My Mon’s Affair with Neighbourhood Uncle


My name is Ajit, 19 years old. I live in Mumbai in a 2 BHK apartment with my mom, Shilpa, 38. My dad, Vikram, 42, is working in a MNC, and was recently transferred to Bangalore through the company. He visits home every 3 or 4weeks. Mom is a conservative woman and to continue her hobby, she runs music classes at home. Though her age is 38, she looks 25 as a result of regular yoga and exercise. A beautiful, smart woman, 5’4″ tall, with curves 34c-26-38, 56 kg, fair complexion. Whenever we go shopping or anywhere else, I notice men staring at her with lustful eyes. I have noticed my friends doing the same thing, whenever they visit my home. She wears either Saree or salwar-kameez. Her dress sense just adds to her beauty. Men around her always keep drooling. Being calm, she never reacted to them. I am in second year of my Engg college. I’m busy most of the time for college work.

One day I was returning from college, and as I reached the main gate of our building, I noticed a new family was moving into our building. I stopped there after parking my bike. As the ‘packers and movers’ guys left, only one man was remaining and I just said hello to him. He obviously wanted some new friends. “Hello beta, myself Vinod” As we were going upstairs, I asked him about his family. And he told me that he was living alone, divorced.

As I came to 3rd floor, where my flat was, I stopped and knocked the door. As we were exchanging phone numbers, mom opened the door and I told her about uncle.

“This is my mom”, I said to him, but he was already looking at her, stunned. Mom was in red coloured saree with matching blouse. “Nice to meet you ji”said uncle. Mom noticed the same lust in his eyes. I asked him his flat number. “412”, he answered looking at mom. Mom was short of expression; she faked a smile and went inside. Uncle too went upstairs, I told him to call me if he needs help.

I went inside my flat. Mom was in the kitchen, she told me to freshen up. I went to the bathroom. When I came out she handed me a cup of tea. “Vinod uncle seems to be a nice guy” I said while taking a sip. She didn’t reply. I knew she was not happy; the way uncle looked at her. She asked me “When is his family shifting here?” I told her his relationship status. After some time I told her I was going to a friend’s house and left.

I came back at around 8:30pm. As I was reaching my floor, I heard mom’s voice. I stopped there and tried to listen carefully, it was Vinod uncle talking with mom standing at the door. He was asking her about the water supply timings and other facilities in the area as he was new there. Mom had not invited him inside. I reached there and uncle was shocked to see me. I just smiled at him.

Uncle was standing at a distance less than 2 feet from mom. Then I noticed the difference between their heights. He was around 6’2″, a big guy. I just stepped inside and asked mom why she didn’t call him inside. She said sorry and asked him formally to come inside. He was more than happy, his eyes were telling the story. We were sitting in the hall. Mom was in the kitchen cooking food. I switched on the TV and went in my room for changing clothes.

When I came back in the hall, uncle was gazing towards mom through the kitchen door. I knew his intentions. Initially I was angry but then I thought, why not just wait and watch. “Why don’t you join us for the dinner?” I asked him. Maybe he had worked some magic on mom when they were chatting at the door, because mom too asked him to stay for the dinner. That was enough for uncle.

Mom prepared food and we were sitting at the dining table having dinner. Uncle broke the silence, “Biryani is awesome, Shilpa ji”. I wondered how uncle knew her name. Mom smiled and said “Thank you.” Mom offered him some more Biryani and he took it happily.

After we finished dinner, uncle left. Mom said, “Vinod uncle is really a nice man, Ajit. It’s really sad that he has to leave alone at 52.” I just nodded and went in my room to sleep. I knew mom had misjudged uncle as a nice man. She was easily getting trapped into his plan.

A week had passed. Uncle was regularly visiting our house. One afternoon, he called me and asked if I wanted to watch some movie at his flat. It was a holiday and he was getting bored. I said yes and went there. As I entered, I noticed the smell of alcohol. Empty bottles were lying in the balcony .He was sitting at the computer and listening songs. I sat on a chair besides him. He started a Hollywood movie on computer. After sometime uncle was feeling sleepy, so he went in bedroom to take a nap.

After the movie finished I was just exploring his computer. There was a big list of movies. A folder was full of porn, as I expected. Just as I was about to close the folder, at the end I noticed another folder named ‘VINOD’. I opened the folder, it was full of videos. I clicked one of them to realise what it was.

The video started with a middle aged woman giving blowjob. She was on her knees with one hand wrapped around the cock in her mouth. The man was trying to gag her with his massive cock. Yes, it was massive, around 8-9 inches long, 4 inches round. He was shooting the video with mobile camera. After sometime he set the camera on a nearby table. The woman was lying on her back, as the man set himself over her to enter her. And then I saw his face for the first time and it was shocking to see that the man was none other than Vinod uncle. I paused the video and thought for a while, maybe it was his wife. She was around 25. I started the video and was shocked to see his cock had swelled even more. He started pounding her. She begged him to stop, but he didn’t. She was yelling like anything. After 20 minutes, she became silent. But uncle didn’t stop. Then I realised that she had passed out. Then uncle took his cock out and sprayed 7-8 spurts of cum on her face.

I was really shocked to see his power and stamina. I went through other videos to realise that he was a special man for women. The videos had 3 to 4 different women. In most of the videos they passed out, from the intense pounding they got from him. I closed all the folders. Uncle was still sleeping.

I came back home and sat in the hall thinking about uncle. And then the thoughts about mom came to my mind. What if uncle succeeds in pulling mom in his traps? I knew she can’t withstand his powers. I was afraid but another part of my mind wanted something else. Yes, I wanted to see them together, I wanted uncle to fuck the hell out of mom. I wanted mom to try uncle. I went in mom’s bedroom. She was sleeping; her pink saree was gathered around her knees, showing her beautiful, fair and exquisite calves and silver anklets. I imagined uncle shagging her to multiple orgasms. I was aroused just thinking about them.

I was waiting for uncle to take next step. One day I was playing carom in the hall with uncle, mom was watching TV. After sometime uncle invited mom to join us. She had never played carom.

“I have never played before” mom said.

“Why not try Shilpa ji?” uncle asked again.

“Come on mom, I’ll teach you” I added.

Mom said ok and sat down to play with us. She was in white salwar and red kameez. Uncle and I were sitting opposite each other. Mom sat near us and adjusted her dupatta to cover her chest. I started showing her how to hit with the striker and she was trying it. I noticed, uncle was looking at her with lust and desire. His eyes were roaming all over her body. Her lips, her eyes, her boobs, her beautiful, manicured hands… I thought about leaving them together. I took my phone and started a fake conversation and went in my room and pushed the door behind me. Mom knew I used to talk on phone for hours. The balcony was common to mom’s and my room. I just entered mom’s room and started peeking into hall through the slightly open door.

Uncle was telling her how to play. She tried 2 to 3 times and then uncle said “No Shilpa ji, not like that”. She was doing it right but uncle wanted to touch her, so he sat on her right side and took her hand in his hand and explained her how to use different fingers. He came close to her and now was touching her from side with her hand still in his grip. With his other hand he was rubbing his crotch area. He was now really enjoying her soft hand in his grip. Mom realised after sometime how close he was.

“Thank you Vinod ji, I can play now.” Said mom.

“You are welcome Shilpa ji” said uncle and sat at his place again.

They started playing but uncle could not concentrate as he was in heaven. He looked around to find that my door was still closed.

“Ajit seems to be busy with his girlfriend, Shilpa ji” he tried to crack a conversation.

“I don’t interfere much in his matters, Vinod ji. And I trust him, as he is good at taking decisions” mom tried to explain.

“And what about you Shilpa ji? Don’t you get bored living without your husband? I’m sorry if it’s too personal….” uncle was going deeper.

“No Vinod ji, actually I run music classes and keep myself busy with yoga and exercise and cooking…” answered mom. “And please stop calling me Shilpa ji…. You can call me Shilpa” continued mom.

“Ok Shilpa” he smiled as he called her name looking at her through angle of eyes. Mom shied away from uncle and started blushing. Suddenly she tried to stand up and instinctively uncle pulled her by holding her wrist, as a result mom fell in his lap facing him sideways, her dupatta stuck on his face. He took her dupatta away and looked at her with guilt as her boobs were inches away from his mouth. Mom was shocked. She took her dupatta from his hand and stood up from his lap. She went into the kitchen feeling offended.

“I’m sorry Shilpa… Shilpa ji… I’m so… It just happened suddenly… I didn’t want to…. Please listen Shilpa…” uncle tried to make up things. Mom didn’t reply. He left. I came back in hall, called mom. I asked her about uncle, she said he left as he was having headache.

I went upstairs. Knocked uncle’s door. He opened the door and was surprised to see me. I went inside and asked him what happened to him. He thought mom must have told me everything.

“Mom said you were having headache… ” I said.

“Headache? Oh yes, it is just decreasing… thank you” he was relieved to know that I didn’t know anything.

“Ok uncle, take care” I said and left.

A few days passed. Uncle didn’t visit us. One day, I saw uncle standing with mom at the ground floor trying to explain something. He was saying sorry again and again.

“It’s ok Vinod ji, I forgot it. I know you didn’t do it purposefully. No hard feelings.” Mom was talking confidently. “And come over for coffee in the evening, Vinod ji.”

“Thank you Shilpa…..ji….” he smiled again. Mom smiled back. Mom left for the market. He licked his lips as he looked at her figure from behind and went upstairs.

I was thinking about uncle’s next step and decided to set cameras in every room of my house as I didn’t want to miss any action.

Mom was still clueless about his plans. So she had invited him for coffee. He came at around 6pm. I was doing some college work in my room. I heard the knock on door, mom opened the door and uncle came in my room directly. I chatted with him for some time then mom called us in the hall for coffee. After finishing coffee we just sat there chatting. Then mom asked me about my holiday as she needed my help to clean the house.

“Mom please, I’m busy with my project for next 20-25 days. So please don’t expect my help.” I said.

That was a chance for uncle. He said “I can help you Shilpa.”

“Thank you Vinod ji, but no, that’s not ok.” Said mom.

“No Shilpa, it’s ok. I will take it as a punishment.” Uncle said it without realising I too was there.

“Punishment…? For what….?” I asked looking at mom.

“Nothing beta…” mom tried to end the topic. “Ok Vinod ji, done. Friday?” Uncle nodded happily. I didn’t know how she was so comfortable with him.

“Headache? Oh yes, it is just decreasing… thank you” he was relieved to know that I didn’t know anything.

“Ok uncle, take care” I said and left.

A few days passed. Uncle didn’t visit us. One day, I saw uncle standing with mom at the ground floor trying to explain something. He was saying sorry again and again.

“It’s ok Vinod ji, I forgot it. I know you didn’t do it purposefully. No hard feelings.” Mom was talking confidently. “And come over for coffee in the evening, Vinod ji.”

“Thank you Shilpa…..ji….” he smiled again. Mom smiled back. Mom left for the market. He licked his lips as he looked at her figure from behind and went upstairs.

I was thinking about uncle’s next step and decided to set cameras in every room of my house as I didn’t want to miss any action.

Mom was still clueless about his plans. So she had invited him for coffee. He came at around 6pm. I was doing some college work in my room. I heard the knock on door, mom opened the door and uncle came in my room directly. I chatted with him for some time then mom called us in the hall for coffee. After finishing coffee we just sat there chatting. Then mom asked me about my holiday as she needed my help to clean the house.

“Mom please, I’m busy with my project for next 20-25 days. So please don’t expect my help.” I said.

That was a chance for uncle. He said “I can help you Shilpa.”

“Thank you Vinod ji, but no, that’s not ok.” Said mom.

“No Shilpa, it’s ok. I will take it as a punishment.” Uncle said it without realising I too was there.

“Punishment…? For what….?” I asked looking at mom.

“Nothing beta…” mom tried to end the topic. “Ok Vinod ji, done. Friday?” Uncle nodded happily. I didn’t know how she was so comfortable with him.

I was waiting for the Friday to come. I checked all cameras in my house and made sure all were working. I had connected all the cameras to uncle’s computer which he didn’t know.

Friday. 10Am. Uncle came to help mom. I told mom that I was going to the college and will be late in the evening. She had cancelled her music classes for that day. I left home, went upstairs and unlocked uncle’s flat with the keys I had already made. As soon as I entered, I started his computer and checked all cameras.

Mom was in the kitchen. That day she had worn yellow coloured salwar-kameez with white dupatta.

“I’m ready Shilpa” uncle said from the hall.

“Ok Vinod ji, I will call you if I need help. You can watch TV.” Said mom and switched on the TV. Uncle requested mom to sit with him for a while. Mom sat there. An erotic bollywood song was playing on the TV. Mom was shying away from uncle. But she was still sitting there. She tried to take the remote from uncle’s hand, which uncle denied. She waited for some time and then snatched the remote from his hand and started laughing. Uncle looked at her for a few seconds and suddenly grabbed her hand in a strong grip and asked for the remote. She was taken aback by his powers. She handed the remote back and he left her hand. Mom was massaging her hand and saw that his finger-nail had cut her on forearm. Uncle realised his mistake and took her hand in his and started kissing and sucking as blood was oozing out. Mom was totally lost in pain and pleasure. There was silence in the room except the song playing on TV. After 2 minutes mom realised the situation and stood up saying, “I’m fine Vinod ji…” and started walking towards kitchen. She went in my room and started cleaning. Uncle waited for half an hour then joined her. Nothing happened between them for next 2 hours except light jokes and flirting uncle was doing. Mom was responding him by just laughing.

“Do you want tea or coffee, Vinod ji?” asked mom.

“I’ll prefer milk…” said uncle, looking at her boobs, then into her eyes, then added “just kidding, Shilpa….I’ll have Coffee…”

“Milk is not enough, Vinod ji… We’ll have to arrange for it…” said mom looking at him naughtily and confidently. That was the first time I saw my beautiful, modest mom talking with a man like that, clearly hinting something. “And I’m not kidding…” mischief was added in mom’s words. Uncle was confused and surprised to see this change in mom. His mind was boggling between thoughts. He was thinking, whether he should take the next step or should he wait for another signal. Mom went in the kitchen and looked back once, as she passed the door, uncle followed. She didn’t know she was playing with fire.

She was preparing coffee. Uncle was standing beside her. After few seconds he tried to touch her hand where it was cut. He took her hand in his and started caressing. Mom pulled her hand back and said, “What are you doing Vinod ji…?” Yes, she was teasing uncle. She was playing this game of cat and mouse with uncle. Now I was really feeling sad about mom as uncle was obviously going to give it back to her. And I knew she won’t be able to handle him then.

As uncle was leaving kitchen, mom stopped him saying “Doodh nikalo Vinod ji…” (“Take the milk out Vinod ji”) as uncle stopped, mom added, “from the refrigerator….” uncle was being humiliated like never before. He took the milk jar out and gave it to mom. Mom didn’t look at him, uncle got frustrated, it was clear from his facial expressions. As the coffee was boiling, uncle thought for a second and suddenly grabbed mom from behind.

“Why are you doing this to me Shilpa…?” asked uncle.

“What are you talking about Vinod…?” mom asked innocently, without moving. Uncle courageously wrapped his hands around her waist. Mom had her dupatta wrapped around her waist and tied it at the side. Uncle was playing with her dupatta and untied it with a jerk. It fell to the floor. Mom still didn’t respond. Uncle started playing with her hair and his lips were close to her neck. From the way he was positioned, he got a good view of her boobs down her kameez (top extending below knees). He was turned on so much that he was unaware of his monster poking in her back. Now he was pressing himself on her, he couldn’t control himself and kissed her neck while caressing her stomach through the kameez.

“”Coffee…. Vinod ji…” mom said turning towards him, handing him coffee mug. He came back to the senses and realised that coffee was ready. Mom was behaving like nothing had happened.

“Can you lift me so that I can clean the fan?” asked mom as they finished their coffee.

Mom took a cloth in her hand and stood below the fan, facing uncle. Uncle wrapped his hands around her, and lifted her, pressing her ass from behind. Mom realised how strong he was and complimented him.

“Woman on top…. isn’t it, Vinod?” Mom was opening more and more, but not completely. Uncle’s face was right in front of her groin. Uncle realised she was calling him Vinod now. He pushed his face suddenly, which tickled mom and she started laughing uncontrolled. Uncle did it again and again and mom continued. She was asking him to stop but he did not listen. Mom asked him to put her down. Uncle lowered her down slowly and stopped when her boobs came close to his face. He again pressed his face slightly, licked them for a second and then put her down. She was tickled so much that tears could be seen on her cheeks. She waited and checked her clothes and again stood facing uncle. This time he turned her around and lifted her again. Mom started cleaning fan again. Uncle didn’t do anything. She was facing away from him, so she looked behind her back, down, at uncle and wiggled her ass slightly. Uncle smiled but didn’t do anything.

“I’m done Vinod. You can put me down now…” said mom. And uncle did, very slowly. Now she was standing on the ground facing away from uncle, still in uncle’s strong grip. He slowly moved his hands upwards from her waist and stopped with his palms covering her boobs.

“Thank you Vinod…” said mom and started walking away from him when uncle suddenly stopped her by grabbing her boobs. “Aaaahhhh … Vinod….” she said gasping. Uncle started massaging her boobs and was pulling her towards him. Mom was breathing heavily now. She was lost in pleasure. Uncle gathered her hair and pulled back with a jerk. With one hand he was kneading her chest roughly now. He kissed her on her cheek close to the lips and gave a lick. Mom moved her head away from him, panting, short of breath. “You are so beautiful, Shilpa…” said uncle while licking her cheek again, leaving a trail of saliva. Mom moved away from him, wiping the saliva off with the back of hand. She turned to look at him seductively. Her kameez was crumpled with a strap of bra peeking out. She straightened her dress and massaged her boobs lightly, saying “That was rough…” her eyes were wet.

“Its lunchtime…darling” said uncle.

“Not yet… you need to work some more, to earn yourself LUNCH…” mom gave an indecent expression while saying that last word and winked at him while entering bathroom. He thought about following her but she locked the door from inside. The teasing was just too much for uncle.

They were in the hall, relaxing after lunch. Mom told him to clean the TV table and she herself started with the couch. After some time mom was sitting on the couch while uncle finished with TV table. He switched on the TV and came to join mom in the couch. The song ‘sheila ki jawani’ was playing on a music channel.

“She’s fucking sexy…” uncle murmured just enough for mom to listen. She was surprised by his language. She wanted to show him that she too can sway like that. She stood between him and the TV. She took her dupatta off and hurled at him and started gyrating her body. She shook her boobs wildly and was giving lewd expressions. Uncle waited for the song to end, switched of the TV, and sat back on the couch. Mom reached for her dupatta which was in his hand. She tried to pull it but uncle pulled it along with her. She fell in his laps.

“Look at me, Shilpa…” he turned her head towards him and set her hair aside and licked his lips. She knew what he up to was. She closed her eyes and waited. Uncle read the opportunity and took his tongue out and licked her chin. Mom gasped and waited for him to proceed.

“You have beautiful, luscious lips, Shilpa…” Uncle whispered.

“Ohhhhh, Vinod…?” She said opening her eyes, “my horizontal ones… right?”

He smiled and took his tongue out again and this time gave a long lick from chin to the angle of eye. Mom was quivering now. There was pin-drop silence in the room. Uncle licked her lower lip this time. Mom was breathing hard. Then he licked both the lips together making them wet with his saliva. Mom opened her eyes and licked her lips dry looking into his eyes. He licked them again to make them wet. Mom repeated her move. This time as uncle took his tongue out to lick; she parted her lips and protruded her tongue. Mom shivered as their tongues got to know each other. It was an erotic scene. Mom was completely turned on by now. Uncle explored insides of her mouth for a good 10 minutes with his tongue. Mom too responded by licking his lips dry.

Mom then jumped from his laps, and went to the windows. Uncle was puzzled. But she looked out of the window and then closed it, pulled the curtains. Uncle got the hint. He adjusted himself on the couch. Mom came back and positioned herself back in his laps, facing away from him. Uncle grabbed her left boob in his left hand, through the kameez and put his right hand on her thigh. He tried to pinch her nipple but she was wearing bra. He pulled her kameez up and passed both his hands under it. Now he was stroking her bellybutton with his magical fingers. He moved up and felt her boobs over her bra. He undid the hooks and pulled her bra down. And for the first time he was touching her boobs directly. Her skin was soft and delicate.

Uncle liked rough and hardcore sex. He felt pity for her as he realised she would not be able to handle his assault. He held both her nipples in his fingers, and started rolling and pulling them lightly. Mom was in heaven. Uncle controlled his urge to pinch the nipples hard.

“You are a flimsy and delicate woman, Shilpa…”uncle said while worshipping her nipples. “You can still say no to this….” he continued. Mom was in no mood to talk. She covered his hands with her over the dress.

“Stop crying Vinod, show me what you’ve got… come on…honey” mom said challenging him.

“Ok Shilpi darling… I was just giving you a chance to…” uncle couldn’t continue his sentence as mom locked her lips with his… uncle started pulling her nipples hard now, pinching them in between. Mom broke the kiss and started writhing in pain. She tried to stand up but uncle locked her legs with his. He moved one hand down towards her private area which was yet to be trespassed. He tried to pass his hand under her salwar but the lace was secured tightly. So he moved his hand over the salwar. He lightly touched the inside of her thigh. Mom inhaled with a saucy look on her face. She shuddered at his touch, unable to move. He stroked her thigh for a while and started moving his hand upwards. His finger touched her panties covered pussy only to find it was wet with her juices.

“Vertical lips…. Shilpa…. your subtle, delicate vertical lips…..finally” uncle was fulfilling his dream. Mom was short of breath, trembling. Uncle started stroking pussy of a beautiful woman he was dreaming of all these days. His cock was rock hard by now in his pants and mom was sitting directly on it. He started stroking her cunt faster. Her pussy tingled with pleasure and excitement at the sheer fact that an almost stranger was doing it to her. Mom tried to pull his hand away but uncle slapped her hand and threw it away. He was doing it vigorously now. Mom tried to stop him again, she was breathing rapidly. Uncle caught her hands together in one hand and started the cunt massage. He stopped for a second and whispered something. She nodded yes and then he spread her legs with his, opening her legs wide. I knew she was close to her first orgasm from a man other than her husband. He secured her hands and legs and yelled,

“Cum for me shilpa…. cum for your new lover….. Cum for me….” and moved his fingers faster. Mom started quivering and begged him to stop, he didn’t and she started convulsing in his grips.

“Oh my god… oh my god…. aaaaaaaahhhhhh …… uuuiiiiiiimaaaaaaa …….. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ….. Vinod……. pleeeeease…. stooooop….. aaah…. aaahhhh….. Aaaaaahhhhhhh Vinod……oh my god” mom rolled her eyes up and jerked her body heavily. Uncle kept stroking her throughout her orgasm and stopped only after she calmed down.

“Vinod ….” she was still gasping “you are an artist… you sure know how to treat a woman…..”

“Round two…. mam …..”Uncle said pulling her up again. Her limbs still in his strong grips.

“Stop it Vinod…. aaahhhhhh” mom said jerking her hips upwards from his laps, falling back on his rock hard cock.

“Sssshhhh…… Just enjoy mam …….” uncle said as he kissed her earlobe.

“Vinod….. pleaaaaaseeeeeeeee …… aaahhhh …… aaaaahhhhhh …… aaa ” mom stopped struggling as she was unable to move. Uncle started his assault again. Mom was on the verge of another orgasm. Uncle stopped for a second and took her right hand with his, “Let’s do it together….mam”. Uncle entangled his fingers with hers and pushed her salwar and panties in between her pussy lips. Mom started to roll her hips in small circles on his cock. His left hand was holding her left wrist; he put it on her boobs and started massaging. Mom’s bangles started making sweet sound as she started moving her hand violently on her pussy.

“Aaaaaaaaaiiiiii ……… aaaahhhhhhhhh….. Vinooooooood ……. I’m cumming… Cumming… Cumming…..” she left her pussy and started kneading her boobs with both hands. Uncle continued his work on her delicate genitals. Her juices were overflowing now. “Please stop…. Vinod… please…. aahhhh”

Uncle left her pussy and kissed her lips as she came down.

“Want more, Shilpa…..?” uncle asked mom reaching for her pussy again with his hand.

“Urrghhhh…..” mom groaned and covered her pussy with both her hands.

“Come on, Shilpi… last one….” he covered her hands with his.

“I said no… It’s hurting now… it’s oversensitive….” mom was requesting him.

“Round three…… mam…” uncle said, briskly moving her hands away from her pussy and securing them in his left. Mom started jerking violently as he touched her sensitive mound. He tried to pull her lips through the panties and thin material of salwar. Mom shuddered at his touch. Then he squashed her lips hard and mom cried out loud. Her toes curled and eyes shut. He did it again and now mom was shaking and she was in tears now.

“aaaaaaaiiiiiiii …….. uuuuhhhhhh….. Vinod stop it…..” Mom begged him this time. He started massaging again and within seconds mom was in convulsions. He left her this time as he realised her situation.

She fell on the floor as he left her unlocking her legs. She quivered on the floor and folded her legs, pressing against her stomach. After five minutes, she opened her eyes, looked at uncle and said, “You almost killed me… Vinod ji. Thank you.” Uncle positioned himself on top of her and locked lips with her. Mom broke the kiss and told him that he was ruthless on her.

“Oh …. I’m so sorry Shilpa… but I just couldn’t control. I dreamt of touching you from the day I saw you.”

“All men are same…. ” said mom.

“But only few are lucky… like me” uncle said smiling at mom.

“Jara dekhne to de janeman, itna juice kaha se nikla…? (let me have a look, darling, from where are you leaking so much)” uncle said pulling her salwar down.

“Nahi Vinod ji, abhi nahi… please (not now Vinod ji)” mom reached down to stop him, “Ajit will be coming anytime.”

“Come on, Phir main chala jaunga Shilpa, promise. (Then I’ll leave, Shilpa) ” uncle pleaded and pulled her kameez up. He tried to release the knot of her salwar but failed.

“kabhi aurat ke kapde nahi utare kya…?(Haven’t you ever undressed a woman?)” mom asked smiling and released the knot herself. Uncle pulled her salwar down and left it around her knees. Mom covered her face with her hands and giggled.

“aaahh…… beauty” he said as he looked at her beautiful, toned thighs. He tangled his fingers in waistband of her panties and pulled down in a swift motion. Mom gasped and looked away. Uncle was having a look at her hair covered cunt. His cock was aching now. He realised her lips were red from the assault his fingers had inflicted on her delicate pussy lips.

“Oh my god…. see what I’ve done to you…” he exclaimed, seeping some juices from her pussy and licking them. Mom lifted herself on her elbows and looked at her red pussy lips and said naughtily, “look at her Vinod… She’s crying now… say sorry to her.”

Uncle took the hint and lowered his head to lick some juices. Mom cried out as he started licking her vertical lips with his tongue. He pulled her pussy hair with a jerk, saying “I don’t like these… darling… “, giving another pull, harder this time. Mom screamed and pushed his head away and stood up catching her salwar to prevent it from falling. She went into the bathroom and uncle followed her. I realised I had no camera installed in the bathroom and I didn’t want to leave mom with him in this situation. Actually, I didn’t want to miss any action. I closed all the connections and left uncle’s flat. I came downstairs and knocked the door. After two to three minutes uncle opened the door. I entered and asked him how was the day, putting my bag on the couch. He was not happy to see me.

“Seems it was a busy and tiring day, uncle…?” I picked up mom’s dupatta from the floor while saying that.

“Ok Ajit, I’m leaving…. bye” he left without looking at me. Mom was still in the bathroom. For all the evening, mom was hiding her face from me.

Three days passed, uncle didn’t show up. I was sitting in my room when I heard a knock on the door. Mom was in the hall, busy with her students, giving them music lessons. She was wearing pink coloured saree with matching blouse. She opened the door and chatted with someone outside and closed the door. She started with her music again but was not concentrating. After five minutes I heard a knock on the door again. Mom opened the door and uncle came in. He sat on the couch and told mom to continue. Her students were children from our society. And it was birthday of one of them on that day. Mom had decided to celebrate the birthday and they had arranged for the cake. Mom called me. After cutting the cake, mom fed all the students and reached uncle to feed the cake, but realising my presence, she just handed him a piece. They decided to play something, uncle suggested hide and seek.

“Sorry mom, but I have work to finish… you continue…and please don’t disturb me…” I left for my room as I didn’t want to disturb uncle and mom. I started computer and cameras were at work again.

After some time it was uncle’s turn to find them. They had switched off the lights. Mom was hiding in the kitchen, under the dining table. Uncle reached there and pulled her out grabbing her ankle. He locked the kitchen door from inside and switched on the light.

“Not now Vinod… Please try to understand… Ajit is….” mom said while standing up.

“Just one kiss… Shilpa… please….” uncle pulled her close and planted a kiss on her forehead. Mom stood on her toes and pulled uncle’s head down, kissing him on his lips, passionately. Uncle grabbed her ass from behind and pulled her towards kitchen counter. Pressing her against the counter, he pulled the pallu of her saree aside and kissed her on the cleavage. Putting her on the counter, he pressed her boobs together from sides. Mom inhaled as much air as she could, which made her chest more prominent. Uncle increased pressure and looked at her.

“aaahhhhhh ……bas karo Vinod… nahi niklega doodh…”

“Oh really…? Let me try again…” uncle said pressing even harder. He licked her boobs and left her. He kneeled down and spread her legs. He lifted her saree and gathered it around her knees. Then he lifted her leg catching her anklet and kissed her toe, giving her goose-bumps. Mom shivered as uncle continued kissing her leg.

They were startled by a knock on the door. Uncle reached at her knees and pulled her down to stand up and turned her around. He pushed her suddenly; she supported herself putting her elbows on the counter. Uncle pulled her saree all the way up to her waist and took hold of her panties.

“Vinod, what are you doing…. leave me….” mom tried to stop him. She tried to push his hand away but uncle pulled her panties down to her ankles.

“That’s my trophy….” uncle said and looked at mom, she stepped out. Uncle took her panties in his hand and sniffed it looking at her. Then he folded it neatly and put it in his pocket. Mom checked her clothes and opened the door. Mom asked all the students to leave. Uncle too left after kissing her.

Days after, one evening, mom was getting ready for dandiya night. She wore a red coloured chiffon saree and sleeveless blouse. She was looking beautiful and hot. She applied red lipstick and added some jewellery. Her hands were looking beautiful with mehendi and bangles. She emptied almost half bottle of scent on her body. She was looking like a newlywed bride. Then she took her phone and dialled a number. She waited for a few seconds and then threw the phone on the bed. I heard the main door open and uncle came in. I wondered how he had the keys. He entered mom’s room directly. He looked at her and adjusted the bulge in his pants. Mom had noticed it before him. He stood there with his mouth open. Mom checked herself in the mirror again. Uncle walked towards her and touched her upper back.

“Aaj to suhagrat manake rahenge…. kya kehti ho jaan… (Today we will celebrate first night) ” uncle said kissing her on her back.

“I’m getting late… Vinod. Let’s go. Aur waise bhi aaj Ajit gharpe hai… so…no plans… ok? (Ajit is home tonight… so… no plans)” Mom said leaving her room. They left in our car. Mom was driving.

I waited for the night. I was standing in the balcony when I saw the car coming back at around midnight. Uncle was in the driver’s seat. Mom walked towards stairs. Uncle locked the car and followed mom. They reached third floor and mom opened the door.

“Good night, Vinod…” mom waited for him to leave. Uncle went upstairs. Mom came in closing the door behind her. She entered her room and switched off the lights. Nothing happened for 20 minutes. It was disappointing for me. I came out of my room and peeked in mom’s room. She was asleep. She had not changed her clothes. I thought for a while and took mom’s phone and dialled uncle’s number. I was speechless as it showed uncle’s name as ‘luv’. I gave a missed call and went in my room. I switched off the lights and waited.

I heard the main door open within minutes. Uncle closed the door and peeked inside my room. He closed the door from outside and locked it. I came out in the balcony, common to mom’s room and started looking in mom’s room through the small window.

Uncle entered mom’s room and locked the door from inside. He switched the night lamp on. He sat beside her on the bed after setting his video cam on a table.

“I knew Shilpa…. You wanted this to happen tonight… I knew it….. The way you kissed me in the car…. the way you were trying to seduce me…. the way you looked at me while dancing…. I knew it…. the way you removed your panties and handed it to me when we left…. what a slut you are, Shilpi … I love you and I’m not going to disappoint you…” he was talking, his fingers playing with her hair. Then he started playing with her bellybutton. I knew that would wake her up and it did. Mom suddenly woke up and pushed uncle, she jumped out of the bed. Uncle caught her and covered her mouth before she yelled.

“Vinod….? What are you doing here…..? I told you… Ajit is home.” Mom said as uncle made her sit on the bed. He smiled, thinking she was acting.

“Shut up baby… you can’t play this game with me.” uncle kissed her on her hand.

“But Ajit …..”Mom couldn’t continue as uncle put his finger on her lips.

“Ajit is asleep and I’ve locked his door, Shilpa. Aur waise bhi aaj suhagrat hai hamari… ghar ke log disturb nahi karenge….” he laughed playing with her pallu. Mom was convinced and ready to enjoy her second Suhagrat.

“Vinod… ji…. to phir ho jaane do…” mom said. Uncle sat next to her and waited.

“Wait a minute….” said mom and opened the door. I thought she wanted to check me. Uncle asked her if she was going to check my room. She said no and went in the kitchen.

Uncle waited, sitting in a chair. Mom came in after ten minutes with milk filled glass and a burning candle in her hand. She wanted it perfect. She put it on the stool near the night lamp. Then she sat on the bed and covered her head with the pallu like a traditional Indian newlywed bride does at first night. Uncle took the hint and sat in front of her. He slowly lifted her pallu and looked at her. Mom looked at him and handed him the milk. Uncle took a sip and then offered mom. Mom took one and they repeated it twice. A drop of milk was hanging from mom’s lower lip, uncle kissed it. Then he took another sip and pulled mom closer. Mom opened her mouth taking the hint and drank the milk from his mouth. Uncle then dipped his fingers in the remaining milk and mom sucked it from his fingers. A modest woman a few weeks before, was now turned into a slut.

Uncle laid mom on the bed and asked her to close her eyes while he unbuttoned his shirt. Now he was wearing only his denim jeans. Mom was still in her evening attire. He pulled the pallu of her saree and left it aside. Her boobs were in front of him now, confined in bra and blouse. Uncle bent on her and kissed her boobs through the blouse.

He unhooked her blouse and pulled it off her chest, mom helped him remove it completely. He was looking at her black lace bra. He wasn’t pressing her boobs yet. Uncle kissed her stomach and bellybutton. Her body was shaking by now. He untucked her saree from her waist with a jerk.

“Vinod…..” mom exclaimed. Uncle continued pulling her saree. She lifted her ass to help him undrape.

“Wifey hates saree….” He removed her saree and threw it on the floor. Now she was in black petticoat and bra.

“yes hubby…..” mom responded. I was speechless. Uncle reached the foot end of bed and sucked mom’s toes. She curled her toes as he reached each toe. Then he unhooked her anklets and threw them on the floor. Mom was turned on so much that she would allow him anything. Uncle came up again and tried to untie her petticoat. Mom loosened it a bit to help uncle. He threw it on the floor with the saree. She was naked underneath as her pantie was already with uncle.

“Wow… you’ve cleaned it…. for your hubby…. ” uncle said with lustful eyes. She had cleaned her bush for uncle. I was looking her pussy for the first time. Her beautiful, creamy pussy gave me a hard on.

“She is going to get some damage tonight…” uncle said caressing her pussy lightly. I knew his intentions.

“Oh… what are you going to do to her…. Vinod?” mom asked him playfully, unaware of his sex drive.

“I’m going to teach her some lesson…. for teasing me all these days…”uncle said with some anger.

“Look she is already crying….” mom hinted she was wet with her juices.

“She is going to cry like that for all the night….” uncle said collecting some nectar from her cunt on his finger. He shoved his finger in her mouth, mom sucked on it reluctantly. Uncle climbed on the bed and positioned himself on her stomach with his knees on both sides of her body. He massaged her boobs through the bra for five minutes and when she was lost in the pleasure, yanked her bra off her boobs suddenly. Mom looked at him surprisingly, she was breathing heavily now. Her boobs were firm with brown nipples, standing erect. Uncle left them and removed her remaining jewellery. Mom was now completely naked in front of this animal, except her bangles and mangalsutra.

“I want to see my gift….. Vinod….” mom looked at his bulge and said.

“Are you sure…. Shilpa?” uncle teased him. He pulled her to sit on the edge of the bed and stood in front of her. Mom unbuckled his belt as fast as she can and stopped before she unbuttoned his jeans.

“Let me guess…….. ummm 6 inches…. right hubby?” mom said touching uncle’s bulge for the first time. She rubbed his cock through his pants. He unbuttoned it and pulled mom’s face close to his bulge before unzipping.

“I can’t wait,Shilpa…” uncle said in desperation. Mom pulled the zip down and in one swift motion pulled uncle’s jeans to his knees.

“Oh my god…. Vinod…. I can’t…… I mean…. What is this…?” mom was shocked to see his monster. “Vinod… that’s too big… ” . Uncle asked her to shut up. I could see fear in her eyes now.

“Get him ready, Shilpa…. for your pussy…. she is crying…” uncle said naughtily, pulling mom’s face close to it.

“What are you doing, Vinod? I have never done this….. I won’t take it in my mouth…” mom pushed him away.

“Come on shilpa…. there is always a first time…. ” uncle tried to convince her.

“No Vinod… I’m sorry… I can’t do that…” mom resisted. Now uncle couldn’t wait. He gathered her silky hair in one hand and pulled them back; mom arched her back and looked at him, shocked.

“Listen Shilpa…. I don’t want to hurt you… and I’m doing this because you only started this…. you’ve been playing this game with me for weeks…” uncle pressed his cock on her lips; mom opened her mouth with watery eyes. She caught his cockhead between her lips and looked at him. She was trying to please him now as he was angry. She wrapped her fingers around it and was amazed to notice that its girth was more than the length of her fingers. It was almost the same size as her wrist. She pulled the foreskin back with other hand. Now she was holding his cock with her fists and started licking its head. Then she tried to take it in her mouth. She could take only half its length inside. Uncle held her head and pushed more. Her jaw started aching. His monster was still growing, almost 8 and half inches now. Mom was trembling now as she realised she was in trouble now. Mom’s beautiful, manicured hand, long fingers with her diamond ring were contrasting with his black monster. Then he himself laid on the bed and pulled mom with him. He was handling her like a toy.

“Come on, my fuck doll…” he said as he pulled her, the animal in him was coming out, watching my beautiful mom, naked for the first time. He positioned her in 69 position and mom started sucking his cock again. Uncle gave her cunt lips a sharp lick. Mom shuddered at his first lick and started trembling as uncle started licking her pussy, slurping her lips. She couldn’t concentrate on his cock, uncle lifted his hips and pushed her head down, entering her mouth. He pushed his tongue in her cunt lips, spreading them with his fingers. Mom was shaking heavily now. I couldn’t see clearly but the way she was struggling on his rod, she was reaching her orgasm, first one of the night.

“Aaaahhhhh….. Vinod….. Please….” mom said while giving uncle quick licks. Her lipstick had turned his cock light red. Uncle must have touched her clit. He was moving his tongue rapidly now. Mom pulled his foreskin back and pushed her tongue on his pee-hole. Uncle responded by pushing his tongue deep in her cunt.

“Your cunt tastes great Shilpa…. and it’s so tight…… I can lick it whole night….” uncle teased mom.

“And your…. ummm…. your shaft is a monster Vinod….” mom said holding his cock in both her hands while 3 inches of it still stood out of mom’s grips.

“Yes mam… you can call him cock…. dick…. or lund…..” uncle said pushing her head down again.

“Yes ….. Your……..cock…. ” mom couldn’t continue as uncle thrust his cock again, he was turned on completely by the dirty talk from a modest, beautiful, happily married housewife, with her son sleeping in next room. He pulled her cunt lips apart, and sucked on her clit.

“Your clit is like a small dick, shilpa…. how come it’s so big…..”Uncle asked sucking continuing his assault on her clit.

“Vikram…… urrrgghhhh….. Used to……. pull it….. Aaahhhh…..With his teeth…always…. he worked on my…. clit…. aaahhhh ….for years…” mom told uncle how my dad, Vikram, was addicted to her clit. Uncle did the same to her clit and mom almost jolted with the pleasure. Uncle put his hands on her hips and told her to keep quiet, he started fluttering his tongue on her clit, mom convulsed as she reached her orgasm, and uncle continued his assault through the orgasm to another one.

“Oh my god…… Vinod…… aaaahhhhhh….. Oh my god….. Oh my…. Vinod….. Please stop…. please… Vinod….. aaahhhh” she was yelling like anything. Uncle stopped after giving her clit enough attention. Mom calmed down but was still jerking her body, every 3-4 seconds, lying on bed. Uncle was looking at her and smiling sadistically as he massaged his cock, sitting next to her.

“Are you ready for more, Shilpa….?” uncle asked mom standing up on the floor.

“Vinod…. you are too big… I can’t take it…..” mom was afraid of his size.

“Asli chudai to abhi baki hai Shilpa…. you will love it…. ” Uncle positioned her on her back. “You won’t forget this night, Shilpa…. I’m going to make it special for you….. Just enjoy the fuck of your life…..” uncle continued, he positioned himself to sit between her legs, spreading them wide.

“Shilpa ki Chudai…. ha ha ha ha….. Just enjoy mam……” uncle pushed one finger in her cunt as he said that. Mom opened her mouth and looked away from him.

“Why are you shying away bitch….now…. after doing all this…..” uncle added another finger, in and out, he continued, “you seduced me…. removed your panties and gave to me… you danced all the evening like that… seducing me…. why are you shy to do this now…. Shilpa…..” he added third finger, “you are a tight cunt…. bitch… a virgin…. how come it’s so stretched…. look it’s gripping my fingers like a rubber band….”

“Kegel exercise…. Vinod… aaaaahhhhh…. … It’s called Kegel exercise…. I do it as a part of yoga…aaaahhhhh” mom said enjoying the finger fuck. Uncle increased the pace now, “Your Kegel exercise will be rewarded now, Shilpa dear….. You are going to thank yourself….” mom was close to another orgasm but uncle stopped suddenly. He licked his fingers dry and slapped mom’s cuntlips lightly making her gasp.

“Please don’t hurt me Vinod ji…” mom was trembling.

“Now shut up….. You cunt” uncle was angry, but he was controlling his emotion, as he didn’t want to miss this chance, to fuck the shit out of his dream girl.

Uncle took his cock in his hand, sipped some nectar from mom’s cunt and smeared it on his cockhead. He angled his cock and touched the inside of her thighs, rubbing his cock while moving upwards so slowly. He was teasing her now. Mom moved her head sideways. He wanted her to ask for it.

“Vinod…. please…..” mom cried out and reached for his cock, uncle threw her hand away.

“Yes Shilpa…. tell me….” uncle rubbed his cock on her other thigh, so close to her pussy, never touching it.

“Vinod….. Please….. Don’t…. tease me….” mom was shivering now. Uncle continued teasing. He caught her nipples in his fingers and pinched hard. Mom lifted her head, looked at her nipples with watery eyes, standing erect, uncle’s cock on her thigh, her legs spread wide, and at last at uncle.

“Say it Shilpa…. come on….” uncle held her boobs in his hands with the erect nipples. He pressed the boobs together and licked both the nipples, and then caught one in his teeth, looking at her. Tears started flowing from the corners of her eyes. She wanted it, but was shy to say it. Uncle increased pressure with his teeth and crushed other breast with his hand. Mom was totally sexed up; she was turned into a nymph now. Uncle left her boobs and took his cock in his hand and directed it at het cunt, just touching the top of her thigh. He moved a bit up and mom clenched her teeth and squealed as he reached her cunt. He entered his cockhead in her cunt lips and moved it up and down, making it wet with mom’s juices.

“Ohhhhh……… god….. Vinod…..” mom exclaimed as uncle’s purple head touched her clit, she tried to close her legs, uncle moved them away again.

Finally mom gave up, she lost all her inhibitions and yelled at uncle, pulling uncle’s hip closer,

“Take me, Vinod….. Fuck me….. Please…. fuck me now….. Fuck me with your monster….you bastard….. Stop teasing…. ab chodo mujhe…… apne lund se… Fuck me… please…. ” mom was yelling, while uncle smiled and enjoyed the moment.

“Beg …” uncle said in a stern voice.

“I beg you… to fuck me…..I’m a slut…. fuck me like a slut…. rip me apart…… please…. I can’t wait now…..I’m yours…..” mom was in her own world now.

“Ok bitch…. I will fuck you….. But you must promise me something before that…..” uncle said without any expression on his face, mom agreed with her eyes.

“From now on….. I will fuck you…. whenever I want to…. wherever I want to….. No matter what….” uncle kept teasing her cunt with his cock to keep her on the edge.

“I promise….. Vinod… you can take me anywhere…. anytime….. Now just fuck me…..” mom continued begging.

“And one more thing…. Shilpa, you won’t be wearing panties from now on…..ever….” saying that he turned towards his video cam and smiled.

“Now spread your cunt lips with your fingers…. bitch…” uncle said pushing his cock a bit.

Mom’s face was covered in sweat now. Uncle moved the hair strands aside from her face and lifted her head, pulling it close to his and said,

“Now I want you to look at me….. While I drill you…..” he gathered her hair in a fist, “Don’t look away…. Don’t blink…. GOT IT…?” he was doing things roughly now. Mom nodded and he pushed his cock an inch and mom yelled “Vinod…. please don’t hurt me…..” uncle continued pushing slowly. After 4 inches of his cock was in, mom left her cunt lips and pushed him away. Uncle left her, picked mom’s blouse from the floor and tied both her hands behind her, positioned himself on her again.

“Look at me…. you whore….” he pulled her face close again looking in her eyes. Mom was under his control now, she couldn’t move. He started pushing again, mom was squirming under him, he pushed five inches, still three inches out, her cunt lips hugging his cock in a vice like grip. He started pulling back slowly. Mom closed her eyes in pleasure and uncle slapped her left breast hard catching her off guard, “look… (Slap)……. at… (Slap)…… me… (Slap)……” slapping her again and again. Tears started flowing out of her eyes. She continued looking at him with wet eyes. Uncle pushed again, ever so slowly, looking at her. Their eyes were full of lust. Uncle suddenly pushed two inches, “aaaaaahhhh……. Vinod….. ” mom whispered. Uncle licked her boob where he had slapped her, mom quivered under him. He looked at her like an animal and pushed his cock 6 inches in with moderate pace, “Oh my god…. it’s so big….. Vinod…..” he pushed another inch and mom widened her eyes, “stop….. You’re touching my cervix……” uncle pulled back and stopped with only his head inside, “one……..two…….three…….” he counted and rammed his cock in mom’s cunt at three, slamming her head on the headboard. Mom twisted and cried out loud. He pulled back.

“One….. Two….. Three….. ” plunging hard at three again, mom’s head banged hard again. She couldn’t move with all her hands tied under her. Uncle was crushing her pubis and her hands underneath with his weight. But mom was enjoying this assault, it was pain mixed with pleasure.

“Count for me, darling……” uncle told her.

“One…… two….. Thr…… urrghhhhhhhh” mom couldn’t complete her count as he slammed at three with brutal force. “Again….” he ordered.

“One….. Two… three…..” uncle stopped just for a second after three and crushed her cervix again. “Mmmmmaaaaaaaaa ……. god …….. Please…….. Vinod…..”

“One…… two…… three…..” mom counted again and looked at him with fearful eyes, anticipating his assault, but he didn’t push this time.

“Fuck me…..bastard” mom said in frustration. Uncle put her head down and grabbed her hips in his hands and said “shut up bitch…..keep counting….”

“One….. Two….. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh ……… uuuuiiiiiiiiimaaaaaaa ……. fuck me….. aaahhhhh” uncle started thrusting hard at two and kept ramming her hard.

“aahhh….. aahhh….. Yes….. Yes… yes….. Fuck…. yes…. ohhhhh…. fuck…… Vinod …….” mom was writhing on the bed while uncle continued his assault; his cock was glistening with her juices.

“aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ……. my god…….. I’m cummmiing …… I’m cummingggg …… aahhhhh” and mom came hard, uncle kept ramming her hard, she rolled her eyes up, he didn’t stop. He pinched her nipples hard while thrusting in and out. She was leaking on his ram-rod.

“Cum for me Shilpa……cum on your new hubby’s cock……. ” He held her boobs as levers and pushed his himself hard, crushing her delicate cunt lips between their pubic bones. Mom was shivering and breathing hard. She opened her mouth to say something; uncle increased the pressure on her boobs, kneading them.

“Stop….. It….. Vinod….. aaahhhh ….. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh” she was shaking her head and crying.

“Stop yelling …… you cunt……..I’m not going to stop……. until your pussy is sore…..until your clit is bruised…. until your boobs are tender……” uncle was ramming her real hard between sentences.

“chudai to abhi start hui hai Shilpa…… aaj suhagrat hai…… chodna kya hota hai, main tujhe sikhaunga…… fir kisi aur se nahi chudwayegi…..” he was using dirty language on mom.

“Bas karo Vinod…aaaahhhhhhh.. Mar jaungi main…urrrrrghhh…… kitna chodoge ek raat main…mmmmaaaaaaaa… please…… mar daloge kya ek hi raat main chodkar…. aaaahhhh” uncle increased his pace and fucked her with short and rapid strokes. He was grabbing her hips now and pulling her on his cock while pushing himself.

“uuiiii iiimmm mmmmaaaaaaaaa ………….. Vinod…… aahh….aahh…..aaahhh…..aaaaahhhhh…….. I’m cummmmming …… cummmmmmmmmming ……..cummmmmiiiing ” mom was literally crying now while orgasms made her jerk in the bed, one after another. Uncle slowed down a bit to listen mom.

“Vinod bas karo ab….. It’s already sore…. it’s hurting now….” mom begged him to stop now. But he had other plans.

“Ok Shilpa mam…. but I’m yet to cum….. you don’t care about me right….? In that case…… I must teach you a lesson….. saali ye chudai to tu kabhi nahi bhulegi…..” uncle said spreading her pussy with his fingers, took her clit in his fingers and gave it quick licks. Mom realised, he had not touched her clit while fucking her to four powerful orgasms. She clutched the bed sheet under her and closed her eyes and gasped as he gave her clit a flick with his finger, mom jumped on the bed. She was ready again, for another round of assault. She was taking it like a pro. Uncle untied her hands and massaged them for a while. He sucked her clit again and mom pushed his head down on her genitals, shaking her body. She was a turned into a slut now.

Mom looked around and stopped uncle pulling his hair. Uncle looked at her with questioning eyes. Then she reached near the night lamp and picked up the burning candle, handing it to uncle, with eyes full of lust, desire. Uncle sensed her move and took the candle in his hand; mom lied back on the bed looking away from him. Uncle took her blouse and tied it on her eyes this time. Mom was blind folded now. This night was turning out to be an epic night for; three of us, as I already had came twice in my pants.

Vinod uncle played with my beautiful mom’s most private parts for two minutes and then squeezed her nipple good. Mom didn’t know where he was going to use the wax. Uncle tilted the candle suddenly on her bellybutton.

“Haaaaaiiiiiiii……..mar gayi……… maiyyyyyyaaaaaaa …… urghhhhh ….. Godddd” mom wailed, pulling the bed sheet.

“Are you trying to wake up Ajit…….Shilpa…..? This is your idea…. don’t yell bitch….?” uncle said leaving her nipple.

“Sorry…… Vinod….. I’m fine…..”Mom prepared herself. Uncle tilted the candle this time on her erect nipple.

“Shit…….fuck…….” mom cursed herself.

“Ha ha ha ha…. what a crazy slut you are, Shilpa….” uncle pulled her clit between his fingers this time and held the candle tilted on it.

“Aaaahhhhhhhh…… Vinod……. stop it….. Aaahhhh….. I’ll die now….. Stop it….. Please…” mom was yelling while uncle put another 4 to 5 drops of was on the length of her big clit. Mom threw herself on the bed, rolling and twisting. Uncle blew the candle and put it down on the bed. He pulled mom on her back again and pinned her hands above her head, undid her blindfold and massaged her clit hard, taking off the dried wax on it. He positioned his cock at her snatch again and pushed it home in one swift motion.

“Urghhhhhh…… not again…… Vinod” mom cried as uncle drove hard. He pulled her clit and leaned on her crushing the clit between their bodies now. Every time he thrust, mom shivered as her clit was being hammered now.

“Aaahhhhhhh ……… aaaaahhhhhhhhh …….. harder….. Harder….. pull my clit…… pluck it off……. ram your cock in my cunt…….. Yes……… yesssss…..yes……. ” mom shrieked as uncle slithered in and out like a piston.

“Cummmmmming …… cummmmmming …….. Cummmmmming ……”mom was in heaven now. Uncle too was close to his orgasm now.

“Are you ready for the seeds mam……..? How about a brother for Ajit….ha ha ha ha……” uncle kept slamming her.

“No …. No….. Vinod… I said no…. you can’t cum inside me….. No…. Vinod please….. ” mom said while uncle was fucking the shit out of her.

“Chup….. Shilpa…. chup….. Or I’ll slap you hard……” mom cried as he continued.

Uncle was fucking my beautiful, married and modest mom with sheer pace now, with her hands pinned above her head, she couldn’t move.

“Please stop Vinod….. I’m sore now…. have mercy on me…… I’m not a prostitute…. I can’t….. Aaaaahhhhhhhh …… ahhhhhhhh …… aaaaa.. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh ……… aaaaahhhhhhhh” uncle crushed her clit and pushed his monster to its hilt…. he was close now…

“See you soon…… darling” uncle said as he grabbed her throat and chocked her while giving her some brutal pounding. Mom rolled her eyes up and pulled his hands away but she went limp within seconds, uncle was flexing his hips while moving inside her. Mom wasn’t responding now, she was knocked out by uncle.

“Oh fuck…… Shilpa…. I’m cumming….. Take my baby seeds, my love….. Urghhhhh …….yes….” uncle came inside my mom. He stayed inside her, to the hilt, till he finished spilling his semen at the mouth of mom’s baby sac. He pulled out after 40 seconds and pushed his cock in mom’s mouth milking his cock on her lips.

After 10 minutes mom regained her senses. She looked at uncle and said, “Thank you Mr.Vinod, for making my suhagrat special. That was great.” They kissed for 10 minutes and slept hugging each other. I came back in my room. It was 4:30am. They had fucked for four hours. I cleaned myself and went in mom’s room, to have a close look. Her pussy was red and leaking uncle’s seeds. I left the room and went to sleep.

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Sex in the Car

I was waiting for my boyfriend at my home because we had planned for a long drive before I go to Italy for a business trip and he was to go Delhi for a job interview. There was time of one week in our hands to proceed on our jobs but we had to prepare a lot for our job and we both were not sure whether we would get another chance of meeting, so we made an immediate program of meeting (Readers knows it very well that not only for meeting but much more than a meeting)

It was rainy season and shower clouds were traveling all over the sky with start and stop of rain. I saw time on my wrist watch. It was 3.30 pm. He was to come at around 4.30 pm, still about one hour’s time, but I was feeling restless. I was ready to proceed with my favorite dress of jeans and top on my sexy body. I looked myself in a full size mirror. The god have gifted me a beautiful shaped body with sharp up and down at required places which make a female body beautiful and very sexy. I would like to mention that I am not only owner of a beautiful sexy body with dream figures of 34 – 26 – 36, but my beautiful oval shaped face with dark black hairs and blue eyes made me more beautiful.

I have noticed that people, either male or female, used to watch me for a long time whenever I go out. I know that my hips move in a very sexy way when I walk and my well-shaped boobs (generally in tight cloths) make every man mad. I like to wear good dresses all the time which suits on me and makes me more beautiful and sexier. I smile under my lips when males watch me with a lot of sex in their eyes and females watch me with a jealous feeling in her eyes. I always thank god for giving me such an extra ordinary beauty and I always take a lot of care of my beauty and figure by doing regular yoga and exercise. Many peoples in my family, relatives and friend circle feels that I can become an actress but I am not interested. I should not mention more about my beauty and come to the point.

I was waiting for him and still there is one more hour I had to kill. I went to roof top of my house to kill the time. We have a covered portion on the roof with sitting arrangements under it. I sat on one of the chair and looked around. Our house is the tallest house in that area and we can see up to far from our roof. Other houses are mostly single storied. I was there so that I can see my boyfriend’s car coming from a distance. I was looking around and suddenly my eyes fixed on my neighboring house from top. It is a doctor’s house with a clinic in outer room. The doctor is single after death of her wife and her two sons were studying in U.S. His age that time was around 45. He used to sit up to 2- O’clock in the day in his clinic and have appointed a beautiful young lady at his home for day time to prepare food for him and to look after maintenance of his house and clinic.

I was sure since a long time that she is not only a house servant but she must be having sexual relationship with the single and wifeless doctor. I could see both of them in an inner room with doors open. The Doctor was sitting on a chair and the lady was doing some cleaning job in the room. Doctor said something to the lady and she left her job in hands. She moved towards ward rob and I could see that she has taken some cloths out in her hands. She went to the attached bathroom and returned after some time. She was wearing a beautiful pair of pink bra and panty only and shown it to him turning her body. That must be a gift from him to her and he must have asked her to show it wearing on her body. He was looking at her. She was a beautiful lady with slightly heavy boobs and big ass. She was looking sexy in pair of undergarments. They were talking something and she moved towards him and their lips were locked in a deep kiss. I was enjoying seeing them in love and I thought this is a good time pass for me to wait for my boyfriend. They were separated and she started her cleaning work again. For a moment, I thought that it is over but it was not over.

The light rain has started again. I saw, he was watching her doing cleaning work in the room and they were talking to each other’s. Once, when she passed near to him, he pumped his big boob hard with his hand. She laughed and moved away. Next time, he did something between her legs with his fingers when she was on move and she jumped in air. He must have stroked his finger hard on his pussy or ass hole. She again laughed and looked at him. She moved up to the chair on which he was sitting and I saw that he hugged her hard while he was sitting and she was standing. She was moving her fingers in to his hairs. His face was on her big boobs and he was rubbing his face hard on her boobs. His hands were behind her moving on to her back and on her big ass. He moved her bra straps through her shoulders without opening hook. She moved her hands out of her bra straps and he pulled her bra down. Now, her bra was meeting with her panty and her uncovered big boobs were before his eyes. Her boobs were heavy and pointing down. He rubbed his face again on her naked, big and loose boobs and took one of her nipple in his mouth.

I have started to feel hot by seeing this. There was some sexy feelings started to grow in to my pussy automatically which cannot be described in words. He was sucking her big boob’s nipple hard one by one like a hungry man. She too must be feeling hot by his action because she was moving her head forward and backward with his actions on her big boobs. I was enjoying their love and readers are aware that I am a very sexy girl by nature and what I was seeing was enough to light my sex feelings. My panty under my jeans went wet and I was moving my fingers over the jeans where my pussy was hiding.

The position of love making doctor and his female servant was on such an angle that I was not able to watch the face of that woman. Doctor was sitting on the chair facing the door and I could see his face and her ass back. Now, the lady sat on the floor and doctor has opened zip of his pant. She moved her hand in open portion of his pant zip and recovered his tool. From the distance, I could notice that it must be a very long dick covered with a lot of black hairs around. She was moving his dick hairs backwards to have a clear look of his hot rod for her next action. She kissed it and started to stroke it mildly down and up. He was sitting on chair with his head on back of the chair enjoying female hand treatment to his cock. His eyes must be closed which I could not see. After some time, while stroking his cock, she took head of the cock in her mouth and sucked it for quite a sometime. Then she started stroking hard with cock head in her mouth. I understood that the doctor will be satisfied with her hand and mouth treatment on his cock. I too opened zip of my jeans and inserted my middle finger from corner of my panty near pussy with legs away from each others.

I have started with hard rubbing of my clit to reach an early orgasm. There, speed of stroking and sucking is increasing and here, speed of my clicking the clit/G spot is also increasing. I saw clearly that he had lifted his back from the chair and hold her head tight on his dick. He must have thrown his cum in to her mouth which she was swallowing. I was also near finishing and started final few hard strokes between my pussy lips on clit/ G spot to finish the act fast. My panty gone wet again and I have finished a good hand job to my own pussy and finished with a bang. My eyes went closed in pleasure of self-satisfaction and when I have opened my eyes, I saw that she was cleaning his cock area with a cloth and also cleaning her own neck and big heavy boobs where his cum must have been reached. I also saw blue Zen of my boyfriend taking turn from main road towards our house. Now the rain has stopped. I stood up and run to my room. I took another fresh panty and changed it after cleaning and drying my wet pussy with help of tissue papers.

I ran towards main door to welcome my boyfriend. As you are aware, he is a fair, handsome and tall guy with a good body built.

He was parking his car and my mom was also joined me to welcome him. We all sat in drawing room to have evening tea and snacks. Mostly, he was talking with my mom and we left at around 5.00 pm for a long drive as per pre decided program.

We were on Goa – Mumbai highway and once again, the rain have started, this time little heavier. The day went dark very early due to the heavy rain. The rain was making me sexy and I was sitting with him with my head on his shoulder. He was driving carefully in rain. There were very few cars on the road due to the evening time, out of city limit and also due to the weather.

He kissed me on my cheeks which made me hotter. I too kissed him on his cheeks. He also pumped up and pressed my boobs while driving. I was receiving what I needed. He again pressed my boobs hard and I had glued to him as much as was possible in a running car. Now my boobs were rubbing on his arms. I moved my hand and have opened upper buttons of his shirt. My fingers were moving on his hairy chest touching his nipples repeatedly. I could feel hardness of his nipples with my sexy touch on the correct place. I pinched his nipples one by one and he enjoyed my action. I saw down and noticed movement under his pant. I smiled and moved my hand down leaving his nipples. One hand of mine was around his neck for a perfect position to sit on his side rubbing my boobs on his arm. I could feel hardness of his cock by touching it above his pant. He too has adjusted his legs position a bit so that he can drive and I can play with his cock. I was rubbing his cock and wanted to take it out. I opened the zip and he too helped me to take out his cock from pant and underwear.

How wonderful his cock is. Length of his cock is more than 7.5″ with diameter of more than 3″ (we took measurement of it once when we were discussing different types of cock, that is why I know his size of cock) It is hot and like a hard stick with dark brown color and cock head skin always shows small hole on cock head when it is in erect position. I just love to watch this wonderful hot rod. I consider myself very lucky to have such a good boyfriend who is always ready to play a love and sex game all the time, anywhere, like me. His cock head skin slips down easily when I push it by holding tight. His pink cock head comes before my eyes on slipping down the covering skin. His cock head was little wet with a drop of his pre cum on the little hole.

He also touched my pussy over my jeans while driving which made me more hot and my pussy have started to releasing juices as usual. He is having a very good control on wheels with a very good driving skill and we were not worried anytime playing love and sex game while he was driving. I stroked his cock down smoothly like I saw the woman did to the doctor. His cock became more hard with my touch and I just loved it. Rain outside was increasing our sex feelings and we both were in sex act in running car. I looked in his eyes and I could not find anything other than love for me. I started stroking his hot cock up and down, up and down with my soft hand and tight grip. After some time, I moved my head down and took it in my mouth. I was moving my tongue around cock head and have tasted his pre cum fluids. My stroking to his cock was continuing with upper portion of his cock in my mouth in the running car. I am sure that no one could have noticed us playing sex game in a running car. Glasses of the car were dark and there was darkness out side too. Rain became heavier and we became more sexy.

He reduced speed of the car little bit to keep it in control in dark and rain outside and sex sparks inside the car. I was already finished one time at home and I wanted to finish him before practical pussy cock fucking. I was feeling little uncomfortable in bending myself to have his cock in my mouth in little space available for movement in this small car. He noticed this and told me to sit straight and to do the rest with hand. He again pumped my boobs and rubbed my pussy. I was already too hot and horny with cock in my hand and also with his pumping my boobs and rubbing my pussy again and again. I have increased speed of up and down stroking on his hot cock with a very tight grip of my hand. He was enjoying and I was also enjoying. I was thinking that his cum will be on the dash board or on his cloths when he reach to the climax. I know that his cock throws cum very far away with a force and too much quantity too.

I was doing my job and he took a hand towel in his hand and I understood that it is for his cum purpose. His cock was started to become more hard and cock head became more pinkish. He was near his cum fire and finishing. He was driving with one hand on wheel and his other hand with hand towel was down near his cock. He said loudly… OH! JULEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and put the hand towel on cock head. I took it immediately and wrapped it around his cock head and again took hold of cock with hand towel around it. I was stroking so that he can fire last drop of his cum. Cock was firing cum shots again and again with a dance in full force which I could feel holding his cock tight between my palm. I saw a sign of great satisfaction on his face with my hand job and I was happy that I could make him cum with my skill full hand job.

I cleaned his cock with the hand towel and he thrown the hand towel out of running car on wet road in rain by opening window slightly. Some drops of rain came inside when he opened window and we felt it very good. His cock was still in semi erect position. Not hard and not very soft too. It is always little easy to take out erect cock from zip opening through underwear hole but it is difficult to put in at place when it is erect. I have noticed it so many times. After some time, it became soft and I tried to put it back under his pant and underwear but I could not do it. He did it himself by lifting his back.

It was around 6.30 in the evening and we were about 120 kms away from our home town on the highway. Still there was heavy rain outside and also too dark.

I asked him that what his plan now in this weather is. He informed me that originally, he wanted to take me to a beautiful and new resort opened in deep jungle just ahead after 30 kms. But the weather is beautiful and he is thinking to do it in the car itself if I am agreeing. I agreed to his proposal immediately because I did not do it in a car and I wanted to have this experience. I always love to try different positions and different places in sex. I told him that how can we do it in the car on highway. He smiled and told me that if I fuck you in car on the highway, someone will fuck my car from behind in this rainy and dark weather. After a drive of 2/3 kms., he turned the car down from highway towards big trees around all over on ground. Finally, he parked his car between two big trees. Water and water was everywhere outside of the car. We were not far away from highway but it was very difficult to spot his blue car from highway between big trees in this dark and rainy weather. This was a very safe and secure place for us to have a fuck in car first time in our life.

Raining was continuing in full force and we could hear sound of big water drops on roof of the car under tree. He turned towards me and said……

“Darling!! Would you like to have some beer in this sexy weather?”

“Sure. If you have some in car.” I said.

He turned to back seat and pulled a bag from there. There were some FOSTER BEER CANS in the bag. He opened a can and given it to me. He opened another one for him.

CHEERS………………… we said to each other and have started to ship beer.

I: How will do in car. On back seat?

He: We can do it on back seat but the space is limited in this small car. I think, we can do it better on front passenger seat on which you are sitting, by pushing it back.

I: On this seat? How?

He: We will start here and will move to back seat if we face any problem. I cannot say now because I have not done it before in car.

I: It is first time for me too in car. O.K. let we try first time in a car.

We were shipping beer and whether outside was making us sexy and more sexy. Hot and more hot. We both are very sexy by our nature and we knows that how to make full use of time and situation. We were talking sexy and preparing us for a good fuck in car just near highway where we were seeing headlights of running cars but we were sure that no one can notice us. We have finished the one round of beer.

He: Should we start darling or you want some more beer before it?

I: I want some more beer but after we finish. Not now.

He asked me to push the seat back on which I was sitting to create more space in front of the seat. I pushed it back nearly touching its back on back seat. Now, there was a lot of space before front passenger seat. I was still thinking about our fucking position on this seat and was wondering that how will he fuck me on this seat. I also pushed back the back of the seat as much as was possible.

He: Darling! We should remove our lower cloths for free movement and upper cloths should be there on our body so that no one can notice us nude in car if someone sees us from highway or we can travel in car with only our upper cloths on if required in any situation.

I agreed to him with difficulty because I do not want any cloth on my body as well as on partner’s body when we have sex. But looking to the situation, I agreed.

He removed his pant and underwear and thrown them on back seat. Now he was wearing only his T shirt. I saw that his cock was under process of erection moving up wards slowly and slowly. It was also getting thicker and thicker. It was like air is going in a balloon making it long, hard and thick.

I also removed my jeans and panty and thrown the same on back seat over his cloths. Now I was in my top only and lower portion of my body was also naked like him. I touched his semi erected cock and he smiled. He also pushed driver’s seat back a little bit for free movement.

Me: Dear! I want you to suck my boobs. How will you do it when I am having my top on?

He: I too want to suck them, but look at the situation. We are not in any closed room. We are in a car near a running traffic on highway. It will be very bad if someone spots us naked in the car. We can hide our lower nudity but cannot hide your nude boobs from some one’s eyes if anybody comes near to our car without our notice. I do not like that others can even have a look of your boobs.

I: O.K.! I understood.

But he noticed something in my eyes and said….

He: We can do one thing. The fucking position in my mind will not allow me to suck your boobs when I am in you. But I want to give you maximum pleasure and also want to take maximum possible from you all the time. You open hook of your bra and also open some buttons of your top. By this, you can cover them fast if needed.

I was happy to hear this. I always enjoy and it makes me more wet, more hot and more horny when my boobs nipples are being sucked in sex.

I have un-hooked my bra and have opened last two buttons of my top by which my boobs were in a position to come out from below of my top for a good sucking.

By this time, I have noticed that his hot tool was fully in standing position ready to fuck pussy. I knew that he was going to fuck me hard for a long period because he is sexually very strong man and take much more time to finish and it will be longer fuck when he already had a masturbation satisfaction just before some time. I always love a long fucking period which gives me minimum two good and strong orgasms each time. I just love long fucking.

We were sitting in the car in the same position. I was on pushed back passenger seat and he was on pushed back driver seat. There was a lot of space to move our legs in car. I have touched again his hot rod with a lot of love and sex feelings. It was very hot and hard as always. I am very lucky that my boyfriend is having such a long, thick, hard, hot and long fucking tool.

He pulled me on him and took my lower lip under grip of his lips and has started to suck it in a very sexy way. I too started to suck his upper lip in the same manner. The fire of sex was increasing in the car with our very sexy lips locking. My hands were behind his head/neck and his hands were moving on my two sexy, hard and well shaped rounds of my ass. My pussy has started itching in it and it was becoming wet and wet.

He was pumping my round ass and also moving his fingers on my ass creek which made me more hot. He knows it very well that how to make me hot, horny, wet and sexy within a short time and once again he was doing the same. We were in deep kiss and he took my tongue in to his mouth and started to suck/lick it like an ice cream. I was moving my fingers in to his hairs back on his head and he was continuing with his sexy movements of hands / fingers on my naked ass rounds. As always, he also put part of his finger in to my ass hole and did it in and out for some time. Heat is increasing in the car between us in a rainy weather out sides. Traffic at highway was usual and nobody could notice us. Our car was between trees and we were playing the sex game in the car. It was first time full fucking in the car for both of us. Before this, you are aware that we did hand job and blow job many times in running car but this was first cock pussy fucking we were doing in car. His fully erect long and hard cock was stroking my side, just below my boobs. I took hold of it and slipped his cock head skin down and his pinkish sexy cock head was out of the cover.

We finished a long kiss and I was back on my seat with fast breathing. I took his hands in my hands and put them on my boobs above my top. He started massaging them over top. His cock was still in my grip. He changed his position on seat to reach his mouth up to my boobs.

He pulled up my top from bottom and my two sexy boobs were completely uncovered were near his face. My brown nipples went hard and he took one nipple in his mouth and other between his fingers. One he was sucking like a hungry boy and other was receiving hard rubbing and stimulating treatment of his finger. My pussy was completely wet by that time and there were sweet itch feelings have started in to my pussy for want of a hard cock fuck. I was not able to see his cock in this position but I could feel wetness of his pre cum on my fingers and his cock was going harder and harder like a iron rod. We were in our own world of sex with our full attention only on sex. He changed his position again to lick my second boob and have exchanged the boobs for sucking and rubbing. The heat was continue to generate between us in the small car and outside weather was increasing our sex need. We were still unnoticed by any one.

One of his hands moved down towards joint of my legs. There was plenty of space because we already pushed the seats back. I had widened my legs so that he can do it freely. For some time, his fingers were moving on outer portion of my hairless pussy but then he inserted his middle finger between my already wet pussy lips and he was moving his finger up and down touching my G spot/clits. I have started moaning in pleasure on his sexy act on my boobs and wet pussy. My nipple went more stiff so as his dick in grip of my hand. I wanted to be in 69 positions but it was not possible due to shortage of space. He was rubbing hard my clit between pussy lips and I was on the way of my pleasure journey towards a station of satisfaction.

He again changed my boobs for sucking and pumping with continue movement of his middle finger between my pussy lips. On feeling that I am near my finishing line, he inserted finger in to my golden pussy pleasure hole and started finger fucking. So nice…… so lovely…. so sexy…….. I was near to finish and I could not stop my ass to move up and up unknowingly to reach. He increased his speed of finger fucking and there was a sexy sound form my mouth. I was reaching….. Reaching……… reaching…….. And finally I reached. I have tightened my legs with his finger inside my pussy to enjoy my orgasm.

I told him that I want to taste his hot rod because I wanted to make him so hot before fucking act so that he finishes with me. I know that he takes longer time to cum and I always finish twice in his one go. To day I wanted him to cum inside me with my first finishing for which it was necessary to make him more hot and I wanted to take him half way by sucking his hot rod before fucking.

We have changed the seat for better position. Now he was on his back on passenger seat and I was on driver seat. His long, hot and thick tool was pointing towards roof of the car and I took lower part of his dick in my hand. Cock head skin was already down and I took his cock head straight away in my mouth. Oh my god! it was so hot. First I tasted his pre cum and started to move my tongue on it. My hand was already in slow action of up and down. I was sitting on driver seat on my knees with folded. I was in a position that my naked ass was up which invited him to move his hand on my rounds of ass. He moved his hands on my ass creek and as always inserted a part of finger inside of my tight ass hole. I was making him hot he was making me hot by moving his finger slowly in and out of my ass hole. He never liked ass fucking but he always fucks my ass with his finger for some time before pussy fucking and I enjoy it. His finger moving in and out of my ass makes me mad for fuck and he was aware of this fact. He is an expert fucker and I am very lucky to have such an expert and sexually strong boyfriend cum would be hubby.

My mild sucking to his cock converted in to hard sucking and hard strokes of up and down to his dick by hand was going on. My boobs were hanging in the air in this position and were moving forward and backward with my movement because my ass fucking with his finger was still on. After some time, when I saw and feel his movement of ass in pleasure and his cock became more strong, I understood that he is already on the half way and this is the time to start cock pussy fucking for finishing together at the same time. I moved my mouth away from his cock and he surprised that it the first time when I left his cock without cum in oral act. I told him that I want the same time and one time finishing and we should start it now.

He was in semi sitting position on passenger seat and he asked me to sit on him in the same position because of limited space available in the car. I was sitting on him with my back touching to his chest. His hard and erect cock was under my ass. I took the position by keeping my legs on both the sides of his legs. His legs were between my legs. I took support of upper door handle in one hand and my other hand was on the top of driver seat. I was ready to ride on him. I moved my ass up with supports and could feel his hot rod below my pussy. I was using this fucking position first time for fucking in semi sitting position. I had to move my ass higher to allow his long cock to reach and touch my pussy hole. He took hold of his cock and positioned it on my pussy hole. Now it was my job to take it in according to my facility. I pushed my ass little down to have part of his cock inside of my pussy. His cock head was in to my pussy in first attempt. This was a difficult position in limited space and we had to use our full skill to enjoy a good and satisfactory fuck. It was like sitting on his cock pole.

I loosen my support and came down while sitting on his dick and his tool was penetrated more in to me by rubbing inside walls of my pussy. Still, I was holding myself up on my legs with the supports of my hands on door upper handle and back top of the driver seat. I moved up little bit by which action his tool was almost out of my juicy pussy and only cock head remained inside. I told him that I am going to pushing it hard and he told me to go ahead. I left the support and pushed my ass down with a bang!! There was little pain in to my pussy to have his long, thick and strong cock in to my pussy with a bang suddenly but this resulted his full cock in to my pussy and I was sitting on his lap with his cock inside of my juicy sexy pussy. I was breathing hard. His balls I could see from my widen legs resting between his legs on the seat. His cock head was touching deep in to my pussy just under my belly. We both have adjusted our position for stroking and I have again lifted my ass a little bit to allow him to make strokes from down. He lifted his back and his cock was again gone full in to my pussy.

He pushed his back down and hot rod was out a little bit. I took my position again with support and have started to match his pushing and pulling strokes. When he was moving his ass down, I was lifting my ass and when he was moving his ass up, I was pushing my ass down. By this movement, we were making great fucking strokes and we both were enjoying this new fucking position. He also put his hands below my ass rounds and was pushing them, pumping them and rubbing them. Fucking in the car was going on just below the busy highway without noticing by any one. Two great fuckers were doing their job very skillfully to take and give full sex pleasure. Our strokes were continuing with increase of speed as per demand of time. My pussy walls from inside was feeling hard rubbing in this position and I was very happy. The hot between two of us in car was increased which resulted more hard strokes on high speed. My head was moving backward again and again in enjoyment and he was continue to pump my bum and in between he also pumped my boobs many times under my top. A sexy sound of fucking with movement of his cock in and out was making us more mad and more sexy.

We were at our best and I was riding him giving him all the pleasure of a good sex act. My hands started to feel some pain in process of holding my weight and I put both of my hands on his thighs under my thighs. It was little comfortable for me and we started to make hard and hard strokes. My ass was touching to his thighs every time with a sexy sound when he was moving up and I was moving down to have cock inside the pussy.

I was near my finishing line but there were no finishing sign from him. I told him that I am reaching darling!! In the reply, he increased his speed to give me a good pleasure and I too was matching his speed and strokes.

My legs were started stiffen in process of sign of nearing orgasm.

He moaned in pleasure…. hold it darling…….. Hold it……. I will cum with you. Hold it……….. Hold it dear….. Now…….now…..

He was in full pleasure and I understood that he too will cum soon but it was sure that I will reach earlier to him. I took my lower lip between my teeth and I was about to reach. I soughed in pleasure I am REACHING DARLING…….. OH DEAR……… I AM REACHING…… OH……. AAH….. DEAR! OH! We were making fucking strokes hard with bang and I reached up to my station of sex satisfaction. I have tightened my legs holding his hot rod in side of my pussy which is full of juices with a satisfactory strong orgasm. He told me…… Darling………… I am also reaching……. plz……. plz……… continue.

I have loosened my grip to allow him to fuck me. Now his cock was going and coming easily in and out of my pussy after my finishing and I could feel more hardness of his tool inside me and I understood that he is also near his finishing line. I have also started stroking from my side to help him in finishing soon and after some hard strokes, he said Juleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee darlinggggg and finished with a hard stroke.

He started firing his cum shots deep in side of my pussy and holds me tight in his arms. I too tighten my legs around his legs. I pushed my back to his hairy chest and he hugged me tight from back in pleasure and satisfaction. His cock was throwing cum shot/shower inside me with a dick dance. We both were happy to have a great fuck once again before my going to abroad.

We remained seated in the same position for some time. His cock was started to become soft and his cum which was fired deep inside me was started to coming out from my pussy because of our position as my pussy hole was down in that position. His cock was become softer and I moved my back little bit and it was slipped out of my pussy with a lot of cum around it. A lot of cum also came out of my pussy after withdrawal of his cock. I moved to driver seat with tissue papers in my hand, a box of which was there on dash board of the car. I have given some tissue papers to him and we cleaned our sex parts and also seat with tissue papers.

I was feeling to pee in this rainy weather and I asked him whether there is any umbrella in the car. He told me that there is no umbrella and he too feeling to pee. We laughed together on this. He told me that he can do it without going out of the car but it was difficult for me. He opened his side door a little and started to pee holding his soft cock in his hand like water going out of a tap with a force. Soon he finished his peeing and there were still a heavy rain. He told me that he will stop at any hotel on the way back where I can relieve myself. I told him that I would like to try here like he did. He laughed and said….. OK, go ahead but do not do it inside of the car. I have opened driver side door and moved my legs in a position to keep my knees pointing out side. I have widen my legs and have lifted my back with my two fingers on my pussy lips and started throwing my pee out with force applying some pressure of my fingers on my pussy lips so that it should not fall inside of the car. I did it successfully and have cleaned my pussy again with help of tissue papers. Still some drops were fallen between seat and door but also some water fallen on it so it was cleaned automatically. My legs were also wet due to rain drops. I wiped out my legs before wearing my panty and jeans. He helped me to hook my bra and I put lower buttons of my top again. He too dressed up and we were ready to departure to home back after having a wonderful sex act inside the car in rainy weather just near the busy highway without noticing by any one. It was so adventures and exciting.

We were way back to our home and were shipping the beer after having a wonderful sexual encounter with each other.

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Jab woh mujhse puri tarike se frank ho gayi tab humne kai baar sex chat bhi kiya, sex chat ke dauraan mujhe pata chala ke humari sexual desire and fantasy lagbhag ek hai toh meine use pucha ki kya hum kabhi milke yeh sab theoretical part ko practical kar payenge? Uska jawab chaukane wala tha usne bas itna he bola ke uske liye aapko kolkata aana padega mein aapke shehar mein nahi ja sakti. Bas dostoon fhir kyat ha mujhe toh jaise green signal mil gaya ho main do din baad he kolkata ke liye nikal gaya usne ek baar mujhe apna area bataya that oh main use surprise dene ke liye direct ja ke use call kiya woh shocked thi fhir pucha kahan rukoge meine bola nahi pata toh usne hotels ke naam bheja and bola ki wahan raho sham ko milte hai fhir baat karte hai.


Mein wahan 10-15 din ka plan bana ke gaya that oh socha pg le lu toh localities log se baat kiya toh unhone ek room rent pe dila diya jo ki kafi sasta tha, fhir mein sham ka intezaar karne laga uska 08 baje call aaya aur ghar ke pass ek market mein bulaya usne fhir use wahan jake mila toh dekhta he reh gaya bahut gori and maintain figure the uske humne kuch shopping ki uske bacchoon ke school projects ke liye fhir usne dur se apna ghar dikhaya aur mujhe next day subah 10 baje bulaya.


Dusre din mein uske ghar mein cigarettes and drinks leke gaya kyunki yeh bhi humari ek fantasy thi humari mein chupte chupate uske ghar ja pohuncha and dekha ki woh ek red colour ki night mein without bra mein hai usne turant darwaza bandh kiya and pucha yeh sab kya hai meine bataya ki humari fantasy ko pura karne ki shuruat toh woh hansi and andar se do kaanch ke glass and ek bowl mein pani daal ke aur kaju ka packet leke aai.


Hum sofa mein baithe and meine pucha ki yeh toh experienced loog jaante hai lagta hai aapne pehele bhi kai baar kiya hai ? Is baat per usne bataya ki hain main ne apne girls group ke saath yahan ek aad baar try kiya hai unke ghar pe. Maine kaha it’s ok toh maine peg banana shuru kiya and usne puch yahn kitne dino ke liye ho maine bataya 10-15 din ke liye toh usne kahan ki thik hai tab hum roj mil liya karenge sirf saturday and sunday ko chor ke kyunki uske pati ka chutti hota hai un do din.


Fhir humne drink kiya jismeine maine kam aur usne jada piya uske baatoon se saaf pata chal raha tha ki use nasha ho gaya hai usne mujhe bola chalo ghar dikhati hoon aur ladkhadate huye mujhe ghar dikhane lagi fhir hum bedroom mein gaye toh maine bola accha ji toh yeh wahi jagah hai jahan aapke khushkismat pati aapke saath sunehre pal bitate hai ? Usne bola hain per sirf woh khushkismat hai main nahi meine kahan aisa kyun toh unhone bataya ki uska khada hota hai per 2 min bhi kar liya toh bahut hai aur fhir side hoke soo jata hai.


Meine bola ki kya main aapki koi maddat kar sakta hoon? Toh usne direct bola madat nahi karna hai toh fhir aaye kis liye ho? Ab fhir kyat ha woh aake sidhe meri bahoon mein gir gayi meine use gale se lagaya woh boli jaanu aaj khub chodna mujhe wild sex pasand hai aaj meri chut fhad do aur gand maar do bas chodtte he rehna chodna nahi puri pyas bujha do. Main uske muh se aisi baat sunke hairan tha usne bola mujhe gandi baat karna accha lagta hai toh bas ab mein toh jaise tut pada .


Pehele toh khade khade uske gaand dabaya fhir usko gaand ke bal uthake bistar mein sula diya aur uske nighty ke upper se he pure sharer mein chumne laga, woh maano pagal huye ja rahi thi aur chilla rahi thi chodo please chodo mujhe meri chut fhad do, meine apne kapade utare toh woh mere land ko hilane lagi mera land lamba aur mota toh nahi bolunga but average land hai ,uske haathoon mein mera land bada hota hua mehsoos ho raha tha ki tabhi usne bina kuch bole muh mein le liya aur mera toh halat kharab ho gaya aur usne mujhe leta ke apne kapade utar diye aur pagaloon ki tarah mere land chusne lagi , ab mera land pura gila ho gaya tha aur woh upper se use thuk thuk ke aur chuse ja rahi thi ke fhir usne apni chut mere face pe rakhi jismein halke halke baal the aur woh mere muh mein apne zaban ko ragadne lagi aur mera land chusne lagi. Hum ab 69 position mein the ki tabhi lagbag 10-15 min mein mera pura pani uske muh mein chala gaya aur main use bol bhi nahi paya toh woh use pee gayi maine use sorry bola toh woh boli koi baad nahi pehela shot jaldi chutta hai toh pata nahi chalta cha lab mujhe chod main fhir tera khada kar deti hoon.


Usne chus chus ke mera land khada kar diya maine use missionary pose mein liya aur use chodna shuru kar diya woh bas mera stamina check karna cah rahi thi main bhi use pagaloon ki tarah chod raha tha aur woh chilla rahi thi chod aur chod mujhe fhad de meri chut ko. Main uske 34 size ke latakte huye dudh ko zor zor se daba raha tha aur zor zor se shot maar raha tha fhir humne position change kiya aur hum ab doggy style main aa gaye aur main jaise he uske gaand main dalne ki koshish kit oh woh bahut tight tha gaya nahi aur slip hoke chut mein chala gaya toh usne bola chal aaj chut he fhad gaand ki baari fhir kabhi, ab maine use aise he chodta rahi kai aur positions mein bhi aur mera uske chut mein he girta fhir khada hota aur fhir girta aur fhir khada ho jata jo use bahut pasand aaya aur aise he humne lagatar pure 1 ghanta 30 min bas choda aur pasine se latpat hoke soo gaye .


Kariban do ghante baad jab hum uthe toh dekha dono nange soye huye hai aur woh apne chut ko sehala rahi thi toh maine puch ek round aur ho jaye toh woh hansi aur boli kyun nah ii am ready aur humne fhir ek ghanta sex kiya aur fhir fresh hoke sofe mein baithe aur smoking karne lage toh usne bola tum kya humesha aise he itne der karte ho ya aaj kuch khas hai ? Maine bola pata nahi maine jada ladkiyoon ko try nahi kiya. Toh usne bola karna cahoge ? Maine pucha kya hoga try karke mujhe toh aap he kafi hai aura apse mujhe pyar ho gaya hai. Woh hairan hoke boli mujhe toh abhi tak tum thik se jante tak nahi aur na he tum kabhi mujhse shaadi kar sakte ho toh saccha pyar karke koi fayida nahi boss balki dusri ladkiyoon ko bhi satisfy karoge toh per client rs.10,000 milega .


Mein toh sunke khush ho gaya aur pucha kya karna padega toh usne bataya ki sabar karo pehele mujhe toh khush karo fhir batati hoon toh maine pucha kya main aapko abhi khush nahi kar paya ? Toh woh boli are nahi nahi main aaj peheli baar satisfied huyi hoon per ek din se kya hoga kuch din aur trial karne do mujhe fhir tumko batati hoon kya karna hoga. Bas fhir maine kya kiya aur kaise callboy bana aur kolkata mein setteled ho gaya yeh sab aapko bataunga aapka mail milne pe apne agle part mein tab tak ke liye alvida dostoon mail me at [email protected] for my service and get regular updates of my upcoming stories. Thank you and have a great day

पहला सेक्स का अनुभव 6

चाचा लंड को अंदर ठेलने से रुक गये और मेरे होठों को चूमते हुए बोले “ बिटिया रानी ! लगता है सूखा होने के कारण इसे अंदर जाने मे दिक्कत हो रही है. तुम ऐसा करो की आपने हाथ मे थोड़ा सा थूक ले कर आपनी चुत और मेरे लंड पर लागो दो ताकि गीला होने से इसे अंदर जाने मे आसानी हो.”. Hindi Sex Stories, Indian Sex Stories, Hindi Font Sex Stories, Desi Chudai Kahani, Free Hindi Audio Sex Stories, Hindi Sex Story, Gujarati sex story, chudai, wife swapping, pahela sex anubhav

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मैं तुनाक कर चाचा से बोली” चाचा मैं आपने हाथ मे थूक लूँगी तो हाथ गंदा हो जाएगा, फिर मैं आप को केक कैसे खिला सकूँगी.” चाचा बोले “ नीता ऐसे तो अगर मैं आपने हाथ मे थूक लगा लूँगा तो मेरा हाथ भी गंदा हो जाएगा, मैने भी तो तुम्हे केक खिलाना है.” अचानक मेरे दिल मे एक ख़याल आया. मैने आपनी सहेलिओं से सुना था की लड़के , लड़कीों की चुत चाट ते है, और लड़कियाँ भी लड़कोन का लंड मूह मे ले कर चूस्टी है. मुझे यह सुनेहरी मौका दिखाई दिया , क्योंकि मैने कई बार सोचा तो था की लंड का स्वाद कैसा होता होगा. मुझे लगा की आज तो सुनेहरी मौका है, लगे हाथों यह मज़ा भी ले लू

मैं मासूमियत की आक्टिंग करते हुए चाचा से बोली “ चाचा एक काम हो सकता है, मैं आपके लंड को आपने मूह से ही गीला कर देती हू, हाथ भी गंदा नही होगा और लंड की खुश्की भी दूर हो जाएगी.” चाचा का तो यह बात सुन कर जैसे दिमाग़ ही घूम गया, क्योंकि यह तो उन्होने सपने मे भी सोचा ना था. खुशी के मारे चाचा के मूह से आवाज़ भी नही निकल रही थी. चाचा मुझे ज़ोर से भींच कर बोले “ अरे मेरी प्यारी बिटिया रानी , तो बहुत ही तेज दिमाग़ है.

एट आइडिया तो मेरे दिमाग़ मे आया नही नही था. और यह तो बेस्ट आइडिया है. तुम आपने मूह मे लेकर मेरा लंड थोड़ा गील कर दो , और फिर मैं आपने मूह से चाट कर ओर चूस कर तुम्हारी चुत को गीला कर दूँगा, और तुम आराम से लंड को चुत के छेद मे लेकर , मेरी गोद मे बैठ सकती हो. “ चाचा का लंड तो मेरे मूह से लंड चूसने की बात सुन कर और भी अकड़ गया था, और चाचा के मन में तो जैसे खुशी के पटा के ही छूट रहे थे.

चाचा ने मुझे आपनी गोद से उतार कर नीचे फ़राश पर खड़ा कर दिया . चाचा तो पहले ही आपनी दोनो टाँगे लटका कर बैठे थे, उन्होने मुझे नीचे ज़मीन पर बैठा दिया, जिस से उनका लंड बिल्कुल मेरे मूह के सामने था.

चाचा बोले “ अरे बेटी रूको , एक और मज़ा देता हूँ, लंड गीला भी हो जाएगा और साथ ही केक का भी मज़ा ले लेते हैं. “ यह कह कर चाचा ने केक का टुकरा उठा कर केक आपने लंड पर चुपर दिया, चाचा का पूरा लंड केक की करीम से वाइट हो गया था . मैं तो यह सीन देख कर मस्त ही हो गयी, और मेरी चुत से पानी छूटने लगा.चाचा ने प्यार से मेरा चेहरा आपने हाथों मे लिया , और उसे धीरे से आपने लंड की ओर किया. मैने आपनी जीभ बाहर निकाल कर लंड के सुपरे पर फेरा , मुझे लंड और केक दोनो का मज़ा और टेस्ट एक साथ आ रहा था. मैं केक खाती रही और साथ ही लंड को चूस्टी रही. चाचा के मूह से तो सिसकारी निकल गयी. मुझे भी लंड का स्वाद काफ़ी टेस्टी लगा. कुछ नया सा टेस्ट था पर मुझे बहुत ही प्यारा लगा.

मैने धीरे से आपना मूह पूरा खोला और चाचा के लंड का पूरा सुपरा मूह के अंदर ले लिया. और फिर आपनी दोनो गालों को दबा कर लंड को लोलीपाप की तरह चूसने लगी. धीरे धीरे मैने चाचा का लंड लगभग 3 -4 इंच तक अंदर ले लिया और ज़ोर ज़ोर से चूसने लगी. मुझे लंड का स्वाद बहुत ही अच्छा लग रहा था. मन कर रहा था की चाचा ऐसे ही बैठे रहें और मैं उनका लंड चूस्टी ज़ाऊ. चाचा के मूह से आनंद भारी सिसकारी और आहें निकल रही थी. यो मेरे सिर को डन हाथों मे पाकर लिए और आपना लंड मेरे मूह के अंदर ज़ोर ज़ोर से डालने लगे. लंड बहुत मोटा था और मेरा मूह भी लंड को अंदर लेने के लिए पूरा फैल गया था. मैं ज़ोर ज़ोर से लंड को मूह के अंदर बाहर कर रही थी. मज़े की अधिकता के कारण मेरी आँखें बंद हो गयी थी और मैं , आँखें बंद किए लंड का स्वाद ले रही थी.

चाचा का तो मेरे से भी बुरा हाल था. वो सिसकारी लेते हुए बोले “ अरे नईएटा बिटिया रानी, ऐसे ही चूस्टी रहो, बहुत मज़ा आ रहा है. आज तुमने आपने जनमदिन पर मेरे मन की चुपी हुई तमन्ना पूरी कर दी. आज तक तेरी मा ने कभी भी मेरे लंड को मून मे नही लिया, यह तो मेरे जीवन का पहला अनुभव है. मेरे को तो पता ही नही था की लंड चुसवाने मे इतना मज़ा आता है. बेटी रूको नही, थोड़ा और ज़ोर ज़ोर से चूसो और मेरे लंड को खूब गीला कर दो ताकि तुम्हारे अंदर जाने मे इसे कोई दिक्कत ना हो.” मारा मूह तो लंड से भरा हुआ था , इस लिए मैं तो बोल नही सकती थी, पर असल मे मेरा हाल भी चाचा जैसा ही था. मुझे इक अजीब सा आनंद और स्वाद आ रहा था, की जिसे मैं बयान नही कर सकती.

चाचा का लंड अब और भी अकड़ गया था और मेरे मूह मे खूब फूल रहा था. लगता था की मेरा मूह आपनी चरम सीमा तक फैल गया है और शायद कोई बारीक बाल भी अब मेरे मूह मे ना जा सकेगा. लगभग 5 मिनिट तक चूसने के कारण , चाचा का ऑर्गॅज़म ( वीर्यपात) अब पास आ रहा था. चाचा मेरे सर को पाकर कर मुझे रोकते हुए बोले” बिटिया रानी, बस करो . यदि तुम ऐसे ही चूस्टी रही तो जल्दी हे मेरा पानी निकल जाएगा और हम जनमदिन सेलेब्रेट कर नही पाएँगे.

मेरा मन तो चाचा का लंड चोदने को नही था, फिर मैं चाहती थी की अब एक बार मौका लगा ह्म तो क्यों ना लंड के रस ( यानी के लंड का पानी) का स्वाद भी देख लूँ. मैने लंड थोड़ा मूह से बाहर निकाला, पर उसे हाथ मे पाकरे रही, जैसे मुझे दर हो की कहीं मूह से लंड बाहर निकलते हे चाचा कहीं भाग ना जाएँ. मैने लंड को हाथ मे पाकरे पाकरे कहा, “ चाचा बहुत अच्छा लग रहा है, मुझे अच्छी तरह से लंड को थूक से गीला कर लेने दो, वरना मुझे आपकी गोद मे बैठने मे परेशानी होगी. और लंड का पानी निकल भी गया तो भी क्या बात है, हमें कहीं जाना तो है नहीं और हमारे पास सारी रात बाकी पड़ी है. इसलिए जल्दी क्या है.”

बात चाचा के दिमाग़ मे भी आई, उनका लंड भी जिंदगी मे पहली बार चूसा जा राहा था, और उन्हे भी बेहद आनंद आ रहा था. इसलिए उन्होने भी मेरे चेहरे को प्यार से आपने डन हाथों मे ले लिया और आपने लंड को मेरे मूह के अंदर धकेलते हुए बोले, “ ठीक है बिटिया रानी, तुम आपने थूक से अच्छी तरह मेरा लंड गीला कर दो. पानी निकल गया तो कोई बात नही, सारी रात बाकी है. पर अगर पूर्िई तरह लंड गीला ना हुआ तो तुम्हे मुश्किल होगी. इसलिए दिल भर कर चूसो.”

यह कह कर चाचा ने आपने हाथ मेरे सिर पर रख लिए और आपना लंड मेरे मूह मे डाल दिया.मैने उनका लंड ज़ोर ज़ोर से चूसना शुरू कर दिया. चाचा के मूह से प्यार भारी है है निकल रही थी.

कहानी जरी रहेगी…

फ्रेंड कैसी लगी मेरी स्टोरी अगर कोई गर्ल या भाभी मुझसे दोस्ती करना चाहती (सेक्स रिलेशन, या जो वो चाहे) है इन ईमेल पर मेल करे.

और भी मजेदार और हॉट एंड सेक्सी हिन्दी सेक्स कहानिया की अपडेट पाने के लिए हमें फेसबुक और गूगल प्लस पर LIKE करे। नीचे दिए बटन को क्लिक करके और इस पोस्ट को मित्रों में शेयर करें..

और भी सेक्सी कहानिया पढने के लिए  हमारी नई वेबसाइट पर जाये :

Forbidden Sex With Tanya The Next Door Neighbor

Hi everyone, my name is Shahid Kapoor, I am 5’10” tall, fair in color and have a lean body. Quite frankly I have the looks that help me lay a lot of women.

I have this next door neighbor, Tanya, she’s 2 years younger than me but she is a very sexy and beautiful girl. Her figure is hourglass. She has very nice perky boobs, I think they are 32CC, her tummy is flat and her hairs are long. She has very chubby cheeks and a very nice perky ass.

We used to live in our house for 4 years when Tanya’s family moved in next door. As soon as I saw her, there were sparks. I knew she liked me and I liked her, but since she lived next door our parents knew each other and it was tough for us to sneak around and talk to each other so we both kept our silence.

A few weeks later it was lohri, everyone was assembled on the street and all the kids were together and there she was shining like a star. She was wearing a snuggly pink sweater that clearly personified the roundness of her boobs.

She gave me the look, it was sexy. We went to a corner and got to talking, she told me that she liked me and I told her I liked her back. We exchanged phone numbers and started chatting on Whatsapp. We chatted for hours every night even though we lived next to each other. One day I tried to get thing going and asked her if she was a virgin and what she thought about sex before marriage, she told me she was a virgin and was okay with sex before marriage. We talked about sex for a while and I asked her what her bra size was. She said it was 32BB and I said that I don’t believe you, show me your breasts. She was stunned by this, but I guess she wanted it too so she playfully replied, abhi kese? I said why not, come on the terrace.

After a lot of request she agreed and snick out to her terrace where I was waiting for her. She came near me and before she could say anything I started kissing her, I kissed her on her lips and our breath started to become shorter. I kissed her hard and she kissed me back, her breasts were moving up and down as she was breathing heavily. I started to push my tongue I n her mouth and she opened up and we started French kissing. We were both hot and the fear of getting caught as making us horny.

I put my hand on her boobs and looked at her, she gave me an approving look and then I started kissing her and pressed her boobs with great force. She almost shouted as I squeezed her nipple.

I started removing her top but she refused saying that we will get caught and we won’t be able to have sex ever. I agreed.

After a few weeks, she came by our house asking for sugar from my mother. As soon I heard her voice my dick got ready for the action. I opened the door and told her that my mom wasn’t home and I winked at her. She went back and quickly came back, she told her mother she wanted to study something with me but she didn’t tell her that we were alone. As soon as she came back, it was on. We started kissing and undressing. She had a blue shirt on and jeans. I unbuttoned her shirt and there they were her beautiful boobs in her black lace bra, perky, there to be suckled and fondled. I grabbed her tit and kissed her on the mouth and then all the way to the neck. I slid her bra down and started sucking her tit. She was getting hotter. She started moaning and put her hand on my dick.

I kept sucking her tits and removed her jeans; I inserted my hand in her panty and started rubbing her clit. I threw her on the bed and I was sucking and kissing her on her navel. I put my tongue in her navel and licked it. Then I started to go down on her, she was a virgin so her labia was very small. I pushed apart the clitoral hood and started sucking on the clitoris, she was high. She was moaning, shouting. I kept going and finally she came, she trembled and fell like she was drained of energy.

I let her lie down as I stroked her pussy repeatedly; as soon as she stopped trembling I took her hand and put it inside my pants on my hard cock. She started stroking it. it was beautiful. Then I removed my jeans and took my dick out of my underwear’s pee hole and pushed my penis down her throat, she was sucking it like an amateur as she had never sucked dick before. I was teaching her as I fucked her mouth, I was about to cum, I didn’t tell her and she barely took my penis out, I came on her face and in her hair.

I asked her to taste my cum, she was apprehensive but she did it as I had sucked her cum dry. Then I stroked my cock to an erection and we started fucking. She was a virgin so I inserted my thumb in her pussy and broke her seal. She didn’t know there would be blood. I reassured her and tried to push my penis into her hole. It was so tight, my penis wasn’t going in, I took her in doggy style and I pushed hard until 5 inches of my penis went in. By that time she was in a lot of pain and couldn’t take any more so I started humping her.

I humped her for 10-15 min slowly, but I wasn’t cumming as it was the second time, so I held her waist and I started to fuck her hard. She was shouting at the top of her voice but I kept fucking her until I came hard, on her back.

After that we kissed for 2 minutes and then she rested and got dressed and went home. Now I have a next door whore whom I can fuck anytime without any commitment. It feels dirty every time I see her and it’s awesome.

Hope you could masturbate to the story.

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I can fuck your brains out. Anonymity is my first priority.

Hungry Wife

Hi guys!!!! This is Vinay here with yet another story which is absolutely real….Thanks a lot so much…for your most inspiring comments which made me write in real time experience of a person known to me. I have heard of husbands dreaming and wanting to get their wives fucked in front of them by other men. But I never knew there was a unique mixture of pain and pleasure in getting your wife fucked by others and watching it like an asshole especially when your wife is totally getting dominant over you. This is a real story of a couple Krishnan and Chitra from Kerala living in Chandigarh.

I was working in a fucked up company dealing in electronic spares where I use to repair transistors and radio. My mom and dad lived in Chennai and so even though I had studied engineering still I accepted to do this job suppressing all my dreams to work in major companies. I use to apply for jobs in companies and use to pray to god that if I get an interview and get selected god should give me the power to convince my mom and dad. But I hardly use to get any interview calls. After 14 months of struggle one fine day I received a call on my mobile at 5 pm. The owner was shouting from my back on me for my phone ringing.( we were not allowed to work when talking on phone).

I heard a ladies voice on other end and she was talking in English. I could make out that she was a north Indian lady by her accent. She said that she is from XYZ Company and told me that HR dept. has selected me for an interview for a technical trainee. Getting a job in that company would be a dream break and I remember when I had sent an email I was surely not expecting that I will get a call for interview. I did it as a part of routine. The lady gave me a date for interview and told me that my train ticket fare will be re-imbursed once I reach their office in Chandigarh.

Everything was set but now I had to convince my mom and dad. I went home that day in the evening and told mom about it. She was a bit worried thinking about how I will be living alone but I told her that I will manage. She said who will convince my dad? So she told me that she will talk to dad tomorrow morning as he will be in fresh mood so that he can also listen to it completely and patiently. That did the trick and dad was convinced after going to office and thinking about it. He called home and told me that he is booking my train tickets and he has sent the office peon to do that. I was thrilled to get his nod.

After a week I left for Chandigarh. It was a four day journey. I went to Delhi by train from Chennai and then from there I took a bus from ISBT to Chandigarh. I reached there on the fourth day of my travel at 11 am. I met the lady to whom I had talked over phone. She told me that interview will be on same day in the evening so I could go to their guest house and get freshened up and take rest and then come back in the evening. Interview as expected went on well, I got the job and I was given the guest house to stay till I found a house for myself. I was so happy and called mom and dad to tell them the news and they were equally happy for me.

Now the house search started and I needed to save cost so I went into the populated areas in search of bachelor accommodations single room ones. I easily found a mansion type building consisted of large number of rooms built with a common corridor for all rooms. Every four rooms had one bathroom and toilet. I felt I needed to save money so I decided to rent a room in that mansion on the 2nd floor. Ours was the top floor and above that was the terrace. The room adjacent to mine was vacant so I didn’t have much of disturbance. The house owner was a robust, well-built 6′ high guy. His name was Ratan Singh, Around 35 years old still looking young fellow. He always had a few guys along with him who followed him wherever he went. He was the goon in that area.

After three weeks of my stay I one day saw a fair lady next to my room. I realized that someone has moved in new. The lady must be around 25 years old. She was surely a south indian and having curly hair. I was just wondering if she was a Tamilan. They were actually malayalee. When I went to the bathroom I crossed their room and I saw a man sitting inside. That was her husband and he looked like a gay. I got ready for the office and left.

When I went outside the gate he called me from behind. I turned and saw him. He told me he worked for a ABC company as technician. I also introduced myself. His name was Krishnan and his wife name was Chitra. His company was very near to mine. So we went to the office together. I could see that he was of a very shy nature like girls and had a gay type attitude. I was wondering how his wife is bearing such an asshole. She was really a cute female and was so hot. My manager called me and told me that now I am in the research department and I will be working on shifts. So from next week I was supposed to work in night shifts for a month. Every month the shift use to change. The shift timing was from evening 6 pm to 3am. So it was actually fine with me.

One day after my night shift I went to sleep immediately and got up around 10am. As I got up, I heard some moaning sounds from the room next to mine. I was wondering who could it be as Krishnan has already left to the office and it has hardly been a couple of weeks since Krishnan and chitra moved in. so how so soon chitra getting laid by someone?? I got up and washed my face. I was now thinking how to watch the action in the room as my curiosity was killing me. There was a tiny gaping rectangular hole on the common wall 1 feet below the ceiling height. I quietly took a stool and climbed on it. When I saw the through the gap my jaws dropped in shock!!!! Chitra was having 2-3 fingers in her pussy and frantically jabbing it in and out of her pussy and Krishnan was sitting on a chair watching her and holding his tiny dick in his hands and jerking it frantically.

This went on for on for 5 min till both of them cummed together. I was really feeling pity for chitra. She was such a hot beauty and this was her fate that she had a gay husband. No wonder she gave lusty hungry looks naturally!! I was already having a hard on seeing chitra naked and I just lied on my bed and imagined her naked body and jerked off…..Later Krishnan told me that he was not feeling well so he took today off…..In the evening that day the Ratan Singh came to collect the deposit from them. I was standing there outside krishnan’s home when Ratan singh came and he asked Krishnan about the deposit. Chitra went to the shelf and got the purse and gave it to Krishnan and that was the first time Ratan Singh saw Chitra. I could see the stir in his pants myself.

Krishnan also saw that and then looked at chitra. Chitra just put her head down and walked inside. But one thing that I noticed was when she put her head down, her eyes were on ratan’s crotch. She was stealing the glances. I understood that she is now hungry for a cock. Ratan too saw that and gave a dry smile. The Stature of Ratan could not be compared to that of Krishnan at all. Krishnan was a tiny guy with a tiny 2″ dick good for himself. Ratan surely must be atleast 7″ long as I imagined.

Next day morning as usual I got up and took shower and standing out on the corridor to get some sun shine as it was a bit cold when I saw Ratan coming towards the mansion. I immediately thought there is something wrong after the yesterday’s events. So I quickly went inside my room and locked the door from inside. I closed all windows so that my room became totally dark inside and then quietly put the stool near the wall. I peeped through the gap. Chitra was wearing a nighty and I could see that she was wearing a white bra and pink colour panty and her nighty was totally translucent. She was watching the Malayalam songs channel on TV. I thought…she is surely gonna get raped if Ratan sees her like this. As predicted there was a knock on the door and Chitra was watching the Malayalam songs channel. She immediately went and opened the door.

Ratan said that he came to ask if everything is ok and if their stay was comfortable. Usually a south indian lady will not allow a male inside but surprisingly she invited him in and told him to sit on the chair as she sat on a bed. She spoke broken Hindi with a south indian accent. She told him that she needed ropes to be tied outside on corridor to dry the washed clothes. He said he will immediately tell his boys to get it arranged immediately. I could see the way he was feasting his eyes on her. His looks were drilling right through her nighty and going on X-RAY Vision mode. But I could also see that Chitra was also looking differently at him looking into his eyes daringly and inviting him. Suddenly he got up and went and sat next to her and said “Do you like the bed? Or is it too hard” She said “I likes hard ones as it is good for health”.

All of a sudden then he just caught her by her arms and pulled her towards him…and hugged her tightly. She shouted “AAAHhhHHHHH!!” and then he kept his lips on her and started to suck her lips. I was having already my 7″ outside my pajamas and was feeling so bloody jealous. I already had my pre-cum flowing and was slowly moving my fist to-fro….There was not a hint of refusal or protest from herside and she just said “Please slowly!!!!” Hearing this ratan got up and closed the door and came back to Chitra.

He then removed his shirt to expose his muscular body and Chitra stared at it like a hungry bitch. She had never seen such a animal like manly body before and as Ratan pulled her into her arms, she just melted into him…into a passionate kiss….Immediately he took her nighty offend she was in her Bra and panties…Chitra undid his Pants and also pulled his underwear down in one go and she let out a scream looking at his pole. I couldn’t see it that time…but in few secs he turned and I saw….a well hung 6″ but thicker than was around 2 inches thick. Standing up to its full glory. Ratan caught hold of her head and roughly pushed his cock inside her mouth. She was more than eager like a hungry bitch to take it deep inside her throat. She pulled his skin back and rolled tongue over his huge black soft bobbing head….and he groaned and grunted like a bull…..

She was really going crazy and hungry for his cock… she was literally worshiping it. trying to take it in as much as possible. Ratan immediately made her lie on her back and told her to spread her legs and then he lifted her legs and spread then apart such that her knees were on either side of her chest and her pussy popped up……he immediately dug his mouth into her pussy and started to lick her inside her folds of labia….vertically from bottom to up….in long lengthy strokes…as she now shivered….and was making funny moaning sounds…..ssssssssssssssss aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh……Ratan Ji….plssssssssssssss….aaaaaayooooooooooooooo……aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm and her juices flowed in plenty…..and she started to move her pussy towards his mouth and held his head and pushed in inside her pussy……..and she went totally out of control…..and she moaned loudly as she said……….pls….mat roko……………….pls mat roko………………………ahhhhhhhhhpls………

Ratan knew this bitch was in heat….and this is the right time. They were lying right across me so I could see everything that was happening……..and then Ratan….left her pussy and she was begging………..and said…kya hua???? And then Ratan kept holding her legs and placed his cock on her pussy and stuck it in a bit so that it wont slip….after that……he gave one hard push…………..AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHQ!!!!!!!!!!!AAAYYYYYOOOOO AAMMMMMAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!But Ratan hardly cared as he ploughed her pussy more deeply…..

Her eyes popped out of her sockets… pain as Ratan placed his lips brutally on hers to cover her mouth and gave another massive stroke!!!!! I could see the blood coming slightly……Seems she had a cock so deep the first time!!! All I could hear was HHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!! As Ratan had covered her mouth and then mercilessly started to fuck her with long deep strokes…….the room was filled then with moans…..ahhh….ahhhh…..ahhhh…….hmmmmm….ahahhhahahah…….and the sweet sound of banging with fluids….pukkk…..puk………puk….puk………..puk…………..puch…..puch………..she was now moving her ass up in air to meet his strokes….as I started to move my fist faster here. He kept banging her for more than 15 minutes and both were still fucking like hungry beasts…..and then he started to increase his pace……and both were still going in rhythm….and suddenly I heard a lions roars…..AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH and I could see both were having a wonderful orgasm as she kissed him madly and lifted her ass so high……dug her nails on his back………

They were lying like that for 5 minutes after which…..ratan slowly took out his limp cock outside and again started to suck her boobs wildly….he had still so much left in him surely I knew… they started to kiss each other passionately….she was moaning already…as she had been hungry for so many years from this manly love…..she had become already a bitch…….as she started to kiss him wildly again…..i could see the effect of the same on ratan’s dick it had started to salute again in style….this time gleaming with his cum and her juices……..he again pushed his dick in her mouth and she started to suck it looking into his eyes….as hungry as before……holding the base of the shaft tightly and moving her head up and down……and then……………….all of a sudden…there was a knock on the door!!!!!! I was cursing!!!!! Who the fuck can it be now!!! And then Chitra asked….”kaun hae??” (Who is it?) the reply came in Malayalam.

It was Krishnan!! I could see the fear on her face as her life was in jeopardy now!! She was now thinking frantically what to do….as she told him to wait a moment….and then….rattan calmed her and told her…not to worry and no need to wear the clothes….he said he will open the door for him….Chitra was shocked by what he said….and before she could react he was already unbolting the door. I was eager to see the drama!!!!!!!! Krishnan stares at Rattan, he looks like a school boy in front of him….and he comes in and sees both of them naked!!!! He holds his head and is too shocked to talk anything. Rattan goes and locks the door meanwhile….as Chitra hangs her head in shame and guilt and frantically goes to pick her nighty to cover herself.

Then the most unbelievable thing happens!!!! Rattan gives one hard slap on Krishnan’s face who falls down like a sack of potatoes on all fours!! And then rattan tells him angrily!!” you bloody gay basterd!! Just shut up and sit on the chair and watch how your wife gets fucked by my cock ok? Don’t make a scene and spoil our mood….” Blood is coming from the corner of the lips of Krishnan and he quietly picks himself up and then suddenly one more slap lands on his back of the neck…..he is getting all this in front of his wife who is quietly watching him as he hangs his head and then rattan rasps again!!!” hey just see how your wife is behaving like a bitch….u will really love to see it ok??

And it will be great to fuck her in front of you as you will also love it!!!!!” Now he just goes back to Chitra and and pulls her nighty away and asks her”Do you need slaps or lets continue what we were doing??” She quietly holds his dick and inserts it into her mouth and starts to suck and while rattan lies on the bed and asks her to place her pussy on his mouth as they get involved in 69…..Krishnan meanwhile just stares at his slutty wife who is now daring to enjoy in front of him…..she is holding rattans pole and sucking it like a lollipop while her eyes meet krishnan’s eyes….and she moans like a bitch….as rattan digs his tongue into her torn pussy as she spreads her legs more and presses her pussy on his mouth…..

I was so engrossed into the affair on the bed that I didn’t realize when Krishnan removed his pants and underwear and took out his tiny mini pole and shaking it in his hands…..and moaning slightly…..After 15 minutes of sucking and licking rattan wants to go this time for her ass… he gets up and both see Krishnan with his dick in his hands….both smile as Krishnan as Krishnan speaks loudly ” you bitch…..u wanted his cock isn’t it?? now fuck with him like a whore and let me tell everyone what a whore you are…..u are the biggest motherfucking whore ….show me that u r the biggest whore u bitch!!!!” and they both smiled at each other and then rattan made her on the doggie style and placed his dick on her asshole and she said…NO!!! but before she could move he held her hips strongly his arms and his cock was already in half way…..AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! she cried out loudly and buried her face into the pillow………as he took it out a bit and went for the second push even more harder and he was in fully…..she was crying and howling and begging rattan to take his lund out… Krishnan said”hey…you better fuck her properly now!!!

I want to see blood in her ass…tear this bitches ass…..come on!!!!” as rattan now….started his massive hard strokes….she tried so hard to move to push him away but he didn’t let her move and he slided the cock fully into her asshole and moved it out till the tip….and again all the way…fully in one good bang……after a couple of minutes…she was getting better and better and then she came back to her bitchy nature….now she was lifting her ass for him…rubbing her clit….and saying….”Fuck me bastard!!!You like it right??? Seeing ur wife getting fucked isn’t it??” you bastard!!!! Rattan enjoyed all the verbal talks and he felt like he was the hero of the movie there and he fucked her with all the might….till another 15 minutes…after which …he cummed heavily in her ass…..both of them lay exhausted in cum and sweat….as Krishnan also had released his load…..

Rattan got up from bed and then said” ok now…I will come once in a week only. So I will see you next week” as he put on his clothes Krishnan said “nothing in this world comes for free.” Rattan looks back at him and he says” Weekly once you come and fuck her but in front of me and no rent or Electricity bill for us if it is ok with you fine otherwise forget it.” rattan looks at Chitra and then back at Krishnan who is expecting a favourable answer and says” I have never felt the need to pay to fuck some one, so I think I prefer to be your landlord ONLY….better pay the rent properly otherwise for every day delay I will come and fuck her. If you pay properly then I won’t come you can trust me on that” Krishnan thought a good deal was on hands which he slipped out of his hands….

As now Chitra was sad that she wont get that fuck again…..i prepared myself for the next assault on her pussy. She didn’t know that a much better dick..and a better fuck awaited her tomorrow. That will be in the next part buddies. Any friends in Malaysia can also email me….and pls send me your ever encouraging comments…. [email protected]

Passionate Sexperience With Office Colleague

Hi Friends n all the sexy girls n loving bhabhis. This is Gary from Kolkata and this is my fourth story (all real experiences) on ISS. I am 34 years old 5 ft. 6 inches in height. I have an athletic body as I do gymming, cycling, running, badminton & swimming regularly.

As I have mentioned in my earlier story (Seduced by sexy neighbor), I have shifted from Delhi to Kolkata and am having quite a good time with sexy bong beauties here. Needless to say, I am quite fond of hot n horny bong neighbor bhabhis, who have made my stay here in Kolkata absolutely wonderful.

Recently I had an amazing sexperience with one of my gorgeous office colleague Debopriya. She is the wife of my business partner and works in the same office. She has an awesome figure of 34C-30 -32 and has a very smooth and silky body. I always used to go hard, whenever I met her in the office and used to have naughty fantasies about her.

Like most of the bong beauties here, she also seemed to be very friendly and open minded. I also flirted with her, whenever I got the chance to talk to her alone and she responded by naughty replies and blushes.

However, it was about a month back, when suddenly on a Sunday afternoon, i got a message from her. I was a bit surprised and asked the reason. She said her hubby had gone for an afternoon drinking session with his friends and she was getting bored alone at home.

We started chatting on Whatsapp, and after some formal talks, she asked me, Gary, How do you find Calcutta..??

I sensed an opportunity to turn the chat a bit naughty and replied, Well Debu (i used to call her Debu as her pet name), I like Calcutta a lot, especially the bong women.

She laughed and asked… Accha, what do you like in them..? I replied, Well, they are quite beautiful, have curvaceous figure, amazingly smooth texture and are quite friendly too..

She: Hmm, looks like you notice a lot about women here. What else do you like in them… And I want an honest answer.. No need to hide anything..

I took the opportunity and said: Well, if you insist, I don’t like size zero women. I like mature women, who have curves at the right places and…. I deliberately left my voice trailing in between..

She got curious and asked… and what..? I replied, let it be Debu ..

Debu: No i want to know… and what..??
I: Well, I like fuller women with ample assets. You understand what i mean…

She started laughing loudly and asked, Hmmm, interesting, so how many assets have you discovered till now in Calcutta. I teased her by saying, well, I have discovered a few here, and I must say, some really amazing ones haan..Then i boldly told her, I think you also possess nice assets… My friend is indeed a lucky guy, to have them…And we continued flirting and chatting on non-veg topics.

She suddenly asked what you are doing tomorrow. If you are free lets meet up for a coffee. I knew, what she was thinking.. Next day we met in a Coffee Day and I was quite mesmerized by looking at her. She came in a sexy low neck Tee which gave a teasing glimpse of her cleavage, with her hair tied back, so that I could get unobstructed view of those wonderful melons.

I complimented her: Woww.. You look stunningly hottt n sexy today. She winked and said, I know, why are you saying so… I: Hmm, so I was correct yesterday about your curves too haan..

She hit me n said: You naughty, seems like you have had a lot of “Bong sweets”…But let me warn you, I am a Bengali “Mirchi”… A teekhi, spicy one….!!!
I winked at her and said no doubt on that…Looking at you, any man would go weak in his knees and…. I again left my sentence unfinished.

She (curiously): why do you stop in between. Complete the sentence, week in the knees and what…I naughtily replied, any man would go weak in his knees …and… Hard in his pants…!!!

She started laughing and asked so are you also going hard in your pants now..?
I dared her.. Why don’t you check for yourself..

And what she did was unimaginable.. She just slide her hand below the table and actually placed over my dick, which was rock hard and bulging in my pants…She gave a naughty n horny look and said, Wow, seems you have quite a good package…

This way, we spent almost couple of hrs. flirting, naughtily touching each other that day and i had determined to make her mine completely and get passionate with her. And i was sure; she also had the same feelings…

Soon our talks turned extremely steamy and we used to talk a lot of what we would love doing to each other, when we get a chance. We shared our wildest fantasies about each other. I used to tell her, how I would like to kiss her passionately, suck her soft n supple lips, fondle her wonderful boobs and give her a nice soap n shampoo massage all over her curvaceous body in the shower.

She also used to respond well and shared her lustful wishes too.
Soon we got the chance. Her husband was going out for a business trip and i working in the same office, knew of his travel plans. I told her to be ready and keep herself free for those 2-3 days.

And the day arrived when her husband left for Delhi. I got a call from her at around 9 am and she asked me to join her at her place. I told her, i will take a shower, get ready n come by 11 am. She said, No need.. Come right away, i am missing you a lot…

In next 30 min, I was at her doorsteps with my pulse racing in the anticipation of all the excitement n fun, we were going to have. She opened the door and wow, there i was… again welcomed by an amazing sight… She was wearing a spaghetti top and shorts…Her assets were on full display for me and i got an instant hard on…

She started laughing and asked. What… Gone weak in the knees or hard in the pants…??? I winked and replied, both..!!!

She just pulled me in and locked the door. And like a bolt of lightning, we pounced at each other and embraced tightly. Her soft n sexy melons were pressing against my chest and I was exploring her smooth and silky back with my fingers.. Slowly i lifted her top slightly and started moving my hands on her bare back. Wow, she was indeed so soft n silky inside.

I looked her deep in her eyes and kissed her forehead, then her eyes and then on the tip of her nose, clearly defining the path downwards, where i was headed to. However, to tease her, I stopped in between… and looked at her naughtily… at this moment, our lips were just a couple of inches apart and i was strongly aroused by her sexy body fragrance..

She mocked angrily… U stupid… why do you keep stopping in between and leave things unfinished…Now what are you waiting for…???. I still kept looking at her smiling and teasing her more by my fingers rolling over her lower back and side love handles… I knew, she was not able to control herself and wanted to ignite her completely before I went ahead..

So keeping the distance of couple of inches between our lips, i just scratched her back softly with my nails and pulled her close, so that our lower bodies were completely trusted against each other. We could feel the warmth down there from our bodies … This made her go wild and she hungrily started kissing me…

Wow, that was the sexiest kiss; i have had in last few months… I opened my lips and started sucking her supple lips, alternately. She too was reciprocating wildly and parted her lips.. Our tongues met each other’s and I teased her some more by biting her tongue softly and again exploring her completely.

All this happened in a few seconds, at the door itself and there we were, still fully clad in clothes… I slowly moved her around, so that now i had her back towards me and i started kissing her long and sexy neck. She was getting aroused with the warmth of my breath on her neck and near her ear lobes. I started licking and biting softly her ears and this sent her into a shivering tizzy… She started breathing heavily and her amazing boobs started heaving.

I was going mad at this sight… So i just slid my hand inside her top again and started fondling her assets… Man.. She wasn’t wearing any bra underneath and my hands touched her soft melons. I was in ecstasy and my dick was pulsating and throbbing wildly…

She looked at me hungrily and pulled me inside her bedroom… The moment we reached inside, i just lifted her in my arms and placed her on the bed and to my surprise, and she jumped back within a flash… She looked at me naughtily and asked… Did u have a shower…? I shook my head in a no and immediately understood what she wanted…

I told her, why not let our fantasies take over the lead and she said… I am all yours dear…. Within seconds both of us were in her bathroom. I teasingly took off her top, stopping midway and again waiting for her to react… She just slapped me and excitedly said.. Don’t you dare stop in between and tease me like this… I laughed and took off her top… Wow… there were those amazing 34C melons in front of me… inviting to fondle them, to play with them, to suck them… I also removed my t shirt and both of us were topless.

Needless to say, it was just a magnetic reaction that we again trusted our bodies against each other and i started kissing and licking her bare shoulder with my tongue.. She in the meanwhile placed her hands on my shorts from back and pulled it halfway down and started pressing my ass.

I also took the cue, pulled her shorts down and again a surprise, she wasn’t wearing panties too. I was excited like a wild bull looking at her cleanly shaved, pinkish pussy lips.. That was one of the best pussies i have ever seen so far in my life… I just got down on my knees and while my hands were holding her from waist and exploring her curvaceous lower back, i started kissing her navel and slowly rolling my tongue downwards… I kept moving between her navel and her pussy (just an inch above, never really coming down completely)..

She was going wild and started moaning… Ohh Gary… Ohhhh Gary…. I am all yours…. Lick me…. Eat me…. You moron… why are you stopping in between… Ohhhh…. Eat me…. Ohhh Gary… lick me nowwww…. or else…. ohhh …. .i will kill you…

I still was teasing her by just placing my lips over her beautiful pussy for the flash of a second and again moving up to her navel.. In the meanwhile my hands were busy pressing her soft ass cheeks… She just trusted her lower body to my face and arched her heels, to place her pussy in front of my lips…

I finally decided to stop teasing her… And just holding her tightly, I, slowly, parted her pussy lips and inserted my tongue inside.. I started sucking her and exploring her from side to side and rubbing my tongue on her inner walls. There she was flowing like a tap and shivering in pleasure… She started moaning… Ohhh Gary…. Luv U… Ohhhh…. Eat me hard dearrrr…. Aaaaahhhh… I am all yours….And soon she had her first orgasm of the day….

I tongue fucked her for almost 15 minutes and then got up… Both of us were horny and lusty like crazy horses and she wanted to play with my dick… My dick was all erect, but i didn’t want her to give me a handjob or blow job, as i wanted to keep it hard till the main act..

I just let her play for a couple of minutes with my dick.. She was moving her hand up and down and pressing it in between.. The moment, i felt like, i will come, i slowly stopped her and started sucking her melons…. We just turned the shower on and stood below, embracing each other, kissing and fondling our bodies…

Wow.. That was an amazingly sexxxy shower, we applied soap to each other and started fondling each other all over… Guys, let me tell you… the hands slipping over a soft n sexy female body, which has become even smoother n softer after soap… is the bestttttt experience… And can be much more pleasurable than you can imagine… She loved my touch all over her body and kept pulling me close to her…

Suddenly, i had an idea.. I just turned off the switch and we were there in the middle of our shower, with soap on our bodies… The way our bodies were slipping against each other… it was just amazing… And i decided to surprise her… She was already wet inside with my licking a few moments back and with the soap on, I just placed my tool against her pussy… She wasn’t expecting this and thought, maybe we will make love outside on the bed after shower…

But i was in a different mood.. I just pushed my cock slightly against her pussy and with the slippery soap and her wetness inside, it just slid through like a well-greased piston slides against the cylinders of a car… She shivered with excitement again and i started pushing myself deep and deep…

Within a couple of seconds, my dick was all inside her.. Hard like a steel rod and pulsating and throbbing like an animal.. I just held her against the wall, placed my hands in her lower back, and started my to and fro motion… She too started matching my rhythm and started contracting her pussy muscles with my strokes… I was getting wilder and wilder with her contractions and increased my speed…

I couldn’t control moaning … Oh Debu…. Wow… U r such a darling…. Debu… I justtt wanna… fuck u…. hard…. ohhh take my dick… deep inside… yours…. Debu…. Ohhhhhh …. Here….. Take some more….. Aaaahhhh

She also started arousing me with such cuss words… Ohh Gary… Fuck me hard…. Pushhh… Ohh yess… Pushhhh… I want more…. Fastt…. Ohhh go on my tiger….. I luv you… Aaaahhhhh….

I kept ramming her pussy wildly till i exploded inside her… Our pulses were racing, my heart was pounding like crazy…. I felt all the hormones inside me, erupting like volcanoes…. She shuddered when i came in… And contracted tightly…Her inner walls were holding my cock like a solid clamp. We stayed in the same position, with my cock still semi erect and tight inside her pussy and started the shower…

Another 5 min, we kept kissing each other in the same position, till my cock got soft and i slowly took it out… She looked at my tool lovingly and helped me clean it… I had some more surprise for her… I started the hand faucet and pretending to clean her pussy from inside, suddenly opened the tap completely…
The strong current from the hand faucet had a magical effect on her inner walls…

She hadn’t expected a third orgasm opportunity, so soon… I kept the water current rubbing her pussy walls and clitoris teasingly by altering the water pressure and she was so excited that she held my head and started scratching my neck with her nails…. She could not bear the excitement and came heavily once again…. And was just mad in pleasure and ecstasy…

It was almost half an hr. that we were in shower. We decided to finally take a break. Since everything happened without any plans, she didn’t have towels inside the bathroom. We came out of the bathroom all naked, walked to her bedroom and then wiped each other with towels…

I totally soaked in her beauty, watched her get ready, applying all those creams and moisturizers. She also kept looking at me in the mirror and smiled blushingly…

We made out thrice that day and then a once for the next 2 days till her hubby came back. Since then, we hadn’t got any opportunity to get naughty…But we are eagerly waiting for the chance again. She keeps rubbing herself against me, whenever we pass by in the office..


बड़ी बहन की चुदाई के यादगार पल

हेलो दोस्तों मेरा नाम सुदीप है और इस साइट पर मेरी यह पहली कहानी है आशा करता हूँ आप लोगों को पसंद आयेगी। अब ज्यादा बात ना करते हुये सीधा कहानी पर आता हूँ। ये कहानी मेरी और मेरी बहन की चुदाई की है। Hindi Sex Stories, Indian Sex Stories, Hindi Font Sex Stories, Desi Chudai Kahani, Free Hindi Audio Sex Stories, Hindi Sex Story, Gujarati sex story, chudai, wife swapping, badi bahan ki chudai ke yaadgar pal.

मेरी बहन का फिगर 36-30-36 है। हम दोनो बचपन से ही एक दूसरे के साथ काफ़ी फ्रेंकली रहे है और हर बात आपस में शेयर करते है। जैसे किसके कितनी गर्लफ्रेंड है और कितने बॉयफ्रेंड और सेक्स को लेकर भी हम दोनो में अक्सर बात हो जाती है। उसे भी इसके बारे में बात करने से कोई प्रोब्लम नही है। मेरे घर में हम दोनो के अलावा हमारे पेरेंट्स रहते है और दोनो ही जॉब करते हैं।

बात तब की है जब में कॉलेज से घर छुट्टीयों के लिये आया था। जब में घर पहुँचा तो वहाँ सिर्फ़ मेरी बहन मेरा इंतज़ार कर रही थी और साथ में उसका बॉयफ्रेंड भी था।  मेरे घर पहुँचने के 5 मिनिट बाद ही उसका बॉयफ्रेंड चला गया और उसके जाते ही में अपनी बहन को छेड़ने लगा की बता क्या चल रहा था दोनो के बीच में ? तो वो शर्मा के भाग गयी और किचन में जा कर खाना बनाने लग गयी और में बाथरूम में चला गया नहाने। हमारा घर किराये का है और जो बाथरूम है वो किचन के बगल में है यहाँ सिर्फ़ नहाने के लिये जगह है और उपर से एकदम खुला है, मतलब की अगर कोई किचन के शेल्फ पर चढ़े तो बाथरूम में देख सकता है, लेकिन बाकी कोई नही जब में नहा के फ्री हुआ तो याद आया की में तो टावल लाना ही भूल गया हूँ, तब मेने अपनी बहन से कहा की ज़रा मेरे बेग से मेरा टावल निकाल कर मुझे दे उसने कहा ठीक है और वो टावल लेने चली गयी और में फिर नहाने लगा।

करीब 15 मिनिट के बाद आ कर उसने डोर पर लॉक किया, तो मेने पूछा इतनी देर क्यों लगी ? तो उसने कहा की उसे मेरे बेग में से कुछ मिला है, फिर मुझे याद आया की में तो कुछ दिन पहले ही अपनी गर्लफ्रेंड के साथ कॉलेज से खजुराहो घूमने गया था और मेरे बेग की साइड वाली पॉकेट में कुछ कन्डोम पड़े है। वहाँ मेने और मेरी गर्लफ्रेंड ने जम कर चुदाई का खेल खेला था। और मेरी बहन मुझे टावल दे कर हँसते हुये चली गयी।

जब में बाहर निकला तो देखा टेबल पर कन्डोम का पैकेट भी रखा हुआ था। तो उसने मुझसे पूछ लिया ये सब किसके लिये तो मेने भी उसे अपनी गर्लफ्रेंड की चुदाई के बारे में सब साफ साफ बता दिया। ये सब सुनते सुनते वो थोड़ी गर्म होने लगी और अपने नीचे वाला होठ कभी दाँतों से काटती, तो कभी जीभ से चाटती, ये सब देख में भी समझ गया की इस पर भी अब चुदाई का बुखार चढ़ रहा है। तो मेने भी उससे कह दिया की तुम भी तो कुछ कम नही हो अभी तुम यहाँ अपने बॉयफ्रेंड के साथ क्या कर रही थी ? मुझे सब पता है ! फिर मेने उससे कहा की में मम्मी पापा को सब बता दूँगा की तुम आज कल कॉलेज ना जा कर घर पर क्या करती हो। तो उसने मुझसे कहा की नही ये सब में ना बताऊं और वो इसके लिये काफ़ी मिन्नते करने लगी। तब मेने उससे कहा की एक शर्त पर कुछ नही बोलूंगा उसने कहा क्या शर्त है.

मेने कहा की में तुम्हे नंगी देखना चाहता हूँ की हम भी तो देखे ज़रा जो आज तक तुम्हारा बॉयफ्रेंड देखता आया है और में भी तुम्हे अपना सब कुछ दिखा दूँगा। उसने पहले तो मना किया लेकिन फिर खुद को बचाने के लिये ये करने को तैयार हो गयी। उसने उस दिन घर पर टी शर्ट और नीचे एक मिनी स्कर्ट पहना हुआ था। वो एक एक करके सब उतारने लगी अंदर उसने रेड कलर की ब्रा और पेंटी पहने हुई थी, क्या बताऊं यारो क्या गजब लग रही थी, वो उसमें से उसका गोरा मखन जैसा बदन गजब ढा रहा था, फिर वो एकदम नंगी हो गयी और बिस्तर पर खड़ी हो गयी और मुझसे कहने लगी की, अब तुम भी फिर क्या था में भी नंगा हो गया और जब उसने मेरा लंड देखा तो उसकी तो साँस ही रुक गयी और वो कहने लगी इतना बड़ा (10 इंच मोटा और 4 इंच मोटा) गधे जैसा लंड है तुम्हारा तुम्हारी गर्लफ्रेंड की क्या हालत होती होगी?

तब मेने उससे कहाँ एक बार आनन्द ले कर देखो, खुद पता चल जायेगा उसकी हालत का वो मना करने लगी की नही बात सिर्फ़ कपड़े खोलने की हुई थी। इससे आगे कुछ नही करना था लेकिन में तो उसका नंगा गोरा बदन देख कर पागल हुआ जा रहा था। फिर मेने उसे अपनी तरफ खीच लिया और उसके लिप्स को किस करने लगा, उसके शरीर की गर्मी से पता चल रहा था की साली चुदवाना चाहती है पर जबरदस्ती मना कर रही है। किस करते करते मेने उसे बेड पर लेटा दिया और खुद उसके बगल में लेट कर और जोर से किस करने लगा और एक हाथ से उसके बूब्स दबाने लगा, कुछ देर विरोध करने के बाद अब उसे भी मज़ा आने लगा था और वो भी मेरा साथ देने लगी.

फिर क्या था हम दोनो एक दूसरे को पागलो की तरह किस करते जा रहे थे और कभी वो मेरे उपर, तो कभी में उसके ऊपर, थोड़ी देर के बाद वो मेरा लंड सहलाने लगी और कहने लगी की आज आयेगा चुदाई का असली मज़ा। आज में चूत की प्यास बुझाउंगी मेरे बॉयफ्रेंड का तो सिर्फ़ 7 इंच ही लंबा है और नाम भर का मोटा फिर मेने उसे पकड़ा और पलट दिया और उसके चूत के दाने को किस करने लगा वो मस्ती भरी सिसकारियां लेने लगी… आआहा म्मदह थोड़ी देर तक उसकी गांड चाटने के बाद हम दोनो 69 की पोज़िशन में आ गये और वो मेरा लंड चूसने लगी और में उसकी चूत चाटता रहा। करीब 15 मिनिट के चूमा चाटी के बाद हम दोनो एक साथ एक दूसरे के मुँह में ही झड़ गये। वो मेरा रस और में उसका रस पी कर बहुत खुश थे।

फिर 5 मिनिट के बाद उसने मेरा लंड और बॉल को सहला सहला कर चाट कर फिर से तैयार कर दिया और कहा लोहा गर्म है मार दो हथोडा और मेने फिर उसकी टांगे फेला कर उसकी चूत के मुँह पर अपना सुपाडा रगड़ना शुरू कर दिया। वो तड़प उठी और सिसकियां लेने लगी उउउःम अहाआअ और कहने लगी जल्दी डालो अंदर अब और मत तडपाओ फाड़ डालो आज मेरी चूत।  आज मुझे एक रंडी की तरह चोदो आहाआ उम्महा मेने भी उस पर दया ना करते हुये अपना गधे जैसा लंड उसकी चूत में उतार दिया और वो एकदम से चिल्ला उठी उसकी चीख इतनी तेज़ थी की अगर हमारे मकान मलिक घर पर होते तो ज़रूर आ जाते फिर मेने उसे किस करना शुरू किया और जब उसे आराम मिला तो उसने खुद ही अपनी कमर हिलाना शुरू कर दिया और अपनी गांड उठा उठा कर खुद ही झटके मारने लगी।

मेने कहा इतनी भी क्या जल्दी है ? अभी तो बहुत टाइम है, खूब मस्ती करेंगे और मेंने भी उसकी चूत मारनी शुरू कर दी। 10 मिनिट की चुदाई के बाद हम दोनो डॉगी स्टाइल में आ गये और में उसे एक रंडी की तरह पेलने लगा। उसकी भारी चूतडो को थप्पड़ मार मार के लाल कर दिया। उसे भी इसमे मज़ा आ रहा था और वो ब्लू फिल्म की हिरोईन की तरह चीख के कह रही थी फक मी बेबी फक..  फक मी और करो आज मेरी चूत का भोसड़ा बना डालो आज फाड़ दो मेरी, चूत बहुत खुजली है साली में कोई रहम मत करना बहनचोद फिर में भी अपने मूसल लंड से उसकी चुदाई करता रहा और कहा हाँ साली रंडी आज तुझ पर कोई रहम नही करूँगा रंडी और 2-4 थप्पड़ उसके गालों पर भी मार दिये और वो मस्ती में आ कर चुदवाने लगी। पूरे कमरे में हमारी चुदाई की ही आवाज़े आ रही थी।

फिर जब में थक गया तो वो मेरे उपर आ कर उछलने लगी और उसकी मोटी मोटी चूचियां खूब जोर से दबाने लगा। वो तो जैसे मेरी चुदाई से पागल हुये जा रही थी, फिर कुछ देर बाद मेने उसको उठा कर टी.वी वाली टेबल पर बेठा दिया और कार्यक्रम जारी रखा।  करीब 15 मिनिट के बाद उसका शरीर एकदम से अकड़ने लगा और वो मुझे और तेज धक्के मारने को कहने लगी और फिर एकदम से झड़ गयी। लेकिन में अभी तक नही झड़ा था वो कहने लगी अब बस भी करो जल्दी करो फिर मैने भी अपनी स्पीड तेज कर दी और 5 मिनिट के बाद में उसकी चूत में अपने अमृत रूस के पिचकारियां मारता हुआ झड़ गया और उसके उपर ही लेट गया।

हम फिर से किस करने लगे उसने मुझे फिर थैंक्स बोला और कहा की तुम्हारी गर्लफ्रेंड काफी हिम्मत वाली है जो ऐसा गधे जैसा लंड ले लेती है तुमने तो मेरी चूत का आज भरता बना डाला करीब 15 मिनिट के बाद हम दोनो उठे तो बिस्तर का हाल देख कर हंसने लगे ऐसा लग रहा था यहाँ किसी ने खूब कुश्ती करी हो फिर हम दोनो मम्मी पापा के ऑफीस जाते ही शुरू हो जाते थे ।..

फ्रेंड कैसी लगी मेरी स्टोरी अगर कोई गर्ल या भाभी मुझसे दोस्ती करना चाहती (सेक्स रिलेशन, या जो वो चाहे) है इन ईमेल पर मेल करे.

और भी मजेदार और हॉट एंड सेक्सी हिन्दी सेक्स कहानिया की अपडेट पाने के लिए हमें फेसबुक और गूगल प्लस पर LIKE करे। नीचे दिए बटन को क्लिक करके और इस पोस्ट को मित्रों में शेयर करें..

और भी सेक्सी कहानिया पढने के लिए  हमारी नई वेबसाइट पर जाये :

पहला सेक्स का अनुभव 5

मुझे शरम भी आ रही थी. एक एक कर जब सारा बटन खोल डाला तो चाचा ने लंड को नीचे से तुनका कर पूछा, “खुला?” “जी चाचा,” चाचा अब एंजाय कर रहे थे,बोले, “सामने से कपड़ा हटाओ,” रूम में एक मोमबत्ती जल रही थी, इसलिय लाइट कम था इसलिय आपने कड़े नोकिले चुचीॉ को चाचा के सामने करने का हिम्मत भी हुवा. शर्ट के दोनो पल्लो को सामने से दरवाज़े की तरह खोला. Hindi Sex Stories, Indian Sex Stories, Hindi Font Sex Stories, Desi Chudai Kahani, Free Hindi Audio Sex Stories, Hindi Sex Story, Gujarati sex story, chudai, wife swapping, pahela sex anubhav

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इतना तो लाइट था के नज़र तो आही रहा था लेकिन चाचा मस्ती लेने के लिए बोले, “खोलो ना रानी,” मैं भी चुचि पर हाथ रखवाने को बेठाब थी. चाचा को देख कर बोली,,”खुला तो है चाचा नापो ना” चाचा दोनो हथेलिओ को फैला कर बगली (आर्म पीट)मे डाला और ढेरे ढेरे साइड से चुचीॉ पर ले पहले तो हर तरफ का जयजा लिया फिर हौले हौले पंपिंग कर बोले, “ऐसे पता नही चलेगा पूरा उतरो.”

चाचा अब मुझे पूरा नंगा करने का जुगार लगा रहे थे. उन्होने आपने हाथो से शर्ट उतार दिया और मिनी स्कर्ट के हुक पर हाथ लाकर बोले, “इसे भी अलग कर देता हू ताकि एक ही साथ पेंटी का भी नाप ले लूँगा.” और हुक खोल कर उपर से निकल दिया. मैं बोली, “चाचा पूरा क्यू खोल दिया? मुझे नंगा क्यू कर रहे है?”

चाचा पूरा बदन पर हाथ फेर कर जयजा किया फिर बोले, “नीता रानी अंधेरा मे कुछ पता नही चलता है,” मुझे आपनी गोद से उतार कर बोले, “ज़रा जा कर बल्ब का स्विच तो दे दो.” मैं उतना नही चाहती थी आधे मन से स्विच के तरफ चल पारी जो सामने दूसरे दीवाल पर था.

जैसे ही स्विच ऑन हुवा पूरा कमरा चमक उठा मेरी आँखे चौंधिया गई. तज़ूब भी हुवा के पहले तो इतना वॉट का बल्ब नही था. मैं समझ गयी ओह तो ये चाचा की चाल थी. चाचा ने 20 वॉट का बल्ब हटा कर बड़ा साइज़ का कफ्ल लगा दिया था जिसकी लाइट तुबेलीघत जैसी थी.

मई पूरा नंगी थी, इसलिए तुबेलीघत जलते ही कमरे मे बहुत रोशनी हो गयी, मेरे को बहुत शरम आई. चाचा मेरे नंगे बदन को देख कर मज़ा ले रहे थे. मैं तो जैसे लाज़ शरम से मारी जा रही थी. मैं चाचा की तरफ पलटी और आपना एक हतह आपनी चुत पर रख कर उसको चुपा लिया और दूसरा हाथ से आपनी दोनो चूचीोन को धक लिया और चाचा से बोली, “ है चाचा बाजुट शरम आ रही है, मैं लाज़ से मार जाऊंगी, यह लाइट बंद करने दो ना.” चाचा मेरी चूचीॉ को देख कर मस्त नोट हुए बोले “ अरे नीता बिटिया रानी, इसमे शरम की क्या बात है. मैने तो तुम्हे आपनी गोद मे खिलाया है. मैने तो बचपन मे हज़ारों ही बार तुम्हे नंगा देखा है. मेरे लिए तो तुम आज़ भी मेरी वही प्यारी सी बेटी हो. बाकी रही नंगा होने मे शरम आने की बात , तो लो मैं भी नंगा हो जाता हूँ. हम दोनो बराबर होन्गे तो कोई भी लाज़ शरम की बात ही नही है.”

यह कह कर चाचा ने आपनी कमर मे लिपटा हुआ गमछा उतार कर एक साइड मे फेंक दिया और खुद भी बिल्कुल नंगे हो गये. चाचा का लंबा और मोटा सा लंड बिल्कुल उपर चाट की तरफ मूह उठाई हुए खड़ा था. चाचा मेरी नंगी जवानी देख कर बहुत मस्त थे. उनका लंड ऐसे उपर नीचे हो रहा था , जैसे परदे करते हुए फ़ौजी के हाथ , लेफ्ट रिघ्त करते हुए उपर नीचे हो रहे हू. उनका लंड पूरा आकड़ा हुआ था, जिसे देख कर मैं मस्त हो रही थी.

चाचा मुझे बोले, “ बेटी देखो अब हम बराबर हैं, तुम आपने दोनो हाथ आपनी साइड मे कर लो. “ मैं तो जैसे लाज़ से मरने ही वाली थी. मैने चाचा के कहे मुताबिक आपने हाथ साइड मे किए , जिस से मेरी चूची और मेरी चुत बिल्कुल नंगी हो गयी. मेरी नंगी चुत को देखते ही चाचा के लंड ने एक ज़ोर का जटका खाया. मैं बोली “ है चाचा मुझे बहुत दर लग रहा है.” और मैं दोध कर चाचा से लिपट गयी, ताकि चाचा को मेरी नंगी बॉडी दिखाई ना दे. चाचा ने प्यार से आपने सीने मे छुपा हुआ मेरा मूह उपर उठाया और मेरे होठों को प्यार से चूम कर बोले “ नीता बेटी तुम बेकार मे ही डराती हो. इस मे डरने की क्या बात है. लो मैं अभी तुम्हारा दर दूर कराता हूँ.” यह कह कर चाचा ने मेरा हाथ पाकर कर आपने लंड पर रख दिया और मेरे को आपना लंड पकड़ा दिया. मैने जिंदगी मे पहली बार एक लंड को पकड़ा था और वो भी एक जवान और खड़ा हुआ लंड . मैने “ उई मा” कह कर एक दम लंड पर से हाथ हटा लिया. चाचा ने फिर प्यार से दुबारा मेरा हाथ पाकर कर आपने लंड पे रख दिया. इस बार मेरे को दर नही लगा , बल्कि मेरे को लंड का सपर्श अजीब सा मस्ती फारा लगा. मैने आपने हाथ की उंगलियाँ लंड पर लप्पेट दी और लंड को पाकर कर धीरे धीरे सहलाने लगी.

चाचा ने भी आपने हाथ मेरी चुत पर रख दिया और मेरी चुत को आपने मुति मे भर कर मसलने लगे. मैं तो जैसे स्वराग मे थी. मैं उंजने मे ही लंड को सहलाने लगी. चाचा के लंड का सुपरा , उनकी चमरी से धक्का था. मैं जब हाथ को पीछे की टाराग ले जाती , तो लंड का सुपरा , आपने खोल मे से ऐसे बाहर आ जाता. और फिर जब मैं हाथ को आयेज की टाराग लाती तो लंड का सुपरा फिट धक जाता. जैसे की कोई चूहा आपने बिल मे से गार्डेन बाहर निकलता हो पर फिर बिल्ली को देख कर अंदर घुस जाता हो. मुझे यह एकहनेल की तरह लग रहा था, और मैं लंड पर हाथ को आयेज पीछे कर उसे सहलाती हुई, यह देख रही थी.

चाचा मुझे आपने आप लंड को सहलाते देख कर बहुत खुश हो रहे थे. हू एक हाथ से मेरी चुत और दूसरे हाथ से मेरी चूची मसलते हुए बोले, “ नीता बेटी , अब कैसा लग रहा है. दर तो नही लग रहा? और लंड का टच कैसा है. क्या तुम्हे पसंद आया?. “

मैने लाज़ से आपना मूह चाचा की च्चती मे चुपा लिया और कुच्छ ना बोली, पर मैने आपना हाथ से चाचा का लंड पाकरे रखहा और उसे सहलाती रही. चाचा ने फिर दुबारा से आपने क्वेस्चन पूछा. मैं धीरे से आपना मूह चाचा के कान के पास ले गयी , और हल्की से आवाज़ मे शरमाते हुए कान मे बोली “ चाचा अब कोई दर नही लग रहा. आपका यह बहुत अच्छा है.” चाचा खुश हो कर बोले “ अच्छा है तो क्या मतलब , तुम्हे पसंद तो है ना?. “

मई फिर उसी तरह उनके कान मे शरमाते हुए बोली “ है चाचा आप ऐसे क्वेस्चन्स क्यों पूच रहे हो? मुझे आप का यह बहुत पसंद आया है.”

चाचा एक दम खुश हो गये और मुझे आपने से ज़ोर से कस कर लिपटा लिया.चाचा ने मुझे ज़ोर से भीच लिया और चूमने लगे. मेरा तो जैसे दूं घुटने लगा मगर बदन से चिंगारी छूटने लगी. फिर चाचा ने मेरा चुचि मुँह में ले लिया और चूसने लगे. कभी चुचि चूस्ते कभी दबाते. फिर हाथ पीछे ले जा कर मेरी चूतड़ दबाते.

थोड़ी देर तक चाचा इसी तरहा मज़ा लेते रहे. फिर उन्होने मुझे आपनी बाँहो से अलग किया ओर बेड पर पैर लटका कर बैठ गये ओर बोले “ नीता बिटिया , चलो मेरी गोद मे बैठ जयो और हम डन इक दूसरे को तुम्हारे जनमदिन का केक खिलते हैं. मैने एक प्लेट मे कुछ पीसस केक के डाले ओर चाचा के गोद मे बैठेने लगी. चाचा बोले “ बिटिया आपनी दोनो टाँगे मेरी कमर के इधर उधर कर के मेरी गोद मे बैठ जयो. “. मैं चाहती तो थी की इस पोज़ मे बैठों , पर जब मैं चाचा की कमर के दोनो तरफ टाँगे फैले कर बैठी, तो चाचा का मूसल सा लंड , जो खड़ा हो कर उपर चाट की तरफ झाँक रहा था, मेरे पेट मे चुबने लगा. चाचा ने कस कर मुझे आपने साथ भींच लिया पर लंड मेरे कमर मे चब रहा था ओर लंड के आकड़ा होने के कारण मैं चाचा के साथ चिपक नही पाई. चाचा मुझ से बोले “ बिटिया, लगता है , मेरे लंड के खरा होने के कारण , तुम मुझ से चिपक कर गोद मे नही बैठ पावगी. मैं ऐसा कराता हू , की इसे कहीं डाल देता हूँ तो , तुम्हे प्यार से हग करने के लिए जगह बन जाएगी.”.

मैं चाचा की चाल तो समझ रही थी , पर आक्टिंग करते हुए मासूमियत से बोली. “ चाचा कोई जगह तो है नहीं. ये इतना बड़ा और लंबा डंडे जैसा , कहाँ छुपा सकोगे. मेरे को तो लगता है की इस के कारण मैं आपने प्यारे चाचा से हग नही कर पयोंगी.” चाचा भी इसी तरहा आक्टिंग करते हुए मेरे पेट और झंगों पर हाथ फेराते हुए बोले “ नीता मेरी रानी, तुम्हारे नाभी मे इक छेद है पर वो तो इतना छोटा है की मेरी उंगली भी उस मे ना जा पाएगी. मैं क्या करूँ.” फिर चाचा इसी तरहा उणजानपुना शो करते हुए आपना हाथ मेरी चुत पर लाए ओर मेरी चुत के छेद मे उंगली डाल कर बोले. “ बिटिया, यहाँ तुम्हारी चुत मे जगह लगती है. तुम कहो तो मैं आपना लंड तुम्हारी इस चुत मे डाल दूं तो हम प्यार से हग कर सकेंगे.” चाचा की बात सुन कर मेरी चुत के मूह मे तो जैसे पानी ही आ गया. मैं तो इकड़म त्यआर ही थी. पर थोड़ी मासूमियत की आक्टिंग करते हुए बोली “ चाचा देख लो , अगर जगह है तो फिर कोई बात नही है. आप आपना लंड धीरे से मेरी चुत के छेद मे डाल दो और मुझे कस कर प्यार करो . आख़िर आज मेरा 18त जनमदिन है, और मैं आपने प्यारे चाचा को प्यार से केक खिलाना चाहती हूँ.” चाचा मेरी बात सुन कर बहुत ही खुश हो गये . उन्होने मुझे थोड़ा पीछे करके , आपने लंड को पाकर कर , मेरी चुत के छेद पर लगाया और अंदर करने की कोशिश करने लगे.लंड एक तो बहुत मोटा था और फिर आंगल बे प्रॉपर ना था, तो लंड को अंदर जाने मे जिक्कत आई, ओर मेरे मूह से इक हल्की सी दर्द की है निकल गयी.

कहानी जरी रहेगी…

फ्रेंड कैसी लगी मेरी स्टोरी अगर कोई गर्ल या भाभी मुझसे दोस्ती करना चाहती (सेक्स रिलेशन, या जो वो चाहे) है इन ईमेल पर मेल करे.

और भी मजेदार और हॉट एंड सेक्सी हिन्दी सेक्स कहानिया की अपडेट पाने के लिए हमें फेसबुक और गूगल प्लस पर LIKE करे। नीचे दिए बटन को क्लिक करके और इस पोस्ट को मित्रों में शेयर करें..

और भी सेक्सी कहानिया पढने के लिए  हमारी नई वेबसाइट पर जाये :

From Girlfriend To Life Partner: Loosing Virginity Together

Hello, all! Ddevil here back with an another story. Sorry for the delay in posting the story. Just got a bit busy with life and work. So without wasting much of your time I’ll start with the story and you may give your valuable feedback on [email protected] or send a hangout message.

This is actually a real story of Kabir with his girlfriend (now wife) pooja. Kabir happens to be one of my readers who narrated how he lost his virginity to the one and only girlfriend be has had who is his wife now. So without taking much of your time I’ll just start with the story.

In Kabir’s words…

So finally we both were together alone at pooja’s home. I was quite excited about spending the night with my beautiful lady love. But I actually didn’t have any plans in my mind. Only a pack of condoms in my pocket that I had got in case we both get over excited and start making out.

Ohh yes. We planned on having some intimate moments but only through oral pleasures. Pooja always loved to click pictures and show off her well-toned body. I once asked her to put on a show for me in just bra and panty. I wanted to see how she looks in that. So I sat there in her bed thinking what are we gonna do all night. Pooja slowly came to me and started to unbutton my shirt as I sat on the edge of her bed. She unbuttoned my shirt and dropped it off exposing my light hairy lean muscular body for her. Looking deeply into my eyes she just caressed my body all over. Slowly her hands moved down and she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled me to stand up. I stood up and she dropped jeans. I was.Standing there only in my jockey. I had started to get a hard on and needed some action now. I went forward to kiss her but she stopped me. She made me sit on the bed in my jockey and played a low music. Slowly she started to dance seductively and strip down her clothes. She was only in her black bra and panty now. She kept dancing seductively and slowly came towards me and gave me a lapdance.

I could feel her ass cracks on my now hard dick as she kept dancing on that. I could not control my excitement now. I pulled her close to me and we started kissing each other. We were in a tight hug as we kissed each other. I inserted my tongue inside her mouth and took her tongue in my mouth and we kept kissing each other. I then pulled her towards me and made her lie down on the bed and came on top of her and continued kissing her. I got my hands to work and caressing her body slowly I reached her back and unhooked her bra. Moving apart I removed her bra and looked at her pink nipples. She smiled at me as she looked into my eyes and saw me looking at her two cute brown boobies. I played with both of them for a while and then took one of her nipples in my mouth and started sucking on that. Sucking that for a long time I got her nipple red and then switched to the other one and sucked on that for a long time.

She then turned me over saying it’s her turn now and started kissing me all the way from my neck down to my waist. She now caught hold of my dick over my jockey which was rock hard now and kept smiling at me looking deep into my eyes. Slowly she pulled down my jockey and my hard long dick sprang up. She caught hold of my dick and kept stroking it. I was caressing her right cheek as she kept stroking my dick. Slowly she took the head in her mouth and started sucking it. Slowly she took the whole thing in and started to suck me off. I felt like heaven as my love kept blowing my dick. Her warm and wet mouth all over my hard rock dick felt magical that winter night. She kept sucking me till I was about to cum. As soon as she felt that I was about to blow my wad, she removed my dick from her mouth and stroked it heavily till I had blasted my sperm all over her hand. She kept stroking me till I had no more drop of cum left inside and then left me.

She then playfully showed me my own cum and wiped that on my jockey which she had removed and thrown some time ago. Her panty was the only piece of cloth left to get both of us all naked now. She came on top of me and we both kissed each other. I then made her lie on the bed and came between her legs. I removed her panty and kissed her and licked her on the inner thigh all the way down to her lightly hairy pussy which was all wet now. I opened her pussy lips with my fingers and started to lick her inside. I now started to hear her moans as I kept eating her pussy. Slowly I started to chew and lick her clitoris and she kept pulling my face deeper into her pussy. Her moans were driving me crazy as I kept eating her and she started to leak her cream now. I kept eating her and soon felt a hot scum of liquid in my mouth as my girlfriend came. I drank everything that came out of her pussy and then kissed her to make her taste her own cum. We both then kissed each other and lied on the bed in a tight hug inside a blanket talking dirty and cuddling each other. We both felt happy being with each other but still not satisfied. We wanted to do something more.

“Let’s do the real thing baby.. Will you let me enter your pussy?” I proposed to her.

“What if I get pregnant?” she asked a little worried.

“Don’t worry jaan! I’ll be wearing a condom.” I said and took the packet out from my jeans. She took the packet in her hand and then took one from the box and opened it and rolled it all over my dick which was all erect now.

I then came on top of her and kissed her on her lips. Slowly I opened her legs and placed my dick on her pussy. She placed it on her hole and slowly I pushed it inside. I covered us inside a blanket and lied on top of her. I made a slow push and reached her hymen and it hurt her a bit. I then waited for some time and gave a hard push and tore the hymen and went inside her completely. She shouted in pain as I did that. I cab see tears rolling down her eyes and her mouth open in pain. I waited for some time for things to get normal.

“You alright baby?” I asked her after a while.

“I’m ok now,” she said and asked me to continue. I slowly started to make strokes and she slowly started to enjoy it. I kept caressing her body and kissing her as I slowly kept stroking her and she kept responding to it by pushing her pelvis from the bottom. Her hands kept exploring and scratching all over my back. I kept her fucking in the same position and felt that I was about to cum soon now.
“I’m about to cum,” I told her.

“Me too.. Do it harder and faster baby. Fuck me like we see in porn.” she said.

I sat down with one of her legs on. Y shoulder and started to fuck her hard. She started moaning on top of her voice. I kept squeezing her boobs as I kept fucking her hard. After fucking her this way for some time I came all over the condom inside her pussy. And as I came I felt something hot on the condom. The way pooja moaned made me realized that even she had cummed. I removed the condom which was now dripping in pooja’s vaginal blood. I removed the condom and threw it. I then took her panties and wiped the left over blood around her pussy and then lied back in a hug with her. We dimmed the lights and played some romantic music and kept talking and cuddling each other till we both dozed off to sleep…

So that was the end of the first part of the story. I hope you guys have liked the story. Please do mail me your feedbacks on [email protected] or you can also leave a message on the hangout. And as I’m from Kolkata so yes… If there are any of those single girls and unsatisfied ladies out there who are looking for some fun need not msg me for it as I’m only into writing stories.

Bye, all!!