but we’re busy tonight. We have a lot of plans. Right, Shipra?”

I expected Shipra to concur with me. But instead she was silent, and was looking at Avinash with an odd expression on her face. That caused an awkward silence.

“Right, Shipra?” I said a little louder.

‘Oh..umm…what’s our plan for tonight?” she asked.

“You mean you ain’t got plans?” Avinash said, turning around to finally look at me. “It’s settled then. I’ll see you two in the lobby at 8!”

I glared at Shipra, expecting her to turn him down. Instead, she said,

“Okay, 8 it is.”

“Splendid.” Avinash said stroking Shipra’s bare shoulder. “See you then, little pixie. Bye Ponaav.”

“It’s Pavan.” I said in a brusque voice.

But he acted like he hadn’t heard me. Instead he slowly got up, and while he slid away from the chair, his crotch moved just inches away from Shipra’s face. I noticed Shipra’s head turn at once as she looked at the enormous bulge in his speedos for a split second and then looked away. I thought I heard Avinash chuckle as he walked away.

I was fuming silently until we got back to the room. Once we entered the room, I let loose,

“What a slimy pathetic old geezer! Why the fuck did you accept his invitation?”

“You could’ve said no.” Shipra said calmly, unwrapping her sarong.

“I did. But you gave him a chance to put his foot in the door.” I yelled.

“Come on, Pavan. He’s just a silly old man. What harm can it do?” Shipra said, walking towards the bathroom. I thought I detected a hesitant tone in her voice.

I started saying something in return, but I heard the bathroom door slam shut. A few moment later, I could heard the shower being turned on. So I turned the TV on and sat on the bed watching it. It was over twenty minutes when Shipra finally stepped out of the bathroom wearing a bathrobe.

“Pavan, did you notice Avinash’s…. you know….swimming costume?” she asked in mischievous tone.

“Huh?” I feigned ignorance although I knew exactly what she was referring to.

“You know, the size of it? You probably didn’t notice. It was huge!” she said with a curious look on her face.

That pissed me off even more. I have always considered myself reasonably well-endowed at 6 inches. But whenever I read about men with really big dicks, I wonder if women care about it. Shipra had never before mentioned any other man’s size. So this unexpected comment got me a little upset. But not wanting to seem insecure, I said,

“Well, it’s probably an enlarged prostate or something.” And went back to watching TV. Shipra shrugged and started getting dressed.

I would have argued with Shipra about her behavior with Avinash more, but we had a web conference planned. With our son. So as soon as Shipra got dressed, I took my laptop out, logged into skype and called Shipra’s sister. Chintu was eagerly waiting for us, and we had a long conversation with him. he filled us in on every little detail of his two days with his aunt, from everything he had eaten, to the games he had played to what he’d seen on TV. It was almost two hours by the time we got done with the call.

After I closed my laptop, Shipra announced she was feeling a bit tired so wanted to take a short nap. I suspected this was just a ruse to avoid the Avinash topic, but I nodded and joined her for the nap.


At 8 pm when we walked down to the lobby, Avinash was already there.

“Wow, you look absolutely ravishing.” he said, staring at her up and down. He completely ignored my presence.

Shipra did look quite ravishing. She was wearing a pleated skirt that stopped an inch above her knees. And a sleeveless top with a bold neckline tat showed about an inch of her ample cleavage. I had thought of making a sarcastic comment about how she was getting all dolled up, but had decided against it. The end result was, she looked fabulous, something that pleased me but also bothered me.

Avinash’s full attire further made me doubt his claims of being wealthy. His pants looked fairly worn-out and his blazer seemed like one of those cheap tawdry ones you get for 50 dollars at Walmart. He was also wearing a really horrible cologne, which he had clearly sprayed a lot of. This tawdrily dressed paunchy puny bald old geezer, was a stark contrast next to my wife who with her high heels, easily stood a head above him. But it didn’t seem to bother him.

He led us to the restaurant which was on the same block. It did seem very swanky. When the waiter led us to our table, he pulled out a chair for Shipra. As soon as she sat down, Avinash swooped in, taking the chair next to her, forcing me to sit across from them. We started with small talk. Well, Avinash and Shipra started with small talk. I was being ignored once again.

Suddenly, the sound of music filled the air. I noticed that the band was positioned quite close to us and they had started playing. As the music started, I could barely hear anything Shipra and Avinash were saying. Avinash had his elbow on the table and was sitting almost facing Shipra completely. At one point of time, I noticed that he put his hand on her bare knee, and looked at Shipra with my eyebrows raised. She stared back with a slight shrug, as if saying, it was my job to stop him.

I did consider stopping him. But this old geezer was acting in such a lewd and disgusting manner, that I decided to let Shipra extricate herself from the situation. It’s not like it was Manish touching her there. Even at this stage, with all the bravado Avinash had shown, I did not consider him an actual threat, but an inconvenience. So if his raspy wrinkly hands were bothering my wife, well, my wife should tell him to stop.

The drinks arrived. Shipra and I had both ordered a beer, and Avinash had ordered a double scotch on the rocks. He said something to her, which obviously I couldn’t catch because of the music. She nodded. Then I almost fell off my chair as Avinash picked up his glass of scotch and put it to her lips. She took a small sip and coughed. Shipra hated scotch. She’d tasted it once many years back, and decided it was too potent a taste for her. As she coughed, Avinash laughed and put the glass to her lips again. This time she took a sip without coughing.

Avinash’s hand had now come off her knee. But it was instead around her shoulder. Again, Shipra and I played the who-blinks-first game. I threw her a dirty look which she returned. The right thing to do would have been to rescue her from his leery grip by putting an end to this all. But this had now turned into an ego tussle. She was the one who should push him away, I decided.

Soon the waiter came to take our orders. I noticed that Shipra didn’t say anything to the waiter, which meant the old fart had ordered for her. This bugged me even more. Shipra is very finicky about ordering food in a restaurant. Even when we go out in groups, she likes to order for herself. And here she was letting a practical stranger order food for her? I seethed in silence throughout dinner. Shipra and Avinash kept talking, his hand rubbing her shoulder when it wasn’t rubbing his knees or thighs. By the end of the meal, his hand had pushed her skirt a couple of inches higher, and much more of her thigh was on display then at the beginning.

I had refused to blink, but was feeling very disgusted. I fought my disgust by switching from beer to scotch as well. And downing a few of them in haste as dinner progressed. Maybe it was the booze having its effect on her, but I thought that Shipra didn’t look as uncomfortable as before. She had gone from being a little squeamish of his touch and having a hesitant look of alarm on her face to now wearing a blissful smile. She was barely touching her food although Avinash was wolfing his dinner down.

Finally dinner got done. I thought this was it, but instead, Avinash got up and said to me,

“We’re gonna dance a little.”

I looked at Shipra, but she was avoiding my gaze. Instead she got up from her chair and followed Avinash to the bar area of the restaurant where a handful of couples were dancing. From our table, I could only see part of the dance floor. Avinash and Shipra first started dancing in that area, with a foot of distance between them.

The contrast between them was stark. Shipra – beautiful, voluptuous, elegantly dressed, and tall. Avinash – half a foot shorter than her, dressed in cheap threads, bald, ugly, puny but with a paunch that stuck out from his blazer. Shipra moved gracefully, Avinash plonked around like a frog. But even with this mismatch, what bothered me was that the two kept their gazes locked into each others. And Shipra, far from looking bothered, wore a happy smile as they danced.

Sonds started and finished but they kept dancing for a good twenty minutes or so. Meanwhile the waiter had come and placed the check on the table and had made a few meaningful visits to look at it. Finally I put my credit card in the check folder and the waiter took it away. I was about to get up, interrupt the dancing and take Shipra home, when the song changed to a romantic ballad. An ideal slow dancing song.

I watched in horror as Avinash pulled my wife into a clumsy embrace and the two of them started gently swaying to the music. Avinash started off placing his hands on the small of her back, but then gradually slid them downwards. Until both his hands were on her shapely butt. He then started gentle kneading her butt, without any resistance from her. I looked around and saw a few people around them snickering and pointing. Even in Vegas, watching such a clumsily dressed old codger feeling up an exquisite beauty like my wife wasn’t a common scene.

I watched with disgust, but also with a sense of vindication. This dirty old man was skillfully putting the moves on my wife. Right in front of me. And she was doing nothing to stop him. Obviously, I had been correct in my suspicions about Manish and the other guys. If she let this old sack of dough go this far, who knows what she had done with Manish when I was away? I felt my ears burn in anger as I watched them. Finally the dance came to an end. And the two of them started walking back to the table.

When Shipra took her seat, she looked into my eyes with a defiant expression. I was doing nothing to hide my rage. But it didn’t seem to bother her. She looked away. I then looked at Avinash. As he sat down, I almost spat out my drink in shock. There was a huge tent in his pants. He was sporting a rather substantial erection. And, it dawned on me, this beast of an erection had obviously been rubbing against my wife when they slow danced. Or maybe it was a result of their slow dance.

The three of us sat wordlessly sipping at what remained of the last of our drinks. The waiter came back with the credit card slip and I signed it. Avinash looked at me and smirked, as if to say – “I was going to take you two to dinner, and instead you’re paying while I rubbed my dick against your wife.” I looked away from him towards Shipra who now wore a look that was all too familiar to me. After many a night on town, when we got home, she would sport this look – that of being drunk as well as being horny. Avinash’s monster erection rubbing against her had clearly had an effect.

Avinash must have noticed it too, because I sensed a movement of his hand. And when I followed it, I saw it was headed towards his thigh again. Except this time, he didn’t stop at just rubbing her thigh. It disappeared under her skirt. I looked up at Shipra who had now closed her eyes and had tilted her head back a little. Slowly her lips parted and I saw another familiar look. And alarm bells started going off in my head.

I realized that just a couple of feet away from me, Avinash was fingering my wife. Was he doing it over her panties? Or had he slipped his finger inside? There was no way for me to know. What I did know was, I was at a crossroads. Either I get up, throw a fit, and kick this old man’s ass. Or I continue to be what I had been until then. A silent accomplice.

I don’t what what made me opt for the second option. Maybe I was getting turned on by this ugly old man handling my wife like putty. But at that moment, I rationalized my non-action by telling myself, it’s up to her to stop him. If she wants to prove me wrong and show me as a jealous paranoid husband, she should do something. I didn’t realzie though that Shipra was probably too drunk to think straight.

Avinash noticed that I had noticed, and flashed me a triumphant smile. He then poked her thigh with his other hand, and she parted her legs even more, providing him better access to her cunt. Shipra’s face now wore an overtly sexual look. her eyes were now half open, but she didn’t seem to be looking at anything in particular. Her nipples were obviously erect because they were poking through even her bra and top. Her face had gone all red. And she seemed to be breathing heavily.

This scene lasted five minutes or so, until the band stopped playing and there was a minute of silence. Avinash took his hand out from under Shipra’s skirt. Shipra let out an audible moan of disappointment. Her eyes opened completely and met mine. She looked away in shame. I wondered if she would end it now. But it wasn’t in her hands.

Avinash got up. His erection seemed to have subsided by now. He said to me very matter-of-factly,

“I am taking her to my suite back at the Venetian. You can come along too if you want.”

I tried to search for words, but couldn’t come up with any. Avinash held out his hand for Shipra. I expected her to take it. But instead, she was looking at me.

“Pavan.” she said in a breathless voice.

“Hmm?” I said.

“What should I do?” there was a plaintive tone of genuine conflict in her voice. Looking back, I now know that was the last chance I had to put an end to the depravity. I just stared at her.

“What should I do, Pavan?” she asked, once more in that gut-wrenching voice.

A dozen different sentences sprung up in my head. “Don’t go.” “Let’s go back to our room.” “Leave this old fart here.” “Stop the madness.”

I didn’t say any of them. I just shrugged. Shipra exhaled loudly. Avinash was still holding his hand out for her. She took it and got up. Avinash put his hand around my wife’s waist and led her away. I got up and followed them, as if in a slumber.

I walked behind Avinash and Shipra as we left the restaurant and went back to the Venetian. I followed them into the elevator. Avinash slid his key and pushed the button for the top floor. once the elevator door closed, he stood there, again kneading her butt. The elevator reached his floor and we walked to the suite.

Avinash led us to the “living room” of the suite and turned on just one small lamp. The room was mostly dark, with just the one lamp illuminating it. Avinash headed to the minibar and poured three scotches, without ice. He handed one to Shipra and another to me. Shipra took her drink and sat down on the small couch. She took a sip and then looked at me, with a petrified expression. Again, she seemed to be crying out for help. For me to rescue her. But I felt helpless. I sat down on a chair across from her. Avinash took his glass and sat down next to her.

Avinash then reached for the remote and turned the TV on. He turned it to one of the movie channels, and sat there, with his hands around Shipra, who seemed like she would run out of the room at any moment. We all sat there staring at the TV. Even Avinash, for the first time ever, seemed a bit nervous.

About ten minutes later, I noticed some movement. I saw Avinash pick up Shipra’s hand and put it on his crotch which now had that massive bulge again. I looked away towards the TV. A few moments later when I looked back at them, there it was. Avinash’s dick. I am not sure how big it exactly was, but it was a hell of a lot bigger than mine. And thicker. It was standing up from his open pants like a flagpole. And wrapped around it were my wife’s elegant fingers. She was gradually stroking his dick, from the base to where the thick bulbous head protruded.

I looked at Shipra’s face. She was staring at the TV, as was Avinash. But her stroking of his dick was getting faster and faster. This went on for a few minutes and then Shipra stopped. She took her hand off the dick and stared stretching her fingers. Her hand was probably tired. So Avinash took her other hand and put it on his dick, and she resumed stroking it. By now the monster cock was moist with all the precum that had oozed out. I could see even Shipra’s fingers glistening. And I realized I too now had an erection in my pants that needed some relieving.

When Shipra took another break to change hands, Avinash took the opportunity to take her top off. She offered no resistance and was now sitting there in a black bra struggling to contain her massive tits. As Shipra, now without her blouse, started jacking him off again, Avinash started playing with her tits. He put one finger inside the bra cup and moved it all around. Then he scooped the boobs out of her bra. I stared in shock at how trashy Shipra looked at that moment, her boobs spilling out of her bra as she gave some dirty old man a handjob.

“Enough with the hands.” Avinash brusquely said and slapped her hand away. He reached for her hair and pulled her head down into his lap. Shipra resisted a little. Only a little. I suspected it was for my benefit. But within a few seconds, I could see her wide open mouth descending on Avinash’s upright dick. She could take in less than half of it in her mouth before she let out a gagging noise.

“Not used to the size, eh?” Avinash said and chuckled. “I can see why. from that tiny tent in his pants.”

Shipra took his dick out of her mouth and looked at me. Her eyes fell on my erection, and I think I saw a hint of a smile on her lips. But Avinash was getting impatient now. He roughly grabbed her hair and put his dick back in her mouth. Shipra now started sucking his dick enthusiastically. A little too enthusiastically. She made gagging and slurping sounds as she went to work on his dick. And I could not help but be aroused at the sight of this massive shaft going in and out of my wife’s mouth.

“You’ve taught her well. I’ll give you that much. She sucks dick better than any Indian chick I’ve been with.” Avinash said as he nonchAvinashtly unhooked her bra. Shipra slid the bra off and threw it on the floor. Now as she was hunched over on Avinash’s lap sucking his dick furiously, her boobs swayed and touched his balls.

Avinash noticed, like I did, that Shipra slowly moved from being in a sitting position to putting her knees on the couch. She was now bent over with his shapely butt in the air. he reached for her ass and pulled the skirt up until it was bunched around her waist. Half an asscheek each peeked out from the side of her panties. Avinash started fondling her fleshy ass as she continued to suck his dick.

“Take it all the way in, slut.” Avinash said and spanked her on the ass really hard.

Shipra tried, forcing her mouth down, but could not take more than three fourths the length in.

“All the way in, you curry-munching cunt.” another loud slap on her ass. And then he pushed her head down. I started hearing gagging and spitting sounds as Shipra’s head turned upside down. It seemed like his dick was now going down (or up) her throat. Shipra was in the most incredible position I had ever seen her in. Completely topless, skirt up to her waist, panties on display, and head upturned over a dick.

Finally Avinash let go and Shipra’s head sprang up off his dick. She inhaled loudly and started coughing.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” Avinash asked.

Shipra shook her head.

“Not you. This dickwad sitting here. You liked watching your wife take my whole dick down her throat like a sword swallower, didn’t you?”

I stayed silent. What could I say?

“Well, then you’re gonna love what I do to her next.”

Avinash got up and pulled Shipra by the hair towards the side of the couch. She dragged her knees sideways on the couch to keep pace with his hair pulling.

“What you have here, my friend, is a slut. And I will show you how a slut is to be handled.” Avinash said and pulled Shipra’s head over the side of the couch armrest. Her stomach was resting on the armrest and her torso was hanging upside down over the side. From where I was sitting, I could see her hair had fallen over, and her massive tits were hanging next to her chin. She put both her palms on the floor for support. On the other side of the couch was Shipra’s upraised butt and her knees which were still on the couch cushion.

“You know why she is a slut?” Avinash said as he roughly pulled her panties down in one motion. Even as she was being manhandled, Shipra co-operated by lifting her knees so Avinash could take the panties off. Shipra’s perfectly shaped big butt was now completely naked and on view. It was hoisted in the air like a shapely white hill. And her wet pussy was visible from between her legs.

“Because only a slut….”

Avinash continued and loudly spanked her right asscheek. Shipra let out a yelp.

“..lets an old geezer like me….”

SMACK! SMACK! One on each asscheek. Two more yelps.

“….play with her cooch…”


“…in front of her husband.”

Avinash’s hand formed red prints on Shipra’s ass which was now shivering with the onslaught. I could not see her face, but if she was in distress, she certainly didn’t say anything apart from her yelps.

“I will now show you how a whore like this is to be fucked.” Avinash said and stepped out of his pants. His huge dick was now fully erect and throbbing and I got a good look at his thick bush which was completely white. He put one knee on the couch next to Shipra’s leg, and his other leg was on the floor.

He took one step forward and with one hand lifted Shipra’s left knee which was closer to me. He roughly pushed it ahead and upwards so it was propped on the armrest. Her asscheeks opened up in this position and her cunt and asshole were both visible. Shipra moved her hands on the floor a little to bAvinashce herself in this new position. She looked incredibly hot, naked except for her skirt, thrown over the couch rest like a rag doll. Her long shapely legs splayed and open as this puny paunchy old man prepared to enter her.

Avinash took a step forward until his dick was touching her labia. He rubbed the head of his dick up and down her labia, her clit and even through her asscheek. Shipra’s cunt and ass were now almost pulsating with desire, and the way she moved was a clear invitation if not an appeal for Avinash to take her. But Avinash was taking his time.

“Look at how dripping wet she is.” Avinash said pointing to a big wet spot on the couch’s armrest.

Finally he sopped moving his dick up and down and placed it at the entrance of her cunt. I was skeptical of her ability to take it in. It was obscenely thick, and Shipra would feel filled even when my dick entered her. So it was no surprise that the first couple of inches took some time going in. Shipra inhaled loudly and moaned as he pushed the behemoth in, her cunt lips wrapping around it.

“Oh sluts like these will pretend they can’t handle it. But what they want is a big dick. I don;t care if you’re Indian, Chinese or German. All women want a big dick to pump them.” Avinash looked at me and said, and slid more of his dick inside. Now more than half of it was in Shipra who was grunting every time he pushed it in.

Avinash seemed to have decided that was as far as he wanted to push it in. He withdrew it a little and then started fucking her. The whole sight looked so perverse, it almost made me cum. My tall voluptuous wife, thrown over the couch with her hands on the floor, her boobs slapping against her chin with every stroke. And fucking her, a puny fat bald white man. His hairy ass rocked back and forth as he pummeled her. The wrinkly skin on his scrawny legs a stark contrast to her smooth milky legs. His hairy and flabby paunch rubbing against the curvature of her ample buttocks as they fucked made a small but audible scratching noise. It was heard only intermittently however, through the thuds of their thighs together.

Avinash then put both his hands on her shapely waist, moved forward and started banging her really hard and fast. He started grunting as he did that, and Shipra joined in with obscene sounding grunts of her own. Her boobs, hanging upside down, where now slapping against his chin really hard. And I noticed her nipples were more erect than I had ever seen them. Avinash moved his hands to her hips and held on tight as he started pounding my wife even harder. From her shrieks, she seemed to be enjoying every moment of it.

That was when I finally and fully came to terms with what was happening. My wife was being fucked like I had never been able to fuck her before. Shipra was a gorgeous woman who deserved the best kind of sex, which I hadn’t been able to provide her. And my jealousy and paranoia in the past had been nothing but an oblique admission of my inability. her being loyal to me would have been a waste of her god given looks and body. Maybe that’s why I had not stopped these proceedings. Somewhere deep within, I knew that she needed this. She deserved this.

After what seemed like an eternity of fucking her like that, Avinash pulled his dick out. I thought he had cum, but that was far from the case. He stepped off the couch, his massive dick glistening with her pussy juices. He spanked her ass hard and said,

“Get up you dirty little slut!” Even in my state of shock and arousal I could not help but smile at the irony of this puny old codger calling her ‘little’.

Shipra obediently took her palms off the floor and pulled herself into a standing position. Her skirt fell into place covering her pussy, and she stood there breathing hard staring at me. The look one her face was one I had never seen before – that of a wild animal in heat. Her eyes were burning with desire. There was drool all over her face. And her massive boobs were flushed and heaving with her breathing. She was staring in my direction but I don’t know if she even registered my presence.

“Bedroom!” Avinash said and reached up to grab her hair. He pulled her behind him as he headed towards the suite’s bedroom. As I said, she was a good half a foot taller than him so his pulling her by the hair made her bend down a little. Plus she was still wearing her heels. In threw steps, she stumbled and fell on all fours. But Avinash was in no mood to wait for her to get on her feet. He continued to drag her to the bedroom. Shipra followed the best she could, being dragged on her hand and feet. And I gazed in marvel at my wife’s jiggling butt as she was led away, like the bitch in heat that she was, to the bedroom.

I got up and walked to the doorway of the bedroom. Avinash, in another surprising display of strength, had flung Shipra on to the bed. Avinash then got on the bed and almost ripped off her skirt and threw it to the floor. He then took her heels off and threw them to the floor as well.

Shipra’s tall, shapely naked body was curled up on her side on the bed. Her hair looked dishevelled. Her huge tits were heaving, taking her erect nipples with them. She had a glazed look on her face as she stared into nothingness. Avinash meanwhile took off his own shirt and shoes and got completely naked. All this while he was talking to me.

“You Indian men were blessed by god with such incredibly hot women. But you keep them subdued, force them to suppress their sexuality. What that does it turns them into sexual volcanoes ready to erupt any time they get some attention. Turns them into sluts waiting to be set free. That’s what this little pixie is, isn’t she? A slut. A volcanic slut.”

Avinash got on the bed and spanked her ass really hard for the umpeenth time that night. Then he pushed her so she was on her back and lifted her legs by the knees so they were in the air. Her dripping pussy was on display as he held her long legs up like some logs of wood. Holding her legs like that, he continued with his monologue.

“This slut…or should I say whore…is slutty even by the standards of regular sluts. In my 65 years, I have never bedded a woman so easily. That too in front of her husband. What does that tell you, Pavan? Your wife has so willingly opened her legs for an ugly old fart like me. With you around. Can you imagine what she must be up to when you’re not around?”

I looked at Shipra. But she seemed to be ignoring whatever he was saying. I watched in amazement at her hands which were between them, trying to reach for his erect dick which was inches away from her cunt.

“Haha, look at that. She is reaching for my dick. She hasn’t had enough. When was the last time you fucked her, Pavan? And I mean REALLY TRULY fucked her like the whore she is? You should fuck her regularly or any guy who is willing to put in a few hours to chat her up and make her feel like a woman, will take her to bed”

I did not respond to Avinash’s description of my wife, and neither did she. This night had convinced me that Shipra had indeed been screwing around behind my back. Avinash was right. My wife was a cock hungry slut, and I should not have expected her to be anything but.

Avinash smirked and pushed his hips forward to penetrate her as he placed her calves on his shoulder. Shipra moved her hips to accommodate him enthusiastically. He pushed his dick inside and started playing with her huge tits as they fucked. Another intensely perverted but erotic sight – my tall gorgeous wife laid out on her back, her long shapely legs on the wrinkly shoulder of this bald ugly geezer as he fucked her.

After a few minutes, he leaned forward, making Shipra’s body bent in the waist almost to forty five degrees, and kept fucking her. I had by now grown immune to the animalistic grunts and moans both of them were letting out. They were engaged in the most primal form of coitus – fucking for the sake of fucking. Not once, I noted, had Avinash kissed Shipra’s full beautiful lips. He was obviously interested in a different set of lips that he was now assaulting with his behemoth dick.

— As Avinash’s fucking picked up tempo, Shipra responded with louder grunts. The bed was shaking with the intensity of their raw fucking. Shipra moved her legs off Avinash’s shoulder and wrapped them around his waist. I watched aghast as she locked her legs around and and pulled him deeper into her. I realized that my wife had now taken all of Avinash’s monster cock inside her. Will I ever be able to satisfy her in bed after this, I wondered.

Avinash responded to Shipra’s legwork by ramming her cunt even harder. Minutes ticked by and I realized that it had been almost half an hour that this fucking had lasted. Was this man ever going to cum? He kept going and going. Their grunts kept getting deeper as well as louder. With each thrust, Avinash seemed to be planting his flag deeper and deeper into what was my territory.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, Avinash flinched and let out a loud grunt as he increased the pace with which he battered my wife’s cunt. Then his buttcheeks clenched, and so did Shipra’s. It suddenly hit me – he was riding her bareback! No condom! And Shipra wasn’t on the pill. He was shooting his seed into her – and judging by the amount of time he kept pumping, it must have been a lot of semen.

Avinash finished pumping his seed into her with a final hoarse grunt, and then collapsed on top of her. I could see his white chest hair mashing into my wife’s delicious boobs. She kept her legs wrapped around his waist and hugged him in a tight embrace. The two of them lay there writhing and moaning for a couple of minutes, until they caught their breath. Avinash then, fir the first time that night, kissed my wife on her lips. It was a wet sloppy kiss – I could hear them drooling and salivating. The kissing went on for a few minutes.

Then Avinash tried to free himself from the grip of Shipra’s legs which were still wrapped around him.

“No…please…” Shipra said in a pleading voice as she begged her new lover to stay with her.

“Yeah, in a minute, slut.” Avinash said and freed himself. Shipra lay there with her legs open as Avinash stepped off the bed. I could see a river of cum oozing out of her cunt.

Avinash walked towards me, completely naked. His dick was semi-erect, but was still big enough to slap against his thighs as he walked. He walked past me and beckoned me to follow him. I mutely did. He poured two drinks and handed me one. He took his own and downed it in one big gulp. He put the glass down on the table with a thud and walked back towards the bedroom. I noticed how wrinkly and flabby his old man butt was.

Avinash stepped inside the suite bedroom and said to me,

“Finish the fucking drink and let yourself out.”

With that he slammed the door shut. I sat down on the couch where he had first fucked my wife and started drinking.

As I sipped my drink, I could hear muffled sounds of conversation and laughter through the door. That lasted for about ten minutes. After that conversation stopped. And a few minutes later, I could heard the faint sounds of my wife’s moans. I finished my drink, and let myself out of the suite. I returned to our room, jacked off a couple of times and fell asleep.

I was woken by the sound of the door closing shut. I opened my eyes and saw Shipra walk in, fully dressed, with her purse. She put it on the table and laid down next to me silently. I thought of something to say but words failed me. After fifteen minutes of silence, I got up.

“I’m going to get ready and go to the casino floor.” I said.

“Okay.” Shipra calmly said. “I am going to take a nap.”

The next two days I saw little of Shipra. I spent my time in the casinos playing blackjack, and won about 20,000 dollars. She spent the day sleeping and spent nights and evenings with Avinash. Our last night in Vegas, I ran into them in the elevator and Avinash magnanimously invited me to the suite to watch, “as long as I didn’t get in the way”. In the room, I watched incredulously as Avinash threw my wife over the couch armrest like the first time, but buggered her in the ass this time. From the ease with which her asshole accommodated his giant dong, I surmised it wasn’t the first time he had fucked her there.

Neither of referred to what had happened on the flight back to New Jersey, nor when we got back home. We got back to our normal life as if nothing had happened. I came to terms with my being a willing cuckold and stopped pestering her about Manish. Although I never caught them in action and never asked Shipra to confirm it, I was sure they were having sex now. That is, if they weren’t before.

What did change was sex life between us. I found my stamina and desire return and Shipra and I were now back to having sex almost every night. She was insatiable and I often wondered if I was able to fulfill her desires. But I didn’t really care. My sex drive was back on track and that’s all that mattered.

A month or so later, I came home to a surprising sight. Avinash was sitting on our living room couch playing with Chintu. He greeted me like an old friend and complimented me on my beautiful house. Shipra came out of the kitchen, saying Avinash would stay for dinner.

Over dinner, with Chintu around, the conversation stayed polite and mundane. But it did lead to an interesting revelation. It turned out that Avinash’s boasts about being a rich old geezer were bullshit. He was a fucking greeter at a Walmart in Maryland, barely making ends meet! He could only afford to stay in that suite in the Venetian in Vegas because he had won some contest on the radio. His income was probably less than what we spent on gas. All his life, he had held a string of minor clerical jobs, was divorced, and had no kids. I tried to gauge Shipra’s reaction to that information, but she didn’t seem surprised or bothered.

After dinner while Shipra put Chintu to bed, Avinash and I sat in the living room sipping on brandy. I could not think of anything say, although I was dying to ask him – WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE???

Shipra came back to the room. Avinash and I were sitting on different couches, and Shipra seemed to think for a few seconds before sitting down next to me. Then she dropped the bombshell. She was pregnant. I was a little astonished, although I guess I should have expected it after watching Avinash fuck her bareback and deposit his wad inside her fertile womb.

“Is it mine or his?” I asked. After our Vegas tripped, she and I had often fucked bareback.

“I don’t know.” Shipra shrugged. Avinash had a smug smile on his face.

“Or is it Manish’s?” I asked tartly. Avinash let out a chuckle.

“I can get a paternity test done. That’s why I invited Avinash over. To talk about….what to do.”

And the three of us talked it over. Avinash said he didn’t care. He was sure he had bastard children all over the country, and one more didn’t make a difference to him. I said I didn’t care whose it was either. I would consider it my own child. We spoke about it for a while and thrashed out the details. With that matter settled, I expected Avinash to leave, but instead, Shipra led him to our guest room. She then joined me in our bedroom and slept snuggled next to me. But when I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, her side of the bed was empty.

That was the last time Avinash visited our house. Shipra would drive over to Maryland once every few weeks and spend the weekend with him, until her third trimester, when driving became impossible. I wanted desperately to know what she had been up to. But I didn’t ask, and she didn’t offer any information.

The baby came two weeks three weeks after schedule. When Avinash came to the hospital to see it, he joked that the baby had to be his – he was known for never coming too early. But the baby was definitely his. The brown hair, the blue eyes, the odd shape of the forehead – I knew I would be bringing up Avinash’s son as my own.

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