Didi ke Mumme

Shakshi opened the door without bothering to put on any clothes. She was expecting Chechi. Ayesha and her father, Sarfaraz, had expressed a desire to get together Chechi. An appointment had been made. The father and the daughter had come early. They already had had their sessions together. Shakshi watched Ayesha fuck her father. Ayesha had developed a liking for her father’s kunna (cock). She loved to ride him. Sarfaraz loved to piss in her daughter’s bum hole. Today she had shown the capacity to retain it within herself.

When he had exhaust his stream, he lay down and she fit her bum hole on his mouth and let go. It was so erotic that Shakshi came simply by watching her perform.
Before that Sarfaraz had let go his yellow stream on her clit and made Ayesha come just like that. Sarfaraz had asked Shakshi to piss into his mouth at the same time. He liked to drink it. He shouted, “It is Shaksi’s yellow sherbet falling on Ayesha’s pooru (cunt) through his kunna (cock).
To-day they had planned that they would include Chechi in their games and Shakshi would film it all for their friends Chitra and Girish. Sarfaraz wanted to show it to Ayesha’s mother also who was to return from abroad next week after a prolonged fuck holiday with her nephew, Amjad.

Now, when Shakshi opened the door she saw Chitra and Girish. She was surprised. They had not expected that Shakshi would welcome them like this. They registered shock, amusement, happiness -all together on their faces. But there was some unease also. Chitra seemed to take a quick decision. She pushed Girish inside. Behind him was a chit of a girl. She saw Shakshi now. Her eyes became wide and she clung to Chitra’s saaree. Her eyes were covered with her hand. Chitra said to her lovingly, “Laila mole this is Shakshi auntie. Say hello to her. Kiss her like you kiss me” and she pushed her towards Shakshi. Laila hesitated for a second and then placed an open mouthed kiss on Shakshi’s bush. But Shakshi clearly felt a soft, pointed touch right on the spot! The mole knew how to give pooru a kiss.

This proved to be a good move by Chitra. Shakshi was now at ease. Naila also was not feeling embarrassed. And, when she advanced into the room, she saw that Girish was taking off his clothes in front of another girl, who was later introduced as Ayesha. Chitra also started disrobing. Sarfaraz was eyeing Chitra. Both got together at once. Shakshi led Naila to the sofa and made her sit by her side. She had her right arm around the cutie. She in turn was feeling comfortable by the side of the fleshy lady named Shakshi. She did not seem much different from Chitra. When everyone was settled, Nails saw that Girish was with Ayesha, She had his kunna (prick) in her hand and was lovingly playing with it. Sarfaraz was sucking and playing with Chitra’s boobs. Chitra explained that Naila Hussain was their neighbour and had come three days ago, to visit her elder sister, from Kozhikode. Her elder sister had no qualms about privacy. Naila had seen her fucking with her husband.. Next day she was introduced to the neighbours. Girish was taken in at once. Chitra knew that her elder sister had no narrow ideas. So, she started playing with Naila. Chitra kissed on her lips within five minutes, and progressed to uncovering her boobs. Girish started playing with Chitra’s boobs. Naila was aghast, but excited. She thought that probably this was the life style of a big place like Bombay. Chitra soon discovered that her pooru (cunt) was flowing like a faucet and she was drunk with passion. Her school fantasies were coming true. She had imagined many a time that her body was being fondled and she was swooning with pleasure. Beyond that she did not know anything. That day they just introduced her to her body. Naila became familiar with a mature pooru (cunt), a hard kunna (Lund), and the power of the clit in giving pleasure. After she returned home, they decided that they should introduce her to Shakshi’s “Academy of fucking”. This kochapooru had started to masturbate only a few months ago. Now she was on the threshold of the full game of kunna-pooru (cock-cunt). She had witnessed everything. She was physically in heat, and must have been yearning mentally. Shakshi took her in her hands literally. She picked her up and stood her on the floor. With greatly tender and erotic touches she felt her boobs, kundi (buttocks), thighs, arms before starting to peel her clothes. As they came off, she placed kisses on the parts revealed. Naila was feeling intoxicated. When Shakshi put her tongue on the pink mulai (tits), she closed her eyes and sighed. Now only lacy panties covered her body. Shakshi moved to the floor and started peeling the flimsy, wet garment that was clinging to the slit. It looked like she was removing it by her lips. She was leaving a trail of saliva. Suddenly Nails jerked open her eyes – Girish was tongue bathing her from behind. Four hands were now tracing, molding her body. The kunju pooru (baby cunt) of the girl was dripping. There was a large wet patch on the carpet. Shakshi started treating the samanam (cunt), especially the kundh (clit) and Girish took charge of the boobs, kandi (ass), and her little navel. Shakshi started rubbing her pooru (cunt) lips by her feathery palm. Every time her palm became wet, she would slurp the dew. Now she put her lips on Naila’s pooru (cunt). She flicked her clit with her tongue tip. Naila was swooning. Shakshi pushed her backwards. Girish understood. He lay down on his back, with Naila on top of him. Naila’s legs were thrown apart in erotic abandon. There was a silken, Golden Fleece in the center of the body. It was trimmed as frame of the pouting, cute, but closed lips. A small clit was peeping out at the top. Her navel was indented, fit to be tongue fucked. Above her globes of the size of apples, topped by two rose buds seemed to be excited. Her eyes were now open and were fixed on Shakshi’s eyes, askance. Girish was playing with her mulai (tits). Shakshi said, “Enta mali (What baby)?” and she replied, dreamily, “Kootgari (Friend), do something. I do not know what I want, but do some thing, give me release”. Shakshi slid back and took her big toe on her mouth. She licked it, delicately. Then she flicked her tongue between the toes. Going up, she tongue massaged her calves. Took her kneecaps entirely in her mouth, one after the other. She licked her outer thighs and then turned her attention to the inner junction. Girish’s erect, purple-headed kunna (prick) was pressing on the glistening pooru (cunt). Angled backwards, towards her head, it was pressing on the cunt lips, which had now opened up. In the other corner of the room Ayesha and Chitra were working on Sarfaraz. Ayesha was saying, ” Achan (father), give me your valia kunna (big prick), give it to me, I will take it right down my gullet”. Chitra told him, “Koot gari (friend), fuck your daughter’s throat, you will forget her Amma (mother)”, and she sat down on his mouth, facing Ayesha. She took Ayesha’s hand and put it on her own kandh (clit) telling her to rub it and fuck it with her finger along with her father’s tongue. Sarfaraz was roaming in jannat (heaven). Back to Shakshi, she was now massaging Girish’s valia kunna (giant prick). Her strong steady strokes from root to tip pressed it into Naila’s pooru. Girish was receiving all the wetness flowing from it on his pubic bush. The intensity of his pleasure was reflected in the movements of his thumb and finger on Naila’s mulai (tit). Now Shakshi deftly tested the young pooru (cunt) with her finger. It slipped right in. It was time for the final stroke. She put stronger pressure on the purple, engorged head of the rammer. Girish understood the signal. He deftly manipulated his body and Naila’s pooru (cunt) angle, and gave a heave upwards. Simultaneously, he pushed Naila’s nubile frame downwards, slightly raising the upper part of her body. She also understood it. As her head rose upwards, Shakshi’s lips engulfed her lips. Shakshi swallowed Naila’s cry. Hardly had Naila’s cry died down that Shakshi felt a hard kunna (cock) entering her. Naila’s great sigh of satisfaction, Girish’s shout of joy, Sarfaraz’s ejaculation into Shakshi, and Chitra’s bite on Ayesha’s kundi (buttock), all were perfectly timed. Every one lent a hand in picking up Naila, who was feeling faint with pleasure. Ayesha was quick enough to fit her mouth on Naila’s vulva to receive the out flowing mixture of manjuice and cuntsyrup.