Distant Cousin To Sex Mate

Hi folks… I am Sanjay, from Cochin. I am a regular reader of Indian sex stories…and here I am for the second time with an incest episode.

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Those who haven’t read my first sex story, check out the this link.

I am a very big fan of incest stories and I always wished to have an incest relationship. I had fantasies about many of my relatives but my cousin achu was always at the top of my list. She is a distant cousin of mine but we are good friends and very open to each other.

My interest in her began 2 years back when us cousins went to an amusement park. Wonder la is one of the hottest spots in Cochin.. You get to see lot of milfs n teens.. She wore a beach shorts exposing her white thighs n a short top. She was very fair with a round ass and fluffy tits. I was totally horny seeing her in that kind of dress and all I wanted was to do her. Her sexy legs were making me mad but I didn’t have that kind of courage back then.

She studies in saudi so we meet only during vacations. Recently I started to follow her in instagram and that’s when my lust was reborn. Her instapics were 😍😍. She recently had a function in her school to which she wore a deep green saree. Gosh she looked sexy in those. She wore her saree low showing some of her naval. I messaged her praising her looks so she sent me some pics which showed more of her naval and sexy figure. That moment I determined that I had have her. Then I started to chat with her regularly and took our relation a step ahead.

This grew our friendship and things began to spice up a bit. I introduced some masala into our conversations and she was fine with that soon I got her snapchat and snaps began flooding… Daily snaps of her dress food etc etc. She then came to Kerala for her summer holidays in july. And the fun begins…

She called me once she reached and I went to her place the next day.. Aunty opened the door n greeted me offered me a coffee and we were chit chatting in the living room and suddenly she jumped from behind and scared me. She was in the shower when I came and being at home she wore a short skirt and tee.

Her fresh aroma was really great. Then we slowly went to her room upstairs. We talked for some time and she had bought me a shirt as a present I thanked her and I had to go.. So I said bye and left.

At night I sent her a message about how different she look in real and in pictures she sent me… This lead to a long conversation and I asked her about her friends (bf) etc and she began to ask me the same.. I replied her likewise.

After some days I saw her at a marriage function wearing a red gown like dress which has a transparent region around her belly. I saw her belly button through her dress I took some selfies with her.

In some photos, intentionally focused on her navel. At night she messaged me asking the selfies I took and I sent her the ones in with her navel is focused and she replied with a devil emoji😈. I took this as a chance and complimented her body to spice things up. And things did spice up. She then sent me some selfies she took during dressing in which she didn’t wear any underpants.

And I then called her on her mobile and talked to her and said that I want to see her. To my luck she said she was planning to go to her dad’s friends home for the weekend but she would make an excuse to stay. This made my night. I couldn’t sleep at that night… I was planning all the things I wanted to do with her. Next day around 11 I called her to check and she told me to come.

I reached her home by 11:30 and there was no one else I went inside and I was very eager to get laid… But she was not ready.. She was worried about the consequences and shit. I began to caress her around her neck and made her ease and relax my fingers worked it’s magic on her and she was in no position to resist…

I slowly lean forward and placed a kiss on her forehead while I slid my hands into her tee and rubbed her back. I removed my shirt and laid her on the sofa removed her tee. Her body was perfect. She had the right amount of fat in her naval and her round tits. I was eager to see her pussy but she didn’t let me remove her skirt.

So I began to kiss her on her tits and I licked her naval and gave her love bites on her lower belly.

She had already began to let out slight moans. I then sucked her nipples.. They became erect and her moans increased and from her tone I realised that she had cummed and I slid my hand over her panties I could feel the warmth of her pussy and I rubbed over her panty.

I quickly removed her skirt and began to feel her pussy with my hands… It was wet I removed her panty and spread her legs. Her pussy was pink color and soft as silk.

I slowly rubbed my hands over it and tried to insert my finger into her she stopped me and told that she was a virgin and she wants to stay that way..

But I couldn’t just stop so I went ahead and inserted my middle finger in while she was screaming in pain. Her scream was getting louder so I put my other hand in her mouth and held her tongue. I increased my pace and she bite me so I had to leave her.

I then stood up and got nude and told her to blow me. She did that without any hesitation. I held her n made her deep throat.

She then sucked on my balls. I was fully erect and ready to fuck her. But she didn’t want to have intercourse. It was my dream to make a woman squirt. And I wanted to try it on her.. I told her that I wanted to finger fuck her…

She after much deliberation agreed and I began my work.. I started off slowly and then slowly increased the rate and within 2 mins I made her squirt. She was moaning like hell… I tasted her squirt and made her drink some too.

She was totally exhausted by now so I slowly put my dick in her pussy and pushed it she was too tired to resist… All she did was letting out heavy moans and her sound made me go psych and I increased my pace then I saw blood on my dick… So I kinda feel sorry for her and I stopped. I kissed her again. And laid down on the couch. She was covered in sweat and the aroma of the entire room changed. She couldn’t walk for some time..

So I had to pick her up and went to bathroom I filled the tub and we rested in the tub for about an hour. She gave me a hand job in the tub and I returned the favour by giving her an orgasm. We took shower ordered a pizza and I left there. We now have a great relationship and had 2 more sessions after this one.

Hope u liked the story.. Forgive any mistakes. Any suggestions or woman in and around cochin who like to get together can mail me. 100% privacy & satisfaction guaranteed.💯

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Neighbour Aunt – Part 1

I stay in Hyderabad doing my engineering. I’m horny as fuck and I don’t have any girlfriends and then I found her ! Heaven on earth ? Yeah, man it’s on bed with her ! I love fucking every single possible hole of hers !

One fine morning I woke and I came out of my home and I looked downstairs. I saw an aunt jogging in the adjacent apartment. She has got melons. A perfect figure of height 5 feet 7 inch with sizes 36-28-36. I could see the cleavage as we stay in the 5th floor. As I have got some lust toward such perfect looking aunts the idea of fucking her popped my mind. And moreover she seemed like a slut.

I kept looking her and my dick soon became erect. She stopped for a while, and looked up accidentally and noticed me looking at her. She turned and started jogging.

She took a round around by the time she came back to that place I noticed that the top button of her t-shirt was unbuttoned. And her boobs are clearly visible now pumping out of her bra. I lost my mind and stared at her. She caught my sight and winked at me biting her lips. My dick was rock hard and I ran back inside with fear. I later came to know that she has bought a new flat in my adjacent apartment and she got divorced and had 2 children.

Later I did not dare to see her during her morning walk. But we sometimes saw each other when I’m going out. Even she used to stay in the 5th floor of the adjacent apartment and I could clearly see her balcony from mine. She became friends with vani aunty who used to stay in the 1st floor of my apartment, who was also a best friend of my mom.

Then she started visiting my home with vani aunty. She used to look for me whenever she used to visit. One day my mom asked me to give her something and she sent me to her place.

Is I could not say no to my mom’s request I went. It was 5 in the evening on a sunday. I rang the doorbell and no one opened. I stood there for five minutes and no one opened.I was about to leave and then she came. Her name was priya. She was in out. She just wrapped a towel around her shoulder covering her boobs till her knees.She said that she know that I was coming.

Priya:’ come in prayagh’

(my name changed )

Me: ‘hi aunty. Mom asked me to give you this cover. ‘. Priya: ‘thanks prayagh’. I was actually waiting for you. Come in.

I could not stop looking at her breasts and she saw me watching at those. She then told me that she is about to take bath. And will come back in 5 minutes. I agreed to wait.

She then stood and moved to the bathroom rearranging her towel making me to notice without letting me see any of her hidden secrets. I could not withstand and mg cock was rock hard. I always dreamed of fucking her.

I waited there for 5 minutes and she came out. She wore her nighty and was still wet water falling off her wet hair running along her breasts escaping through her legs. It was uncontrollable for me to stop watching at her breasts. She has perfect figure as she works out every day.

She sat beside me and started enquiring me about many things. And later came to my girlfriend’s

Priya:’ do you have any girlfriends prayagh’

I said no and was waiting for her to go further.

She came closer and started teasing me by catching my hair. She asked me about the day I saw her from upstairs. She told me that she divorced her husband as he could not satisfy her.

She slowly moved towards me kept eye contact with me. She lift my hand and kept on her waist. I was rock hard and mg dick had made a tent in my pants. I can see the lust in her eyes and moved closer to her. She asked me to satisfy her for today as she did not sex for 2 years.

I then changed my facial expression as I was hesitating. She caught my hair tighter and pulled me towards her breast. She wore nighty and wet all-over.

But now I could not control and started kissing her neck. She then caught me tighter and was above me in seconds. I was passionate as I did not kiss any girl till then and was a virgin.

She was horny as fuck and started moaning.We stopped after 2 minutes and made an eye contact suddenly. Her lips touched mine, we licked each other’s tongues. Our saliva got exchanged. We suddenly broke out and I started to remove her nighty. She then got my and undressed her nighty and was in her panty and bra still wet.

I ran towards her and held her tight placing one hand on her cunt lips and one on her hair. Rubbing her cunt lips over her panties and kissing her passionately on her lips holding her hair tight with her hair was like heaven.

She then could not withstand and was moaning like hell. Soon her panties got wet. And I removed her bra. And started sucking her 36-d sized boobs. They were of perfect shape and were erect.

I started sucking her boobs. And was biting her nipples giving her some love bites. She could not withstand anymore and pushed me. Her white panties are wet and juices started flowing out.’ please fuck me. I will do whatever you want. I will not say anyone. Please start fucking me. Treat me as you slut ‘ she shouted.

I was shocked.

She was cock hungry.

She came in front of me and started removing my pant. She took off my underwear and took my rock hard 5inch cock in her hand. Precum was oozing out of my dick. Then licked it way with her tongue and started sucking hit. She took my whole cock inside her mouth. It was the 1st a lady sucking my cock and I was in heaven..

She sucked it for 5 minutes and I bummed. She ate all my cum. She then took me to her bedroom..She has a Kong size bed. And her children has gone to her father. she was alone in her house.

She no sooner was above me and asked me to lick her pussy. She has a clean shaven pussy with some sexy aroma filled in with. I have gone mad smelling. I started departing her cunt lips with my tongue and run my tongue deep in her cunt.. She no sooner cummed. I drank it all. I was rock hard again and got up.

She sat over and inserted my hard cock in her cock hungry pussy. She started moaning as she did not sex for years and her cunt was tight. We started fucking and at random positions.

We took every single possible style and we had cum 4 times each that day. She got satisfied with me and asked me to be her fuck mate. And as I don’t have any girlfriend or someone to hang out with I accepted and we became fuckmates thereafter. Read how I started enjoying with her in the coming stories of mine.

This moment of my life is an unforgettable thing happened to me. So I thought of sharing it on Indian sex stories. I am a regular reader of ISS.

I stay in Hyderabad. Any unsatisfied aunts and girls can contact me on my email I’[email protected]

First Wonder Of My Life

Hi everyone,

My name is Vikrant. I am new to ISS and found this site more interesting than watching porn. Everyone is sharing their experience so I thought I should share mine. Please be patient, my sex story is lengthy.Boys start stroking your dick and girls start fingering because my sex story will make you come. I am an instrumentation engineer and my age is 24.Recently I have joined new job in Mumbai. My company does not provide accommodation so I have searched few rooms on rent add on magic bricks.

On Sunday I was visiting all those place but found none interesting. It was 9 pm and I was completely tiered. Still I went for last address.

A man age 40 opened the door. It was a old duplex and last house in that row. There were 2 rooms on terrace with a toilet and no bathroom but big opened space on other side. It was quite disappointing and while leaving I heard a seductive voice asking “Who is their?” then she came outside. Ohhh she was sooo sexy that I was blank for a minute. She was slightly chubby but awesome figure.

Though it was not good but it was near from my office. I agreed with that deal and shifted their after 2 days. Days by days where passing and I was becoming closer to them. To tell about aunty, her name is neelima with a sexy figure. Her ass was so seductive that anyone would worship and burns candles and agarbatis in her ass, day and night.

Secretly I was enjoying her beauty.

At night uncle and I use to play carom on terrace and even watch cricket matches together. Aunty used to surf and watch movie’s on my laptop. Uncle was in sales department, so he used to go early morning 7 am and return at 10 pm . Uncle where very possessive about aunty. She was not allowed to go outside, not allowed to go to friend’s house. Though she was having many constrains, she was happy with herself.

Many times I have seen her dancing and singing when uncle were not at home. She used to dry her clothes including her inner-ware on terrace. From the varieties of panty she was having, anyone would know that she was very naughty.

To seduce her more ,I kept porn folder on desktop screen. That evening when I have checked recent places, it was porn for whole day. Once I decided to catch her red handed. So I came home in lunch time to pick some important documents ,it took her long time to open door. She told that she was listening songs on my laptop.

When I went inside I found her hair brush below my bed. I pick it up and found that handle was sticky. She might be fucking with it. I was aroused by that.

It was still wet and her cum was there on hair brush handle. I tasted it, sucked it and masturbated imagining her naked on my bed. I ejaculated on my hand itself and applied my sticky cum on its handle then went to return her. She was shocked to see it. I told her it is sticky. She was unable to answer. Taking a pause she told that it was her hair oil.Now my cum was on her hand. Seeing that my dick was again hard. Somehow I hide it.

For whole day her bra and panty used to be on terrace rope. Every night I used to jerk while tasting it, wearing it and sleep wearing her bra and panty.

One such night my door was knocked, it was her.She was shy to tell that her bra and panty wear missing. Even I was afraid to tell that I was wearing it below my cloths. My tent was visible to her.I told her that wind might have blown it away. We will search it in morning.Even she might have got hint about it. I threw her bra in corner of terrace and panty on nearby tree. She called me for help, to remove her panty from tree.

To tease her I told “it’s not your, it’s too small”. She laughed and replied “No its mine only”.I looked at her ass and asked her again “Are you sure? Its just strings from behind”. She laughed again and said “It’s my summer wear”. We both laughed again. I removed it with a rod and hold it in my hand.

I was examining those strings but she snatched it from my hand. I told her to bring such panty for me as it is too hot this summer. To which she nodded head and we laughed again. I was getting harder. With this incidence we wear more friendly and used to talk long hour in uncle’s absence. I noticed that she was not satisfied by her husband.

I was having a heavy work load and used to work overtime. So nothing happened for 1 month.

One day while I was bathing in open terrace, aunty came for drying clothes and saw me in my underwear. I was little bit awkward but aunty was ok with that. She even talked with me and I was answering her questions.

I was aroused and my dick was rising like a volcano ready to erupt hot lava. Even aunty had noticed my dick still she was standing and watching me. She was putting her bra an panty on the rope and watching me wiping my body. I putted towel over and removed my underwear. She complimented me for my physic. I am average looking guy with 5.6″ feet height, flat chest and big arms.

I went inside room and putted new underwear over that towel. I thought to seduce her hence removed my towel quickly and my 6″ long 1.5″ thick dick came out of my underwear. She gave me a naughty smile and ran downwards. I went downward after 30 min and asked her why did she ran downward that time. But she again smiled and said nothing.

Now everyday she used to come while am bathing.I used to pass on many adult jokes while taking to her. One day their bathroom drainage was blocked so uncle came to bath on terrace. I was expecting aunty to come for bath but she didn’t came. When I came back evening I heard like someone is bathing on terrace but lights wear switch off .

I went slowly upstairs and switch on the lights. What I saw was like a nuclear bomb. She was bathing nude. Her white boobs, her ass, her nipple her pussy was beautiful. She was shocked and ran inside the toilet nude. I said sorry. While running her ass and boobs where jumping like a IPL cheerleaders. I went near the toilet and gave her towel. She tied it over her body and went downwards. Next morning while going for office I said her sorry again and she was ok with that.

Now she was bit comfortable with me .Sometime she would even cook breakfast, dinner for me. I used to help her in some household work and touch her ass and boobs accidentally. She used to browse my laptop. Whenever I used check browsing history and recent places visited, it was porn and sex stories sites. Many times she used to come to terrace while I am bathing and talk to me. I was searching for chance to enjoy her.

Nearly after 2 month I got a chance ,uncle was going on official tour to Delhi for a week. So I have to dropped uncle at airport for evening flight. That night we had dinner in a non-veg restaurant .She was very much happy. We came home she thanked me for party by kissing my cheeks. Next morning she planned for alibagh. So she slept early but I was unable to sleep. She was in light blue nighty looking like jalpari.

I was just sleeping next to her enjoying her warm breath. I kept my one leg on her and was feeling her beauty. Then decided to proceed further but thought that if she got angry it will spoil my whole week.So I just removed my track panty and masturbated next to her. I went up in my room shaved my dick completely and trimmed my hairy chest.
I woke at 4 am and packed my bag ,by this time she was ready in her track pant and t-shirt. She was looking as hot as Sunny Leone. She told me to get ready soon. To have a naughty start I decided to bath naked.

As soon as I saw her coming upstairs I applied soap on my naked body. She saw me, but didn’t said a single word ,she sat on my bed watching me nude through window and I was pretending as if I didn’t know her presence. I rubbed soap on my dick tip and ass crack many time. I moved my dick skin backward and was washing it.

Suddenly she said “get ready soon”.I behaved like shocked and sat and the floor covering myself. She laughed and said do it fast. I stood up, hiding my dick with hand. Asked her for towel kept on bed. She said” don’t worry, I will look on other side”.I was harder then diamond.With 2-3 jerk I had cum inside room. Cleaned it and wore clothes.

It was 5:15 am left home on my pulsar to bhau cha dhakka. We reached alibaug by 9 am with speed breaker and pot holes her boobs and thighs were dashing. First time I was praising municipal corp. For bad road.I touch her everywhere while trekking. She was behaving like a college girl and enjoying my every touch.

We watch the fort and went to nearby beaches. We were completely tiered. Our bodies where paining. While returning on bike, in between she wanted to pee. I stopped the bike on corner of road. Asked her to pee while I will watch if anyone come. I heard a sound like suhhh suuuu.I asked her “Is that a snake “.I started making suhhh suuu sound.She threw few small stones at me.She laughed and replied “You idiot”.

I adjusted by bike’s side mirror and watching her peeing.I was able to see nature’s beautiful water fall through her ass. She was done ,our eyes meet and we laughed again. While I was riding her total body weight was on me and her hands on my thighs. I asked her again whether it was a snake. She pinched my inner thighs. I cried loudly then rubbing my thighs she said sorry. Her hand was sometimes touching my dick.

We reached home, ordered for food. She told me to bring pain killer tablet, I brought body lotion and a pack of kama sutra condoms. To try my luck I told her to massage my body. She agreed an asked me to undress and sleep on the bed. I was in my boxer. She spread few drops of lotion our my chest.

I shivered with her first touch and the tent in my boxer was rising. I was moaning with her pressured. She was looking at my dick and massaging my thighs. She massaged by lower back, feet and more on my nipples. I was relaxed and reborn. I asked her does she want massage. She paused for while, she was feeling shy and said no went downwards in her room. I was nervous and thinking what to do next. She came back in a silky white gown and requested me for massage. She slept on my bed.

I moved her gown slightly above the knee. I massaged he feet then was moving upward. With first touch on thigh she shivered. She moaned uhhmnm loudly. I was moving upward and her pink panty was visible to me.My rocket ready to take off but I controlled somehow.

I asked her to removed her gown but she said no first then told me to switch off the lights. I did it and that beautiful lady was only in bra and panty on my bed. A dim light was spread in room because of moon light coming through window. She was lying on her back. I was on cloud nine, couldn’t believe my luck.My hands were flowing all our her back. Her moans increased and ask me to apply more pressure.

While massage her inner thighs I touched her pussy lips many time. I put 2-3 drops of oil into her ass crack, as the drops where sliding downward. She was shivering like a fish out of water. She praised me for massage. I removed my boxer and got completely nude. I told her to turn on her back.

Now her lovely mangoes where in front of me. I applied lotion and started massaging near her boobs from side and cleavage. I asked her to remove bra as it was difficult to massage. I told not to worry as room is dark. Somehow she agreed.

I removed her bra and started massaging her boobs,then nipples. She was moaning like a tigress and was completely in my control. I massage her stomach and went near her pussy. God she was all wet. I started massaging her pussy over her panty. She was like ahhh uhhhh ummm umm nmm.I removed her panty she said nothing.

I inserted 2 fingers inside her and with thumb I was rubbing her clit.She was totally out of control. She was shouting do it more, do it more don’t stop vikrant. Then I inserted my tongue inside her, I was drinking her juice. She folded her legs around my head and with both hands pushed me inside her pussy. I was unable to breath. She was near orgasm and in no time she burst like clouds in Uttarakhand.I drank all her juice.

Now I inserted my dick inside her. And fucked her for another 5 minute. We both came at same time. Still she was not satisfied, she took my dick in her mouth and sucked like a hungry cat. I was again hard and cum inside her mouth. She drank all my cumm.We rest beside each other.

Now she came on top and we smooched for nearly 15-20 min. I was hard again. I lifted her and took her on terrace. Placed a mattress below. She wanted me to fuck her ass. I applied lotion in her ass hole and my dick. Her hole was tight it was painful for both of us but extreme pleasure .I fucked her 4 times that night.When I woke up in morning she gave me bath and asked me to wear her string panty.While we where on the way to theatre,we saw two hot n sexy girls driving next to us.

Aunty pulled those strings out of my pant and pinched my dick.Those girls started laughing at me.While they were following us.I was feeling embarrassed. In theatre she gave me a hand job.At night we had anal sex. Remaining 5 days we fucked like animals ,in each and every corner of her house.On last day I took her to ESSEL world.We enjoyed a lot their.

Uncle came next morning. He thank me for taking care of aunty and home.Next week we fucked during my lunch time.

But good time never last longer.My project was finished and I had join new project in Pune office.I was very nervous.I gifted her set of 7 sexy bra and panty for 7 days and a dildo.I took 2 of her used bra and panty.I used to jerk recalling those sweet time and smelling those used panty. We used to have phone sex at night.Now whenever I used to visit Mumbai ,I used to stay at their home and fuck my goddess.

Sometimes I feel guilty ,that uncle trusted me like their son and I was fucking his wife in his absence.From last 2 month both of us are waiting for a chance.Now I am searching someone in pune who can fullfil my desire,my loneliness.So interested aunties and girls can contact me at [email protected]

Yamini Cheats on her Fiancee

This is the story of Yamini, her fiancee Venkatesh and her lover Sanjeev. This incident is real and happened during the engagement days of Yamini and Venkatesh. Venkatesh was a software nerd who had finished two years of his job in US and had returned to India to find a suitable match. His parents had arranged a girl for him. He had come to do the engagement and return to US. The marriage was planned next year when he would be able to get a longer leave and take her along with him.

By 8:30 in the morning, they found themselves lying down together on the couch in the living room. They were under a blanket. It was hardly a week after her engagement to Venky. But when her old classmate called her over for a last time together, she just could not refuse. She was wearing a cotton shirt and jeans, and Sanjeev was dressed only in a pair of jeans.

Earlier in the day, they had driven down from the coffee shop where they met, left an unfinished coffee as they both were too eager to be in each other’s arms. On the way Sanjeev put his hand on her lap, stroking her gently, reminding her about the days in college, their college tour, those numerous hotel rooms they shared, the trip to Bangalore where they had to attend an interview together. After reaching his new palatial house, he removed her sari, careful not to wrinkle it and they both walked around, arms around each other. He showed her around the house, the bedrooms, balcony, drawing room, study room, the big bathroom with its tub, the shower and the kitchen.

In fact he was showing her the places where he planned to make love to her. She felt so good feeling his palm around her smooth hips, playing with her thin gold chain around it. His fingers would occasionally play with the hem of her skirt, making her wish he pulled it down then and there itself. But Sanjeev had other plans for her. While she was standing in the balcony, he was standing behind her and admiring her full round buttocks. Wow what buttocks she has! he thought to himself. Her butt was round and full measuring a clean 37 inches. He recollected that night years ago which they spent together in a Bangalore hotel with him plunging deep into it again and again and her lusty moans and screams.

Her wedding was fixed on 24 Aug next year and it was still 10 months away. He had decided to make use of the entire time. He had decided to offer her a job in his firm in Bangalore where she would be safely away from her fianceé and parents. He would have her all for himself in the coming few months. He would discuss the plans with her at the right moment which he only knew very well. He didn’t want to let go of this beauty of 25 years, at the prime of her youth. She had a perfectly shaped body. At 5’5”, she had well-proportioned hips, full and firm breasts with those lovely light pinkish nipples, a deep navel, long legs, long hair which almost touched her buttocks when left open, red luscious lips which knew their job very well. A Brahmin girl with creamy white skin and deep black eyes that could make any man go mad at a wink. From a lean girl in college she had blossomed into a full grown ripe woman. He stood behind her and brushed his bulge on her buttocks—it felt so soft and inviting. She smiled at him as she felt him behind her.

Yamini had told Sanjeev that she should phone Venky’s mother by 9. She didn’t want him phoning her mom and checking up on her. She was lying in front of Sanjeev, and he couldn’t help but notice how her ass was pressed against his crotch. After fifteen minutes in this position, he couldn’t help but begin to grow hard, even though he’d already cum twice that night. She could tell that there was a little more pressure pressed against the crack of her ass, and she half smiled. She wriggled her bum against him mischievously. He quickly shot up to full hardness. She could feel that familiar touch of full hard flesh against her buttocks. She could feel the hardness which had taken her so many times to ecstasy over the past nine years. He kissed the back of her head, and his hand slid around her body under the blanket and under her shirt. He continued softly kissing her hair as he ran his hand over the soft skin of her belly. Her breathing deepened a little as she concentrated on his touch. She pressed her ass against him a little harder, satisfied to feel a solid, hard rod poking out at her. At 8.5 inches and proportionally thick, he had a massive tool.

His hand slowly slid up her body until it cupped her naked breast. He could feel Yamini’s nipple harden as he squeezed the soft mound of flesh. He slid his hand slowly down her belly, over her belly button, and into her jeans. He slipped his hand into her panties and ran his fingers through the short curls of her pubic hair. He could hear her breathing grow deeper as his hand felt the hot moisture of her horny slit. He slowly ran a finger down her slick, sensitive lips. Tingles shot up her body, and Yamini turned her head to him, her mouth searching for his. He kissed her softly, and she snuck her tongue into his mouth. He slipped his finger inside her warmth. Even after spending so many years with him … so many nights and days, she still felt like that 18 year old girl feeling it for the first time on her college tour.

“Ohhhhh…,” she breathed into his mouth, kissing him a little more urgently. His strong hand was rubbing against her clit as his finger dipped in and out of her warm tunnel. He broke the kiss.

“Do you wanna go back to the bedroom?” He whispered in her ear. She nodded, clearly flushed. He pulled his hand out of her panties, and the two of them got up.

She led the way back to the bedroom; his eyes locked on her ass the entire trip. He loved how it shook with each step that she took. Her engagement sari and blouse lay there on the floor along with her black brassiere. Sanjeev had asked her to bring it along as he wanted to see her in that dress once. They entered the bedroom and she immediately dove onto the bed and picked up his cordless phone. Sanjeev watched her dial as he pulled off his jeans, becoming naked. Tingles shot up her body from her crotch when she saw his rock hard penis stick high up in the air. It was a good thing that she had already dialed, because she most certainly would have forgotten the number!

He knelt on the bed beside her and his hand ran up her smooth, creamy white thighs as she heard the phone ringing. He grabbed her jeans and quickly ripped them down her smooth legs and off. Sanjeev then slid his hand up the inside of her thigh and into the side of her panties, caressing her moist pussy lips just as Venky answered.

“Hello?” said the voice on the other end. She almost forgot to answer as another man was stroking her pussy. Sanjeev smiled at her as he ran his fingers up and down her horny slit.

“Hello!” She said, smiling. Her sexy legs parted a little wider as she spoke to her fiancé on the phone.

“Hey hun,” he said cheerily. “You just caught me.”

Sanjeev dipped a finger inside her hot tunnel, causing her to gasp.

“Oh!” She managed to change the tone of her gasp from that of pleasure to that of surprise. “Where are you off to?” This was the second time that Sanjeev was doing this to her while she was on the phone with Venky.

“I’m just gonna zip out to a restaurant for some South Indian with Reddy,” he replied.

Sanjeev began to move towards her head on his knees, his massive cock sticking straight up into the air. Yamini looked at that giant penis lustfully. She swallowed.

“Okay, I’ll let you go,” she said hopefully.

Sanjeev was now kneeling directly beside her head, his giant penis right before her eyes. He leaned over her a little, the top of his cock now touched her nose, and she closed her eyes.

“No, I got a few minutes to talk,” said the voice.

“Are you sure?” she asked as she felt Sanjeev’s penis rub over her cheek. She closed one eye as his mushroom head rubbed over it. “Because I can let you go, I don’t mind.” She was trying not to let her breathing become too heavy.

“No, that’s all right. I want to talk to you, I haven’t seen you all day!” Venky replied.

Sanjeev was pressing the top of his penis against Yamini’s lips, between them and the phone. She tried keeping her mouth closed so the dick wouldn’t go inside as she answered.

“So what do you want to talk about?” She opened her mouth and Sanjeev was quick to stick the tip of his cock inside. Yamini gave him a Why are you so bad? look with her eyes as she wrapped her lips around the head of his penis. Venky began to tell her a story about something that happened in office while she ran her lips a little further down Sanjeev’s pole. She hadn’t realized how far down his dick she went until she felt him touching the very back of her mouth.Sanjeev eased his manhood out of her mouth, and held it above her face. If one could see what Sanjeev could see, one would realize just how big his cock was. It was so thick and long that it nearly blocked out Yamini’s small head from his view! He laid the length of his penis on her face and rubbed it back and forth over her nose, mouth and cheeks. She parted her lips, kissing at it as it went by.

He suddenly aimed it downward at her mouth again, and she eagerly let him slip it inside. Venky was asking her something.

“Mmmm?” She asked, with her mouth full.

“I said, what are you up to tonight?” Venky asked.

Yamini had to think fast: if she told him she was free, he might try to call her later. She pulled Sanjeev’s dick out of her mouth with an audible pop.

“I’m going over to Anu’s house,” she replied.

Sanjeev backed away a little, grabbing the bottom of her shirt. He pulled it up her body quickly, revealing her naked breasts. She pulled the phone away from her ear as she helped Sanjeev pull off her shirt.

“…be?” Venky asked.

“What?” Yamini asked.

“How late are you going to be?” Venky repeated. He had no idea that his fianceé didn’t hear him because she was busy helping another man pull off her shirt! Her naked breasts were freed, and Sanjeev grabbed each one in a large hand and bent towards them. Tingles ran through her body when she watched him suck a nipple into his mouth. He released that one and wrapped his lips around her other one.

“I don’t know … I may stay the night at her house,” she replied.

Sanjeev released her tits and she watched his giant hands grab onto the skimpy waistband of her panties. Her breathing grew a little more laboured as she raised her beautiful ass up off his bed and allowed him to pull the dainty thing down her legs. The triangle of her bush became exposed, and the pink swollen lips that it framed. Sanjeev rolled her tiny underwear down her legs and she pulled first one small foot out of it, and then the other. She was now completely naked with another man while she spoke to her fiancé on the phone!

“…leaving?” She heard Venky say. She quickly assumed he was asking when she was leaving, and she pulled her wits about her in putting together a response. Sanjeev really had her flustered!

“Pretty soon, actually. I should probably go and get ready,” she responded, hoping to get off the phone before Sanjeev fucked her. She knew he was gonna fuck her whether she was ready for it or not, and she didn’t want to be on the phone with Venky again while he did it!

Sanjeev was kneeling beside her head again, offering her his penis. Yamini figured she’d better take it before he decided to put it another hole! She opened her mouth, eyes looking down her nose at the giant cock before her. He was quick to slip it into her mouth, sliding it in as far as he could before her small hand pushed his groin back a little. She almost gagged.

Venky was saying something, and she was trying to pay attention. She was relieved to hear that he was launching into a story of his own, and wouldn’t require much response from her.

Sanjeev stared at her face, which had most of his cock in it, and he reached down and cupped her pussy with his large hand. He dipped a finger into her warm pussy, and was satisfied to see Yamini close her eyes with pleasure. He slowly slid most of his dick out of her mouth, and then eased it back in. Yamini was humping her hips up against his hand as she sucked hard on his penis. She realized that Venky would need a prompt of some sort, to let him know that she was paying attention.

“Mmm-hmm?” She said into the phone, her lips around another man’s organ.

“I know! Can you believe it?” Venky asked, chuckling.

Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!

Venky could hear the noise at the other end of the phone, but to him it sounded like she was in the kitchen stirring something. Yamini, meanwhile, was looking up at Sanjeev with her beautiful eyes, her lips sliding up and down his fat pole expertly. His entire shaft was coated with her saliva, and his head was poking at her throat almost every time she took him in her mouth.

“Are you having something to eat?” she heard him say on the phone.

She pulled Sanjeev’s cock out of her mouth with a pop that was maybe a bit too loud.

“I’m having a little something, yes,” she replied, smiling inwardly. She didn’t even feel guilty any more. That’s what this cock did to her. She was talking to her fiancé on the phone for God’s sake! The cock in her hand was as hard as a rock, and her need to have it inside her was growing. She would have to get Venky off the phone.

“I should go finish this before I go out,” she stated. Naturally he figured she meant finish the snack she prepared, not finish the cock that was in her hand!

“Wait,” he replied, “I forgot to tell you what else happened to me today.”

She let go of Sanjeev’s dick as he turned and put a knee on the bed between her legs. The sense of dread was almost as big as the sense of arousal that went through her. He was gonna fuck her! She would really have to get off the phone!

“Can it wait?” she asked, her breath a little husky. “I really should get a move on.” Yamini subconsciously opened her legs a little wider for Sanjeev as he got his other knee in between them. She was now at his mercy. The entrance to her body was now open for that giant cock. She heard the dreaded answer, but the feeling of disappointment was overcome by the feeling of desire as she watched Sanjeev bend his monster dick and placed the mushroom head against the swollen pink lips of her pussy.

“No,” Venky replied, “it won’t take long, don’t worry. I was at the grocery store, and …”

The rest was just background noise to her as she felt her lover’s cock press against the entrance to her cunt. She felt herself slowly open up and allow his head to squeeze inside. She sucked in her breath, holding it as she felt her pussy stretch wide for his probing cock. She was so wet, both from her arousal as well as Sanjeev’s cum from their earlier trysts, that her vagina gave him no resistance. She felt inch after inch slide inside her, and he was moving so slowly that at least three times she thought he was all the way in, only to have him push more of his cock into her body. Finally, she felt his groin press against her. Nine inches of him was inside her.

“Ohhhh…” she sighed softly, closing her eyes.

“What was that?” Venky asked.

Sanjeev was holding his cock inside Venky’s fiancé, enjoying the feeling of warmth that surrounded him, and the tightness that gripped him.

“I didn’t say anything,” Yamini said, eyes still closed. She was trying not to pant into the phone and her pussy was filled to the rim! She raised her ass off of the bed, grinding her pussy against Sanjeev’s groin. She couldn’t help it!

“Oh,” Venky replied. “I thought I heard moaning.”

It was probably the TV, he thought. She was likely back in the living room.

Sanjeev slid most of his cock out of Yamini. He looked down and could see the top of his penis stretching the pink lips of her vagina wide. He was holding herself high above her, looking down at her. She opened her eyes and looked up at him. She was begging him to stop with her eyes, yet at the same time was begging him to enter her. He slammed his giant member into her twat as hard as he could.

“Ungh!” She groaned, trying to turn her face away from the phone as she felt her body fill up again. She was partially successful and Venky still heard her, but it wasn’t very loud.

“Oh … it was the, uh, TV,” she answered into the phone, unable to disguise the fact that she was out of breath.

Venky was saying something, but she no longer cared. Sanjeev was now fucking the shit out of her. He was holding himself up on his arms and was drilling his cock into her hungry pussy over and over. Her tiny feet were in the air, flailing above his thrusting ass. Her creamy white tits were bouncing up and down violently, each time his long cock shot up into her. She covered the mouthpiece of the phone with her thumb.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” she groaned, over and over. Her pussy was tingling like crazy, and she could feel the stirrings of an orgasm on its way. Sanjeev bent and covered her mouth with his, kissing her hard without stopping his thrusts. Her thumb slipped off the mouthpiece of the phone and it rested in her hand just an inch from where she was tongue-kissing another man, her fiancé on the other end. She was breathing heavily into Sanjeev’s mouth as he stuck his dick deep in her cunt as hard as he could. She managed to stop moaning, but she was gasping for breath into Sanjeev’s mouth. Luckily for her, Venky had launched back into his tale. If he were to be quiet for a second, he would easily be able to hear the loud kissing noises of the two lovers on the other end of the phone.

The whole scenario had both Sanjeev and Yamini turned on immensely. He was hard as a rock inside her. Even though he had already shot his load twice that evening already, he wasn’t sure how much longer he could last in a situation like this. He stopped thrusting for a moment, holding his giant member inside her warm, snug pussy. He threw her left leg over his right shoulder, and her right leg over his left shoulder. He held himself up above her, looking down at her. Yamini’s tiny feet were on either side of his head, and she was looking up at him helplessly, panting.

“Why are you breathing hard?” Venky asked.

She realized that he hadn’t spoken in about ten seconds. Over nine inches of cock was inside her, and she watched Sanjeev turn and kiss her small foot, licking at her big toe.

“I, uh,” she said, trying to steady her voice, “just walked upstairs.” Sanjeev sucked her toe into his mouth and then let it go, beginning to thrust into her wanting cunt again.

“Oh. You’re really out of shape, man!” Venky exclaimed.

Yamini was wincing, having a hard time concentrating on the phone again as she took this huge member inside her eager vagina over and over.

“Yeah …” she agreed, her voice not very steady. Her calves were on another man’s shoulders as he fed her his dick! Sanjeev was fucking her harder, watching her small tits bounce up and down with the movement.

“So what are you doing up there?” Venky asked. He really had no idea that his fiancé was getting fucked as they spoke, right then and there.

“I’m just getting changed,” Yamini breathed, trying desperately not to moan. “I have to go soon.”

Sanjeev was now fucking her as hard as he possibly could, his manhood shooting in and out of her like a piston. She loved how wide he was stretching her pussy, and she could feel every inch of him slide along the inner walls of her cunt.

“Okay, I’ll let you get ready,” said the voice on the phone.

Yamini didn’t answer. She had turned her head so that her face was pressed against a pillow, muffling her moans. Sanjeev was losing it. Her cunt was gripping his dick so tightly each time he slid into her! He jackhammered in and out of her a few more times before sliding his entire penis into Yamini’s unfaithful vagina, holding it there. He gritted his teeth, feeling his cock jerk inside her cunt. A thick, hot wad of his seed shot off the back of her womb as he pressed his groin tightly against her.

“Okay,” she panted, almost in a whisper. Sanjeev’s penis swelled again and unleashed another hot load of semen deep inside her hungry vagina. He groaned, wincing, more cum pouring out of him.

“All right,” Venky said, “I love you.”

“Bye!” She breathed, hanging up. “Oh God!” Yamini moaned, rubbing her pussy against Sanjeev’s groin, milking every drop of semen that he had to offer. Her legs wrapped around him, squeezing him close to her as the last of his sperm dripped into her. He collapsed on top of her, gasping for breath.

“Ohhhh … I can’t believe we just did that!” she exclaimed.

He smiled, kissing her lips softly. He lay on top of her for a while, growing soft inside her as they talked about what they had just done.

Shortly after ten, he rolled off of her, his soft penis slipping out of her full vagina. The two of them fell asleep beside one another, while her fiancé assumed she would be sleeping alone at her friend’s house.

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Milf Diaries In Bangalore

Hey everyone, this is Rahul and I’m back with a genuine experience that happened couple of days back..

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So I live in an apartment on Sarjapur road, Bangalore..

So in my apartment from a different block there’s this super hot lady who used to go to the gym every day, she looked like she’s in her early 40’s, so fucking hot. The perfect MILF I’d say! Her tits and her ass were just too much but I obviously didn’t mind.

So I kept wondering how come I never saw her at the gym everyday because I used to work out every single day and haven’t missed a single day. I really wanted to get her undressed but my task at hand was a pretty hard as I had no clue about her whereabouts. So once when I was on my way to the grocery shop she walked past me in like a super tight Tee and three fourths but I couldn’t really talk to her.

Talking about her she has the perfect breasts super big but perfectly shaped, this big ass which had a great width, perfect body with not even one bit of fat. A beautiful smile and I’m not quite sure of her stats but who cares my evil mind was ready to make a move and get her phone number somehow. So one advantage I had was that from my flat I could see the gym pretty well so I kept an eye on when she goes to the gym and comes out.

So the next day I started stalking and found out that she goes to the gym at 8:00 in the evening and gets done by 9:00. I used to keep going in the morning but for her I had to definitely change the time, so I did.

So this time to my luck she came in these shorts and tight sports bra and a neon tee on top of it and started to work out. I had the most sensational view and I wanted to jerk off right there. So I started to work out, so did she. As people started to leave it was only the both of us who were working out at the gym. So then my workout was on sync with hers and when she was stretching so did I and I went started a conversation with her..

I was like Hey, I haven’t seen you around? :)

She replied saying Hey, no no I keep coming at this time, probably I should be asking you that question and she laughed.

So I introduced myself as Rahul and she told her name was Ayesha, 41, she’s a divorcee has a daughter aged 16 and a son who’s 20! I was freaking shocked so I complimented her saying what? You don’t even look anywhere close to having two kids who’re that old.

So then she was telling me that she stopped gym for a long time as she got rickets where the bones in her body got really weak and all that so she took a long break and now she’s working out hard because she’s put on weight. So I was like what on earth are you even saying? You’re no way fat, I wish my girlfriend looked like you! She’s like you’re being too kind thanks anyways I’m flattered!

So then I dropped her to her block and walked back home. Guys trust me during the whole conversation I just wanted to bang her. So then days passed and as she wanted some diet tips she took my phone number and we started to text. The texts went on for days together and I asked her about how come she was separated and she told me that her husband cheated on her with her best friend so it became a huge scene and she had to get separated. So then I asked her if she isn’t looking to you know move on in life with someone. Then she was like she has no time for commitment. Then I was like what do you’ve time for with a wink? She’s like idk nothing as of now I guess.

Then I was like see you’re 41, you need some fun you just can’t live life like this. Then she called me up immediately and asked me listen what are you trying to tell me? So I was like see we know each other now, I find you really attractive and I wanna make love to you and I feel that you deserve it. She told me that she finds it very shocking that I’m saying all this but yeah if I’m interested I’ll surely let you know but the problem is you’re too young for me. She giggled. Then I replied saying beautiful I’m not young in bed. To which she laughed and said haha, let’s see. Bye for now!

So the next day I found it pretty hard for me to face her, but I did face her and as we were done with our workouts she was like hey you wanna come home for some time? We could just have a chat, I was like yeah sure! So I went home, she asked me to take a seat on the sofa and asked me for 10 mins as she wanted to shower. She showered and got out covered in a body wrap. I was like shocked! I could see her red bra straps.

Then she sat next to me and asked me, so you were talking about fun? She giggled.. Her boobs were waiting to jump out, I wanted to suck them so bad! But I had to wait.

Then I asked her about her life, We were chatting and then she was telling that she’s kinda feeling restricted in her life as her hubby left her when she was 34 and they got divorced when she was 35 and for 6 whole years she’s just been living her life he was too controlling and weird in his behavior. He’s just interested in his work, didn’t care about her but later she realized that he was cheating on her.

So I was like consoling her and then I was gonna pop the question if he’s bad in bed? So I did so and she actually was taken by shock and was like you shouldn’t be asking me the same. I’m like I’m sorry but then she just kept looking at me in the anger sort of sadness and hugged me tight.

Then we let loose and our eyes met, we started to kiss and then it got uncontrollable and we made out like mad. She started running her hand through my abs, my hand started squeezing her breasts. My boner had popped. Then we got all set and started making out with her and indulged in foreplay and started to kiss her nick, her breast cleavage, her legs, back and she was moaning slightly.

Then she took my top off and started to suck on my nipple. Then I took her bath wrap off and took her red lingerie off, started to suck on those juicy boobs which had thick black nipples and they were fucking amazing, so juicy and yum. She was screaming in pleasure as I started suck and then give a slight bite, one hand wasn’t enough for one breast so you guys can imagine.

So then I started to lick her underarm and she was smelling amazing, so clean and hygienic. Then I went down and started to finger her pussy which was so clean with the perfect bikini wax so with three fingers I started fingering and simultaneously was licking her clitoris, she was in so much pleasure. Then she went down on me and started to suck on my balls, this was amazing after ages and I was in heaven. Then she was like give it to me Rahul, fuck me hard please, dig it deep in and cum in me.

So then I was gonna wear my condom and she was like she wants it without the condom and that she would take a pill. So then I rolled back my dicks foreskin and started to insert it and it was so warm and tight, I started to go back and fro and she started to moan saying Oh, yeah.. Faster baby..

Then I increased my speed and I was banging her so hard and after I came we took a break and indulged in some foreplay and then tried the doggy and I cummed in her ass.Then we were done and she gave me a second round of blow job and I came in her mouth and she swallowed.

We were so tired and was having a chat, she was like she’s never got such action in a long long time and would want more of it. So we did it whenever she’s free. Tried various positions and it’s going good. But sadly she got a new job and had to move out. Nonetheless thinking of our times I get horny in seconds.

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शादीशुदा भाभी की चूत

गर्लफ्रेंड की भाभी को जमकर चोदा

हैल्लो दोस्तों, मेरी यह पहली कहानी है, मेरा नाम विनय है. ये मेरी पहली स्टोरी है तो कोई ग़लती के लिए मुझे माफ़ करना. में चंडीगढ़ में रहता हूँ और 12वीं की पढाई कर रहा हूँ. अब में अपनी स्टोरी हिन्दी में लिख रहा हूँ, क्योंकि देशी की बात ही अलग होती है. में एक नॉर्मल सा लड़का हूँ और मेरा लंड भी नॉर्मल है बस 6 इंच लंबा है. में यहाँ एक घर में रूम लेकर एक फेमिली के साथ रह रहा हूँ, उस फेमिली में अंकल, आंटी, उनका बड़ा बेटा और एक बेटी है. वो बहुत ही अच्छी फेमिली है, वो मुझे भी अपने बेटा जैसा ही मानते है.

दोस्तों इस कहानी की हिरोइन मेरी भाभी है. में आपको तो बताना ही भूल गया 24 दिसम्बर 2015 को मेरे मकान मालिक के बड़े बेटे की शादी हुई है. भैया एक बिज़नसमैन है और उनकी शादी बड़े ही धूमधाम से हुई है. अब मैंने और बाकि मेहमानों ने खूब इन्जॉय किया और दारू भी पी, उस दिन तो में कब सो गया मुझे ही पता नहीं चला, लेकिन फिर अगले दिन जब मैंने भाभी को देखा तो देखता ही रह गया. वो बहुत ही सुंदर है.

फिर मैंने उन्हें हाय बोला तो उन्होंने भी हैल्लो बोला. फिर में कॉलेज चला गया, लेकिन अब मेरा मन कॉलेज में नहीं लग रहा था. अब में बस भाभी के बारे में ही सोचे जा रहा था कि भैया कितने भाग्यशाली है. फिर कुछ दिनों के बाद धीरे-धीरे मेरी भाभी से बातें शुरू हो गयी और वैसे भी हम सब एक ही उम्र के है तो वो अक्सर मेरी टाँग खिंचाई करती थी.

अब मैंने भी उनसे थोड़ा फ्लर्ट करना स्टार्ट कर दिया था. भैया अपने बिज़नस के सिलसिले में अक्सर बिज़ी रहते है, लेकिन वो भाभी से बहुत प्यार करते है. अब घर में सब लोग भाभी को बहुत पसंद करते थे और में तो उन पर लट्टू ही हो गया था, लेकिन शो नहीं कर रहा था, भाभी के लंबे बाल मुझे बहुत पसंद है.

फिर एक दिन भाभी किचन में कुछ बना रही थी तो में भी किचन में चला गया और भाभी की हेल्प करने लगा. फिर वो कहने लगी कि रहने दो विनय, लेकिन अब में तो बस उनके साथ टाईम बिताना चाहता था. फिर वो बोली कि विनय तेरे कोई गर्लफ्रेंड है तो मैंने बोला कि कहाँ भाभी मुझको कोई पसंद ही नहीं करती है. फिर वो बोली कि नहीं विनय तुम तो गुड लुकिंग हो, केरिंग भी हो, जो भी लड़की तेरी लाईफ में आएगी बड़ी ही भाग्यशाली होगी.

मैंने बोला कि भाभी मुझको तो आपके जैसी चाहिए, तो भाभी प्यार से मेरे कान को पकड़कर खींचने लगी और बोली कि अच्छा बच्चू, तुम बस शक्ल से ही शरीफ लगते हो. अब भाभी को मेरी कंपनी पसंद थी और मुझे उनकी कंपनी पसंद थी, भाभी का नाम आकृति है और हम यहीं सेक्टर 22 चंडीगढ़ में रहते है.

अब हम काफ़ी फ्रेंक हो गये थे और अब घर में कोई मुझ पर शक भी नहीं करता है, क्योंकि में एक अच्छा लड़का हूँ. ये बात 3 दिन पहले की है, भैया को अपने बिज़नेस के सिलसिले में पुणे जाना पड़ा और भाभी भी उनके साथ जाना चाहती थी, लेकिन भैया ने मना कर दिया और ये कहकर कि वो तो काम में ही बिज़ी रहेंगे तो वो उनको घुमा नहीं पाएगे और बोले कि में वापस आऊंगा तो फिर हम शिमला चलते है. भैया का 3 दिन का ट्रिप था और अब भाभी थोड़ी दुखी हो गई थी.

Hindi sex story

फिर में भैया को छोड़ने चंडीगढ़ एयरपोर्ट गया. फिर रास्ते में भैया ने मुझसे बोला कि विनय अपनी भाभी का ख्याल रखना तो मैंने बोला कि कोई बात नहीं बिग ब्रो. फिर में वापस आया तो मैंने देखा कि भाभी अभी भी नाराज़ थी. फिर मैंने भाभी से बोला कि क्यों नाराज़ हो भाभी? में हूँ ना. फिर में भाभी को हंसाने की कोशिश करने लगा और फिर रात को डिनर करने के बाद सब अपने-अपने रूम में सोने चले गये. जब ठंड भी बहुत ज़्यादा थी. अब में अपने रूम में बैठकर किताब खोलकर अपने मोबाईल में सेक्स स्टोरी पढ़ रहा था. तभी दरवाजे पर किसी ने लॉक किया तो मैंने सोचा कि कौन होगा? लेकिन मेरा रूम खुला ही रहता है तो मैंने बोला कि कौन है? अंदर आ जाओ.

फिर जब दरवाजा खुला तो में देखता ही रह गया. अब ब्लेक टाईट नाइटी और लंबे खुले बाल में भाभी कयामत ढा रही थी. फिर वो बोली कि विनय मुझे नींद नहीं आ रही थी तो मैंने सोचा कि तेरे साथ थोड़ी देर बात ही कर लूँ. फिर मैंने बोला कि आओ भाभी बैठो और मैंने कम्बल भाभी की तरफ कर दिया. फिर वो पूछने लगी कि क्या कर रहे थे?

मैंने बोला कि बस भाभी थोड़ी सी पढ़ाई तो वो बोली कि मैंने डिस्टर्ब तो नहीं किया ना. फिर मैंने बोला कि नहीं भाभी, फिर हम दोनों इधर उधर की बातें करने लगे, लेकिन अब मेरी नज़र बस उनके बूब्स पर ही थी और माँ कसम भाभी की बॉडी से क्या खुशबू आ रही थी? फिर भाभी ने भी नोटीस किया और बोली कि क्या विनय कभी लड़की नहीं देखी क्या? तो में हक्का बक्का रह गया और बोला कि देखी तो है, लेकिन आप जैसी नहीं. वास्तव अब आग दोनों तरफ लगी हुई थी. फिर मैंने कुछ नहीं सोचा और बस अपना एक हाथ आगे करके और भाभी के लंबे बालों में फैरने लगा.

अब भाभी बिल्कुल मदहोश हो गयी थी. अब मौसम भले ही ठंडा था, लेकिन अंदर गर्मी हो रही थी. तभी में बेड से उतरा और रूम को लॉक किया और फिर भाभी के पास आकर उनके लिप्स पर अपना लिप रखा और उन्हें किस करने लगा.

फिर भाभी कुछ नहीं बोली, लेकिन वो मेरा पूरा साथ दे रही थी. अब हम दोनों एक दूसरे में खो गये थे. अब में धीरे-धीरे भाभी के बूब्स पर अपना हाथ फैरने लगा था, उनके बूब्स काफ़ी सॉफ्ट और बड़े-बड़े थे. सॉरी दोस्तों मुझे उनका फिगर साईज़ का पता नहीं है. फिर मैंने कहा कि भाभी नाइटी खोल दो, तो वो कहने कि लगी कि तुम खुद ही खोल लो. फिर मैंने देखा कि भाभी ने अंदर बस ब्रा ही पहनी हुई थी.

फिर मैंने उनकी ब्रा खोली और बूब्स को चूसने लगा. अब वो बिल्कुल पागल सी हो गयी थी. फिर में धीरे-धीरे नीचे गया और उनकी चूत तक पहुँच गया. अब उनकी चूत से बड़ी ही अच्छी खुशबू आ रही थी और थोड़ा पानी भी निकल रहा था, शायद भाभी झड़ गयी थी. अब में उनकी चूत को चाटने लगा तो भाभी बोली कि छी-छी ये क्या कर रहे हो? तेरे भैया तो ऐसा नहीं करते है, लेकिन में नशे में उनकी चूत चाटता रहा.

फिर भाभी ने अपना हाथ मेरे सिर पर रखा और दबाने लगी और बोली कि बस विनय अब डाल भी दे. फिर मैंने बोला कि भाभी पहले इसको थोड़ा चूसो, लेकिन वो मना करने लगी और बोली कि नहीं ये बहुत गंदा काम है. फिर मैंने भी उन्हें ज़्यादा फोर्स नहीं किया और अपने लंड को उनकी चूत के ऊपर रखकर सहलाने लगा. भाभी की चूत टाईट थी तो मैंने उनसे पूछा कि भाभी आप कितनी बार चुदी हो तो वो बोली कि बस 2 बार.

फिर मैंने अपना लंड उनकी चूत के मुँह पर रखा और एक झटका दिया, तो मेरा लंड थोड़ा सा उनकी चूत के अंदर चला गया. अब भाभी को बहुत दर्द हो रहा था और मुझे भी थोड़ा सा दर्द हुआ था. फिर में थोड़ी देर तक रुका और फिर एक पुश किया तो मेरा पूरा लंड उनकी चूत में चला गया. फिर में उनको 15 मिनट तक लगातार चोदता रहा और उनकी चूत के अंदर ही झड़ गया और फिर में उनके ऊपर ही लेटा रहा. फिर थोड़ी देर के बाद में उठा और उनको अपनी गोद में उठाकर उनको उनके रूम में छोड़कर आया. अब भाभी बहुत खुश थी और में भी बहुत खुश था. अब इसके बाद हमें जब भी मौका मिलता है तो हम चुदाई कर लेते है. दोस्तों ये मेरी पहली स्टोरी है अगर मुझसे कोई गलती हुई हो तो प्लीज मुझे माफ़ कर देना.

गर्लफ्रेंड की भाभी को जमकर चोदा

भैया ने भाभी को मेरे सामने चोदा

साले की बेटी की बड़ी चुचिया
तलाकशुदा बॉस का बाद लंड

Bhaiya ne meri bhabhi ko choda : हैल्लो दोस्तों, में आज आप सभी चाहने वालों को अपनी एक सच्ची घटना बताने जा रहा हूँ, जिसके बारे में सोचकर में आज भी बहुत चकित रहता हूँ और मन ही मन उसको सोचता रहता हूँ. मेरा नाम राधे है और मैंने अब तक बहुत सारी सेक्सी कहानियाँ पढ़ी है, में हरियाणा का रहने वाला हूँ और में दिखने में एकदम ठीक-ठाक हूँ और अब में अपनी घटना शुरू करता हूँ.

दोस्तों में जब छोटा था तो वो एक दिन टी.वी. देख रहा था तो उसने देखा कि एक फिल्म में एक गुंडा एक हिरोइन का रेप कर रहा था, जो कि अक्सर हिन्दी फिल्म में होता था, लेकिन रेप करने के बाद जब गुंडा हिरोइन के ऊपर से हटा तो हिरोइन मर गई, क्योंकि हिन्दी फिल्म में पूरा नहीं दिखाते तो उसे सब कुछ उल्टा समझ में आ गया और अब आप हँसना मत में आपको उसकी सोची हुई बात बताऊंगा. फिर वो समझा था कि अगर कोई लड़का औरत के बूब्स पर अपनी जीभ को छू देता है तो वो मर जाती है.

दोस्तों यह बात राधे को बहुत दिन तक तंग करती रही. उसके पड़ोस में एक भाभी जी रहती थी, उनका नाम शिखा था और वो बहुत ही हॉट सेक्सी थी, लेकिन थोड़ी सी साँवली जरुर थी, उनकी कमर बहुत पतली थी और बूब्स एकदम बॉम्ब और जब वो सूट पहनती थी तो भी उनकी छाती सूट के बाहर से ही दिखती थी, राधे अक्सर उनके घर पर जाकर खेला करता था. एक दिन वो भाभी अपने बेटे को दूध पिला रही थी और उन्होंने साड़ी पहनी हुई थी और उनका ब्लाउज दोनों तरफ से खुला हुआ था, राधे भी मग्न होकर वहीं पर खेलने लगा और भाभी का बेटा एक बूब्स से दूध पी रहा था और उनका दूसरा बूब्स भी खुला हुआ था. उनके इतने बड़े बड़े बूब्स देखकर उससे अजीब सा अहसास आया. राधे का मन किया कि क्या कभी वो भी भाभी का दूध ऐसे पी सकता है.

फिर यह देखकर वो और भी ज्यादा सोचने लगा कि अगर एक छोटा बच्चा बूब्स को चूसे तो कुछ नहीं होता, लेकिन अगर एक आदमी चूसे तो औरत मर जाती है? और इतने में भाभी उठकर नहाने चली गई. राधे भी उनके पीछे पीछे जाने लगा, भाभी बाथरूम में घुस गई. दोस्तों गाँव में बाथरूम का दरवाजा ज्यादातर लकड़ी का होता था, राधे उस लकड़ी के दरवाजे से भाभी को देखने लगा, वो नादान था. अब अगर दिन में कोई बाथरूम के बाहर से झाँकेगा तो अंदर वाले को पता चल जाएगा, क्योंकि बाथरूम की रोशनी में बहुत बदलाव आएगा और फिर ठीक वैसा ही हुआ और भाभी तुरंत समझ गई और वो बोली..

भाभी : कौन है राधे?

राधे : हाँ भाभी.

भाभी : तुम यहाँ पर क्या कर रहे हो? फिर राधे सीधा खड़ा हो गया और बोला कि जी कुछ नहीं भाभी, भाभी ने दरवाजा खोला और क्योंकि राधे बहुत छोटा था. फिर बोला कि क्या तुम्हें भी नहाना है क्या? तो राधे डर गया और बोला कि हाँ तो भाभी ने दरवाजा खोलकर राधे को अंदर बुला लिया, राधे को अजीब सा अहसास आ रहा था, क्योंकि भाभी पूरी नंगी और गीली थी.

उन्होंने सिर्फ़ काली कलर की पेंटी पहनी हुई थी और उनकी कमर इतनी कम और बूब्स इतने बड़े बड़े पानी उनके ऊपर से आता और उनके बूब्स से होकर उनके निप्पल से गिर रहा था. फिर वो सब राधे को अजीब सी सुरसुरी हो रही थी, उसको थोड़ा सा मज़ा आ रहा है और यह बात भाभी को अच्छी तरह से समझ में आ रही थी. अब भाभी ने दिखाने के लिए फिर अपने बूब्स को हाथ से दबाना शुरू कर दिया, थोड़ा और हिलाने लगी और उनके निप्पल से हल्का हल्का दूध निकल रहा था और वो पानी के साथ मिक्स होकर नीचे उनकी नाभी तक जा रहा था, राधे को पता नहीं था, लेकिन सब बहुत अच्छा लग रहा था.

फिर भाभी बोली : राधे तुम्हारे कपड़े भीग जाएँगे तो वापस क्या पहनोगे? चलो कपड़े उतार लो.

फिर भाभी ने राधे के पूरे कपड़े उतार दिए और सिर्फ़ उसकी अंडरवियर को छोड़कर भाभी अंडरवियर की तरफ देखते हुए बोली कि अरे यह भी उतार दो.

राधे : नहीं में हमेशा पहनकर ही नहाता हूँ.

भाभी : फिर दूसरी क्या पहनने के लिए घर से लाओगे?

इतना बोलते ही भाभी ने उसकी अंडरवियर पकड़ ली और नीचे कर दी. फिर भाभी जी मुस्कुराई और वापस नहाने लगी और वो अपने बूब्स को दबाने और सहलाने लगी, भाभी बीच बीच में बूब्स को दबाते हुए राधे के लंड को देख रही थी, वैसे वो अभी लंड नहीं था बस एक छोटी सी नुनु थी. असल में भाभी यह देख रही थी कि क्या वो उस नुनु में जान डाल सकती है या नहीं, लेकिन नुनु में जान कहाँ से आती, क्योंकि राधे अभी उन सभी कामों से बहुत अंजान था.

उन्होंने कोशिश की और अपनी पेंटी को धीरे से नीचे करके वैसे ही छोड़ दिया, जिसकी वजह से उनके बाल पेंटी के बाहर आ गये. अब राधे और थोड़ा चकित हो गया. भाभी अभी भी उसके लंड को देख रही थी, लेकिन राधे देखना चाहता था कि इस पेंटी के अंदर क्या है? उसने पेंटी की तरफ हाथ करके पेंटी को हल्के से पकड़ लिया और थोड़ा नीचे कर दिया और भाभी उसकी तरफ देखकर धीरे से मुस्कुराने लगी.

भाभी : क्यों क्या हुआ राधे?

राधे : वो में फिसल रहा था.

भाभी : लाओ में तुम्हें साबुन लगा देती हूँ.

फिर यह बात कहकर भाभी उसको साबुन लगाने लगी, लेकिन दोस्तों भाभी को साबुन कहाँ लगाना था? वो तो बस एक बहाना था, उन्होंने बहुत जल्दी पूरे शरीर पर साबुन लगा दिया और फिर भाभी ने सही मौका देखकर उसकी नुनु पर भी साबुन लगाया और वो कहने लगी.

भाभी : अरे राधे यह नुनु सभी से थोड़ी अलग है.

फिर यह बात कहते हुए वो धीरे धीरे अपनी उंगलियों से साबुन नुनु पर लगा रही थी और उसे दबा दबाकर देख रही थी.

राधे : क्यों अलग कैसे है भाभी?

भाभी : यह देखो.

यह देखो बोलकर भाभी ने राधे के लंड का टोपा हल्का सा दबाया और बोला कि यह है अलग.

राधे : लेकिन इसमें क्या अलग है?

अब भाभी ने फिर एक हाथ से उसके आँड को और उसकी नुनु को पीछे से पकड़ा और दूसरे हाथ से उसकी चमड़ी को पीछे किया, चमड़ी टाईट थी इसलिए पीछे नहीं हो सकी, उन्होंने पानी से हाथ धोए और नुनु को भी धोया. फिर उन्होंने वापस चमड़ी को पीछे करके दिखाया और बोला कि यह देखो.

राधे : इसमें क्या अलग है?

भाभी : अरे यह बिल्कुल अलग ही तो है.

अब भाभी को लगा कि वो राधे को समझ नहीं आया, भाभी ने थोड़ी देर और मेरी नुनु की चमड़ी को आगे पीछे किया और दबा दबाकर देखा, लेकिन नुनु में कोई जान नहीं आई. फिर वो उसे नहलाकर बाहर ले आई. अब राधे रात को सोते समय वही सब सोचता रहा. अगले दिन रविवार था और पड़ोसी भैया (शिखा भाभी के पति) उनकी छुट्टी थी.

उनका नाम गिरीश था और वो उस समय अपने कमरे में थे, राधे वहाँ पर गया तो देखा कि भैया भाभी बेड पर लेटे हुए थे और फिल्म देख रहे थे. उसको देखकर भाभी बोली आओ राधे आओ, क्यों रात को नींद अच्छी तो आई हाहहाहा यह बात बोलकर भैया भाभी ज़ोर ज़ोर से हँसने लगे. लग रहा था कि भाभी ने भैया को सब कुछ बता दिया था.

भैया : सुना है कल तुम बहुत नाहए हाहहा.

तो राधे शरमा गया.

भैया : चलो अब शरमाओ मत और किसी को बताना नहीं वैसे ग़लती तुम्हारी नहीं है शिखा की है, क्योंकि वो इतनी हॉट है कि किसी के भी मुहं में पानी आ जाए.

भाभी : मुहं में या कहीं और हाहहाहा

फिर वो दोनों ज़ोर ज़ोर से हंसने लगे और फिर भैया ने भाभी के ऊपर अपना एक पैर रख दिया और उनके बूब्स को ज़ोर से मसल दिया और भाभी मुस्कुराने लगी.

भाभी भैया से : वैसे राधे का नुनु आपके नुनु से थोड़ा अलग है.

भैया : अरे मेरा नुनु नहीं नुना है हाहहाहा और वैसे राधे का अलग कैसे है? तो भाभी जी शरमाकर बोली कि में कैसे बताऊँ और मुस्कुराने लगी.

भैया : शरमाना किस बात का राधे भी अब बड़ा हो गया, उसको भी यह सब पता होना चाहिए.

फिर यह बात बोलकर उन्होंने एक हाथ से भाभी के बाल पकड़े और स्मूच करने लगे, उन्होंने अपनी पूरी जीभ को उनके मुहं में डाल डाल दिया और भाभी कौनसी कम थी, वो भी पूरा मज़ा लेने लगी और फिर अपने दूसरे हाथ से भैया ने भाभी के बूब्स को पकड़ लिया और ज़ोर ज़ोर से मसलने लगे.

भाभी : राधे सामने है जी अभी नहीं.

भैया : अरे उसको कभी ना कभी तो पता चलना ही है और जितना जल्दी हो उतना अच्छा है.

दोनों ने अभी कपड़े पहने हुए थे और भैया ने ऊपर से अपना लंड घिसना शुरू कर दिया. भाभी भी थोड़ा गरम हो गई थी.

भाभी : हाँ तुम आज दिखा दो राधे को कि कैसे त्रप्त करते है एक जवान औरत को आअहह आहहहह.

अब भैया उनके ऊपर थे और उन्होंने भाभी की साड़ी को उठाना शुरू कर दिया, वो नज़ारा देखने लायक था, भाभी की भरी हुई जांघे देखकर राधे को बहुत अच्छा लग रहा था.

भाभी : आहहहह उफ्फ्फ्फ़ राधे तेरे भैया हमेशा बड़ी जल्दी में रहते है.

फिर भैया ने ऊपर से भाभी की पेंटी में हाथ डाल दिया और धीरे धीरे मसलने लगे.

भैया : क्यों बड़ी आग है इस चूत में राधे के नुनु को तड़पाया और अब मेरा नुना इस आग को बुझाएगा.

भाभी : आह्ह्ह प्लीज थोड़ा आराम से करो, उफ्फ्फफ्फ्फ़ आहऊअया में क्या कहीं भागी जा रही हूँ.

फिर भैया ने पेंटी को उतारकर नीचे कर दिया और भाभी ने अपने पैरों को चलते हुए उसे पूरा नीचे उतार दिया और अब वो पेंटी बेड पर पड़ी हुई थी और रोल बनी हुई उसका बीच वाला हिस्सा गीला हो गया था और थोड़ा पीला पीला भी था और भाभी के नीचे बाल थे, कुछ ठीक से दिख नहीं रहा था और भैया उसी में उंगली कर रहे थे, जिससे उनकी उंगली पूरी पानी में हो गई थी.

भैया : देखा राधे कितना रस होता है चूत में? और तेरी भाभी की चूत में तो पूरा समुंदर है.

भाभी : आहह्ह्ह्हह उफफ्फ्फ्फ़ प्लीज थोड़ा धीरे करो.

भैया : अब बता नुना को कभी नुनु बोलेगी?

भाभी : नहीं आपका तो फौलादी नुना है जी, आज आप जल्दी मत करना बस.

भैया : आज तो में तेरी पूरी प्यास बुझा दूँगा.

भाभी : आआहह आईईईई थोड़ा आराम से.

फिर भैया थोड़ा उठे और घुटनों पर खड़े हो गये. उनका लंड लोवर के अंदर खड़ा था और भैया लंड की तरफ इशारा करते हुए बोले कि राधे इसे कहते है लंड. तेरा भी एक दिन इतना बड़ा हो जाएगा. फिर राधे ने देखा तो वो चकित हो गया, क्योंकि लोवर के अंदर कुछ बहुत बड़ा लग रहा था. फिर भैया ने लोवर का नाड़ा खोला और अपना लंड बाहर निकाल दिया और मेरी तरफ दिखाकर हिलाया तो राधे को वो बहुत बड़ा लगा, क्योंकि उसने पहले किसी जवान का लंड नहीं देखा था.

भैया : देख यह है असली मर्द का लंड राधे.

यह कहकर वो भाभी की चूत में अपना लंड डालने लगे.

भाभी : प्लीज आज आराम से करना आअहह आअहह.

भैया : क्यों साली तू राधे की नुनु को परेशान करेगी? और यह ले बोलकर उन्होंने बहुत ज़ोर से झटका मार दिया तो भाभी बहुत ज़ोर से चिल्ला उठी आह्ह्ह्हह आईईईइ और फिर उन्होंने उनके दोनों हाथ उठाकर अपने बूब्स पर रख दिए.

भाभी : आज मार दो अच्छे से दबाओ इनको आह्ह्ह्ह आज आराम से चलना राधे भी सामने है, उसे भी दिखा दो कि कैसे किसी जवान औरत को खुश करते है?

अब भैया और भी जोश में आ गए और 9-10 झटकों में आँखें बंद करने लगे.

भाभी : आराम से करो उफ्फ्फफ्फ्फ़ प्लीज थोड़ा आराम से करो.

भैया : हाँ ठीक है.

फिर कुछ देर की चुदाई के बाद भैया ने भाभी के अंदर ही अपना पूरा वीर्य झाड़ दिया और भाभी के ऊपर ही चित होकर लेट गए, लेकिन भाभी अभी झड़ी नहीं थी, वो पूरी की पूरी गरम थी.

भाभी : उफफ्फ्फ्फ़ थोड़ा चाट लो ना आज मेरी चूत को, आज इसमें बहुत आग लगी है.

भैया : हूँ करके उन्होंने बेड में मुहं घुसा लिया.

भाभी : प्लीज़ थोड़ा सा चाट लो ना.

भैया का कोई जवाब नहीं था और उनका लंड सिकुड़कर बाहर आ गया और उसमें से रस टपक रहा था, भाभी ने जल्दी से अपनी चूत में अपनी उंगली डाली और ज़ोर ज़ोर से लगातार आगे पीछे करने लगी.

भाभी : आह्ह्हह्ह् उफ्फ्फ्फ़ थोड़ा दबा ही दो ना.

दोस्तों भाभी अपने बूब्स की तरफ इशारा करते हुए बोली, लेकिन भैया का कोई जवाब नहीं था.

भाभी : आअहहह ऊउईईईइ आज मुझे लगा कि राधे है तो आप देर तक करोगे, लेकिन आज भी आहहह और भाभी के दोनों पैर भी अकड़ गये और उन्होंने ज़ोर ज़ोर से उलटी साँस लेना शुरू कर दिया और अब भाभी अपनी चूत में ऊँगली करके झड़ गई थी. फिर इस बीच राधे का हाथ एक बार ही अपनी नुनु पर गया था और भाभी ने उसे देख लिया था. उससे नुनु को मसलते हुए तीन चार मिनट कोई भी कुछ नहीं बोला और धीरे धीरे टी.वी. की आवाज़ आ रही थी.

भैया : शिखा तूने बताया नहीं कि राधे के नुनु में क्या अलग है?

भाभी : हाँ देख लो उसका आगे से एकदम अलग सा है.

भैया : क्यों राधे यह सब देखकर कुछ महसूस हुआ कि नहीं?

फिर राधे शरमा गया और कुछ नहीं बोला चुपचाप खड़ा रहा, लेकिन भाभी ने पहले ही देख लिया था कि उसकी नुनु में आज थोड़ी बहुत जान आ गयी थी.

भैया : मेरा नुनु देखा कितना बड़ा था, तुम भी अब मुझे अपना नुनु दिखाओ.

भाभी : राधे शरमाता बहुत है.

फिर यह बात कहकर भाभी ने इशारे से मुझे अपने पास बुलाया, इधर आओ बेड पर उन्होंने मुझे अब बेड पर खड़ा कर लिया और यह देखो बोलकर भाभी ने मेरी पेंट नीचे करने लगी, नीचे होते होते उसके साथ साथ मेरी चड्डी भी नीचे आ गई.

भाभी : लो यह देखो.

अब उन्होंने मेरी चमड़ी को पीछे कर दिया.

भैया : अच्छा अरे वाह बहुत अच्छा है.

यह कहते हुए भैया ने अपने झुके हुए लंड को हाथ में लिया और चमड़ी पीछे की और दोनों तरफ से अपने लंड को घुमाकर देखा. फिर राधे की नुनु को देखकर बोले कि वाह बड़ा सुंदर है और मज़ेदार भी होगा बड़े होकर. फिर राधे भी अब फर्क समझ गया था, असल में उसके नुनु का टोपा बहुत चौड़ा था तो उसके लंड के हिसाब से भाभी ने उसकी चमड़ी को ज़ोर से पीछे खींच दिया और बोली कि यह देखो एकदम मशरूम दिखता है ना इसका लंड. दोस्तों गर्मी में दोपहर का समय था और लोग दोपहर में सो जाया करते थे.

भैया : चलो अब तुम भी यहीं पर सो जाओ और किसी को कुछ बताना मत, हमने तुम्हारे भले के लिए ही यह सब बताया है.

दोस्तों उस दिन के बाद राधे छुट्टी के दिन उनके पास चला जाता था और खाली टाईम यह सब देख लिया करता था और जब कोई ना हो तो अपने नुनु को पीछे करके मशरूम बनाकर देखता रहता था, यह सब चलते हुए 5-6 महीने हो गए थे और मशरूम बनाते समय अब उसका नुनु टाईट हो जाता था, वो भाभी के पास हर छुट्टी के दिन चला जाता था और उसने गौर भी किया कि भाभी अब थोड़ा उदास रहने लगी थी. अब भाभी उसको बहुत अच्छी लगने लगी थी. एक दिन उसने हिम्मत करके भाभी से बोला कि भाभी क्या जब में छोटा था, तब छोटू की तरह में भी दूध पीता था?

भाभी : हाँ.

राधे : क्या में अभी भी पी सकता हूँ?

फिर भाभी उसकी बातों का मतलब और उसकी नियत को बहुत अच्छी तरह से समझ गई थी, क्योंकि राधे बोलते समय उनके बूब्स को ही निहार रहा था.

भाभी : हाहहाहा अब नहीं पी सकते, वो बचपन में ही मिलता है.

फिर राधे की तरफ से कोई जवाब नहीं था और राधे अगली बार गर्मियों की छुट्टियों में जब अपने रिश्तेदार के यहाँ गया और जब वो वापस आया तो उससे एक खबर मिली कि शिखा भाभी गिरीश भैया को छोड़कर जा चुकी थी और यह बात सुनकर उसे बड़ा दुख हुआ.

साले की बेटी की बड़ी चुचिया
तलाकशुदा बॉस का बाद लंड

साले की बेटी की बड़ी चुचिया

भैया ने भाभी को मेरे सामने चोदा

sale ki beti ki Hindi sex story : हैल्लो दोस्तों, मेरा नाम राजा है और में नेपाल का रहने वाला हूँ. अब तो आप जान ही गये होंगे कि में कितना सेक्सी हूँ. अबकी बार मैंने अपने साले की खूबसूरत लड़की को फँसाकर जमकर अपने लंड की प्यास बुझाई थी.

दोस्तों अब में आपको ज्यादा बोर ना करते हुए सीधा अपनी स्टोरी पर आता हूँ. एक बार में अपने ससुराल गया तो मुझे पता चला कि घर के सारे लोग शादी में गये है और घर में केवल मेरी बीवी की भतीजी थी. फिर में सीधा उसके रूम में पहुँच गया तो मुझे वहाँ कंचन अकेले मिली, वैसे मुझे कंचन की आवाज़ और उसकी हँसी बहुत अच्छी लगती थी. में कब से उसकी चूत को चूस लेना चाहता था और उसकी नर्म-नर्म गांड मारना चाहता था. अब उसको रूम में अकेला देखकर मेरे दिल की धड़कन बहुत तेज हो गयी थी, लेकिन में समझ नहीं पा रहा था कि आगे कैसे बात बढ़ेगी? कहीं ये नाराज़ हो गयी? या इसने किसी से कह दिया तो बड़ी गड़बड़ हो जाएगी?

फिर मैंने सोचा कि चलो देखते है, आगे क्या होता है? फिर हम दोनों काफ़ी देर तक बातें करते रहे तो तभी मेरी वाईफ का फोन आया. मैंने थोड़ी देर तक उससे बातें करके बाय गुडनाईट कर दिया, तो कंचन ने कहा कि अच्छा किया फुफाजी आपने बुआ को नहीं बताया, कहीं उनको पता चल जाए कि में रात को आपके कमरे में हूँ, तो वो कहीं नाराज़ ना हो जाए?

फिर मैंने कहा कि उनको पता कैसे चलेगा? क्या तुम बताओगी? तो उसने कहा कि नहीं नहीं भाई. फिर मैंने कहा कि में भी नहीं बताऊँगा, अब मुझे उम्मीद जाग रही थी कि बात बन सकती है, लेकिन में हिम्मत नहीं कर पा रहा था. फिर थोड़ी देर में मैंने कहा कि कंचन मेरे सिर में हल्का सा दर्द हो रहा है. तो उसने कहा कि लाइए फूफाजी में आपको विक्स लगा देती हूँ. फिर में बेड पर लेट गया और वो मेरे माथे पर विक्स मलने लगी. फिर मैंने हल्के से उसकी गोरी कलाई पर अपना हाथ टच किया, तो उसने अपना हाथ दूर खींच लिया.

फिर मैंने हल्के से फिर से उसकी कलाई के ऊपर टच किया, तो वो कुछ नहीं बोली. अब मेरी हिम्मत थोड़ी बढ़ गयी थी, फिर मैंने धीरे-धीरे उसका बदन सहलाना शुरू कर दिया. फिर तो उसने अपना हाथ अलग कर लिया. फिर मैंने लेटे हुए ही सोने का नाटक करते हुए अपनी आँखे खोलकर उसके गाल पर अपना हाथ टच कराया और उसकी कलाई पकड़ ली और कहा कि कंचन आई लाईक यू. तो वो घबराकर बोली कि फुफाजी ये सही नहीं है अगर किसी को मालूम पड़ गया तो बहुत गड़बड़ हो जाएगी. अब मेरी हिम्मत खुल चुकी थी, फिर मैंने कहा कि हम किसी को बताएगें ही नहीं, तो मालूम कैसे पड़ेगा? और फिर मैंने उसकी कलाई और हथेली पर किस कर लिया और फिर मैंने उसके माथे पर किस किया.

अब उसकी सासें भारी हो गयी थी, अब वो विरोध करने की नाकाम कोशिश करने लगी थी. फिर मैंने उसकी सुंदर आँखों को एक के बाद एक किस किया और प्यार से उसको बेड पर लेटा दिया. अब उसकी आँखे बंद थी और उसकी छाती जल्दी-जल्दी उठ बैठ रही थी. फिर मैंने धीरे-धीरे उसकी गर्दन पर किस करते हुए उसका टॉप उतारा और उसकी ब्रा भी उतार दी.

फिर मैंने जैसे ही उसकी चूची देखी तो में दंग रह गया, वो इतनी गोरी थी कि प्रीति ज़िंटा भी उसके आगे कुछ नहीं थी. अब उसकी चूची तनी हुई थी, फिर मैंने हल्के से उसकी चूची को अपने होठों से चूमा और अपने एक हाथ से उसकी स्कर्ट उतारकर उसकी पेंटी पर अपना हाथ फैरा. अब वो मौन कर रही थी अयाया फुफाजी ये क्या कर रहे है? प्लीज़ मुझे छोड़ दीजिए, उम्म्म्ममम प्लीज. फिर मैंने उसके होंठो पर किस करते हुए उसकी पेंटी को आहिस्ता से उतारा, ओहह क्या चीज़ थी वो? उसके अंदर जैसे करोड़ो का खजाना था, एकदम पिंक, चिकनी गांड थी और उसकी गांड एकदम मुलायम थी.

फिर मैंने उसकी चूत को अपने हाथ से सहलाना शुरू किया तो उसे भी मज़ा आने लगा. फिर मैंने अपनी एक उंगली उसकी चूत में डाली तो मेरी उंगली जल्दी से उसकी चूत में नहीं घुस रही थी. फिर मैंने उसकी चूत चोदने के प्लान को कैंसिल करके उसकी नर्म-नर्म गांड मारने का प्लान बनाया, ताकि आगे उसे कोई दिक्कत ना हो. फिर मैंने उसे पेट के बल लेटाकर उसकी गांड को चूम लिया और उसकी चूत को अपनी जीभ से चाटने लगा.

उसकी चूत का स्वाद एकदम बटर जैसा था. अब में उसकी चूत को कस-कसकर चूस रहा था. अब वो तो बस चिल्ला रही थी उउउईईईई माँ, फुफा जी ये क्या कर दिया आपने आईईईईईईईई? फिर मैंने सोचा कि अब लोहा गर्म है और देर करना ठीक नहीं है, तो मैंने पहले अपनी उंगली को उसकी गांड में धीरे-धीरे घुसाया, उसकी गांड बहुत टाईट थी.

फिर मैंने थोड़ी क्रीम उसकी गांड में अंदर तक लगाई और फिर मैंने अपने कपड़े उतारे तो उसने भी मेरी छाती पर अपना हाथ फैरना शुरू किया और किस भी किया. लेकिन जैसे ही उसने मेरा 9 इंच का लंड देखा, तो वो घबरा गयी और बोली कि नहीं फूफाजी ये मत करिएगा, प्लीज़ ये अंदर नहीं जाएगा, में वर्जिन हूँ. फिर मैंने अपनी उंगली की स्पीड बढ़ा दी और फिर मैंने उसको बहुत प्यार से बेड पर लेटाया और उसके कूल्हों के नीचे दो तकिए लगाए, जिससे उसकी गांड और निखर गयी.

फिर मैंने अपने लंड और उसकी गांड पर खूब क्रीम लगाकर अपने लंड के टॉप को उसकी गांड से लगाया और धीरे-धीरे अंदर पुश किया तो वो चिल्लाने लगी कि नहीं फुफाजी लग रही है, उई माँ दुख रहा है आआआआआआ, दर्द हो रहा है उईईई, प्लीज़ लीव मी प्लीज़ प्लीज़. फिर थोड़ी देर के बाद मैंने एक ज़ोर का धक्का लगाया तो मेरा पूरा लंड उसकी गांड के अंदर चला गया था और उसकी गांड से खून बाहर आ गया था, लेकिन में उसके चिल्लाने की परवाह किए बगैर अपने धक्को की स्पीड धीरे-धीरे बढ़ाता रहा. अब वो जोर-जोर से चिल्ला रही थी और अब मैंने उसके होंठ अपने होंठ से फिट कर दिए थे.

अब वो चिल्ला रही थी उईईईई माँ में मर गयी, बाहर निकालो फुफाजी, अब में कभी आपकी बात नहीं मानूंगी, उईईईईईई आहह में मर गयी, आअहह आहह आअहह ऊऊऊ आआईईईईईईई मजा आ रहा है फुफाजी और ज़ोर से करिए उुउउहहहहहहहह उईईईईई ऊऊऊहहहहहह फुफ़ाजी और और आहहहाह. अब में भी अपने धक्के जोर-जोर से लगा रहा था और उसकी गांड से फचा फच फचा पच पच की जैसी आवाज़ आ रही थी.

अब वो नीचे से उछलने लगी थी, मज़ा आ गया उईईइ माँ, फुक मी हार्ड फुफाजी यू आर डार्लिंग, आई लव यू उईईईईईईईईईईई में गयी, ये क्या हो रहा है? अया आअहह उूउऊहह और इसके साथ ही मेरी स्पीड भी राजधानी एक्सप्रेस की हो गयी और मैंने अपना सारा वीर्य उसकी गांड के अंदर ही निकाल दिया. फिर थोड़ी देर तक हम एक दूसरे को अपनी बाहों में लिए पड़े रहे. फिर वो उठी और शरमाते हुए बाथरूम में गयी और वॉश किया. फिर वो मेरे माथे पर किस करके बोली कि यू आर डार्लिंग फूफाजी, आई रियली लव यू. फिर हमने 4 दिन तक खूब मज़े किए और बहुत बार चुदाई भी की और एक दूसरे को चुदाई का आनंद दिया.

भैया ने भाभी को मेरे सामने चोदा

My Servant Likes Ass

Hi guys,

This is Kabir and back with another real experience, something I just had to write about as I still get horny thinking about it. Some of you may know me and some may not, I am Kabir from Delhi, I had shared some of previous experiences here on Indian sex stories:

Me and my colony guard
My massage experience

I thank you all for showing appreciation for my experiences and it only encourages me to write more to share. Okay, so that’s the boring stuff! Now let me tell you about this amazing experience I had with my servant.

So, I am 26 yrs old, a bottom whose got a really nice round ass, I am submissive and like being girly. I love guys who treat me like that as well.

Anyways, so I live with my family in delhi and a couple of months ago our regular servant at home left as he had to take care of his land back in his village. Since we are 5 people in the house we need a servant to help with the work. Hence, my family started to look for someone to do the job. Those you who live in delhi know that getting help is not easy that’s good and trustworthy.

My family asked around to see if anyone had any references to give for a good guy who can come work for us. One fine morning, the lady who irons the clothes came to drop our lot, so my mother asked her if she knew anyone who could help with household chores, and she said my nephew is here from the village and he’s young and I could send him over to work for you. My mom instantly said yes and they both agreed upon a price for him to come work for us.

The next morning, I was standing in my balcony and at about 10 am I see this young boy in his 20’s, tall and thin walked upto our door and he rang the bell, so I from my balcony yelled and said “Kya hua” so he replies saying “Kaam karne ke liye bulaya that”. I realised he was the guy who was my iron lady nephew and came to work for us. I went down and opened the door and I saw him, for a second I was taken aback because he was taller than expected and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I asked him his name and he said ‘vaibhav’. He was really hot, and he had this smirk on his face which was really for some reason very seductive.

I was feeling happy inside that this guy would work for us and in my mind I had imagined what it would be like if he was gay. Anyways, so I escorted to him to the house and my mom was standing in the living room waiting to talk to him. When we reached my mother asked him a few questions of where he lives etc etc. After doing all verification, my mom told me to just show the guy his room se he can get settled.

So, heres the thing about my house ; my parents and grandparents live on the ground floor and I have a room on the first floor, right next to which is another room connected with a passage way that we have as the servant room I walked him to the first floor and showed him his room. I asked him if everything was fine and he turned back with his smile to say ‘haan sab badiya hai’. So I said okay and I came back to my room. The thoughts of this guy staying right next to my room was getting me very excited. I mean if you think about it, no one would know if he fucked me all night since we both live on the first floor and my parents never come up.

So, I was very excited but I still didn’t know if this guy even was bi or gay. A few days went by of him working with us and he had become tad bit comfortable with me, one of the nights I was smoking a cigarette in my balcony and he came to keep a bottle of water in my room. When he saw me, he said bhaiya “Ek cigarette de doge please”. I looked back and asked “Tu bhi cigarette pita hai” and he instantly replied ‘haan’.

I asked him to come stand in the balcony and smoke a cigarette with me, somehow he was feeling weird and he said ‘nahin bhaiya mein apne room mein pi lunga.’ I said no you will smoke here and you don’t have to be hesitant, think of me as a friend. I wanted to make sure this guy felt comfortable with me as that would atleast make it easier to ask him if he was bi/gay without him freaking out if he wasn’t.

So, he agreed to smoke with me and I asked him a few questions:

I asked how old he was and he said ‘abhi 20 saal ka hun’. And then I asked him a few questions about his hometown etc etc. After a series of questions ‘ I asked him if he had a girlfriend, and he smiled to say no not right now, I haven’t found anyone. I was shocked and said how come? You must have lots of girls going for you. He laughed and said no its not like that. Anyways, we finished our cigarettes and he went to his room to sleep. Our cigarette session happened again the following night and I started to enjoy his company.

Now, once I had made him comfortable with me, I somehow had to find out if he was interested in me, so one morning, I came out of the shower and heard some noise outside my door, I realised that vaibhav was cleaning the floor and he was soon going to start cleaning my room as well. So, I decided to drop my towel and lay on my bed completely naked, while I played with my cock. I was very nervous and very horny as I didn’t know how he’d react but just the adrenaline rush of the situation was making me very excited.

To my happiness, after 2-3 minutes, I hear my door open and vaibhav walks in, I just lay there and look at him and he also didn’t say a word when he came in. For 30 seconds he just looked at me lying naked on my bed. I apologised and instantly put my towel on me, he smiled and walked to my bathroom. It was so weird that we I didn’t know what else to say and he didn’t say anything either: no reaction whatsoever except a smile.

Anyways, I didn’t know what to do, so I put on my clothes and went to the ground floor. Vaibhav cleaned my room and then came down to the living room to start cleaning that. We didn’t say anything to each other the whole day and somehow by evening I had even forgotten about the incident. In the night, after finishing my food, I went upto my room, picked up a cigarette and walked to my balcony. As usual, vaibhav came to leave a bottle of water, when he walked in I heard him and turned.

When I saw him, I asked him if he wanted to join me for a cigarette. He instantly said yes and came to the balcony. I again apologised and said I am sorry for today. So he said no problem sir, chalta hai. So, I was wondering if he liked it. After a few seconds I gathered the guts to utter the words ” mujhe phir se nanga dekhoge?”. He just looked at me and smiled and nodded. I was damn excited now, I told him to get back in the room and when we got in, instantly dropped my boxers and took off my t shirt. Now I was completely naked in front of him.

So, guys I am slightly curvy, usually smoothly trimmed, slight boobs and a really nice round ass. And a 5’5 inch cock. Which was erect at this time.

Vaibhav came close to me and pulled me towards him, and he started to caress my ass while my cock was rubbing against his pants. I was really horny and I just wanted him to fuck me now.

He whispered in my ear “Chusna acha lagta hai?” and I instantly dropped to my knees and started to pull out his cock. My god it was big, about 7 inches and like a thin cylinder. I stroked it with one hand and slowly touched my tongue to his tip. He shivered and I took the whole cock in my mouth, I sucked him slowly and then harder before he held my head from behind and started to mouthfuck me slowly. I sucked him for about 4-5 mins before I got up and he turned me around and pushed me on my bed.

My ass was facing towards him, he dropped his pants and slowly moved his hands from my feet all the way upto my asshole, he did this motion a few times, before he plunged his face in my ass and started to rim my asshole. It was the best rim session ever, his tongue was amazing – while his hands expanded and contracted my ass cheeks. I was so horny and I was pushing my ass in his face.

He rimmed me for a while and I was feeling ecstasy. He asked me to come sit on his face and suck his cock. We got into a 69 position while I sucked his cock and stroked it and he did tricks with his tongue in and around my asshole.

After our 69 session, I practically begged him to fuck me, he was ready to insert his cock, but I wanted him to use a condom. So I asked him to pause which obviously he wasn’t very happy about. Anyways, quickly we got the condom on and now I was in doggy position spreading my ass for his monster cock to fuck me like his bitch.

He tried pushing inside but it was too big for my tight asshole even after getting rimmed for 10 mins. So, we got some lube and took some in his hands and put two fingers inside my asshole while his other hand put some lube on his cock. After fingering me, he slowly started to enter his cock again, still too tight, but this time he wasn’t going to stop.

After about 30 seconds of trying, I had 6 of his 7 inches inside me. It just felt amazing, he started to move in out and slowly, while I moaned like his bitch. His thrusts got faster and after 2-3 minutes he literally had his hands wrapped on my inner thighs and pounding me. I could feel his balls hitting against my ass. Oh’ I was waiting for this for so long, it was a great fuck.

After going doggy, he asked me to come sit on top of him, I did so as he asked, he lay down on my bed and I sat on his cock, this time it was easier for it to go in. I moved up and down slowly while moving in for a kiss here and there.

After about 5 minutes, he asked me if he could cum on my face, and I said why not in my mouth: he laughed caressed my ass and asked me to get down on my knees.

He took off his condom, and I took his cock in my mouth, again sucking him hard and jerking him so he would cum. While he was in my mouth he said ready and blew his load. It was a lot. My mouth was full of cum and he still wasn’t done, he sprayed a bit all over my face as well.

However, I was still horny and hadn’t blown my load. He came from behind and put his hands on my cock, jerking me hard. My ass was rubbing along his cum rid cock. And I came as well, hard in his hands. Once I was done, he put his hands, that had my cum on it all over my face and made me lick it off his hands. I had been made his bitch that night, we went to my bathroom and cleaned ourselves and then had to have another smoke.

We realised that since he was on the same floor, we could have sex every night and every night we did have sex for the next month. It has one of the most satisfying experiences of my life.

I hope you guys like the experience, do share your thoughts/feedback on my Indian sex story, or you can drop in a message just to say “Hi’ or whatever ;)) my email id is given below:

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Bua Ki Chudai (Innocent Man Turned Wild) – Part 2

So jaise ki maine last story me kaha tha ki hum bed pe lete hue the tabhi bell baji.. Ab mai dar gya tha ki kon hoga to maine bua ko kaha aab yahi ruko blanket me nai dekh ke aata hu ki kon hai.. Yo mai bahar gya to paros ke ek uncle the vo aapni beti ki shadi ka card dene aaye thee to onhone kaha beta ghar pe koi nahi hai kya mai data hua tha maine mana kr diya..

Mai uncle ke liye pepsi lene gya tha kitchen me to onhone pucha ki mai aapka toilet use kr sakta hu plus to maine kaha haan zrur vo toilet ki taraf ja raha tha vo palahe bhi bohot aate jate rahate the to onhe mere ghar ke bare me sab pata tha to mujhe laga vo bahar wale toilet me jayenge but bo jo mere room se connect tha osme gye..

To maine..Ab vaha bua blanket me thi.. To vo toilet gya vaha se bhar likla to osse bua ki tang dikhi or osse lag rha tha bua ne kapre nahi paine osne merko nahi pata kya hua kya nahi osne bua ko nanga dekh lia or bua osse dekh ke chillai mai room me gya

Maine kaha uncle bahar chalo aaise room me kyu gye mere… To vo bola ki yeh tum dono kya kr rahe the room me maine kaha kch nahi aapne kaam se kaam rakho…To vo kahata mai sab janta hu ki tum kya kr rhe the.. Or osne dhamki di ki mere papa ko sab bata dega…

Maine kaha jo krna hai kr le pr bua dar gyi thi kyuki onki issat ka sawal tha onhone kaha plz kisi ko kch maat btana kahata mai to btaoga na btane me mere kya fayda.. To bua kahati aap paise lelo thore.. Or mai keh raha tha jb kch kiya nahi humne to kis baat ke paise. To kahata mujhe paise nahi kch or chaiye..

Osne kaha bua ko blanket utar aapne upper se mai tujhe nanga dekhna cahata hu.. Mujhe gussa aaya maine ek thappar mar diya osse vo bola mujhe marke galat kiya aap tum gye or bahar jane laga bua ne kaha nahi ruko mai tayaar hu bua ne blanket utar diya osne ek dum se bua ke boobs dabane laga maine osse dhur kiya or bola tune kaha bas dekhunga vo bola tune jo mujhe mara oska kya fir mai kch nahi bola bua ne kaha tu bahar ja maine kaha nahi.

Fir uncle bole bahar ja varna the gye mai bahar gya one bua ke boobs dabaaye choose chut me haat dala or bola ki mai ja raha hu mujhe aage bhi kaam hai to vo chala gya.. Hume laga ki baat khatam mujhe bohot gussa aa raha tha bua ne kaha kch nahi hota mere sath kiya mai isse bhul jati hu pr fir bhi mujhe gussa aa raha tha m..

Fir ek do din aaise hi nikle maine roz bua ko tease krna shuru kr diya jaise ki maine bola tha merko or bua ko baad me separate room mil gya tha to mai aabhi raat ko onhe room me jake onki boobs ya chut pe haat marke aa jata tha because yeh hum mardo ki mentality ho jati hai ek bar chut mil gyi to roz marne chale jate hai aaisa chalta raha

To thore din baad fir vo uncle ghar aaye sab ghar pe the oss time onhone papa ko kaha ki shadi ki tarik pass aa rahi hai kl se sare relatives bhi aane lag jayenge to thori tayari karani hai to tum ritu or amit ko mere ghar bhej do maine papa ko mana kiya pr papa ne kaha baro ko mana nahi krte ja mujhe gussa aa raha tha pr jana para ab hum dono onke ghar gye onka ghar khali tha koi bhi nahi tha vaha bua ne kaha kk kya kaam me madad karani hai to vo bola ki mere lund me dard hai daba do maine kaha zubaan samhal ke bol.. Bua boli hum ti aapki ghar me tayari karane aaye the yeh kya bol rhe ho..

Vo bola aapni izzat pyari hai to jo bola kr mai puri society me teri prem khata bta dunga.. Bua dar gyi or osne mujhe kaha ki tu samne baith mai cahata hu tu sab dekhe kya ho raha hai. Maine mana kr diya to osne

Fir dhamki di to mai baith fya sofe pe to osne bua ko kaha ki pent utar meri bua ne oski pent utari fir oska underwear utara oska lamba lund tha bua bohot nervous dikh rhi thi osne kaha ki ab mere jo lund me dard hai oski malish kr dard khatam hi jati chaiye to bula ne oska lund hilana shuru ki bua cahati nahi thi but aapni izzat bachane ke liye bua ne kiya bua oska lund hila rahi thi

To vo bola ki malish aaise thori hoti hai malish wala bhi oil laga ke malish krta hai itna bhi nahi pata bua boli thik hai mai oil late hu vo bola mujhe oil nahi chaiye tera mujhe mere liye kafi hai bua chila ke boli mai nahi krungi to vo bola thik hai mai tumhari baat fila raha hu bua ne dar ke mare muh me lund liya mujhe gussa aa raha tha pr kch nahi kr pa raha tha ghar walo ko bhi bta nahi sakta tha bua ne mana kiya fir osne bua ki boobs pe haat marke start kiya

Or oske kapre utar diye I mean top utar diya bua oska lund choose rahi thi thori der tak chusti rahi or osne kaha ruko bua ko laga ho gya ab ghar ja sakte the hum bua aapna top pahane lagi vo bola kapre kisne pahane ko bola kaata daba ke malish kro to maze aate hai aaisa dabav to teri chut se hi mil skata hai os osne bua ko kas ke pakra or kamar se utaya or bathroom me le gya..

Or mujhe kaha ki mai bhi vaha aao vaha osne aapne kapre utar or floor pe leat gya or kaha ki up aapne kapre utar or mere upper khud… Bua khari rahi usse gussa aaya osne bua ko salwar keechi or vo phat gyi osne fir bua ki bra penty bhi phar di fir osne bua ko chorne shuru kiya condom laga ke osne bua ko kutto ki tarha mere samne choda or mai kch nahi kr pa raha tha..

Fir osne lag bhag 1 ghanta choda bua ki halat kharab se ho gyi thi or onko lag. Raha tha ki onki jaan khatam hi jayegi fir osne kaha tum ghar ja sakte ho…To ab problem yeh thi ki osne bua ke kapre phar diye the ab ghar kaise jaye osne aapni wife ke kapre de diye or hum ghar chale gye..

Ab ghar aapne pe ghar walo ne bua ko kaha ki yeh kapre kiske hai or tere kapre kaha gye bua ne kaha ki vo kaam krte krte pepsi fir gyi thi to onhone aapne kapre diye yeh bolke baat samhal li.

So guys if you like this part please mujhe feedback di jaye at [email protected]

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